Chapter 166 (part 2) Burning flames

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 166 (part 2) Burning flames

A sharp-eyes minister saw the fire dragon flag on the back of the soldier. He shouted, “Fire dragon flag!” The main hall was in uproar again. “What?! There is a war again! What is going on?!”

“That’s right, ah! This is too fishy! What had happened?!”

Not waiting for the discussion to end, a soldier appeared in front of everyone. Because being contaminated with dust, the fire dragon flag had become somewhat dirty. Only the golden dragon embroidered on the fire dragon flag could vaguely be seen.

“Announce! Jurchen ethic tribe’s hundred thousand men went from north to south and attacked Yushui gate. General Li Yi died on the battlefield!”

With the arrival of three fire dragon flags in one day, the peaceful Bei Zhou fell into a state of tension. Feng Cang and Wanyan Kang didn’t hide anything about the war. They announced it while they stabilized the citizens.

Fortunately, Bei Zhou had always been united and the entire nation was brought to arms. The citizens didn’t go much in panic.

Inside the study, Wanyan Jie was so tired that he fell asleep in the dragon chair. Feng Cang, Wanyan Kang and a few generals were still studying the military situation. Dong Lu, Xi Qi, Jurchen, why did the three parties launch an attack without any warning? Could it be that someone threaded a needle between? Who on earth was it?

  • To thread a needle: to act as a go-between

“Princess Zhen Guo has arrived!”

A shout ‘princess Zhen Guo’ let Feng Cang look up. Only now did he discover that the sky was already dark. The night fell. In the sky was a lot more stars. They had spent the whole day in the imperial study.

Su Mei, Su Yue and a few palace maids carrying a food box followed behind Feng Qi Qi.

“I know that you guys would be too busy to eat. So, I let people prepare something to eat.”

After Feng Qi Qi spoke, Wanyan Kang’s stomach coordinated well and made sounds. He touched his head embarrassingly, “Cousin in law, you’ve arrived in time. I’m really so hungry!”

Wanyan Kang didn’t finish speaking when he saw Su Mei behind Feng Qi Qi. He immediately put the things in his hands down and came to Su Mei, “Little Mei er, I finally saw you! I missed you so much!”

Wanyan Kang’s explicit confession made Su Mei blush, “You want to die?! There are others here!”

Hearing someone laugh from behind, did Wanyan Kang understood that they were at the imperial study. He immediately put on a serious expression.

Su Mei and Su Yu put the food on the table. Feng Qi Qi called everyone over to eat, “One can’t function properly on an empty stomach. Everyone, eat before going to work again!”

Although, those generals had also seen Feng Qi Qi in the past, but being in such a close contact with princess Zheng Guo who had the title of the number one beauty of the word and not to mention that she was so approachable, they felt shy. Originally, they intended to be polite. After all, here was the emperor’s imperial study, but Wanyan Kang directly pulled the people to sit down, “Cousin in law is right! First eat. After eating, let’s go beat those f***** dogs!”

The personality of the generals was bold and unconstrained. They saw that Xiaoyao wang[1. Wang/wangye: the prince of first rank] was being like this, they no longer acted shy. They saw that Feng Cang, the head didn’t object. Everyone sat around the table. They had been hungry for a day. These strong man’s stomachs rumbled with hunger. They no longer cared that here was the imperial study and took big mouthfuls of meat and soup.

Feng Cang didn’t eat immediately. He came to Feng Qi Qi and helped her sit down. “Why did you come in person? It would be fine if you sent Su Mei and Su Yue to bring it over! You’re someone pregnant. You need to take care of yourself!”

“I know, my husband the lord!” Seeing that Feng Cang was so wordy, Feng Qi Qi couldn’t help but stuck her tongue out, “Don’t forget I’m a doctor. I’m fine. You go eat first!”

Seeing Feng Cang’s bloodshot eyes, Feng Qi Qi felt heartache. Enemy on the three sides was really too surprising. This time, Feng Cang would be busy.

The people eating here woke Wanyan Jie up. Wanyan Jie rubbed his eyes, sat up and saw Feng Qi Qi.

“Aunty!” Wanyan Jie happily ran to Feng Qi Qi. He liked this little aunty. So, every time, when Feng Qi Qi came to the palace, Wanyan Jie would be around her for a long time.

“Jie er[2.Er: term of endearment], are you hungry? Come, eat!”

She knew that these big men were careless. They certainly forgot that there was still a child here. Feng Qi Qi specially prepared a nutritional meal for children for Wanyan Jie. Sure enough, Wanyan Jie was very hungry. He sat beside Feng Qi Qi. One of his hand had to hold Feng Qi Qi’s before he was willing to eat obediently.

Although he had many things to say to Feng Qi Qi, but Dongfang Lan taught him not to speak during a meal. So, when he ate, Wanyan Jie was very well-mannered. Plus, the fact that Su Mei’s skills were very good. Wanyan Jie ate very much.

“So delicious!” Wanyan Jie sat next to Feng Qi Qi. He laughed and exposed a missing front tooth. “Little aunty, the food you brought is more delicious than those of the imperial kitchen!”

“Jie er is so well-behaved!” Feng Qi Qi lovingly touched Wanyan Jie’s head. “Did you like the toy aunty gave you before?”

“I like it very much! I like little aunty the most!”

Usually, he was demanded to have the demeanor and appearance of an emperor. So, no matter if Wanyan Jie was attending the court or not attending the court, he always was like a little adult. Only in front of Feng Qi Qi would he reveal the innocence of a child. This beautiful aunt was a good person. This already formed a conclusion in Wanyan Jie’s heart.

Feng Qi Qi had always liked children. Plus, the fact that Wanyan Jie’s life was so pitiful, so, she cared more about him. Wanyan Kang and the others were still eating. Feng Qi Qi held Wanyan Jie’s small hand and led him to the map on the table.

Because Wanyan Jie wasn’t tall enough, Feng Qi Qi held him and let him stand on the chair.

“Jie er, look. This is Bei Zhou’s dynasty.”

Feng Qi Qi carefully introduces Bei Zhou’s situation to Wanyan Jie. Moreover, she referred Yan gate, Shi gate, Yushui gate plus Dong Lu, Xi Qi and Jurchen tribe to him. “This is Bei Zhou’s territory. Now, it had been invaded. Bei Zhou’s citizen are oppressed by the foreign enemies. Jie er, what do you think needs to be done?”

“Fight!” Under Feng Qi Qi’s guidance, Wanyan Jie clenched his fists. “Drive them away!”

Wanyan Jie’s lofty ideals made Feng Qi Qi appreciate it very much, “Jie er, you have to remember. As a monarch, you need to be the guardian angel of the citizens. You must guard your country! The purpose of an emperor is to change the country into a clenched fist and let the whole country be in unison. Like that, the country would be strong, the people would be blessed and Bei Zhou would become the king of mainland. Others wouldn’t dare to bully us.”

“Aunty, I know! I will be a good emperor and won’t let anyone bully my people!” Wanyan Jie’s small face had a firm expression. His small hand had also became a fist.

In a few words Feng Qi Qi let Wanyan Jie understand the general principle, making the others surprised.

After they finished eating, Feng Qi Qi gave a lot of talk to Wanyan Jie. Her voice was gentle. Her language was easy to understand. Through storytelling she taught knowledge and let Wanyan Jie understand it by hearing it for the first time. “Aunty, you teach better than the teacher! The moment, you said it, I fully understood!”

Wanyan Jie childish words amused Su Mei and Su Yue, making them laugh.

“Is that right? Then, aunty will come often to the palace and tell you stories, alright?” Feng Qi Qi pulled Wanyan Jie’s small nose.

The moment he heard that Feng Qi Qi would come see him often, of course Wanyan Jie clapped and cheered, “Good, ah! I like aunty the most! Aunty has to come often!”

“Sure!” After Feng Qi Qi and Wanyan Jie hooked their pinky in promise, she let Shan Xi bring Wanyan Jie back to Jinxuan palace to rest. When he was leaving, Wanyan Jie was very reluctant to part with her. He turned many times. “Aunty must come visit me more often!”

“Good!” Feng Qi Qi gestured with her hand and promised once again. Wanyan Jie left the imperial study reluctantly.

The bowls and chopsticks had already been cleaned from the table. It seemed that Feng Cang and Wanyan Kang would stay in the palace tonight, “Go back and rest earlier. You don’t need to wait for me!” Feng Cang sent Feng Qi Qi to the door, “Take care of yourself!”

“Mm!” Feng Qi Qi knew that the situation was critical. It was not the time for love and affection. She tiptoed and kissed Feng Cang’s lips. Accompanied by Su Mei and Su Yue, she left the palace.

When they returned to the regent’s residence, Feng Qi Qi let Su Mei and Su Yue stay and also called over Nalan Xin and Jin Mo. When they came over, Feng Qi Qi’s expression turned serious.

“Nalan Xin, how is the situation in Dong Lu?”

Wangfei, [3. Wangfei: the main wife of the prince of first rank]it was too sudden. Many intelligences hadn’t arrived yet. However, from the information we already have, Dong Lu’s Xia Jin is persecuting in the name of revenge for Xia Yun Xi and let great general Hu Xue Shen lead a total of hundred fifty men to attack Yan gate. Now, Yan gate had been seized. Hu Xue Shen already invaded three provinces at the east of Bei Zhou. However, he encountered great resistance and had been detained at the three places, Pingyi, Gaoyang and Jinyuan.

“Why haven’t our army notice anything when hundred thousand men attacked? Is there a spy or…?”

Wangfei, you have something you don’t know about. Bei Zhou and Dong Lu always had a good relation. There had never been war between the two countries. Near Yan gate is Dong Lu’s second largest city, Yu gate. Since ancient times, Yu gate had been populous and affluent. Since the former Qin, Dong Lu had been worried that Yu gate would become other countries’ prey. It had always been heavily guarded. This habit had become their surprise. Our army didn’t have any reason to take precautions.”

Nalan Xin’s explanation made Feng Qi Qi understand the reason. Fo Sheng Men’s forces were mostly in Bei Zhou and Dong Lu. So, the information they found were highly authentic.

“Su Yue, what’s the matter with Xi Qi?”

“Miss, ten days ago, Longze Yu decreed Longze Jing Tian the crown prince. The war was proposed by Longze Jing Tian. Longze Jing Tian’s proposal received great family Shangguan and great family Duanmu’s support. Great family Shangguan had long wanted to take revenge for what had happened at Yandang mountain. This time, that Longze Jing Tian was able to become the crown prince was also because of great family Shangguan’s support. It could be said that Longze Jing Tian was able to become the crown prince because he got the military’s support!”

Hearing Longze Jing Tian’s name, Feng Qi Qi frowned. This person was ambitious. She had long known this. It was just, she didn’t think that Longze Jing Tian would use attacking Bei Zhou as a springboard.

“Who is the one that is leading the army?”

“Miss, the one who is leading Xi Qi’s army is general Shangguan Wu Ji…”

Shangguan Wu Ji? For a while, Feng Qi Qi was silent. She and Shangguan Wu Ji were friends. She didn’t expect that in the end, the two would become enemies because of the interests of both countries. It seemed, in this world there was no feast that wouldn’t end. Many things were not to one’s own volition.

However, between Bei Zhou and Xi Qi, between Feng Cang and Shangguan Wu Ji, Feng Qi Qi would certainly choose the first one.

“Then what about Jurchen tribe? Ten years ago, wasn’t Jurchen beaten by Feng Cang into the desert? Why did Jurchen tribe gather this time in the north?”

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