Chapter 168 (Part 1) The return of Feng Xie

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

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Chapter 168 (Part 1) The return of Feng Xie

Such a clever person as Ming Yue Cheng, how could he not know the reason for it?! However, he agreed immediately. Feng Qi Qi didn’t know how to thank the man in front of her. She could only thank him from the bottom of her heart, “Ming Yue, thank you!”

“Don’t think so great of me!” Seeing Feng Qi Qi’s thoughts, Ming Yue Cheng smiled lazily. He raised the corners of his mouth, “I just want to take revenge. I just want to give them back the shame Xi Qi gave to me! Besides, if I watch with folded arms and Bei Zhou was split by the three, then, the next one they would want to eat would be Nan Feng. I’m just preparing for a rainy day and plan my own future.”

Ming Yue Cheng casted away all his true intentions. How could Feng Qi Qi not understand his excuses? It was just, some things couldn’t be said clearly in the open. So be it!

“No matter what, I’m indebted to you. In the future, if you need anything, just ask!”

“Then, can I ask now?!” Ming Yue Cheng walked forward and stared at Feng Qi Qi’s smiling face, “Can you give me your first child…I mean, let me be his godfather. I really like children!”

“Good!” Feng Qi Qi didn’t think and agreed to Ming Yue Cheng’s requirement.

After hearing this, Ming Yue Cheng thanked Feng Qi Qi, “Thank you!”

Feng Qi Qi and Ming Yue Cheng reached an agreement on the issue of Nan Feng’s army. At this time, Misha was furious.

“What is going on? Why did Dong Lu send the army?”

After learning of the simultaneous army’s movements of Dong Lu, Xi Qi and Jurchen tribe, Misha felt that he had been deceived. Dong Lu sent the army? Who gave them the courage? If they really had sent the troops, Dong Lu must go to Penglai Island and ask for help, but he didn’t get any news. Then, who acted on his own initiative and supported Dong Lu?

At this time, Jia Lan also frowned. This was the first time after he had a dispute with Misha that he came to Misha’s room. It was really shocking that Dong Lu sent the army.

Dong Lu had always prized harmony. When things happened, they choose to endure. Usually they were soft as persimmons. Why were they so courageous this time? Take revenge for Xia Yun Xi? Usually Xia Jin was so weak. Even if he loved Xia Yun Xi very much, he wouldn’t offend the leader of four countries Bei Zhou for Xia Yun Xi. Moreover, he wouldn’t have the guts. So, what had happened during this period?

“Xia Xue, you still haven’t gotten any news from Dong Lu?”

“Young master, not yet,” Xia Xue shook her head. It was reasonable to say that, if Dong Lu sent the army, Penglai’s disciplines in Dong Lu would’ve sent the news over. However, the war already broke out, they still haven’t heard anything. In the end, what had happened?

“I know.”

After a silence, Misha slowly opened his mouth, “It must be Duyi’s doing!”

Duyi was Penglai Island’s grandmaster Taixu’s second disciple. He was not on good terms with Misha. From an early age, he liked to compete with Misha. He was very unsatisfied with Misha managing Penglai Island.

“This time, Dong Lu dared to send the army must be because of Duyi’s instigation!”

“Eldest senior, then should we stop them?” Thinking about how Duyi opposed Misha, Jia Lan believed Misha a bit more.

“It’s of no use!” Misha shook his head and revealed an innocent smile. “Jia Lan, do you still not understand?! We haven’t received any news. That means, Penglai’s disciples at Dong Lu had either been bribed or had been subdued by Duyi. Xia Jin wouldn’t listen to us.”

Misha’s analysis was very sensible. Jia Lan agreed with him, “Senior brother, Duyi had always been dissatisfied with you. If he subdued the disciples and also instigated for Dong Lu to send the army, then what should we do?”

“Let’s return first.”

“To stop Dong Lu from sending the army?”

“No…,” Misha shook his head. “Xia Jin was disobedient. We should let him suffer. When he listened to Duyi, where did he put me, Misha at? Since, he decided on Duyi, I will let him lose some troops first! When he is defeated, he would naturally come to beg me!”

Misha said that he wanted to return to Dong Lu. Xia Xue was the happiest person, “Young master, won’t you look for miss Yi Lian anymore?”

Happiness could be heard from Xia Xue’s voice. Misha casted her a glance, making Xia Xue afraid. She quickly lowered her head. “Bei Zhou is attacked on three sides. No one has the mood…”

Misha meant that Bei Zhou would now fight against the outsiders. Wanyan Kang and Su Mei’s wedding would be postponed indefinitely. He has many opportunities to see Su Mei. He didn’t need to take advantage of now! Fish in troubled water is great, but it won’t be good if by chance he didn’t catch the fish and got his whole body full of fishy smell.

His backup was Penglai Island. Now, Duyi wanted to seize power from him to shake his foundation. After all, more than looking for Yi Lian, stabilizing his foundation and defend his own interest were the most important. Without a strong background, even if he finds Yi Lian, he wouldn’t have the ability to give her happiness.

When he heard the name ‘Yi Lian’, Jia Lan couldn’t help but ask, “Misha, who is Yi Lian? Why had you been looking for her? Do we know her? I remember that there never was someone called Yi Lian at Penglai Island.”

Misha didn’t answer Jia Lan. He also didn’t want to answer. He just lowered his head and played with his finger. He had a look of contemplation as if he didn’t hear Jia Lan. Seeing Misha like this and seeing that he evaded his question intentionally, Jia Lan felt a gas tighten his heart.

He had asked this question several times. Every time, he(M) adopted the attitude of completely ignoring him. Since the seven-level pagoda, Misha let him pay attention to the women who participated at the tournament. Could it be that he came this time to Bei Zhou for Yi Lian? In the end, who was that Yi Lian who could let Misha put down the matters of the island and rushed here?

When he thought about Murong Qing Lian, Jia Lan seemed to have understood something. He recalled the words Misha said when he (M) saw Murong Qing Lian for the for the first time and also his (M) care towards her. He (JL) also recalled the cruel treatment afterwards. Jia Lan seemed to have found some clues.

Murong Qing Lian was a contestant at the seven-level pagoda. When Misha saw her for the first time and treated her like that, did he take her as Yi Lian? Later, he wanted to kill Murong Qing Lian. Could it be because Misha got to know that Murong Qing Lian wasn’t the person he was looking for?

The more Jia Lan thought about it, the more headache he got. Misha had never left Penglai Island. When did he meet Yi Lian? From the name, it was a woman. Could it be that his changes of these past few years had been for this woman?

The news that Misha was returning to Dong Lu, in a moment had been passed by Fo Sheng Men’s people to Feng Cang.

“Want to leave?” Feng Cang crumbled the note. His fingers were clenched. The note had become ashes. “Let people follow him! When he left the capital, listen to my order and then act on it.”

Although, the war made people be badly burned about the head, but Feng Cang still managed to smooth the things. Feng Cang would absolutely not allow Misha to leave at this time. Letting Misha go was equal as letting the tiger return to the mountain.

  • Let the tiger return to the mountain: to store up future calamities

Feng Qi Qi had said that Misha may be Lian Sheng. Lian Sheng who came from another world had received a wide range of education like Feng Qi Qi. One of them was military. If Misha supported Dong Lu and moreover provided contribution to Dong Lu, then the war between Bei Zhou and Dong Lu would become very difficult.

So, whether it was for personal reasons or from the perspective of the war, Feng Cang wouldn’t let Misha go. Whether this person was Lian Sheng or not, he had put his eyes on Feng Qi Qi. He wouldn’t have mercy!

Because of the sudden warfare, Feng Cang stayed in the palace. Until the third night did he return to Tingsong building. When he returned home, Feng Qi Qi had long been asleep. After he washed up, Feng Cang sat down on the bed. His big hand pushed away the hair on Feng Qi Qi’s forehead. His heart felt very satisfied.

Originally, he thought that he could live peacefully and happily with her. He didn’t expect that heaven made such a big joke. The war broke out. The world was no longer peaceful. He would soon set off on the battlefield. He hoped to resolve it in the shortest time possible and be reunited with his wife and child as soon as possible.

“You’re back!” Feng Qi Qi opened her eyes. When she saw Feng Cang, she immediately sat up and hugged Feng Cang. “Why did you return only now?! I’ve waited a long time for you!”

She wasn’t fully woken up yet. Feng Qi Qi’s voice was sweet waxy like and was also like a lazy cat. Her whole body nestled in Feng Cang’s warm embrace.

“There were many things to be done. So, I came back bit later!” Feng Cang’s ten fingers massaged Feng Qi Qi gently. “Was the baby well-behaved?”

“Haha, he’s still small! Now, he is only a little tiny thing. How would he not be well-behaved?!”

“You’re right…,” Feng Cang chuckled. He had roughly learned about the fetus at Jin Mo’s. He didn’t have the fear of before anymore. He held Feng Qi Qi and went to bed.  He held her in his arms and smelled the fragrance of her hair.

“Qing Qing, I may go to war.”

“Mm!” Feng Cang’s words were expected by Feng Qi Qi. Such a big thing happened, Feng Cang surely would lead the army to war. She just didn’t know which side Feng Cang would go to.


“I will go to Dong Lu. Ruyi will go to Xi Qi and ah Kang will go to the north side. Ruyi had followed me for a long time. I’m not worried about Xi Qi. What I am not assured about is ah Kang.”

Feng Qi Qi lay on Feng Cang’s chest and listened to his heartbeat. “Ah Kang also need to get some experience. After all, this country is their family’s. You can’t help guard it for life!”

Feng Cang agreed very much with Feng Qi Qi. He also thought so. Wanyan Kang had potential. With time, he would certainly become Bei Zhou’s tower of strength. No matter if Wanyan Kang becomes the monarch, the emperor or hold on the title of Xiaoyao wang[1. Wang/wangye: the prince of first rank] for life, the stability of this country still needed him to maintain.

“Cang, I have something to tell you. After you heard it, you can make some adjustment.”

Feng Qi Qi told Feng Cang about the agreement she reached with Ming Yue Cheng. When he heard that Ming Yue Cheng was persuaded by Feng Qi Qi and wanted to send the army to Xi Qi, the hand Feng Cang held Feng Qi Qi’s tightened a bit.

“Cang, what do you think of my plan? Like this, at least on the west side, our pressure won’t be so big and we can alleviate the problem of insufficient troops.”

“Great! Very great!” Feng Cang had known as early as when he played the xiang chess with her that this woman had a way at using the military. Although, they only played chess, but it was military tactics on paper. Now, faced with the actual war, Feng Qi Qi dealt with it so properly making Feng Cang be amazed once again by the wisdom of the little woman in his arms.

[caption id="attachment_11894" align="aligncenter" width="214"] Xiang chess[/caption]

He was worried about the army being divided into three and would reduce the effectiveness of the combat. Now, with Ming Yue Cheng’s participation and help, the pressure from Xi Qi would be much smaller.

“Qing Qing, you’ve done me a great favour!”

“Cang, I’ve done you a great favor. How are you going to thank me!” Feng Qi Qi raised her chin and looked at Feng Cang’s devilish beautifully glittering phoenix eyes. Her eyes were full of smiles, “I didn’t help for nothing!”

“What do Qing Qing want?”

Feng Cang could guess Feng Qi Qi’s thoughts. He would go to Dong Lu, she would certainly want to follow. It was just, she was pregnant now. It wouldn’t be very convenient.

“Although I want to follow you to Dong Lu, but I’m pregnant and is difficult to get about. If I go with you, you will certainly worry about my body and slow down process. However, it’s a military emergency. If the army comes one day later, the deaths and injuries of our soldier and our citizens would go on for one more day. So, I can’t go with you to Dong Lu.”

“Cang, you go first. I will bring people later to provide assistance. If you can, give me a tablet to order. Perhaps, I can help you at a crucial time!”

It turned out that Feng Qi Qi wanted this. After Feng Cang heard her, he was very touched, “I was worried that you want to go with me and was thinking about how to dissuade you. I didn’t expect hat Qing Qing and I thought the same. Leaving you at home, I will be assured. I will give you the tablet of order tomorrow. After the army departed, you come slowly. Don’t tire yourself!”

Feng Cang supported her ‘the man sings and the woman follows’ thought made Feng Qi Qi quite surprised. He didn’t have male chauvinism to let her stay at home which was quite respectful to her.

Feng Cang seemed to see Feng Qi Qi’s happiness. Feng Cang tapped her nose, “You, ah! Even if I let you wait obediently for my return at home, will you’ve listen to me?”

“No! I would go secretly to you!”

“So, instead of you letting me be more apprehensive, it’s better to support you! Besides, with you being around and I being able to see you every day is also like giving me reassurance. I will also have more motivation to fight!”

“I knew you are the best! Cang, I love you!” Feng Qi Qi took the initiative to offer a kiss. Although, it was only a light kiss, but it let Feng Cang be over the moon. Sensing that Feng Cang became restless, Feng Qi Qi chuckled. She buried her head in Feng Cang’s neck. “Cang, you’re so sensitive.”

The heat coming from his ear made the blood of Feng Cang’s whole body began to boil. Knowing that Feng Qi Qi did it on purpose, Feng Cang seized her in his arms and didn’t let Feng Qi Qi continue to disturb, “Qing Qing, Jin Mo already said not to have intercourse the first three months. It won’t be good for the child. I can endure…”

The last three words, he said them through gritted teeth, making Feng Qi Qi in a good mood. She reached her arms and hugged Feng Cang, “It's still our Cang who is good! Heehee, good night!”

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