Chapter 164 (Part 1) Misha Lian Sheng

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 164 (Part 1) Misha Lian Sheng

“Little Wan, I have something to do now. I really can’t leave!”

Ming Yue Cheng had his own difficulties. Even if he had to leave, he had to wait till Murong Qi Qi’s fetus was stable! Although Jin Mo’s medical skill was excellent, but after all, he isn’t someone from the Qiang tribe. He (JM) didn’t know as much about the gu poison as him (MYC). The first three months of the pregnancy are the most vulnerable. With him at one side, it would be much better.

“Give me a reason!” Gu Yun Wan moved closer to Ming Yue Cheng. She stared into his eyes to see if he was lying or not and if he was playing tricks again.

Ming Yue Cheng’s black eyes were like two deep pools. Gu Yun Wan stared into his eyes for a while. Suddenly, she had a feeling that she was being sucked inside them. Gu Yun Wan quickly shook her head and backed to one side.

“What’s wrong?” Seeing Gu Yun Wan’s odd expression, Ming Yue Cheng was curious and got a bit closer to her, “Is there something on my face?”

“Nothing!” Gu Yun Wan stabilized herself and glanced once at Ming Yue Cheng. “I’m just a bit unaccustomed! In the past, you were the same height as me. After not seeing each other for ten years, you’ve gotten much taller than me. So, I don’t concede much! Also, your eyes are different from before!”

Gu Yun Wan’s childlike words made Ming Yue Cheng laugh loudly. His mood also got a lot better. Facing the ‘buddy’ of his childhood, Ming Yue Cheng relaxed his body and leaned lazily on the back of his chair, “I’m a man. Naturally, I should be taller than a woman!”

Ming Yue Cheng’s words stabbed Gu Yun Wan. What she hated the most her whole life was the fact that she’s a girl. She wished with her whole heart to be a man of indomitable spirit, but she happened to get a woman’s body. So, she always felt very regrettable. Now, Ming Yue Cheng was making her ‘angry’ on purpose, how could Gu Yun Wan not be annoyed?

“Ming Yue Cheng, listen well, roll back to Nan Feng now! Immediately! Right now!”

“No, no, no!” Seeing that Gu Yun Wan had gotten angry, Ming Yue Cheng quickly coaxed her laughingly, “Little Wan, I was just joking. You’re not so narrow-minded, right?! In my heart, Little Wan had always been magnanimous and is someone who will let knifes pierce both sides!”

  • Knifes piercing both sides: attack a great importance to friendship, up to the point of being able to sacrifice oneself for it.


This time, Gu Yun didn’t fall for this, “I let knifes pierce both sides for you; what did it result in?! You directly inserted two knifes in me! Whatever, I don’t care anymore! That is your country. You take care of it. I don’t want to always clean up your mess! When we were young, you made a mistake, my dad also would beat me. I’ve had enough of you! You’re a bastard!”

Gu Yun Wan cursed a lot in one breath. Ming Yue Cheng personally poured tea and put it in front of her, “Come, moisten your throat. Drink some tea and then continue to scold!”

Ming Yue Cheng’s words made Gu Yun Wan angrier. She held the cup. A cup of tea poured on Ming Yue Cheng.

‘Hua…,’ they were pretty close to each other. Gu Yun Wan could hear the splashing sound of the tea on Ming Yue Cheng’s face. Originally, she thought that Ming Yue Cheng would dodge. She didn’t expect him to stand. The tea splashed directly onto his face.

Now, Ming Yue Cheng’s whole face was covered in tea. Especially on the eyebrows were all drops of tea. He looked like he had been pulled up from water. It was very funny.

“Hahaha!” Gu Yun Wan’s bad mood vanished because of Ming Yue Cheng’s miserable look.

Gu Yun Wan held her stomach and laughed while she squatted on the ground. The only flower on her head also shook with her, “Aiyaya, finally I succeeded for once! In the past, you dodged so fast! Now, you've gotten taller, but your reaction rate has actually slowed down. Hahaha, so funny!”

After making Gu Yun Wan laugh, Ming Yue Cheng reached out and wiped the tea from his face. Fortunately, this little lass under his coaxing and pestering helped him take care of the country for so long. Now, she had run away. He believed that Nan Feng was relying on her father Gu De. So, no matter what, he should make her happy.

When Gu Yun Wan was small, she had two deep dimples. Because of excitement, the blood surged to her face, making her face red. She looked livelier than before and seemed a lot more quick-witted.

Because Gu Yun Wan was in a squatted position, Ming Yue Cheng saw the shaking pearl hairpin on her head. It was a relic of his empress mother. Before he left Nan Feng to go to Xi Qi as a hostage, Gu Yun Wan had come to visit him. Ming Yue Cheng gave this hairpin to Gu Yun Wan and asked her to help him keep it. He didn’t expect that she still wore it.

“This pearl hairpin…”

Ming Yue Cheng was staring at the hairpin on her head. Gu Yun Wan quickly stood up. She took out the hairpin and hid it in her arms, “What?! You gave it to me. Could it be that you want to take it back?! I worked like an ox and horse for you for so long, you can’t even bear to miss a pearl hairpin? I never saw someone as stingy as you!”

Because of the laughter, Gu Yun Wan’s face was stained with a touch of rouge. Now, she put on a petty appearance for fear that Ming Yue Cheng would take back the pearl hairpin. Now, she added a lot taste of a young girl.

“I gave it you! Don’t worry!”

“Really?” Hearing Ming Yue Cheng say that, Gu Yun Wan took out the pearl hairpin and inserted it in her hair, “I knew it. We are good brothers. How would you be stingy…?”

She spoke only half the sentence when she looked up. She looked thoughtfully at Ming Yue Cheng. “This isn’t right! You wouldn’t be so kind to give me the hairpin! Ming Yue Cheng, it isn’t that you want to use the pearl hairpin to bribe me, let me continue to help you take care of Nan Feng and let you roam everywhere freely, right?!”

After hearing Gu Yun Wan, Ming Yue Cheng laughed bitterly, “Little Wan, is my character so bad in your heart?”

“No…,” Gu Yun Wan shook her head. She made a ‘tsk, tsk’ sound. “Ming Yue Cheng, you simply have no moral qualities!”

“Cough, cough…,” Fu Er choked. This empress dowager was really merciless with words, but now, only Gu Yun Wan would be so impudent with Ming Yue Cheng and also call him by his name.

It wasn’t bad that someone in a high position to have such a friend, Fu Er thought.

“Little Wan, you hurt my self-esteem so much.”

“Give me a break! You have a face that deceives people. You will be able to coax a little girl, but it won’t work on me! What am I? I grew up with you. I’ve seen you wear open pants and with a snotty face. How would I not know you well?! Say, what do you want from me again?!”

Gu Yun Wan sat gracefully on the chair. Just looking at her straight spine and dignified expression, you would think that this was a noble lady and that she was big-hearted. However, at this time, her legs were crossed. Her toes were moving slightly. She looked the same as those bullying rogues on the street.

Seeing Ming Yue Cheng looked at her sitting position, Gu Yun Wan glared at him, “What are you looking at? Have you never seen it?!”

“I’ve seen it! I’ve seen it! I didn’t think that you would still be like this…real temperament!” Ming Yue Cheng really couldn’t find any words to describe Gu Yun Wan. He could only praise her with ‘real temperament’.

“Of course!” Gu Yun Wan waved with her hands, “Say, what do you want me to do again. Don’t change the topic.”

“Little Wan, I want you to help me save someone!”

Gu De was Qiang tribe’s chief. He’s a top master at using gu. Gu Yun Wan waas the chief’s miss, she had grown up with gu. What she played with had also been gu.

In the past, when she was taken into the palace by Ming Feng Jing; although this old emperor wanted to eat tender grass and overwhelm Gu Yun Wan, but he was afraid of gu. So, until his death, Gu Yun Wan was still a virgin. Now, Murong Qi Qi had encountered such a situation. To solve the problem, it was best to ask Gu Yun Wan.

“Male or female?” Gu Yun Wan poured tea, blew the tea leaves on the water and drank.

“Don’t know.”

A ‘don’t know’ made the tea in Gu Yun Wan’s mouth choke in the windpipe. She coughed tea out from her nose and mouth. How sorry her figure could be, was how sorry her figure was. “Cough, cough, cough! Ming Yue Cheng…cough, cough…. bastard! You did it on purpose, isn’t it?!”

“Little Wan, I really don’t know!” Ming Yue Cheng was extremely innocent. He wasn’t god. How could he know if Murong Qi Qi was pregnant with a boy or a girl?! The child was still so small. It was impossible to know the gender now.

Only after coughing for a long time did Gu Yun Wan’s breath go back to normal. Gu Yun Wan also wanted to know the meaning behind Ming Yue Cheng’s words. Her pair of eyes stared at Ming Yue Cheng. Her eyes were full of playfulness, “Tell me honestly. What kind of bad things did you do?!”

“It’s not me…”

Ming Yue Cheng told Gu Yun Wan truthfully about Murong Qi Qi’s situation. When she heard about the sick deeds of Wanyan Lie, Gu Yun Wan’s palm hit the table, “There’s such a person? He harmed the other party's whole family and they still left him alive? It was really too easy on him! If it was me, I will ‘kacha’ kill him! Then, what happened after?”

“After…,” Ming Yue Cheng circled around Murong Qi Qi.

After listening to the whole thing, Gu Yun Wan touched her chin. She looked ‘with evil intentions’ at Ming Yue Cheng. Her eyes looked very strange. “I say, Ming Yue Cheng, that child isn’t yours, right?! Otherwise, why would you be so worried?”

“You can’t say such nonsense!” He was misunderstood by Gu Yun Wan. It was related to Murong Qi Qi’s reputation, Ming Yue Cheng quickly waved his hand, “Not my child.”

“Not your child, then what does it have to do with me?”

Gu Yun Wan leaned back on the chair and understood Ming Yue Cheng’s lazy look, “You’re well aware. The gu put by our Qiang tribe’s people wouldn’t easily be gotten rid of. Moreover, we wouldn’t get rid of it for outsiders.”

“To get rid of the gu, one must mount the knife mountain and pass the fire sea. One also has to enter the dragon pond to seek the millennium sturgeon. You should know, none of those who entered came back alive…”

“Of course, if it’s your child, I can persuade my father a bit to see if he could be lenient. After all, you also have half of Qiang tribe’s blood. You could be considered one of us.”

Gu Yun Wan’s words made Ming Yue Cheng laugh bitterly. He knew all this. So, he didn’t tell Murong Qi Qi and Feng Cang. He was afraid that they would be worried.

“I wish that child was mine, but…I didn’t have that blessing.”

It was the first time Gu Yun Wan saw Ming Yue Cheng like this. All the grief was in this man’s eyes. Although he tried hard to show an appearance that nothing was the matter, but his eyes still betrayed his heart.

“Ming Yue Cheng…”

Gu Yun Wan didn’t know how to comfort Ming Yue Cheng. His expression wasn’t much better than when his empress mother had died a tragic death. It seemed that the woman called Murong Qi Qi must be someone he loved deeply.

Don’t know why, but when she saw Ming Yue Cheng so sad, her heart panicked more. She also became sad, “Ming Yue Cheng, don’t be like this! There are still many good women in this world. You were destined to meet but not fated to be together!”

“Destined to meet but not fated to be together?” This sentence made Ming Yue Cheng laugh once even more bitterly, “Little Wan, you said it the best! Destined to meet but not fated to be together? Destined to meet but not fated to be together! It’s indeed like this, ah!”

Since he couldn’t get her, why the need to meet? Why give him something to wish for?

“Ai!” Gu Yun went next to Ming Yue Cheng. She reached out and pulled herself up with the help of Ming Yue Cheng, who was much taller than her. “Ming Yue Cheng, I really can’t get used to you being so melancholic! Since the beauty has already become someone else’s wife, you should bless them! If you rob her from the one she loves and destroy her family, I will look down on you!”

Gu Yun Wan’s serious look made Ming Yue Cheng exhale a breath, “Little Wan, I know. I’ve let go, but seeing her hesitate and become sad because of her child being tortured by the gu made my heart ache a lot. Little Wan, what can I do to not let my heart ache anymore?!”

When she faced Ming Yue Cheng’s eyes again, Gu Yun Wan was dazzled. The next moment, Gu Yun Wan was shocked. Her fist landed on Ming Yue Cheng, “Bastard, you played tricks on me! You talking in circles for half a day was nothing more than wanting to let me go beg father to save this child! You also came up with a sad look, causing me to almost fall for it!”

Gu Yun Wan took a step back. Her round eyes were full of dissatisfaction at being used by someone. Thinking about the deep pool of love she saw from Ming Yue Cheng’s eyes just now and it was as if it had the power to absorb one’s soul, Gu Yun Wan’s heart jumped badly. Her cheeks also got warm.

Ming Yue Cheng didn’t explain at being misunderstood by Gu Yun Wan. Instead, he continued to ask her for help, but unexpectedly he was rejected by Gu Yun Wan.

“Ming Yue Cheng, the Qiang tribe has the Qiang tribe’s rules. Even if my father is the chief, he can’t break the rule for an outsider. Being in a high position, he should maintain the system set down by the ancestors even more. This isn't aimed specifically at someone!”

“To save this child, let his parents come personally to the Qiang tribe. Mount the mountain of knifes, go under the sea of fire and enter the dragon pool; after they pass these three barriers, my father will naturally get rid of the gu for the child. If they can’t pass, then don’t blame us for being ruthless. The rules are like this. They can’t be broken by outsiders.”

Although he had a close relationship with Gu Yun Wan, but Ming Yue Cheng also knew Qiang tribe’s rules. It wasn’t that Gu Yun Wan intentionally created difficulties for him, but the facts were like this.

“The child’s father’s body isn’t good. Can I do these in his stead?”

Ming Yue Cheng’s words let Gu Yun Wan thoroughly frown, “Are you crazy?! Even if you can pass the first two barriers, could it be that you don’t know what kind of place the dragon pool is?!”

“I’m not crazy. I don’t want the child to not have a father.”

“You…,” Gu Yun Wan’s finger pointed at Ming Yue Cheng’s nose and shook twice. She humphed once and retrieved her hand. She turned her face at a side, “Can’t! There’s no negotiation!”

“Little Wan…”

“Ming Yue Cheng, listen well! Your heart is overflowing with sympathy. That is your matter. It doesn’t have anything to do with me! This is an issue of principles. Even if you look for my father, my father would also not agree!”

Gu Yun Wan was very angry. Ming Yue Cheng wasn’t the child’s biological father. Why did he have to behave more biologically than the biological father, ah?! He wanted to go into the dragon pool in the biological father’s stead? Going down would be a person. Coming up would be bones! This person’s brain is certainly crazy!

“I don’t care. You quickly return! My father is old. You can’t rely on me and my father for everything. It’s you who is the emperor. That is your responsibility, not my father’s!”

What Gu Yun Wan said was not feasible in Ming Yue Cheng’s mind. He had to wait until the fetus was stable before leaving. Because Murong Qi Qi had been ignored by her family when she was young, she had poor health. The first three months of the pregnancy was when accidents happened easily. He couldn’t leave.

Ming Yue Cheng’s expression of a player became stubborn. Gu Yun Wan, who was familiar with him, knew that he had his mind set. What kind of divine god was this Murong Qi Qi? To be able to charm Ming Yue Cheng like this? A small question mark appeared in Gu Yun Wan’s heart.

No, she had to go meet this Bei Zhou’s princess Zhen Guo! To see what kind of ‘demoness’ she is to be able to let Ming Yue Cheng go down the dragon pool for her child!

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