Chapter 165 (Part 2) Conspiracy

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 165 (Part 2) Conspiracy

No wonder that ever since he came to Bei Zhou, the progress had been so slow. It turned out that Xia Xue had played tricks. What, there was not enough people? What, Moyu and Fo Sheng Men didn’t want to give them information? These were only Xia Xue’s one-sided statements!

If Su Mei was Yi Lian, then Xia Xue keeping the wedding a secret was a death penalty. Even if Su Mei wasn’t Yi Lian, such a disloyal person couldn’t be allowed to have a laissez-faire attitude, lest she be secretly proud of herself and think that he was someone who could easily be lied to.

Although Misha was very angry and really wanted to kill Xia Xue, but he couldn’t. After all, it had been Xia Xue who took care of him for so many years. Moreover, the rivers of the mountain were remote. Here was far from Penglai Island. He couldn’t find any easy-to-use person in a short while. So, she still had a little bit of value.

“Give me the whip!” Misha reached his hand out. The moment Xia Xue saw that, joy appeared in her eyes. Young master talked to her. Did this mean that he had forgiven her? Thinking till here, Xia Xue quickly picked up the whip from the ground. She held it with both hands and carefully handed Misha it as though she was a lowly slave waiting for the master’s decision.

Misha didn’t speak. He held the whip by the thong and raised Xia Xue’s scarred face with the handle.

“What a pity to this face…”

Misha’s gaze was impossible to unravel as if he was looking at a prey, alarming Xia Xue’s heart and making her tremble in fear. She was afraid. Although Xia Xue was scared, she didn’t dare to have any complaints. She knew that she must grab the chance Misha had given her, otherwise she would be driven away. She didn’t want to leave Misha. She could only let Misha look at her face.

After looking for a long while, Misha leaned on the wheelchair. He threw the whip on the ground. His finger gently tapped the handle of the wheelchair. “Xia Xue, since you say that you’re loyal to me, then do one thing for me now to prove your loyalty!”

Xia Xue didn’t know why, but after hearing this, she involuntarily shuddered. Why did she have the feeling that she had been calculated by Misha?

“What, you don’t want to?” Xia Xue’s silence made Misha chuckle. His smile was like sunshine and clean and beautiful like the winter snow covered with golden sunlight, making Xia Xue fall into a trance.

“Since you don’t want to, then leave! As Penglai Island’s traitor, you already don’t have the qualification to return to Penglai Island.”

Xia Xue finally understood why she had lost to this man. He'd sealed all her retreats, making it so that she could never return to the hometown where she had grown up. He also gave her the title of ‘traitor’, forcing her to do what he wanted.

This man had always acted so ruthlessly. Even though she'd painstakingly served him for six years, carefully cared for him and had always been loyal to him, but when he turned his face against her, he showed no mercy.

And she…she fell for his mercilessness. What could she do?! Why couldn’t he share a little bit of his love for Yi Lian with her? Even a tiny bit, she would be satisfied. Why did he had to be so cruel with her?! She obviously loves him so much, ah!

In front of him, she had always been with no integrity like this. Loving him, she had been petty and low like dust.

“I’m willing to do anything for young master.” Xia Xue wiped away the tears from her face and looked at Misha. Even if she had no integrity, she felt sweet as syrup. She could only stay with him if she had value. If one day he no longer used her, Xia Xue would feel sorrowful because he wouldn’t let rubbish stay around him. By then, she would lose Misha forever.

  • Sweet as syrup: endure hardship gladly

“Come here!” Misha gestured with his finger. Xia Xue still knelt, crawled two steps forward and came to Misha. Misha’s sentences were very short. They were only a few words. He specially added one sentence, “Remember, this is your last chance, yo!”

After hearing Misha, Xia Xue opened her mouth in surprise. Her eyes were full of disbelief and panic. However, once she faced that pure smile on Misha’s innocent face, Xia Xue only hesitated for a moment. She gritted her teeth and nodded, “Xia Xue would definitely do as young master ordered!”

“Good!” The corner of Misha’s mouth raised. His smile was pure and holy like an anger, making Xia Xue dazzled. Her whole heart also fell deeper because of this smile…

“Go wash yourselves and apply medicine. The most important thing for a girl is her appearance. Don’t let me destroy it. Then, I will be extremely sinful.”

Misha’s words were like magic, making Xia Xue willingly do anything for him.

After coming out of the room, she hadn’t walk two steps when Xia Xue saw Jin Yu.

“Xia Xue, what’s the matter?” Jin Yu was shocked after he saw Xia Xue’s appearance. Just now, he'd passed by and heard the sound of Xia Xue crying. That was why Jin Yu stopped. Now, after seeing Xia Xue’s face covered with the marks of a whip, he quickly approached to show his concern.

“I’m fine….,” Xia Xue blocked her face and dodged Jin Yu’s eyes, but her hand was grabbed by Jin Yu. “Did he beat you?! Why did he beat you? I will go reason with him!”

Jin Yu grew up with Xia Xue. The two had a good relationship. Plus, the fact that the relation between Jia Lan and Misha was not bad, so, their two subordinates were also very close. Jin Yu regarded Xia Xue as his little sister. Now, seeing that Xia Xue was beaten like this by Misha, Jin Yu was very angry. He wished he could kick Misha’s door and ask him why he did it.

“Jin Yu, no!” Seeing Jin Yu like this, Xia Xue struggled to get herself free. “Jin Yu, I did something wrong. That was why young master punished me. I’m fine. Don’t worry for me!”

“Even if you did something wrong, he shouldn’t have hit you. You’re a girl, ah!” Aside from being angry, Jin Yu had no way to deal with Xia Xue’s plea. It seemed that he should tell sir Jia Lan and let him persuade sir Misha!

It was getting closer and closer to Su Mei’s wedding. Feng Qi Qi had long prepared the wedding dress and jewelleries for her. Xiaoyao wangfu[1. Wangfu: residence of the prince of first rank] was also almost done preparing. The happy matter was approaching, but the worry didn’t reduce from the groom, Wanyan Kang’s face. Because, ever since the time he'd wanted to leave the capital, Feng Qi Qi didn’t let him see Su Mei again.

Feng Qi Qi was angry over his words. Wanyan Kang could understand that. The only thing he didn’t understand was, could it be that Su Mei didn’t miss him even a little bit? Why was it that every time, he made trouble at Tingsong building, Su Mei didn’t come out to see him? Could it be that he wasn’t that important in Su Mei’s heart or was it that Su Mei put the words of that day in her heart and was still angry at him?

Su Mei’s attitude made Wanyan Kang feel like that there was a little monkey jumping in his heart, making his heart very chaotic.

After being messed with by Feng Qi Qi, he understood the questions that had been tangling him these past few days. What about Wanyan Lie? What about the grudges of his father? Those were fleeting. The most crucial thing was marrying his wife and holding her in his arms. That kind of feeling of unable to reach a fruit that hung on a branch was really uncomfortable.

The new emperor ascended the throne and since Wanyan Jie was still a child, Feng Cang put his mind more on the court. Feng Qi Qi said that Feng Cang’s body wasn’t well and to let Wanyan Kang, this Xiaoyao wang[2. Wang/wangye: prince of first rank] help him more, forcing Wanyan Kang to go to the morning court everyday and let him begin to care about the affairs of the state.

When he was a prince, Wanyan Kang had always stayed out of things and had an attitude of not caring about the state. However, when he really took over, he was serious as he had never been before. From Wanyan Kang’s point of view, he should let his father’s merits flourish and he should correct the shortcomings of his father.

Although in the past, he didn’t put his heart on the court and this time, he was also forced by Feng Qi Qi to begin to care about the government, but one had to say, in the blood of Wanyan family, there was a natural acumen of authority. Even Feng Cang couldn’t praise Wanyan Kang’s performance enough.

Wanyan Kang’s performance let Feng Qi Qi be slightly more assured. Before, she was worried that a setback (Wanyan Lie’s matter) would lead Wanyan Kang to collapse totally. She didn’t expect that Wanyan Kang’s self-healing ability was so strong.

In the end, this Bei Zhou would be given to Wanyan family. She and Feng Cang didn’t have any ambition to be emperor. Feng Cang had never thought about restoring former Qin and unify the mountains and rivers. Now, he slowly handed the affairs of the court over to Wanyan Kang. It could also be regarded as preparing for their departure in advance.

  • Unify the mountains and rivers: unify all the countries

Wanyan Kang was at a loss about Su Mei’s matter. Inside Tingsong building, Su Mei and Su Yue looked with a very serious face at the two masters who were opposite them.

“Based on the observation of Xia Xue these few days, Xia Xue and Misha are secretly planning something that's presumably related to Su Mei’s wedding,” Nalan Xin reported the results of the investigation to Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi.

After hearing this, Feng Qi Qi and Feng Cang exchanged a glance. Both understood the meaning of each other. It seemed that Misha had a very big chance of being the pestering Lian Sheng.

Feng Qi Qi didn’t tell Su Mei and Su Yue about her experience of the previous life in detail. She only said that Misha was searching for the female contestants who'd participated in the tournament of the four countries. Murong Qing Lian had been killed. Bai Yi Yue was attacked. The next ones would be Su Mei and her. Although she didn’t know what the motive of this person was, but Misha must die.

Su Mei and Su Yue didn’t doubt their miss’s words. They had always believed Feng Qi Qi’s words without any reason. This was a trust that came from the bottom of their hearts. Even if she didn’t say the reason, but miss’s words were the imperial edicts. This was a deep-rooted thought of Su Mei, Su Yue and the people of Moyu.

“Miss, since Misha has ideas about the wedding, why don’t we beat him at his own game?! Although Penglai Island’s people are powerful, but after all, here is Bei Zhou. We have more people, a wide intelligence group and a huge network. Could it be that we should be afraid of a very small Misha?!”

When met with an enemy, Su Mei had always been courageous and daring. Not to mention that the other party wanted to disrupt her wedding. How could she not be angry? She didn’t know Misha or Shami? If someone really wanted to disrupt her wedding, if one came, she would kill one. If two came, she would kill a pair.

Su Mei’s words let the atmosphere relax a bit.

Although Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi didn’t explain Misha’s reasons in detail, but from the monitoring of these past few days, whether it was Fo Sheng Men’s or Moyu’s people, they all could feel the importance their two masters had put on this Misha and also their dislike towards him. The hatred especially coming from Feng Cang was more intense.

To them, killing was nothing more than a piece of cake. Wouldn’t it be best to find an opportunity and get rid of Misha?!

However, this proposal was rejected by Feng Qi Qi. If it wasn’t determined that Misha was Lian Sheng, she wouldn’t wilfully slaughter the innocent. If Misha really was Lian Sheng, then it wouldn’t be so easy to kill him.

After all, Feng Qi Qi knew the ability of Lian Sheng very well. Even if his legs were disabled, he couldn’t be underestimated. Moreover, there was still Jia Lan at Misha’s side. That time, at the finals of the tournament, Feng Qi Qi tested Jia Lan. That person was an expert of the experts. He wasn’t easy to deal with. Penglai Island wasn’t undeserved of its reputation!

Feng Qi Qi’s only requirement was to not kill the innocent and neither let their people be lost (die). It would be the best if they could lead Misha to a place and kill him with one shot.

Although Su Mei had high martial arts, but Lian Sheng was full of craft and cunning. With her straightforward personality, she wouldn’t be able to subdue Misha. If something happens to Su Mei, then wouldn’t they have wronged Wanyan Kang? So, Su Mei absolutely couldn’t participate in this matter.

“Su Mei, you would suffer a bit of injustice this time! I fear that your wedding wouldn’t go smoothly! You may not be able to sit on this sedan chair!” Feng Qi Qi’s words already decided that Su Mei would be excluded from this ‘lure into a trap’ action.

Presumably, because she'd heard from Feng Qi Qi’s words that she had been excluded, Su Mei immediately got anxious, “Miss, let me go! Don’t worry, I will take care of myself. Nothing will happen!”

“No!” Feng Cang’s opinion was the same as Feng Qi Qi’s on this matter.

Although, Su Mei was Feng Qi Qi’s subordinate, but she was Wanyan Kang’s fiancée. They didn’t know what this Misha would do. They couldn’t let Su Mei take any risks. Even if it was one percent, they couldn’t. After all, Wanyan Kang was his good friend and brother. He couldn’t let Su Mei take any risks with herself.

“But, I’m the most suitable candidate, ah!”

“No, you’re not…,” Feng Cang smiled and got up. He took Su Mei’s wedding dress and draped it around himself. The red wedding dress made the snow white of Feng Cang stand out. It made red cloud reflect on his white as porcelain face. “Only I can go do this thing…”

Feng Cang had long wanted to see Misha and his hand had also been itching greatly. He wanted to personally cut off Misha’s head. From the beginning of the preparation, Feng Cang had already made the decision. He must personally finish Misha! He would absolutely not forgive that person who hurt Feng Qi Qi!

“Cang…,” How could Feng Qi Qi not know Feng Cang’s mood? These past few nights, Feng Cang would hold her tightly as if he was afraid that she would be gone with the wind. Misha had already become a thorn in Feng Cang’s heart. It would be unpleasant if he didn’t get rid of it. From his look, he must have thought about it for a long time.

“Qing Qing, what is the result of me playing the beautiful bride?”

Feng Cang had always loved white. People knew that this man could make wearing white appear like a man and a demon at the same time. They didn’t expect that when he wore red, he became an authentic devil.

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