Chapter 166 (part 1) Burning flames

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 166 (part 1) Burning flames

“Beautiful, very beautiful...,” Feng Qi Qi looked smilingly at the man in front of her. A devil dressed in red seemed like snow who was tainted in red. The red wrapped around him. Really…a devil who was so beautiful that he would damage a country and cause the suffering to people!

“Then, it’s decided!”

Feng Cang beat time with clappers, so, Feng Qi Qi basically had no time to object.

After the people left, Feng Cang folded the red dress and put it to a side. He came over to hold Feng Qi Qi but discovered that she had a look of concern. Feng Cang smilingly kissed her forehead, “Is Qing Qing worried about me?”

“Cang, Lian Sheng is not easy to deal with…I’m afraid…”

“Is Qing Qing so not confident in me?” Feng Cang held Feng Qi Qi and let her sit on his lap. He pushed the hair on her forehead and revealed Feng Qi Qi’s red mole.

“I just don’t want anything bad to happen. I only have you…”

Feng Qi Qi pasted herself very close to Feng Cang and listened to his heartbeat. Feng Cang’s eyes were firm. She couldn’t stop this matter. If it wasn’t because she was pregnant now, she would personally go and end the grudge between her and Lian Sheng.

“Believe me!”

Feng Cang’s fingers were slender and smooth as jade. At this time, his fingers went gently through Feng Qi Qi’s black hair. The warmth from his hand gradually made Feng Qi Qi set her mind at ease.

“I believe in you! However, that day, I have to be hiding at a close place.” Although Feng Qi Qi said she believed in Feng Cang, but she couldn’t go bet with the person she loved. “I understand Lian Sheng more. If Lian Sheng has any abnormalities, I can warn you in advance. After all, in this world, I’m the person who knows him the best.”

Knowing that Feng Qi Qi was as stubborn as him, the thing she decided won’t change, Feng Cang could only nod and agree, “You should also be careful.”

Feng Qi Qi was a bit surprised that Feng Cang didn’t object. She looked at him and saw that the gentleness was up to the bottom of his eyes. Feng Qi Qi was even more moved. This man truly pampered her to the heavens! That she was going, presumably he would make more preparations!

After being whipped, Xia Xue suddenly became very busy. So busy, that she didn’t even had the time to greet Jin Yu when she passed him. Seeing Xia Xue like this, Jin Yu felt stuffy. Taking advantage that Jia Lan was in a good mood, Jin Yu took the initiative to talk with him about Misha and Xia Xue.

After the last conflict with Misha, there were very few times where Jia Lan and Misha met. It was more that Misha didn’t want to see him. Even if the two lived under the same roof, Misha didn’t want to meet Jia Lan. Usually, he would stay in his room. Misha would take a stroll in the yard only when Jia Lan went out.

That the two originally good friends became like this was something that Jin Yu didn’t want to see. However, he was only a slave and this problem couldn’t be solved with a few words. So, he could only be anxious from watching, but he was powerless.

Now, Xia Xue’s matter was an opportunity. So, Jin Yu told Jia Lan about the day that Xia Xue suffered a whipping and that she was in a hurry and very strange recently. After hearing Jin Yu, Jia Lan was very surprised, “Xia Xue was doing something in secret?”

“Master, do you think I should follow Xia Xue? I’m worried that something will happen to her…”

“Don’t.” Since Jia Lan and Misha had a dispute, he felt vert regrettable and wanted to reconcile with Misha. However, Misha didn’t give him the opportunity. He (MS) had been avoiding him (JL), making it very difficult for Jia Lan. If Jin Yu followed Xia Xue and was discovered, Misha certainly would misunderstand him again. The knot between them may never be solved then.

“If Xia Xue didn’t ask for your help, then, don’t follow her. Xia Xue’s martial arts are equal to yours. If you follow her, you will certainly be discovered. By then, it wouldn’t be good if Misha misunderstood.”

“Yes! This subordinate understands!”

At the other side, Xia Xue returned to Misha’s side. Misha had his back to her. He looked at the bird on the branch outside the window. After a while did he turn and asked Xia Xue, “Everything is ready?”

“Young master, everything is prepared. We only need to wait for the bridal sedan chair to depart from the regent’s residence.”

“Good! Hehe…,” Misha held a blooming peach blossom. He put the flower under his nose, sniffed and revealed a strange expression.

“Young master, if Su Mei isn’t miss Yi Lian, then…”

Xia Xue’s words smashed Misha’s beautiful fantasy into pieces. His right thumb and index finger kneaded the petals and rubbed the petals into pieces. The pieces fell on the ground.

“If she isn’t, then find me the real one. Otherwise, offer your apology with death!”

After hearing Misha, Xia Xue wished she could give herself a slap. How come she had forgotten that young master hated the most when others destroy his beautiful dream. At such an important moment, she actually said things that spoiled everything. Wasn’t this looking for her own death?!

“Get out!” Sensing Xia Xue’s guilt, Misha roared. Xia Xue could only bow and retreat.

After Xia Xue left, Misha was like a deflated ball and went limp in the wheelchair. How could he not know that Xia Xue spoke the truth?! It was just, he didn’t like the feeling of a beautiful dream being broken. Although, he had gone through many defeats and his heart had long become strong, but the feeling of falling from a high mountain into darkness was still so uncomfortable that it made it difficult for people to breathe.

Yi Lian, where are you? Don’t play hide and seek anymore, alright? I beg you…

One, because of his beloved wife wanted to kill Misha. The other, because of love tried very hard to find Yi Lian. It was just, what Misha and Feng Cang didn’t know was that even if everything was prepared, but there was a rule in this world that say, “Planning is with man, accomplishing is with heaven.”

  • Planning is with man, accomplishing is with heaven: Man proposes but God disposes.

Wanyan Jie ascended the throne. Even if he was just a six-year-old child, but with Feng Cang and Wanyan Kang’s support, no turmoil occurred in Bei Zhou. Those officials didn’t dare to bully Wanyan Jie because he was young. After all, in the palace, there was the empress dowager. At court, there was regent Feng Cang and Xiaoyao wang[1. Wangye/wang: the prince of first rank]  Wanyan Kang. All of them together was something they couldn’t shake.

After getting to know Feng Cang's other identity…Long Ao Tian, Dongfang Lan was shocked for a long time. Long was the former Qin’s national surname. Feng Cang’s appearance made her unable not to match his face with an old friend’s and guess the relation between them.

However, Dongfang Lan didn’t think for a long time when Feng Cang generously revealed his identity. After she got to know that Feng Cang is a descendant of former Qin, Dongfang Lan lost her speech for a long time.

Knowing that such a day would come, Feng Qi Qi gave the empress dowager a letter written by Feng Xie and Wanyan Ming Yue before they left. After reading her daughter and her son-in-law’s letter, did Dongfang Lan got to know that this couple lied even to her, their mother.

If it wasn’t because she raised Feng Cang and had deep feelings toward him plus the relationship between Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi, Dongfang Lan would’ve certainly let people take Feng Cang prisoner.

After all, he’s a descendant of former Qin. What if he wanted to restore Great Qin, reconstruct the three separated countries to their previous state and because of this launch endless wars and let the citizens be caught among the fire of the war? Then, what should she do? Although, she had long become indifferent to the power struggles, but Dongfang Lan didn’t want the country to be unstable again. By then, it would be hard on the citizens. The ones who would suffer would also be the citizens.

Dongfang Lan had no requirements on who would take the country. Whether it was Feng Cang or Wanyan Kang becoming the emperor, as long as he showed grace to the people, then he’s a good emperor. This empress dowager who spent the first half of her life on a horseback, in the second half of her life, she had been pondering about the past.

In the past, she instigated Wanyan Zhi to become the emperor himself which resulted in Feng Cang’s home being ruined and he was orphaned. Because of this, Dongfang Lan felt a profound guilt towards Feng Cang.

It was just, the matter was already done. That the world was cut into four was already set. If Feng Cang wanted to use the identity of former Qin imperial family’s descendant to disrupt this order, cause the mainland to be trapped between water and fire and let the citizens be in disaster, Dongfang Lan would definitely not let this happen. She would not let people repeat the mistake she made.

Fortunately, Feng Cang didn’t had the thought of restoring former Qin and also had no desire for power. After the two grandchildren and the grandmother talked, was Dongfang Lan assured of giving Feng Qi Qi to Feng Cang. The harem was also in good order under the management of Dongfang Lan.

It was outside Dongfang Lan’s expectation that Feng Cang and Wanyan Kang didn’t have interest in the throne. According to the ability, she originally hoped that Feng Cang could inherit the throne. Moreover, this dynasty was originally Long family’s. Feng Cang’s capabilities and strategies were suitable to be an emperor and a monarch. He was the most suitable candidate.

However, Feng Cang rejected Dongfang Lan’s request. He expressed that he had no interest in the throne. He only wanted to live happily with Feng Qi Qi. Seeing the loving look of the couple, Dongfang Lan probably could understand Feng Cang’s thoughts.

After all, being in a high position, one wouldn’t have the freedom to act according to one’s own volition. If Feng Cang became the emperor and the harem only had one empress and didn’t have other women, it would certainly cause criticism. As an emperor, one need to weight the interests. Love would certainly be sacrificed. Thinking about Feng Qi Qi’s happiness, Dongfang Lan didn’t insist anymore.

Wanyan Kang always had the mischievous appearance and refused to be the emperor. This also made Dongfang Lan helpless. In the end, they had to push Wanyan Jie to the front and let him become the new emperor.

Since Wanyan Jie became the little emperor, Dongfang Lan saw raising Wanyan Jie as her responsibility. Not only did she let Wanyan Jie live in Jinxuan palace, she also personally taught Wanyan Lie the various etiquettes of the court, all kinds of rules and also invited a famous teacher to be Wanyan Jie’s teacher.

A child needed to be taught from an early age. Dongfang Lan had a profound understanding of this. A good moral character and good habits needed the be taught when the child was still small. She didn’t want Wanyan Jie to become the new Wanyan Lie or Wanyan Hong!

“If you have something to report, then enlighten. If you have nothing to report, then retreat the morning court!” The high-pitched voice of the new head of the eunuch Shan Xi resounded throughout the hall. He was personally selected by Dongfang Lan for Wanyan Jie. He had also been trained by Dongfang Lan. Now, he followed Wanyan Jie and served this new master.

The officials heard Shan Xi’s word. It was just, the thing they needed to report, they already reported. They didn’t have anything else to report. So, everyone remained silent.

Just as Shan Xi was about to say “retreat” to the officials, an “announce” came from far away at the gate. One after another shout came.

When the person arrived at the main hall, the people saw that it was a soldier covered in dusts. A fire dragon flag was stuck behind him.

“There’s war!” Seeing this, the officials were shocked. The soldier carried a fire dragon flag. The fire dragon flag had always only been used when there was a serious war. Seeing the soldier's worn-out appearance, he must’ve been rushing day and night. His lips were cracked and his face was pale. He just entered the hall, when he knelt.

“Announce! Dong Lu’s hundred fifty thousand soldiers raided Yan gate. My twenty thousand soldiers defended and resisted. Ultimately, we were no match for the enemy. Yan gate was breached!”

“What?!” After hearing this, the officials were like they were being fried on a pot. When did Dong Lu got such a gut? They actually raided their Yan gate?

Shan Xi quickly took the report of the battlefield from the soldier. He didn’t hand Wanyan Jie it first. Instead, he anxiously came to Feng Cang and gave it with both hands to Feng Cang.

After opening the report of the battlefield, Feng Cang read it carefully. The battle report arrived at the regent’s hands. The officials were quiet. Everyone stared at Feng Cang’s face. They wanted to see some clues from this wangye’s face.

What let everyone down was that Feng Cang was calm as usual from the beginning to the end. There wasn’t even the slightest change. This made the people’s nervous heart gradually calm down. Everything was fine. With Feng Cang, the god of war here, how could something happen?!

Not waiting for everyone to take a breath, another “Announce…” spread over.

Another worn-out soldier with the fire dragon flag rushed over, “Announce! Xi Qi’s hundred fifty thousand soldiers raided Shi gate!”

‘Rumble…’ A thunder hovered over everyone’s head. What was going on? Dong Lu and Xi Qi sent troops at the same time to attack Bei Zhou? Was it a coincidence or did the two countries join hands? What secret was behind this? Numerous questions hit everyone’s heart. Both sides were attacked. This was not a good omen, ah!

“Bring it over!” Didn’t wait for Shan Xi to bring the report of the battlefield over, Feng Cang already grabbed it.

The noisiness disappeared from the hall. Occasionally, someone would swallow saliva, but was stopped immediately. Everyone watched Feng Cang intently. They wanted to know how the situation was.

Like before, Feng Cang’s expression didn’t change. Now, everyone’s heart began to make a whim. The performance of this wangye was too calm! In the end, was the matter urgent?! The two countries sent troops at the same time could be a small or big matter. This was the first time that Bei Zhou was attacked from two sides, ah!

After Feng Cang finished reading the report of the battlefield, he handed it to Wanyan Kang. Since, he began to attend the morning court, Wanyan Kang had also become steady and calm. Those who didn’t get any information front Feng Cang’s face, now all started at Wanyan Kang’s face. From everyone’s point of view, Wanyan Kang wasn’t as ‘stable’ as Feng Cang and he wouldn’t be able to hide it.

Sure enough, after Wanyan Kang read the report of the battlefield, he humped once.

“Cousin brother, it seemed that you didn’t stretch your tibia for a long time. These people had forgotten that there is a god of war in Bei Zhou!”

Wayan Kang’s words reassured the officials with no doubt. It seemed that the matter wasn’t serious! It was still in the range of being able to deal with. Moreover, there was Feng Cang. What was there to be afraid of?!

It was just, their heart had just eased, when another “Announce…” spread over.

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