Chapter 165 (Part 1) Conspiracy

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 165 (Part 1) Conspiracy

Before she introduced herself, Feng Qi Qi said those words very seriously. Because he was accustomed to hearing her call him ‘Cang’, after hearing her now say his full name, Feng Cang was a bit surprised. However, from this, he could see Feng Qi Qi’s seriousness.

“I will believe everything you say.”

Feng Cang’s words sounded like a promise, which made Feng Qi Qi smile. The mole between her eyebrows became instantly red like blood.

How fortunate she was to be born again and meet Feng Cang…?

“I’m not someone of your time and I’m also not the real Feng Qi Qi. My name used to be Yi Lian. I came from the twenty-first century.”

Feng Qi Qi’s voice was very gentle. Her soft hand was placed on Feng Cang’s palm. In the spring, the white flowers bloomed in wangfu.[1. Wangfu: residence of the prince of first rank] The sun was already halfway down the hill. The orange glow spread evenly on Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi. From afar, they looked like a pair of immortals.

Feng Qi Qi began to tell everything, from when she was five years old and taken back to adoptive father’s house. She spoke for a full two hours. After she finished her story, Feng Q Qi discovered that the sky had already become dark. Her body was covered with Feng Cang’s coat.

“You are saying that there is an era with rapid technological development? In another space and time? There, people can go into the sky and can go down the sea? The power of the car is not a horse but gasoline?”

Feng Cang couldn’t imagine how the world Feng Qi Qi talked about was. Those words assembled into a picture in his mind, but no matter how he looked at it, he found it weird.

“That place is too mystical!”

“Haha…,” Feng Qi Qi nestled in Feng Cang’s arms. “If I could, I want to take you to the place where I grew up! I've lived there for more than twenty years. I really like it there!”

Feng Qi Qi said that she liked the previous world. This made Feng Cang’s hand tighten. He firmly held Feng Qi Qi. He was afraid that during a moment of carelessness, she would return to the previous world.

Seeing Feng Cang act so carefully, Feng Qi Qi sighed. Could it be that she looked so insecure?!

“Don’t worry, I will always be here and will always stay with you! Besides, at that side, I’m already a dead person. After so long, my body would’ve been sent to the crematorium and is now cremated. How can I go back?!”

Hearing Feng Qi Qi say that, Feng Cang frowned. On his devilish beautiful face appeared a strange emotion, “So, I should thank Lian Sheng. If it wasn’t because of him, you wouldn’t have come here and even more, it would be impossible for you to meet me?”

“You can say that.” Feng Qi Qi nodded. Her mouth revealed a mocking mood. Indeed, if it wasn’t because she'd died from Lian Sheng’s gun, then how would she have had the opportunity to time-travel and continue to live with the identity of Feng Qi Qi? How would she had fallen in love with Feng Cang, let alone be married to him?

“If Misha really is Lian Sheng, then he really is like the soul of a deceased has not yet dispersed.

  • The soul of a deceased has not yet to be dispersed: too pestering

Feng Qi Qi’s words revealed a deep hatred and disgust for Lian Sheng.

Although, when she'd been describing Lian Sheng, Feng Qi Qi had only used a few words, but from Feng Qi Qi’s voice, Feng Cang could hear the deep hatred she had for Lian Sheng. Especially, when at the end, she'd mentioned how adoptive father had died at Lian Sheng’s hands. Feng Qi Qi’s body even shivered a bit.

Feng Cang could understand Feng Qi Qi’s mood. Just like that year when he'd thought that Feng Xie and Wanyan Ming Yue had died at Yandang mountain. At that time, his mood was also like this. He couldn’t wait to find the enemy and pay him back with a tooth for a tooth and blood for blood.

“Qing Qing, what kind of characteristics does Lian Sheng have?”

Feng Cang gently stroked Feng Qi Qi’s back. A warm current released from his hand and spread along Feng Qi Qi’s back. A moment later, Feng Qi Qi’s back became warm.

“He’s very extreme. When he was warm, he was a gentleman. When he was crazy and irritable, he was a demon. His good and evil were only a hair’s breadth apart. He was someone very extreme. As for his characteristics…,” Feng Qi Qi thought for a long while. Suddenly, her eyes lit up, “He likes to tap the table. Especially when he was in deep thought.”

Feng Qi Qi flattened Feng Cang’s palm. Her fingertips made ‘da, da’ sounds on his palm.

“Like this! Every time, when he made a decision, he liked to do this!”

Feng Cang secretly remembered these characteristics of Lian Sheng that Feng Qi Qi mentioned.

It seemed that he needed to let people monitor Misha. If Misha really had this habit, maybe he really was Lian Sheng. Since Lian Sheng owed Feng Qi Qi two lives, he would let Misha pay a debt of blood with blood.

After she revealed her true identity, Feng Qi Qi had a relaxed feeling. She had come to this world for so long, yet she hadn’t told anyone about her past. She hadn’t revealed even a word to her personal maids, Su Mei and Su Yue.

Today, Feng Qi Qi was very happy after telling Feng Cang everything. Because the feeling of sharing with others was so good. Particularly, after Feng Cang heard those words, he didn’t think that she was saying nonsense and chose to believe her. This made Feng Qi Qi feel that she had an ‘intimate friend’. After all, that identity was the biggest secret to Feng Qi Qi. It felt very good, sharing her secrets with Feng Cang!

“Qing Qing, if Misha is really Lian Sheng, then Lian Sheng has certainly come for you. Like you said, the contents of the seven-floor pagoda were the training you’ve once done. Then, the one who made the tests of the seven-floor pagoda definitely must be linked in countless ways with Lian Sheng. I think, whether Misha is Lian Sheng or not, we should...,” Feng Cang made a gesture of a cutting knife.

Feng Cang didn’t elaborate, but Feng Cang’s intuition told him that this person’s desire for ‘Yi Lian’ could only be described as crazy. If Misha was really Lian Sheng, then wouldn’t he be looking everywhere for Feng Qi Qi? In the past life, he'd killed her because he couldn’t get her. Could it be that Lian Sheng still wanted to get her in this life?

No! I will never allow such a thing to happen! No matter if she’s Yi Lian or Feng Qi Qi, she is his wife. He would not let go and wouldn’t let anyone have the opportunity to exploit!

Knowing Feng Cang for so long, Feng Qi Qi was used to seeing him be as tender and soft as water, as light as the wind and as calm as the clouds. She had never seen him like this. That pair of flirtatious eyes was filled with a thick layer of haze. His voice was also lower than usual.

“Cang means that it’s preferable to kill thousands wrongly than to let one go?” Feng Qi Qi raised her hand and raised Feng Cang’s chin. “Tsk, tsk, I was used to seeing your gentle side. I forgot that you have the nickname demon wang…”[2. Wang/wangye: prince of first rank]

“Could it be that Qing Qing wants to experience it?” Feng Cang smiled enchantingly. He instantly put away the violence of his body. His eyes were full of love. He reached out, held Feng Qi Qi’s hand and kissed her fingertips.

“Haha...,” the feeling coming from her fingers made Feng Qi Qi laugh. “Cang, don’t play anymore. So itchy!”

“Qing Qing…,” Feng Cang lowered his head and bit Feng Qi Qi’s earlobe. “I will protect you like how a knight will always protect his princess and wouldn’t let anyone get close!”

Warm air lingered on Feng Qi Qi’s ear. Hearing the thick jealousy from Feng Cang’s words, Feng Qi Qi laughed and held his strong waist, “Good, ah! My mighty knight!”

In just a night, more than a group of people appeared at the house where Misha lived. Some were Feng Cang’s and some were Feng Qi Qi’s. Fo Sheng Men’s and Moyu’s top masters were here and hid in the marketplace. There was only one goal for everyone and that was Misha.

After arriving at Yan capital, Misha had been staying in the house and didn’t go out. Because his legs were disabled, he didn’t like to go on the streets. He didn’t like the strange looks on other people’s faces whenever they look at his legs. Although he had a deceptive face, but it was a fact that he was crippled.

“Xia Xue, you still haven’t found out about Su Mei?” Misha was somewhat impatient. The weather was getting warmer, but his matter had been progressing so slowly. So many days had passed; why hadn’t Xia Xue get the data about Su Mei yet?

“Young master, no.”

‘Pa…’ The whip in Misha’s hand hit Xia Xue’s legs fiercely, “Kneel!”

The coldness on the beautiful face in front of her made Xia Xue startled. She quickly knelt in front of Misha, “Young master, it’s Xia Xue’s fault. Young master, don’t get angry! Su Mei is princess Zhen Guo’s personal maid. Feng Qi Qi is either in the palace or at the wangfu. I didn’t have the chance to get close to Su Mei…”

‘Pa…’ Xia Xue didn’t finish speaking. Her face felt pain. The right side of her face immediately became swollen.

“Young master, Xia Xue didn’t lie. This subordinate really couldn’t find information about Su Mei. This subordinate has already tried her best…”


Didn’t wait for Xia Xue to say more, Misha’s whip let her face get one more whip mark. In the end, Xia Xue could only shut up. Although her expression was still cold, but her eyes obviously had a thick layer of grievance. She didn’t know why Misha would treat her like this.

Xia Xue’s expression made Misha get in an even more bad mood. After hooking the whip, he brought Xia Xue in front of him.

“Xia Xue, are you very dissatisfied? You’re thinking that this young master beat you wrongly?”

Misha’s voice was cool like mint, but the way he looked at Xia Xue didn’t have the calmness of usual. This kind of alienation, indifference and the cold on her back made Xia Xue feel scared.

Xia Xue didn’t want Misha to lose the trust in her and didn’t want him to alienate himself from her. She didn’t want that! “Young master, Xia Xue doesn’t feel wronged! Young master beat Xia Xue rightly!”

“Then say, what did you hide from me?”

“I…,” Xia Xue was surprised for a moment. Her chest tightened. She no longer spoke.

Seeing her like this, Misha snorted. “Xia Xue, I’ve said that I hate people lying to me the most. Why didn’t you tell me that Su Mei is about to marry Bei Zhou’s Xiaoyao wang? What more are you hiding from me?”

“Young master?!”

Xia Xue never thought that Misha actually found out about Su Mei’s wedding. Who told him? Could it be sir Jia Lan? No, ah. How did sir Jia Lan know Su Mei? It couldn’t be Jia Lan who'd told him…

“Don’t think anymore…,” Misha suddenly disliked the woman in front of him a bit. She obviously knew his personality and still acted like this. Could it be that she did it on purpose?

Seeing that Misha suspected her loyalty, Xia Xue immediately kowtowed and shouted injustice, “Young master, Xia Xue didn’t betray you! Please, you have to believe in my loyalty!”

“Loyalty? Would someone loyal do such a thing? If it wasn’t because I took a walk in the yard today and heard people from the outside talk about Xiaoyao wang’s marriage, I wouldn’t know even if Su Mei had already married!”

The last words were roared by Misha.

After thinking that Su Mei might be Yi Lian and what Xia Xue had done could have made him lose Yi Lian forever, Misha’s whip mercilessly fell on Xia Xue’s body.

‘Pa…pa, pa….’

Xia Xue was also made from flesh and blood. Misha was originally someone who practiced martial arts. The strength in his hand was great. Now, this whip hit her hard. It was so painful that Xia Xue frowned, but she didn’t dare to make a sound.

Because Su Mei’s wedding was originally her (XX) fault. If she finds a reason to justify herself, she would definitely lose Misha’s trust. Perhaps, Misha would send her away. No! She didn’t want to leave young master! The most important person in her life was Misha. If she left Misha, what should she do? Xia Xue didn’t dare to think about it.

Only when Misha was tired from hitting did he throw the whip on the ground.

“Xia Xue, leave! I don’t want you anymore!” Misha turned the wheelchair. His back faced Xia Xue. He didn’t look at Xia Xue who was full of black and blue wounds. His voice also didn’t have a trace of warmness. Betraying once would lead to betraying every time. He didn’t need such a disloyal slave at his side!

Such words coming from Misha made the tears immediately fall out from Xia Xue. Just now, no matter how Misha punished her, Xia Xue didn’t make a sound. She gritted her teeth as if the pain wasn’t coming from her body, as if the one who had been beaten wasn’t her. Now, a ‘I don’t want you’ from Misha made all the emotion come up in Xia Xue’s heart.

“Young master, don’t send Xia Xue away!” Xia Xue knelt in front of Misha. Salty tears mixed with the whip marks on her face, making her twitch from pain. However, Xia Xue didn’t had the mind to care about these now. She cared the most about Misha. If Misha didn’t want her anymore, then where could she go?!

“Young master, I was wrong! I shouldn’t have kept Su Mei’s matter a secret. It was my fault! Young master, don’t send me away! I will never do this again!”

Xie Xue’s appearance was extremely pitiful. She kept kowtowing and wanted to warm Misha’s cold heart. She would rather Misha whip her than to lose Misha.

“Young master, give me one more chance! Young master, Xia Xue served you for so many years. Even if you don’t do it for the monk, do it for Buddha. Spare me this time! Everything is my fault. Young master, don’t be angry! Please, give me one more chance. I beg you!”

  • Don’t do it for the monk, do it for Buddha: out of consideration

The tears and the blood on her face merged together. At this time, Xia Xue’s original features couldn’t be seen on her originally pretty face. ‘Bang, bang’, sounds of the kowtow spread to Misha’s ears, but he wasn’t the slightest bit affected. Xia Xue was his closest person. She took care of his daily matters like food and clothing. If even Xia Xue hid things from him, lie to him, then, where would there be any sense of security?

“Young master, you can hit and scold me, but don’t make me leave! If I leave, who will take care of young master?! Young master, it was my fault. Everything was my fault! I made you angry. I know I am wrong. I truly know I am wrong!”

At this moment, Xia Xue was very regretful. She had long known Yi Lian’s existence was unmatched to anyone in Misha’s heart, but she still had the wishful thinking that she could surpass the existence of Yi Lian and live in Misha’s heart. So, that was why she kept Su Mei’s wedding a secret because she didn’t want Misha to find Yi Lian.

Now, after seeing Misha’s expression, Xia Xue finally understood, no one could replace Yi Lian’s existence in Misha’s heart. No matter how many things she did, Misha wouldn’t turn around and give her a glance. He wouldn’t give her the slightest pity. However, however, she still loved such a him, ah!

Misha’s dark eyes coldly looked at the teary and bloodstained face of Xia Xue. His expression wasn’t the slightest bit moved. How could he not know those thoughts of her? In the past life, there were also many women who threw themselves at him, but he only felt disdain and contempt towards them.

If he wanted women, he only needed to flick his finger. At any time, there would be someone who would give her life to him. However, he didn’t like those people. If there was no love, how could he do it…He only loved Yi Lian. He liked that noble and unsullied fairylike lotus that sometimes would be charming like a Japanese rose woman. Compared to Yi Lian, these women were rubbish. When they see a man, they would throw themselves on him. Really extremely cheap!

  • 伊莲(yī lián): Lian means lotus

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