Chapter 163 (Part 2) Young empress dowager

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

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Chapter 163 (Part 2) Young empress dowager

It was because Feng Qi Qi knew Su Mei’s character that she'd used the situation as a pretext to make a fuss and say such ‘harsh’ things. She wanted to force Wanyan Kang to understand his heart clearly and she also wanted Su Mei to know what she really wanted.

Now, it seemed that the effect was not that bad! Wanyan Kang finally started to understand some matters. Su Mei also seemed to have understood her heart. This was very great.

“Su Mei, although ah Kang looks like a player, but what kind of person he is, presumably you know it better than anyone. As you said, ah Kang is a pitiful person. Although he was a noble prince, but he lacked familial affection from an early age and also lacked warmth.”

“If you truly love him and also willing to get married to him, then I will certainly support you! However, no matter what happens, don’t let go of his hand. Your and his past are similar. You both are pitiful people. You must feel more tenderness towards each other!”

Feng Qi Qi’s moving words let Su Mei’s eyes turn red. “I knew that miss wouldn’t separate me and ah Kang! It was just, I hate to part with miss! Miss got the gu now. I’m worried about you!”

“Silly girl, I still have Su Yue! Besides, Jin Mo and Ming Yue Cheng will also help me. Wangye[1. Wang/wangye: prince of first rank] will also take care of me. You don’t need to worry about me!” Feng Qi Qi reached out and wiped the tears from Su Mei’s eyes.

“Now, it’s the time ah Kang is the saddest. He needs you at his side. At my side, there are many people, but he only has you! Su Mei, get married! After the marriage, leave with ah Kang! He needs time to digest the recent events. He also needs you at his side to give him encouragement and support!”

“Miss…” Feng Qi Qi had considered everything for her, making Su Mei very moved. She jumped into Feng Qi Qi’s arms and cried loudly. Su Mei also didn’t know for what these tears were flowing. For her and Wanyan Kang’s love that got a happy ending and also for being touched by Feng Qi Qi’s consideration…

At night, Feng Qi Qi lay in the arms of Long Ao Tian. With eyes open, she stroked Long Ao Tian’s hair, “Ao Tian, do you think our method to get them to do as we wish would work?”

“It will.” Long Ao Tian held Feng Qi Qi’s hand, put it on his lips and kissed it gently. “You used so much effort to match them up. If ah Kang doesn’t cherish it, then wouldn’t it be like letting down your good intentions!”

“If ah Kang and Su Mei’s matter could be solved smoothly, I will have nothing more to worry about.”

Feng Qi Qi’s hand caresses her own belly. Long Ao Tian’s big hand covered her palm. Both hands were on her flat abdomen. “You’re now pregnant and is about to be a mother. You must pay attention to your body. Ming Yue Cheng would return to Nan Feng after two days. After the child is born, we will send him/her to Nan Feng.”

“Ao Tian, am I too selfish?” Feng Qi Qi’s voice was very light. In the silence of the night, it was particularly clear.

“If after the child is born, he/her is tortured by the gu and has a painful life, then wouldn’t it be me, the mother’s fault? My child, I naturally wish for him/her to be well. But I obviously knew that he/she has a gu in the body, to maintain my motherhood, I wilfully let him be born. Did I do wrong?”

Feng Qi Qi’s voice was heavy and reveal a strong self-blame. This made Long Ao Tian’s heart be in pain, “Qing Qing, talking about selfish, the true selfish person is me, ah! I got the gu for more than ten years, but I still didn’t know what the characteristics of the mother child gu was and still did…with you. Now, I harmed our child. It was all my fault!”

Seeing Long Ao Tian rushed to take the responsibility, Feng Qi Qi suddenly laughed. Tears fell out. After the laughter, Feng Qi Qi looked gently at Long Ao Tian.

“Ao Tian, why don’t we give up on this child?! These two days, I thought about it for a long time. The moment, I thought that he/she would be a subject of intrusion like you by the gu, will feel scared! If such situation really arose, I would rather that he/she didn’t came to this world. Then, he wouldn’t have to suffer like that.”

“I can’t ruin the child’s happiness because of my selfishness. Like that, I’m an unqualified mother. I wish for our child to be healthy, didn’t have any illnesses and didn’t have worries. I wish for him to be forever happy!”

While she said this, Long Ao Tian clearly felt the radiance of motherhood from Feng Qi Qi. Especially when she mentioned the child, Feng Qi Qi’s voice would be very gentle. Her eyes would also be particularly charming.

Although Feng Qi Qi was saying to give up on this child, but Long Ao Tian saw the thick unwillingness in her eyes. Which mother would be willing to abort her child?! Even if he was now only one month old and was just very small life.

It was said, those closely involved can’t see clearly as outsiders. Feng Qi Qi is a doctor, but now, she lost her usual cleverness because of the child. However, these could be understood. While facing problems of others, doctors could find the cause reasonably, but if they encountered problems themselves, especially if it’s related to their child, they would lose their appropriate behaviour.

“Qing Qing, I know you hate to part with the child! In fact, I also am very unwilling. I fantasied many times of how our child would be. Would he be like you and have a pair of eyes that could talk…? However, I didn’t think that the child came so fast and at this time. I’m not a doctor. I can’t make the judgements. Why don’t we consult Jin Mo tomorrow before making a decision?”

Long Ao Tian’s words calmed the anxiety in Feng Qi Qi’s heart. Indeed, it was very irrational of them to decide here whether to let their child stay or abort. Because of the matter of the child, she had lost her usual intelligence and reasoning. This was probably because she was the involved one! Since it was like that, it’s better to find Jin Mo, the professional.

The next day, Long Ao Tian and Feng Qi Qi invited Jin Mo and Ming Yue Cheng. Jin Mo checked the pulse for Feng Qi Qi carefully. It was a very long time. Jin Mo’s expression was serious. He frowned. People couldn’t see his thoughts, but they would want to know the result even more.

After a long time, Jin Mo released her hand.

“Abortion will harm a woman’s body greatly even if in the future, the body was nourished well. If you get pregnant again in a year’s time, it wouldn’t be easy to keep the child. Moreover…”

Jin Mo looked at Feng Qi Qi. His expression was very serious, “Junior sister, did you suffer serious damages during your childhood?”

“Childhood?” Feng Qi Qi didn’t know if Jin Mo was referring to the time when the owner of this body was punished by Murong Tai, lost her life when she (MQQ) was ten years old and that she (YL) time-travelled and became Feng Qi Qi. Feng Qi Qi didn’t talk about that she was girl who time-travelled. She just explained simply that she endured twenty beatings and was thrown in the nunnery.

Even though Long Ao Tian already knew this from the data, but now, after hearing it from Feng Qi Qi, he got another kind of feeling. How much did she suffer? How many things had she been through? If it wasn’t because Murong Tai was already dead, Long Ao Tian would’ve brought him over and gave him all the injuries he inflicted on Feng Qi Qi.

“I believe that master had told you that your body wasn’t good. That twenty beatings almost took your life. Although, later you nourished greatly, but the symptoms were treated but not the root of the cause. Your body is thin plus the twenty beatings harmed your body, even if you looked fine now, but the accumulated weakness from childhood wouldn’t be healed in a short period of time.”

Jin Mo said a bunch of winding words, making Long Ao Tian anxious, “Say the most important point.”

Wangye…,” Seeing Long Ao Tian so anxious, Jin Mo shook his head and gave him (LAT) a -don’t be impatient- expression. “My advice is, it’s the best to keep this child! Because the mother’s body isn’t good. If the child is aborted by force, it will cause the mother harm. This child is a blessing, not a calamity!”

Jin Mo’s last sentence made Ming Yue Cheng’s eyes lit up, “Jin Mo, do mean to use the gu to nourish the fetus?”

“Use the gu to nourish the fetus?” This sentence was very fresh. It was the first time Jin Mo heard of it, but he could guess that Ming Yue Cheng’s meaning was the same as his (JM) thoughts.

“A woman getting pregnant till birth and the postpartum recovery, this was a ‘shed one’s mortal body and exchange one’s bones’ process. A mother’s body that is not good before pregnancy could adjust the body through pregnancy and make up for their own shortcomings. Moreover, the body could get the adequate nutritional supplements in the postpartum period. In the end, the health would eventually be restored. However, during the pregnancy, you shouldn’t take too much medicine. After all, all medicine had one-third of poison. So, the best time for an ordinary woman’s health is only the one month after giving birth and the time of breast-feeding.”

  • Shed one’s mortal body and exchange one’s bones: change wholly

Jin Mo talked till here, Ming Yue Cheng picked it up.

“Qi Qi is different from the average pregnant women. You could use the pregnancy to adjust your body. Although, there are poison hidden in medicine, but the gu is poisonous itself. By then, we could fight poison with poison. The medicine wouldn’t be good for the growth of the fetus. The poison would be sucked by the gu. By then, not only would it not have any effect of the fetus, but it also would be good for your body.”

“In the Qiang tribe, there were examples where the gu is used to nourish the fetus. If it wasn’t because Jin Mo mentioned it, I would’ve forgotten it.”

The matter that looked very bad originally, now became a good thing. This was beyond Feng Qi Qi and Long Ao Tian’s expectation.

“Very good!” The hand Long Ao Tian held Feng Qi Qi’s shook a bit, “Qing Qing, it seemed that this child and we are fated! He will bring you blessing. This child is heaven’s gift for us!”

Feng Qi Qi was now also very excited. Before, she was a bit nervous and was afraid that Jin Mo would said something like the child shouldn’t be kept. Now, the result was like this. It really was very pleasing.

“So great!” Feng Qi Qi pulled Long Ao Tian’s hand to her belly. With a face full of happiness, she said, “Ao Tian, our child is kept! Our child is kept!”

Others saw Long Ao Tian and Feng Qi Qi’s happiness. They were happy for them from the bottom of their heart. When Ming Yue Cheng saw the happiness of Feng Qi Qi’s face, he revealed a bitter smile. It seemed that even the heaven was on their side! After all, he didn’t have fate with her!

After leaving the regent’s residence and returning to the embassy's house, Ming Yue Cheng was a bit sad. After Fu Er saw his master like that, he quickly went forward, “Your majesty, you’ve returned!”

“Fu Er, I want to drink!”

After seeing Ming Yue Cheng like this, Fu Er knew that he'd come back from the regent’s residence. Every time Ming Yue Cheng returned after seeing Feng Qi Qi, he would drink. It seemed that aside from drinking, he didn’t have any other way to vent. Fortunately, Ming Yue Cheng only wanted to drink and he wouldn’t get drunk even if he drank a thousand cups. So, drinking was only a way to unburden himself.

“Your majesty, the empress dowager came!”

“The empress dowager?” Ming Yue Cheng raised one eyebrow. A figure in dark blue appeared in front of Ming Yue Cheng.

“Your majesty is in a good mood! Leaving the minister and citizens of Nan Feng at a side and coming to Bei Zhou alone. Aijia[2. Aijia: I, used by an empress dowager] needs to ask what here is more important than your majesty’s Nan Feng country?!”

Standing in front of Ming Yue Cheng was the former empress of Nan Feng, the now empress dowager…Gu Yun Wan.

Although Gu Yun Wan once was Ming Yue Cheng’s emperor father’s empress, but she wasn’t old. She was only about twenty years old. This woman had a pretty oval shaped face. Her pair of eyebrows had a heroic spirit. In her pair of round eyes hid a bit of anger. Because of this aura, the woman looked a bit serious.

In all fairness, this was a woman with personality and she didn’t look ugly. It was just, she deliberately pretended to be calm, and her accessories were somewhat old-fashioned, making her lose the vitality of youth. So, she looked a bit old-fashioned and not so cute.

“Why did you come?” Seeing Gu Yun Wan, Ming Yue Cheng was obviously very surprised.

“Naturally, I came to bring you back to attend the morning court!” Gu Yun Wan humphed once. She took a seat opposite Ming Yue Cheng, “You threw everything on me. Could it be that you’re not afraid that I, this empress dowager, would usurp the throne?”

Gu Yun Wan’s words made Ming Yue Cheng laugh, “If you wanted to usurp the throne, Nan Feng would’ve long been yours.”

Seeing Ming Yue Cheng’s laughing face, Gu Yun Wan humphed once again, “That is true! I don’t care for those things!”

Gu Yun Wan was from the Qiang tribe. Her father Gu De was the clan’s chief. Miao Chu Yun was also from the Qiang tribe. Miao family and Gu family had been friends for many generations. Gu De only had this pearl of his palm. They knew each other from when they were children. It was just, Gu Yun Wan liked to dress as a boy since young and refused to apply make-up. So, the two could be considered ‘brothers’. Those who don’t know thought that Gu family had a young master and a young mistress. How would they know that the young master was actually the cross-dressing young mistress?!

  • Pearl of his palm: daughter

Qiang tribe was a big clan located at the south of Nan Feng. After the loyal Miao family had been extinguished by Ming Feng Jing, Ming Feng Jing was worried that Gu family would take revenge for Miao family and that the Qiang tribe would revolt. Therefore, after Gu De’s only daughter Gu Yun Wan came of age, he took her into the palace. In name, he made her empress. In fact, he used Gu Yun Wan to control Gu De in order to achieve his purpose of controlling the Qiang tribe.

Later, Gu Yun Wan contacted her childhood playmate Ming Yue Cheng. She constantly leaked the happenings of Nan Feng to the hostage mansion in Xi Qi. She also helped Ming Yue Cheng a lot.

Now, Gu Yun Wan had come to his door and forced him to return and attend the morning court. This made Ming Yue Cheng get a big headache.

Although he'd already determined the day to return, but he was still a bit worried about Feng Qi Qi. Moreover, when Feng Qi Qi’s child is born, he needed to take the child to resolve the gu. If Ming Yue Cheng could, he wished he could stay at Bei Zhou till Feng Qi Qi gives birth. However, this was obviously not possible.

“Little Wan, I know you’re the best! Help me! Delay for a month. Say that I’m ill!”

“Ill?” Seeing Ming Yue Cheng look for an excuse once again, Gu Yun Wan’s face sank, “Ming Yue Cheng, it seemed that you want me to block everything for you, ah! If it wasn’t because my dad kept watch, those officials would’ve long rushed into the palace to see if you’re really bedridden!”

“Did you think that if you hide in Bei Zhou, the event of selecting a consort wouldn’t continue? Recently, those old things almost sent their granddaughters to your dragon bed. What do you want me to do? Every time, I used the identity of empress dowager to oppress the people. Now, the officials are saying that I and you…”

Talking till here, Gu Yun Wan suddenly closed her mouth. Her face looked at another side, but her cheeks were fuming. It could be seen that she was very angry.

Ming Yue Cheng could figure with his toes what these incompetent officials would say. It was nothing more than to slander him and Gu Yun Wan and say that they’re ‘childhood lovers’ and ‘innocent playmates’.

After Ming Yue Cheng had ascended the throne, he refused to select consorts. Some said that he and Gu Yun Wan, the empress dowager, had an affair. That he was able to become the emperor was because he'd relied on climbing into Gu Yun Wan’s bed. There were too many to count of such ugly words. However, after he killed a group of people that created this gossip, his ears got a lot more peaceful.

“Are these people searching for death again?” Ming Yue Cheng’s eyes narrowed. The coldness on his body burst. “It seemed that I wasn’t iron-fisted enough. So, I wasn’t enough to deter those people.”

Gu Yun Wan sighed upon seeing Ming Yue Cheng act like this.

“I say, Ming Yue Cheng, you can’t make me block every time something arises. That’s right! Our relationship is indeed very close, but you couldn’t cause calamity to a friend like this, ah! Now, those words are so ugly to hear. You’re thick-skinned and is used to being a player, but I’m still a maiden. I still need to marry in the future!”

“Cough, cough!” Gu Yun Wan’s words make Fu Er, who was at a side, choke on his saliva.

“Fu Er, what are you coughing for? Did I say wrong?! Which bastard promised me that he would make a fake death for me, give me freedom and let me leave the palace? In the end, this bastard patted his butt and left and threw Nan Feng over to me. You be the judge, isn’t he bullying me?!”

“Empress dowager, this slave doesn’t know. This slave is stupid.”

Fu Er wasn’t a fool. At one side was the empress dowager. At the other side was his master. It wouldn’t be good if he talked bad of either one. He could only pinch his nose, make his eyes red and pretend that he didn’t understood.

“Fu Er, you also learned to be cunning! Like him!”

Gu Yun Wan had her hands on her hips and stood in front of Ming Yue Cheng, “Say! When are you returning? I’ve long wanted to leave the palace and break away from the current identity. You must do what you promised me, otherwise I will hate you my whole life!”

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