Chapter 167 (Part 2) Ming Yue Cheng’s promise

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 167 (Part 2) Ming Yue Cheng’s promise

Feng Cang understood Wanyan Kang's words. Swords didn’t have eyes on the battlefield. Wanyan Kang was afraid that something would happen to him and that he would have an unexpected misfortune. With Su Mei’s personality, she would not marry again. Then, he would've caused her harm. So, Wanyan Kang, who'd originally looked forward to the wedding, made a difficult decision last night and postponed the wedding.

“Ah Kang, you know Su Mei’s personality. Could it be that you want to push her aside and bear everything including your possible death? Acting like that would make her hate you. Instead of worrying about the unknown things, it’s better to think about how to lead the army and how to return victoriously.”

After Feng Cang said that, Wanyan Kang laughed bitterly, “Cousin brother, I’m not like you! You’re the god of war. Just throwing your name at the enemy would make them timid. My martial art is not comparable to yours and I've also never gone to war. I’m afraid that something would happen and little Mei er[1. Er: term of endearment] would become a widow. Moreover, if it was you, will you bring cousin-in-law to the battlefield?”

“I will…,” Feng Cang’s answer was unexpected to Wanyan Kang. “Ah Kang, if Qing Qing insists on following me, then I will bring her. The way to make women feel at ease is not to let them stay anxiously behind and let them make themselves afraid, but to let them stay at our side and protect them as much as possible. Do you believe, if Qing Qing is by my side, my combat power would double?”

“Because my wife and child are at my side, I must use every effort to win and must give them the utmost safety! Ah Kang, our women are not ordinary women. If you’re afraid that they’re too weak to stand up to the wind and only let a man have tender affection for them, then you’re gravely mistaken.”

Feng Cang’s words woke up Wanyan Kang’s bullet-headed brain. That was right, ah! How will Su Mei be the same as those ordinary women?! It seemed that he was too frenetic and made himself muddled.

However, taking Su Mei with him didn’t mean he would marry Su Mei. After all, Wanyan Kang didn’t have Feng Cang’s confidence. He still needed to leave a way out for Su Mei.

“Cousin brother, I understand! Let’s go, everyone is waiting for you!”

At the regent’s palace, Feng Qi Qi slept until the afternoon before she woke up. Not long after she had lunch, Su Yue said that Ming Yue Cheng had come to see her. Feng Qi Qi quickly let Su Yue invite Ming Yue Cheng in.

Only when Ming Yue Cheng entered and saw that Feng Qi Qi was fine, did his worry ease. Bei Zhou was being attacked by Dong Lu, Xi Qi and Jurchen tribe. Ming Yue Cheng had also just got the news. He had been worried about Feng Qi Qi and came over.

“Ming Yue, how come you came?” Feng Qi Qi invited Ming Yue Cheng to sit down and also let Su Mei go bring tea.

“I heard about the tripartite military operation. I was worried about you and came here. Originally, I was very worried about you, but now seeing that you’re in good spirits, I’m relieved!”

While Ming Yue Cheng talked, Feng Qi Qi maintained a smile, waiting for him to finish. Feng Qi Qi gestured for Su Mei and Su Yue to retreat and left them alone.

“Qi Qi, do you have something to say?” Ming Yue Cheng was a very smart person. How would he not know the meaning of Feng Qi Qi letting the people retreat? “Do you want to ask me if Nan Feng is also involved in this matter?”

“Ming Yue, you’re becoming the roundworm in my stomach.” Feng Qi Qi smilingly filled Ming Yue Cheng’s cup of tea. “That’s right! I always liked to be straightforward and don’t like going around the curves and skirting the corners. I just want to know if someone came to ask you to join hands. What do you think about it?!”

  • Becoming the roundworm of one’s stomach: know what the other was thinking
  • Going around the curves and skirting the corners: beating around the bush

Feng Qi Qi being so direct was to Ming Yue Cheng’s liking, “If I say that there was someone who came looking for Nan Feng, but I didn’t agree and also won’t agree, are you willing to believe me?”

“I believe you,” Feng Qi Qi nodded without hesitation. Instead, it made Ming Yue Cheng surprised, “Qi Qi, why do you trust me so much?”

“Because your eyes won’t lie!” In fact, Feng Qi Qi wanted to say, “Because you love me.” It was just, these words didn’t come out of her mouth.

There were a lot of ways for a man to love a woman. For example, Lian Sheng, he loved Yi Lian and thought of every way to get her. When he didn’t get her, he preferred either the fish dies or the net splits and wouldn’t let the other party live well. For example, Longze Jing Tian, his love had many material gains. Sometimes, he wanted it like this and another time like that. The centre was whether he needed it. For example, Ming Yue Cheng. His love was to support. That I love you has nothing to do with you. In Ming Yue Cheng’s eyes, love was supporting the other party.

  • Either the fish dies or the net splits: a life and death struggle

He hoped for Feng Qi Qi’s happiness. Even if he just looked from afar, as long as she was happy, he would be happy. Such a man with such a tolerant love in his heart, how would he take advantage and destroy her happiness?!

Ming Yue Cheng and Feng Qi Qi looked at each other. Her ‘your eyes won’t lie’ made Ming Yue Cheng want to cry. She trusted him like this. How fortunate was he? This woman let people be involuntarily attracted by her and let them serve her willingly…

“Thank you…,” Ming Yue Cheng smiled at Feng Qi Qi. “Thank you for your trust!”

“Although I’m not in Nan Feng, but there had been someone who came to Nan Feng and mentioned the matter of joining hands. However, my people didn’t accept.”

“Who was that person?” What Feng Qi Qi wanted to know the most right now was who was the black hand behind this? Why did he had to deal with Bei Zhou like this? However, Ming Yue Cheng obviously didn’t know the answer to her question. “I was not in my country. That person has also left. I didn’t know that there was such a secret behind this. After I found out about the three parties sending their armies, I have already sent the order to let them go find out who was the mysterious person who'd come to talk about joining forces.”

Feng Qi Qi nodded when Ming Yue Cheng said this. They may not find anything by going to investigate now. However, as long there was hope, she wouldn’t give up. Thinking till here, Feng Qi Qi smiled. Her eyes twinkled like stars, “Ming Yue, do you have the interest to do a business with me?”

In front of Ming Yue Cheng, Feng Qi Qi had always presented herself as a businesswoman. Now that she'd mentioned a business. Ming Yue Cheng knew that this business was bound to be related to the war. Seeing her so excited, she must have a good idea.

“Let’s see if there’s profit!”

“Haha, I will certainly let you make a lot of gold and silver!”

Feng Qi Qi took out the map and put it in front of Ming Yue Cheng, “Here is Dong Lu. Here is Xi Qi. This side is Jurchen tribe. If the three parties attack at the same time, someone certainly threaded a needle between. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be so coincidental. Now, no matter if it was Dong Lu or Xi Qi, their focus is on our Bei Zhou…”

Feng Qi Qi painted two arrows at the borders of Nan Feng with Dong Lu and Xi Qi. “Using our Bei Zhou as bait and attracting most of their military power, your Nan Feng could take advantage of this and hit them by surprise! I believe that Dong Lu nor Xi Qi would expect to see Nan Feng intervene in this matter and even more, would not expect that you would suddenly send the army.”

Feng Qi Qi’s proposal made Ming Yue Cheng stunned. It turned out that the business she was talking about was this! This was indeed a good transaction.

“Ming Yue, why don’t we redistribute the mainland?! The world is only this big. Divided by four countries is really not enough for everyone to eat. Why don’t we let the world have only two countries, Bei Zhou and Nan Feng? What do you think?!”

At this time, Ming Yue Cheng was thoroughly shocked. Split the world into two. This woman said these words so easily. Did she know that this will set off a stormy sea?! The situation of the world was set with just a few words of Feng Qi Qi. She really was a daring and bold woman, and also heroic and fathomless.

“Ming Yue, Ming Yue…”

Seeing that Ming Yue Cheng didn’t speak, Feng Qi Qi continued to talk, “If you think that the soldiers being divided into two routes to attack Dong Lu and Xi Qi would let the power of Nan Feng’s army be scattered and failing to achieve the effect, why don’t you pick one between Dong Lu and Xi Qi? By then, I will help you attract the other party’s forces. When their forces are greatly restrained by me, then you could take them down. What do you think?”

Inside Ming Yue Cheng’s heart now, aside from exclaiming in admiration, there was only exclaiming in admiration. Why was there such a woman like Feng Qi Qi in this world? No matter if it was divide the soldiers in two or focus on attacking one country, these were only the opinions a general who had spent a long time on the battlefield could put forward. Why was Feng Qi Qi, a lady of noble family, like this?

“Qi Qi, you really surprised me.”

Only after a long time, did Ming Yue Cheng lament. Presumably, it was because the unusual side of this woman that had deeply attracted him and let him do everything for her willingly. From birth, such a woman was like the existence of a female emperor, making him unable not to crawl under her feet.

Ming Yue Cheng had some regret. He regretted that he didn’t find the preciousness of Feng Qi Qi sooner and let Feng Cang grab her first. But he was very fortunate, fortunate enough to see such a beautiful side of her! If he'd used extreme ways to plunder her, this woman would presumably never open herself to him and would also not let him see such a side of her.

It turned out that the two sides, happiness and misfortune, was just like a copper coin. Although he couldn’t be together with her, but he was regarded as her best friend. He could stay at her side in another way and seeing her exude splendor was also a kind of happiness, ah!

“Qi Qi, what you just said, did you discuss it with the regent?”

“No,” Feng Qi Qi shook her head. “He’s very busy. I didn’t have the time to tell him, so I told you first. Ming Yue, what do you think about my suggestion? We join hands to do a business, what do you think?”

Before, Ming Yue Cheng thought that these suggestions could have been Feng Cang’s idea. Now, he truly understood that these were Feng Qi Qi’s own ideas. The thought that she didn’t tell Feng Cang first, but instead discussed it with him (MYC), this unconditional trust made him feel very happy.

“Good!” Ming Yue Cheng took a brush and pointed at the map. “Since you said that I should select between the two countries, Dong Lu and Xi Qi, then I chose Xi Qi.”

Feng Qi Qi could understand Ming Yue Cheng choosing Xi Qi. Ming Yue Cheng had been a hostage for so many years in Xi Qi and was mocked by so many people. This was the time for his revenge.

It hadn’t been long since Ming Yue Cheng had ascended the throne. Many people would think Nan Feng was not stable, that this new emperor would have a heavy work-load now from the matters of the country itself and didn’t have the mind to care about other things. Now, they could take advantage of the scorn of these people and catch them unprepared!

Moreover, Nan Feng going to war was a good thing for Ming Yue Cheng himself. Firstly, he could shift the contradiction of the country and let the whole country face the enemy on the outside. Secondly, he could also let those hidden powers come to light. Nan Feng needed to use the army against outsiders. The people who oppose Ming Yue Cheng would be ready to make trouble. He could use this opportunity to eliminate them and this could also be considered a cleansing inside the country.

After Feng Qi Qi told this analysis to Ming Yue Cheng, Ming Yue Cheng sighed twice, “Feng Cang getting such a woman like you was really a blessing he'd accumulated in the past life! Husband and wife have one mind, presumably you’re invincible in this world! It seemed that it was a wise move that I had chosen to be friends with you.”

Originally, Feng Cang had already used the army as a god. Now, he had gotten Feng Qi Qi, such a sack of wisdom. These two joining forces, let alone Dong Lu and Xi Qi, even if they wanted to get the world, they had this ability.

“Haha, Ming Yue, towards friends, I will extend the hand of friendship. Towards enemies, I will never show mercy.” Feng Qi Qi smiled like a flower, making Ming Yue Cheng be in a daze. He'd lost the sun, he shouldn’t also lose the moon and the stars. He'd lost the love, he shouldn’t also lose the friendship.

“I’m glad at my wisdom and that I didn’t stand opposite you.”

Ming Yue Cheng said these words from the bottom of his heart. “As for what you said about the mainland only having two countries, Bei Zhou and Nan Feng, this is something worthy of looking forward to. Then, I hope we have a happy cooperation! I believe that in the near future, what you said would come true!”

Ming Yue Cheng saying that, Feng Qi Qi knew that he approved of her ideas. Although she'd said cooperation, but how would someone clever not understand that she was asking help from Ming Yue Cheng?! Bei Zhou were dealing with enemies on three sides. If the army was split into three, even with Feng Cang as the leader, the power would be greatly reduced.

Instead of hurting ten fingers, it’s better to break one. Instead of being trapped in three sides, it’s better to join hands with Ming Yue Cheng and ask him to send the army to ease the pressure on Bei Zhou. To put it plainly, Ming Yue Cheng was giving them a helping hand.

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