Chapter 168 (Part 2) The return of Feng Xie

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 168 (Part 2) The return of Feng Xie

Because of the pregnancy, Feng Qi Qi was somewhat addicted to sleeping. Plus the fact that Feng Cang’s embrace was very warm made Feng Qi Qi fall asleep quickly.

Feng Cang put his hand on Feng Qi Qi’s belly. A warmth entered his heart. After he's finished with the trouble of Dong Lu, he would certainly put down the matters of Bei Zhu and be an ordinary couple with Feng Qi Qi.

The next morning, when Feng Cang woke up, Feng Qi Qi was still sleeping. He was afraid that he would make noise and wake up his beloved wife. After he put on his clothes, he walked out lightly.

When he was downstairs in Tingsong building, housekeeper Feng Qi came over. He mysteriously said, “Wangye,[1. Wang/wangye: prince of first rank] two guests want to see you!”

Who came looking for him so early in the morning? With this question, Feng Cang went to the study. But he didn’t expect to see Feng Xie and Wanyan Ming Yue.

“Father? Mother! It’s really you!” Feng Cang welcomed them in surprise, “Weren’t you in the Nan four states? How come you’re back?! When did you arrive?”

“Your father and I came back last night. We were afraid to disturb you. So, we came early in the morning. Cang er,[2. Er: term of endearment] are you going to war? When are you leaving?” Wanyan Ming Yue was very happy to see Feng Cang, but because of the war, worry was on Wanyan Ming Yue’s face.

“After your dad and I realised what Wanyan Lie had done, we had planned on visiting you. We didn’t expect that on the way, we would hear about Dong Lu, Xi Qi and Jurchen tribe. We rushed here without resting. How’s the situation? Are you going to war? Ay, why was it like this?! How’s Qi Qi?! Does she know that you’re going to war?”

Wanyan Ming Yue was like all mothers. Although Feng Cang was only an adopted son, but she treated him as her biological son. In the past, Feng Xie often went to war at the south and north. There were many times where she was sitting in fear at home. Now, there is war. Feng Cang would certainly need to go. Then, what about Feng Qi Qi?

“Ming Yue, rest a bit first. Don’t make it difficult for Cang er.” Seeing his wife act so nervous, Feng Xie comforted Wanyan Ming Yue at a side. “Let the child tell us slowly!”

Only after Feng Xie said that did Wanyan Ming Yue sit down, but her eyes were full of worry. “In the past, when your father went to war, I feared very much at home. I didn’t think that now it’s your and Qi Qi’s turn…”

“Mother, I will be fine.” Knowing that Wanyan Ming hated war, Feng Cang quickly comforted her. “Qing Qing already knows that I’m going to Dong Lu. She understands me. You can be assured!”

“Really? Then, it’s good!” Wanyan Ming Yue was relieved. Then, she stood up. “Did Qi Qi already wake up? I want to go see her! Although this child doesn’t say anything, but in her heart, she must be worried about you! I will go advise her and let her accept the situation and move on!”

Wanyan Ming Yue wanted to leave. Feng Cang quickly stopped her, “Mother, Qing Qing didn’t wake up yet. Wait a bit before you go, alright? She sleeps a lot more now!”

“Sleeps a lot more?” After hearing Feng Cang's words, Wanyan Ming Yue looked at him, “You said that recently Qi Qi slept more…”

Only now did Feng Cang remember that Feng Qi Qi was pregnant. They hadn’t informed the father-in-law and mother-in-law in front of him. Such good news was missed by the two in front of him. He really deserved to die!

“Mother, father, it’s like this. Qi Qi’s pregnant!”

“What?!” Now, it was Feng Xie and Wanyan Ming Yue's turn to be surprised.

“Big brother Xie, I, I didn’t hear it wrongly, right?!” Wanyan Ming Yue’s voice got excited. She held Feng Xie’s hand and her eyes showed disbelief, “Big brother Xie, our Qi Qi is a mother now! We’re about to become grandfather and grandmother!”

“You didn’t hear wrongly! You didn’t hear wrongly!” Feng Xie was also very excited. He didn’t expect Feng Qi Qi to get pregnant so quickly. So great!

“Cang er, how’s Qi Qi’s body? How many months is the child? Is there anything uncomfortable for her? Did the vomiting begin? How is she feeling recently? A pregnant woman needs to eat more fresh fruits! She must bask more in the sun and shouldn’t be picky with food! That’s right, I need to prepare small clothes and small shoes for my little grandchild! Small rocking chair and toys, all of these need to be prepared! Aiya, don’t know if it would be a boy or a girl. I should just make a pair of the clothes! Did you already begin to think of a name….?”

From the moment Wanyan Ming Yue knew that Feng Qi Qi was pregnant, she was very excited. She felt very guilty towards this daughter. Although Feng Qi Qi was a piece of meat that fell from her body, but from young till now, she didn’t do anything for Feng Qi Qi as a mother. She wasn’t a mother.

Now, Feng Qi Qi was pregnant. Wanyan Ming Yue felt that this was God’s gift. God had heard her guilt, so he sent this child. She must pay back all that she owned Feng Qi Qi to this child.

How could Feng Xie not understand Wanyan Ming Yue’s mind? She felt that she was not a qualified mother. He also wasn’t a qualified father. Although Feng Xie didn’t show his excitement as visibly as Wanyan Ming Yue, but in his heart, he was really happy.

Only after being happy for a long time did Wanyan Ming Yue calm down. “Big brother Xie, didn’t you have something to tell Cang er?! You talk! I’ll go to Tinsong building! Don’t worry, I won’t go disturb Qi Qi. I will just go see if there’s something I can help with!”

Wanyan Ming Yue happily went to Tingsong building. There were only Feng Xie and Feng Cang left in the study. Feng Xie walked to the map Feng Cang hung on the wall. His expression turned serious, “Cang er, enemies at the three sides and the power of the army scattered, how do you plan to fight this war?”

Although Feng Cang was known as the god of war, but in front of Feng Xie, Feng Cang respected him very much.

When Feng Xie was young, he went to war at south and north. Aside from Yandang mountain, he had never lost at all. He was simply a fabulous existence. Now that Feng Xie had said this, he certainly had his reasons. Feng Cang quickly told his father-in-law about his plan.

“Oh? Joining hands with Nan Feng was done by Qi Qi?”

After he heard that Feng Qi Qi and Ming Yue Cheng had reached an agreement, that Nan Feng would help send troops to Xi Qi, Feng Xie stroked his beard and laughed, “Hahaha! A good move! Really great! Haha! The world split in two. To be able to say such words, she really is mine, Feng Xie’s daughter! Arrogant enough!”

Feng Xie’s laughter was vigorous and filled with a heroic passion. After he laughed, Feng Xie turned and looked at Feng Cang, “Cang er, if you don’t mind, I would like to lead the soldiers to meet with Xi Qi, this old friend. That year, although I failed on my own people’s hands, but outsiders thought that I was defeated by Xi Qi. I’ve held this in for long enough!”

“The method of Qi Qi is very good. We attract the main force of Xi Qi and let Nan Feng give them a surprise attack. By then, being attacked from the front and from behind, Xi Qi will surely become history! If you believe in me, give me a hundred thousand men. You don’t have to worry about Xi Qi. You can deal with the other two sides with a peaceful mind!”

To Feng Cang, that Feng Xie was willing to support was a great news. Feng Xie used the army like a god. He also had so many actual combat experiences. With Feng Xie, this veteran in lead, Xi Qi would be gone forever.

“Father, you came just in time! With you here, I will have no fears of troubles in the rear!”

Feng Cang didn’t know how to show his gratitude. If it wasn’t because he was compelled by circumstances, he wouldn’t have let Feng Xie go to battle. After all, the changes in battle were unpredictable and swords had no eyes. If something happens to Feng Xie, how would he face Wanyan Ming Yue and Feng Qi Qi? However, the situation was urgent now. If it wasn’t because there was Feng Xie, a veteran to lead, he really wasn’t that at ease.

“I’ve not been on the battlefield for many years. It’s fine as long as you trust me!”

Mentioning the battlefield, Feng Xie was full of energy like a sleeping tiger that had woken up. It was like he wished he could rush to the battlefield right now.

Originally, Feng Cang intended to let Feng Xie and Wanyan Ming Yue return to the capital after the matter of Wanyan Lie subsided and give them their innocence back. Now, this was an opportunity.

After discussing with Feng Xie, Feng Cang let people bring Wanyan Ming Yue. He went with them to the palace.

When the officials saw Wanyan Ming Yue at the morning court, they were dumbfounded. Who was this? Why did she look so similar to Feng Qi Qi and so similar to princess Ming Yue? When they looked at the person next to Wanyan Ming Yue, his charm and grace was so much like Feng Xie’s. What is going in?

Dongfang Lan was invited to the hall. When the empress dowager told the truth in tears, the entire hall was shocked.

It turned out that great general Feng Xie wasn’t defeated by Xi Qi, but someone had betrayed them! It turned out that the two hundred thousand men of Yandang mountain had died in injustice. It turned out that originally, it was a victorious battle?

Although Wanyan Kang knew that Wanyan Ming Yue and Feng Xie were still alive, but when he saw these two people with his own eyes, he was still shocked. He didn’t think that Feng Xie was such a brave figure. He didn’t think that Wanyan Ming Yue was actually so graceful…

“Great general!” When the generals saw Feng Xie they couldn’t help but go forward to salute him. “This subordinate greets great general!”

Whenever there was a qualified veteran, they were most certainly trained by Feng Xie. That year when Feng Xie had died a tragic death, many people were very sad. Some wanted to take revenge for Feng Xie. They didn’t expect that he was still alive. How could the brothers who'd followed Feng Xie for so long not be happy?

“Great general, so great! You returned. Lead us to war! All the brothers want to have a good fight with Xi Qi! Without great general, the war didn’t have taste!”

This scene let Wanyan Kang understand what is the heart of the military and what is the soul of the military. In his heart, he felt more shame for what Wanyan Lie had done. In Bei Zhou, Feng Xie was an existence like the soul of the military. When he saw the worship and respect those generals had for Feng Xie from the bottom of their hearts, Wanyan Kang could deeply feel the meaning of the words ‘soul of the military’.

The emergence of Feng Xie let those officials, who were worried if the three battles could be won, also become excited. Feng Cang triumphed in every battle and won every fight. Feng Xie emerged victorious in every battle. With these two people here, there would be no problem for Bei Zhou.

Originally, those who didn’t understand why Feng Cang got rid of Wanyan Lie and didn’t become the emperor himself, now they saw some clues.

Feng Cang certainly played some tricks on Wanyan Lie. He took revenge for Feng Xie and Wanyan Ming Yue. As for why Feng Cang didn’t become the emperor himself, presumably it was also because of Feng Xie’s teaching. Feng Xie’s loyalty was well-known. The one who did wrong was Wanyan Lie. He wouldn’t hurt the innocent. Now, after seeing Feng Xie, the officials were reassured. On one side, they didn’t worry anymore about the war. On the other side, they didn’t have to worry about Feng Cang usurping the throne.

The news that Feng Xie returned seemed like it had grown wings. Not long after, it spread throughout the whole Yan capital. The citizens who heard that Feng Xie didn’t die were all very happy. The older folks still remembered the heroism of great general Feng Xie. Now, Feng Xie didn’t die and had returned to the capital. How could people not be excited because of this news? Those people who were worried about the war, at this time, it was like they saw the moment of victory. With Feng Xie and Feng Cang here, nothing would happen to Bei Zhou!

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