Chapter 164 (part 2) Misha Lian Sheng

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

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Chapter 164 (part 2) Misha Lian Sheng

Recently, Xiaoyao wang’s[1. Wang/wangye: prince of first rank] wangfu[2. Wangfu: residence of the prince of first rank] was full of lanterns. Everyone was busy preparing for Wanyan Kang’s wedding.

Ever since the wedding was set, Murong Qi Qi had hidden Su Mei and didn’t let Wanyan Kang see her. Every time Wanyan Kang went to the regent’s residence, he was driven out by Murong Qi Qi. Every time, she would say that his character was not good. If she faces Wanyan Kang for a long time, it would affect the child in her belly.

Murong Qi Qi used the excuse that everything was for the well-being of the baby. Feng Cang also stood at his beloved wife’s side. Although he obviously knew that Murong Qi Qi was making things difficult for Wanyan Kang, Feng Cang was still biased towards Murong Qi Qi and supported her. You had to know, brothers are like hands and feet, beloved wife is like clothes. Clothing could keep one warm. This feature was far beyond brothers.

  • The expression- brothers are like hands and feet and wives are like clothes- was usually used to describe that brothers are indispensable, and women could be changed like clothes, meaning friends/family are more important than lovers. Only FC would change it to clothes could keep warm which means that MQQ is more important than WK. 

“Cousin brother, you pamper cousin-in-law too much!”

Inside the study, Wanyan Kang put on a miserable look and looked with resentment and indignation at Feng Cang.

Every day in the past, he had noisily played with Su Mei. He'd never experienced the pain of being separated. Now, it was great (sarcasm). For a few days, let alone see Su Mei, he couldn’t even hear Su Mei’s voice. To Wanyan Kang, this was definitely a type of torment and torture.

In the morning, he'd originally intended to break into Tingsong building, but he didn’t expect that that pair of brother and sister, Ruyi and Jixiang, would be guarding Tingsong building. They had a unanimous -against outsiders- expression, making him feel very cold.

Fight one, he would only be up to the fight. Fight two, moreover, it was this pair of twins, he wouldn’t be able to do it.

In the end, Wanyan Kang could only suck it in and came gleaming with tears to beg Feng Cang. He didn’t expect that the moment he opened his mouth, Feng Cang would put Murong Qi Qi out and say things like, “Qing Qing said the prenatal influence is very important. You being like this, will affect the baby’s mental health”, making Wanyan Kang wish he could turn over Feng Cang’s table if he had the guts.

“Of course, my woman is to be loved and to be pampered.”

“Cousin brother, do you have humanity?! You and cousin-in-law are lovey dovey every day. I and little Mei er[3. Er: term of endearment] can’t even see each other. Do you want us to be together or are you trying to break us up, ah?!” Wanyan Kang pretended to be sad, but he had used this move many times before. Feng Cang would no longer be moved by him.

“It's better if you just act well-behaved for the wedding! When it’s the wedding night, you can see Su Mei. Previously, didn’t a certain someone want to wander the horizon?! If you can’t stand it, then you can go play for three or five years and then come back, ah!”

Feng Cang’s light tone had a hint of teasing, making Wanyan Kang’s face become red, “Cousin brother, don’t make fun of me! Look at cousin-in-law, it’s better that I marry little Mei er before going. Even if I go, I will take her with me! Lest cousin-in-law seduce her away from me when I’m not here!”

Without being able to find a breakthrough from Feng Cang, Wanyan Kang could only return to Xiaoyao wangfu in dismay.

Shortly after Wanyan Kang had left, Murong Qi Qi entered the study. “Did ah Kang come to bother you again?”

“Slow down, slow down!” Ever since Murong Qi Qi got pregnant, Feng Cang was even more nervous than her. The moment he saw Murong Qi Qi, Feng Cang immediately put down the documents and walked quickly to Murong Qi Qi. He escorted her cautiously, “Be careful!”

Feng Cang being like this prompted Su Yue, who was behind Murong Qi Qi, to laugh, “Guye[4. Guye: son-in-law, used by the servants of the female family] really loves miss!”

“Come, come, come, be careful!”

After Murong Qi Qi sat down, Feng Cang let out a sigh of relief. He was so nervous, making Murong Qi Qi shook her head laughingly, “I’m pregnant, but you’re more nervous than me. Then, when it’s time for the birth and the baby hasn’t been born yet, will you faint first?”

Murong Qi Qi’s teasing made Feng Cang blush. This was the first time that he would be a father. He didn’t know what would happen and since Murong Qi Qi had the gu, so naturally, he was even more nervous.

“In fact, you don’t need to be so nervous. Let nature take its course. You being this nervous will also make me afraid. It won’t be good if it affects the baby by chance!”

Although the words were said like that, but the worry in Feng Cang was unable to be eliminated even a little bit. Not to mention that he thought Murong Qi Qi was comforting him on purpose. So, he intended to go ask Jin Mo how to be an expectant father.

The one who came with Su Yue was her husband Nalan Xin. These two had long loved the affection between Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi. Seeing his master treat his beloved wife like this, Nalan Xin glanced once at Su Yue’s belly. It seemed that he needed to work harder to let a little baby come out earlier!

Guye, miss, we have some progress on who attacked Bai Yi Yue before.”

At this moment, Su Yue put the information she'd found in front of Feng Cang and also told him the result of the investigation, “The prints left behind the tree should be from the wheels of a wheelchair. There are only few people in Yan capital who use a wheelchair. The most suspicious person is the one, who'd come not long ago from Penglai Island and who'd also saved Murong Qing Lian, called Misha.”

“From the observation of our people, Misha and Jia Lan are living in a house at the east.”

Su Yue pointed at the map of the capital. Red sand marked the specific location, “The maid at Misha’s side is called Xia Xue. The guard at Jia Lan’s side is called Jin Yu. Aside from the four of them, in the house, there are a cook and two servants.”

“Some time ago, Xia Xue looked for Moyu and Fo Sheng Men. She wanted to hear from us about Bai Yi Yue. However, she was rejected by us. Recently, Xia Xue spent heavily for Su Mei’s information. However, we hid it intentionally. So, she didn’t find much useful information.”

The information from Nalan Xin interested Murong Qi Qi, “Xia Xue is Misha’s people. Naturally, she did that because Misha asked. However, why did Misha look for Bai Yi Yue and Su Mei?”

“This, we don’t know,” Nalan Xin shook his head. “Misha is the great disciple of Penglai Island. Penglai Island has always been a mysterious existence. So, we have no way of knowing about him.”

Talking till here, Su Yue thought of one thing, “Miss, our people found a female corpse at the outskirts ten days ago. It had been determined that the person is Murong Qing Lian. She had been killed and it was by one stroke. When Murong Qing Lian died, she was two months pregnant. At her side were ten naked men. They'd also died with one stroke. The way they were killed was fast. The wound was small but fatal.”

After Su Yue said that, Nalan Xin frowned, “I saw the corpses at Jingting mountain. They'd also died with one stroke. The weapon is a thin sword. The murderer was fast and the wound was very subtle…”

“So, these two matters may have be done by the same person. Whether it was Murong Qing Lian’s or Jingting mountain’s matter, were they done by the same person?” Murong Qi Qi nodded thoughtfully. “Misha sat in a wheelchair. Even if he wanted to kill someone, it wouldn’t be so neatly done. A thin sword is suitable for women. Reasoning like this, the one who did it should be Xia Xue!”

Everyone agreed on Murong Qi Qi’s analysis. Why did Xia Xue kill Murong Qing Lian? Also, why did she find people to attack Bai Yi Yue?

“I remember, when Misha took Murong Qing Lian away in the hall, his demeanor was very gentle. He also once called her ‘little sister’. Why did he kill Murong Qing Lian in a blink of an eye?” Feng Cang recalled the first time he had seen that innocent handsome boy. That person’s smile was so clean and could be compared to Murong Qi Qi’s.

“Murong Qing Lian, Bai Yi Yue, Su Mei…,” Su Yue bit her lips. She tried hard to find the common ground of these three people. She thought for a long time, but didn’t find any relation between them.

Suddenly, Feng Cang stood up. His expression was serious as never before, “I know what is the common ground of these three people.”

Wangye, what is it?”

Feng Cang didn’t say anything. Instead, he looked at Murong Qi Qi. After a short silence, he said the answer, “Qing Qing, including you, all four of you participated in the tournament of the four countries.”

After Feng Cang said that, a light flashed Murong Qi Qi’s brain. She always felt that there was something strange at the tournament of the four countries. However, she'd thought for a long while, but she didn’t find the problem. Now that Feng Cang had said this, she suddenly remembered the seven-floor pagoda.

A distant memory seemed to have been turned on. Why did she feel that the seven-floor pagoda was strange? Could it be that because the tests of the seven-floor pagoda were similar to the training of her previous life? Who is Misha? He killed Murong Qing Lian, attacked Bai Yi Yue and was now inquiring about Su Mei. Then, would she be the next?

Previously, Jia Lan had said that he was the one who made the tests, but now, it seemed that Misha was likely the one who'd made the tests of the seven-floor pagoda. If it really was Misha, then who is Misha? Could it be him? Adoptive father had created such a training program specifically for the two of them. Why did it appear at the seven-floor pagoda? Could it be that he'd also time-travelled…?

Murong Qi Qi was exceptionally quiet. So quiet that it was somewhat frightening. At this time, her expression was very grave. An uneasiness appeared in Murong Qi Qi’s heart. The once asleep intuition of before burst out. Recalling the cold muzzle of the gun that was against her in the past life, Murong Qi Qi shivered.

What had happened? Why did Murong Qi Qi have such an expression? When he saw Murong Qi Qi's face, a pain appeared in Feng Cang's heart. Such a Murong Qi Qi was so vulnerable that it made other people’s heart ache.

“Qing Qing…,” Feng Cang held Murong qi Qi’s hand. He wanted to warm her up. “Qing Qing, what happened?”

“Cang…,” Murong Qi Qi raised her head. The desolateness in her eyes startled Feng Cang. He immediately reached out and pulled Murong Qi Qi in his embrace. “What happened, Qing Qing? Tell me what happened. Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid. I’m at your side!”

“Cang!” Murong Qi Qi hugged Feng Cang tightly. Her body shivered slightly. “He has come! He certainly has come!”

Even if the information was not yet complete, but the uneasiness in Murong Qi Qi’s heart gradually expanded. When Misha took Murong Qing Lian away, he called her ‘little sister’. Could this not explain the problem? If it is really Lian Sheng who had come, then what should she do?

Murong Qi Qi’s brain was in chaos. All the memories of the previous life opened at this time. Adoptive father had died at Lian Sheng’s hand. She'd also died at Lian Sheng’s hands. If Misha really was Lian Sheng, she must take revenge for adoptive father! Must!

Murong Qi Qi being like this made Su Yue and Nalan Xin very worried. Su Yue didn’t know what ‘he came’ meant. She wanted to go forward, but was stopped by Nalan Xin.

“Let’s go out!” Nalan Xin pointed at Murong Qi Qi who was hugging Feng Cang tightly. He gestured at Su Yue. This time belonged to the young couple. It’s better if others didn’t disturb them.

Su Yue obediently followed Nalan Xin and left the study. Now, inside the study, only Murong Qi Qi and Feng Cang were left.

Looking at the two rows of tears on Murong Qi Qi’s face, Feng Cang didn’t know what Murong Qi Qi was afraid of. He reached out and held her small face. His fingers gently wiped Murong Qi Qi’s tears, “Qing Qing, what happened? Who is the ‘he’ you talked about?”

“He killed adoptive father. Killed me!” Murong Qi Qi’s chest was very stuffy. She panted. That person, the one she had been regarding as her elder brother; she didn’t expect that he would kill her beloved adoptive father. In the end, he had also hurt her severely! She will not forgive him! She will not…

“He’s a demon. He’s a devil!” Don’t know if it was because she was too emotional or what, Murong Qi Qi’s breath didn’t catch up with her. She fainted.

That Murong Qi Qi fainted made Feng Cang lose his self-control, “Qing Qing!” Feng Cang roared. He held Murong Qi Qi’s soft body and rushed out of the study like the wind. “People! Quickly call Jin Mo over! Quickly go call Jin Mo!”

When Jin Mo arrived at Tingsong building, he was dragged inside by Feng Cang, “Jin Mo, quickly look. How is she? Why is she like this?!”

He didn’t have the time to bother with the pain from Feng Cang’s grip. Jin Mo checked Murong Qi Qi’s pulse, “Wangye, keep calm, don’t get excited. Princess only got too stirred up. That was why she had fainted temporarily. There are no serious problems with her body.”

Jin Mo said that Murong Qi Qi was fine. But Feng Cang was still a bit worried, “Was really nothing affected?”

“Princess is fine. She only needs some rest. However, now, princess is pregnant, and coupled with the fact that her body is weak, naturally she couldn’t be compared with those healthy pregnant women. Asking wangye to please pay more attention!”

“I know.” Feng Cang didn’t expect that such a thing would happen. Murong Qi Qi’s final stirred-up look constantly replayed in his mind. Is the 'he' Murong Qi Qi talked about Misha? When did she get to know Misha?

“Nalan Xin, send people to observe Misha’s every move! In addition, don’t let Su Mei out of the wangfu. Send a letter to miss Bai. Let her also be careful and pay attention to her safety.”

A person that made Murong Qi Qi guard herself against, naturally isn’t someone ordinary. Misha, Misha…Feng Cang severely carved this name in his heart. You hurt my beloved wife, I will take your life!

Murong Qi Qi slowly woke up. It was already in the middle the night. When she slowly opened her eyes, Feng Cang looked at her with a worried look. His handsome brow was now frowning. Murong Qi Qi couldn’t help but reach out and touch Feng Cang’s face, “Don’t frown. Frowning is not handsome! It will affect your image!”

Seeing that there was really nothing serious with Murong Qi Qi like Jin Mo said, the stone pressing in Feng Cang’s heart was finally released, “Qing Qing, it’s alright that you’re fine! It’s alright that you’re fine!”

There was a time when Murong Qi Qi was asleep which made Feng Cang feel very worried. He was terrified that she would be in a deep sleep and wouldn’t wake up like Wanyan Ming Yue. However, he was afraid to wake her up; afraid that he would disturb her rest. It wouldn’t be good for her and the child. So, while Murong Qi Qi was asleep, Feng Cang sat at her bedside and didn’t dare to leave. He wanted to be the first person she saw when she woke up.

That pair of long and devilish beautiful eyes of Feng Cang was full of concern at this time. Murong Qi Qi knew that just now, she must’ve really frightened this man. “I’m fine. The baby is also very fine!”

Hearing Murong Qi Qi say that, Feng Cang let out a sigh of relief. He lowered his head and gently kissed Murong Qi Qi’s forehead, “Qing Qing, you must be hungry. I will feed you!”

Feng Cang let people bring the meal that had long been warming at a side. He helped Murong Qi Qi up and personally fed her. After her nap, Murong Qi Qi was very hungry. She ate a lot in one go.

Throughout the whole meal, Feng Cang didn’t mention Misha for fear that he would stir up Murong Qi Qi. Only when they took a walk after the meal did Murong Qi Qi take the initiative to speak.

“Cang, do you want to know who Misha is?” Murong Qi Qi leaned against Feng Cang’s shoulder. The peace of mind this man gave her couldn’t be matched by anyone. At this time, leaning against him and recalling the past, Murong Qi Qi’s heart was a lot more settled.

“Qing Qing, don’t think about him! Since he makes you unhappy, then we’ll kill him!” Feng Cang narrowed his eyes. His voice was gentle, but the murderous intent in his eyes got more intense. He had never wanted to kill someone so much! Even if there was Penglai Island behind Misha, what about it?! He'd offended his woman. There’s only death for him!

“If Misha is really the person I’m talking about, then he indeed deserves to die! Even dying one hundred, one thousand times wouldn’t be enough!”

It had been so many years, but whenever she thought about how adoptive father had died at Lian Sheng’s hand, Murong Qi Qi wouldn’t be able to forgive. That was the person who'd taken them to his house and gave them a home. Moreover, he gave them a warm and kind-hearted elder. He was the person Murong Qi Qi had respected the most.

She could not bothered about the grudge between her and Lian Sheng, but Lian Sheng had killed adoptive father. She will not forgive this!

“But before you get rid of him, I should tell you about the real me!”

Murong Qi Qi had never told anyone about her real identity. Originally, she intended to conceal it forever like this and live with her current identity. She had a man she loved. In the future, she would have a bunch of cute children. She would always live happily ever after.

However, now, an unexpected matter such as Misha appeared. This let Murong Qi Qi feel that she needed to let Feng Cang know the real her.

“Feng Cang, perhaps the things I’m about to say will be unimaginable to you, but I swear, every word I say is the truth. You must believe me.”

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