Chapter 169 (Part 1) Killing Misha

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 169 (Part 1) Killing Misha

In only four days, the plan to fight against the three parties had been promulgated. Because of Feng Xie’s participation, Feng Cang allocated a hundred thousand men for Feng Xie. Ruyi, who had originally planned to go west, now joined Wanyan Kang and led two hundred thousand men to the north. As for Feng Cang, he only took fifty thousand eagle soldiers. The destination was Dong Lu.

“Are fifty thousand men enough?” Feng Qi Qi hadn’t experienced war before nor gone to battle. Now, she was about to experience those scenes of the dramas in real life. She more or less had some worries.

“My eagle troop can fight one against a hundred and speed is a crucial asset in war. With more people, the pace cannot be kept. If something goes wrong, it would be more troublesome.”

It was already April. The flowers had bloomed in the spring. Feng Cang had also changed into a white unlined garment. Feng Cang reached out and pulled Feng Qi Qi into his arms. His lips gently touched Feng Qi Qi’s brow, “Qing Qing, I’m leaving. Do you have nothing to say to me?”

“Eh…,” Hearing Feng Cang say that, Feng Qi Qi’s expression was somewhat stiff.

Although she had watched many dramas where women would always cry at the moment of leaving, but she couldn’t cry and also couldn’t say those emotional words. After being blank for a moment, Feng Cang’s fingers tapped Feng Qi Qi’s nose, “Usually, you’re very clever. How come you’re like this today?”

“Aren’t you leaving the day after tomorrow…? Besides, I don’t know what to say…”

“Silly!” Feng Cang deeply kissed Feng Qi Qi’s lips. His tongue pricked her pearly white teeth open and sucked her fragrance. Only when a cough came from next to them, did Feng Cang release Feng Qj Qi. Only now did they realise that the one who'd come was Wanyan Ming Yue.

“Cough, cough, continue, continue!” Wanyan Ming Yue had made soup and came to see her daughter. She didn’t expect that when she entered, she would see the young couple being sweet to each other. It made her, the mother-in-law, feel a bit embarrassed.

“Continue! I’ll go first! Drink the soup while it’s warm!”

Leaving these words behind, Wanyan Ming Yue very sensibly left the room. She also closed the door.

“It’s because of you!” After Wanyan Ming Yue left, Feng Qi Qi’s soft fists fell on Feng Cang’s chest. “It was seen by mother! So embarrassing!”

Seeing Feng Qi Qi blush, Feng Cang chuckled. He held her hand and came to the table, “Qing Qing, mother specially made soup for you. Drink it while it’s warm! Be good…”

Feng Cang personally scooped the soup and fed Feng Qi Qi. He successfully changed the topic.

After Feng Qi Qi obediently drank the soup, Feng Cang kissed her forehead. He excused himself to leave, but was stopped by Feng Qi Qi, “Cang, are you hiding something from me?”

“No…,” Feng Cang’s gentle smile had sincerity, making people be indulged in it. It was just, Feng Qi Qi had long received the news. She would not let Feng Cang off so easily.

“Misha wants to go to Dong Lu. I heard that your people followed behind him. It seems that I also have a part in this! Could it be that you want to leave me aside and go get rid of him personally?”

Originally, he'd intended to keep it from Feng Qi Qi and get rid of Misha in secret. He didn’t expect Feng Qi Qi would have already gotten the news. It seemed that his subordinates had ‘defected to the enemy’. All of them stood on Feng Qi Qi’s side. He didn’t even need to guess to know that the one who'd ‘betrayed’ him was Nalan Xin….

“Qing Qing’s people are really amazing!” Feng Cang was referring to Su Yue. A gentle spy could always obtain intelligence through the pillow. Nalan Xin, this good-for-nothing, confessed everything in front of his wife. When he (FC) comes back, he would need to let Nalan Xin take a class from him!

“Tsk, tsk, if it wasn’t because I let Su Yue use the beauty trap, till when did you plan on keeping it from me?” Feng Qi Qi put her hands on her hips and looked at Feng Cang with a look of ‘you must explain it clearly’. The gentle expression of just now was completely gone.

“Aiya, I remembered, there was something you said. There were too many things happening these past two days. I’d forgotten about it! Qing Qing, don’t take offense!”

Feng Cang played dumb, but Feng Qi Qi didn’t fall for it, “In short, I must go today! Only I can determine whether there is a relation between Misha and Lian Sheng. Besides, I need to avenge adopted father personally!”

Feng Qi Qi insisting like this, Feng Cang could only smile helplessly. With her temper, she wouldn’t change the things she'd decided on. He had already been eaten tenaciously by Feng Qi Qi. He could only go along with her.

When Feng Qi Qi had finished packing, Feng Cang helped her onto the carriage, “Qing Qing, I’ve some regret now.”

“Regret what?” After changing her skirt, Feng Qi Qi was dressed like a man in red and looked like a handsome young master capable of causing the downfall of a city.

“I regret pampering you too much, and now I can’t do anything to oppose whatever you say.” Feng Cang’s finger touched Feng Qi Qi’s face. Although his expression showed helplessness, but his tone was full of sweet pampering.

“You’re my husband. Of course you need to pamper me!”

When Feng Cang heard the word ‘husband’ for the first time, “Qing Qing, what is husband? Is it also a new word of your era?”

  • There are many ways to say husband in Chinese. The more ancient ways were 相公(xiànggong), 郎君(lángjūn), 夫婿(fūxù) and 丈夫(zhàngfu). In this sentence, the author used 老公 (lǎogōng), which is a more modern term. The literal meaning is old man.

 Seeing that Feng Cang was so eager to learn, Feng Qi Qi laughed and intertwined their ten fingers together, “That’s right! There, after a man and a woman got married, the woman would call the man husband and the man would call the woman wife.”

“What’s the explanation?” Feng Cang had a strong interest in the modern society that Feng Qi Qi talked about. Now, after hearing Feng Qi Qi say that a married couple would use ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ to call each other, he felt that it was very interesting.

“It’s to grow old together hand in hand and become an old man and an old woman!”

Feng Qi Qi’s explanation was quite the meaning of this word. Feng Cang nodded. He murmured, “Husband…wife…interesting! But, I still like to call you Qing Qing!”

“As for me, I like both Cang and husband!”

The two didn’t forget to be sweet in the carriage. Su Mei and Su Yue, who were sitting with them in the carriage, seemed to have already become accustomed to the personalities of the two masters. Although they both had red faces, they still pretended that there was nothing going on.

Ever since Dong Lu’s army entered Bei Zhou, Misha guessed that the one behind the scenes was Duyi. The group spent two days to pack and then started the journey to go back.

It was inconvenient for Misha to move. The pace was a bit slow. To return to Dong Lu as soon as possible, Misha and his group didn’t use the main road. Instead, they choose the transportation of the river. Unexpectedly, this provided Feng Cang with an opportunity.

After determining that Misha would take the waterway, Feng Cang’s people divided into two routes. On the water, there were people posing as fishermen and nipped on Misha’s boat, while on the shore, the people tried to catch up nonstop. Only after half a day did they catch up with Misha. However, with Feng Cang’s order, Fo Sheng Men’s people didn’t dare to disturb Misha. They only watched attentively in the dark and sent messages continuously to Feng Cang.

The place where Misha and the group took a rest was a ferry crossing on the Red River named…Reishi Mushroom.

The rush made Misha’s spirit feel a little worse. Jin Yu piggybacked Misha off the boat. Xia Xue pushed the wheelchair to the shore. After Misha sat on the wheelchair, the four of them went to a restaurant at the ferry crossing.

“Customers, please take a seat. Take a seat!” The restaurant was operated by a young fisherwoman. The one who run the errands was a little servant. Misha ordered some small dishes. A moment later, the servant served the dishes and wine.

“Eat! After eating, take a rest. Later, we still need to hurry on the road to hasten on with one’s journey.”

Misha bit on the steamed bread and also ate some side dishes. Taking the waterway, because it was downstream, it would save half the time as going on land. Misha wanted to return to Dong Lu as soon as possible. He would not let Duyi’s conspiracy succeed. Even if it was Xia Jin who really wanted to send the army, he’s the one who’s the great disciple of Penglai Island. Duyi should have no part of this.

“Servant, bring wine! Is there cooked beef? Bring two pounds!”

Misha had just began to eat, when three people came in. Misha knew these three people. They had taken the same waterway as them. They saw each other before.

After the three sat down, the servant brought wine and beef. The man at the head took a knife, cut the beef and poured wine. “Eat! After eating, we need to hasten on our journey!”

“Big brother, this wine is really strong!”

“Right, the beef is also not bad! Lady boss, bring another two pounds of beef!”

Because of the arrival of these people, the small restaurant became lively.

“Young master, on this whole way, they followed not far behind us.” Xia Xue casted a glance at the three people. The three were dark-skinned. Looking at how they were dressed, they seemed like people who travelled everywhere.

“Perhaps, they were just going the same way as us.” Jia Lan didn’t feel that there were any problems with these three people. This Red River wasn’t specifically set up for them. How could they be suspicious of others just because they were going the same way?!

Jia Lan didn’t know about the matters of Misha. Naturally, he didn’t understand the thoughts of Xia Xue and Misha. From Jia Lan’s point of view, these three very ordinary people from the jianghu[1. Jianghu: world of the martial arts] were seen as problems in Misha’s eyes, presumably this was the ‘guilty conscience’s doing’!

“Lady boss, pack three pounds of cooked beef and ten steamed breads for takeaway!” Misha put a piece of silver on the table. He turned and looked at the three people, “Here’s not safe, let’s go!”

When the servant brought the beef and the steamed breads over, Xia Xue took them. Jin Yu pushed Misha. The four were about to leave.

‘Kuang…’ They didn’t walk two steps outside, a broadsword flew over and inserted in the land in front of Misha. “What, you don’t want to eat with us? Why leave so quickly?”

The ‘head’ of the three ate the beef. He swung to the four people. “Could it be that you’re looking down on us and feel that we’re crude men and eating with us will be very noisy to you?”

“This big brother, I think you must’ve misunderstood!” Misha smiled innocently in the wheelchair. “My old mother is critically ill at home. I and my brother are in a hurry to return home to visit my mother. So, we’re in a hurry. It has nothing to do with you.”

“Critically ill?” The man stared at Misha for a long time and then looked at Jia Lan. “Pah! Who do you want to deceive?! You said you’re brothers, how come you look nothing alike, ah?”

“One looks like mother and one looks like father.”

Now, Misha was certain that the other party came to look for trouble. He just didn’t know why they were like this. Could it be enemies? No, ah! It was his first time in Bei Zhou. He didn’t go out much. How could he have made an enemy out of someone? Could it be people sent by Duyi?

“Tsk, tsk!” The man held the beef in his left hand and wine in his right hand. With every bite he took, he would drink the hot wine to push it down. While eating, he smacked his lips, “So to speak, it’s also right! Since you need to hurry, I won’t blame you! You can leave!”

The man made way for them and went back to the restaurant. This was beyond Misha’s expectations. When they arrived at the Red River, they discovered that their boat was gone. The boat they had hired had long disappeared. As for the boat of the three people, it also had disappeared.

“Young master, what to do? They certainly had done it!” Xia Xue took a sword and wanted to go back to cut the three people.

“No hurry!” Misha raised his hand and stopped Xia Xue, “We change to land.”

When Misha returned, the three were satiated. They left the restaurant while hiccupping, “Yo! Were you not in a hurry?! Why did you come back?” A man cried out ‘surprised’. “If you still don’t leave, your mother would die!”

“Did you do it?” Xia Xue coldly walked to the man. “Where’s our boat? Where did you put it?”

“Little miss, you’re so young. Don’t make it like your father and mother are dead. Who are you giving that cold face to?! Since you’ve asked us, you should have the attitude of asking! Don’t you know how to be polite?!” The man at the other side fished out in his ear.


“Xia Xue, we will go on the land!” Misha pushed the wheelchair and wanted to leave. From behind him came a faint voice, “Lian Sheng, you’re leaving so soon. Don’t you want to see an old friend anymore?!”

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