Chapter 169 (Part 2) Killing Misha

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 169 (Part 2) Killing Misha

‘Ka…’ the wheelchair stopped and made an ear-piercing sound. Misha's hands trembled slightly. He didn’t hear wrongly. He'd heard someone call him ‘Lian Sheng’!

Misha turned around. He pushed the wheelchair forward slowly and went to the three people waiting. His expression was very excited, “Who'd just spoke? Who?”

“It’s me, ah!” The dark man standing in front laughed. “What, is there a problem with what I said?”

“What did you call me just now? Lian Sheng? How did you know? Who are you? Who’s that old friend?”

“This, I don’t know.” The dark man hiccuped and rubbed his tummy. “Brothers, let's go! Let’s find a place to sleep!”

Seeing that the dark man wanted to leave, Misha acted. Four plum darts flew from his sleeve and hit the ground in front of the tips of the dark man’s feet. Now, Misha didn’t have the innocence of before. He put on a cold and serious face, “Answer my question or die!”

“Aiya, I’m so scared!” Misha’s sudden action made the dark man surprised. Sure enough, leader (FC) wasn't wrong. These people were not easy to deal with. However, they were also not easy to deal with. A little plum dart was not enough to frighten them.

“What to do? You gave me such a scare, I don’t remember anything anymore! What to do?” The words of the dark man amused the two other people and made them laugh. “Big brother, if you don’t remember, don’t think anymore! It’s more interesting to think about beautiful women! Hahaha!”

The three people in front of him were obviously playing with him. Misha’s lips trembled slightly. He also frowned, “Xia Xue, kill without pardon!”

Misha’s voice had just faded when Xia Xue’s sword was unsheathed. A thin sword went straight to the dark man’s throat.

“A very ruthless lady!” The dark man took out his sword and blocked the thin sword. “If you'd killed your dark man (meaning himself), then you would have no man and would become a widow!”

The dark man was obviously taking advantage of her with words and eat her tofu, making the suppressed anger in Xia Xue’s heart burst out. “Looking for death!” The thin sword bloomed into a brilliant silver light in Xia Xue’s hand. Xia Xue’s figure was shrouded by the silver light of the sword. Every move was to take the life of the dark man.

  • Eat tofu: taking advantage of the other in a sexual situation

“Aiyaya, I didn’t expect that this little lady with a cold face is so hot-tempered. It is really quite to this dark man’s taste! I like little ladies whose outside and inside are different! Why don’t you follow me?! Although I’m not a great official, but I’ve some land. It’s just, there is already a shrew. If I bring you home, she would certainly create a big disturbance. So, I can only let you feel wronged and stay at the other house and become my thirteenth concubine!”

Although Xia Xue’s sword moves were arrogant, but the dark man didn’t show any strenuousness. Instead, he blocked off Xia Xue’s every attack. He still didn’t forget to tease Xia Xue.

As the great disciple of Penglai Island, Misha was quite respected at Penglai Island. As Misha’s subordinate, at Penglai Island, no one dared to speak like this to Xia Xue. Now, it was great. She'd met such an ugly, loutish, and lowly man who'd said such insulting words. How could Xia Xue not feel hate? Especially since the dark man wanted to let her be the concubine. Moreover, it was the thirteenth. Xia Xue was so angry that she almost vomited blood.

“I’m going to kill you!”

Xia Xue was wearing a white dress. The dark man was dressed in black. Two people, one white, one black, fought hard. The two other men watched them fight; they simply crossed their arms and watched the play at a side. They didn’t forget to cheer on the dark man, “Big brother, such a little lady as the sister-in-law, don’t know if you can hold your own! Looking at her thin waist and big butt, she looks very fertile! It’s just, we don’t know who of the two would surrender to the other!”

The words of the two men made Xia Xue even more furious. She only had Misha in her heart. Compared to Misha, these people were dog shit!

Xia Xue was being teased. Jin Yu wanted to help her ease her anger. He didn’t wait for Jia Lan to open his mouth. He pulled his sword and jumped onto the two people who were watching the play. The moment the two saw that Jin Yu had made a move, they welcomed him laughingly.

“Brat, do you want to fight one on one or in a group?”

Originally, Jin Yu had already made the move to attack. After he heard the words from these two, he was surprised for a moment. “One on one? In a group?”

“Idiot, you don’t even know this?! Do the people of Penglai Island have problems with their intelligence?”

“Yes! That must be it!”

The two talked like there was no one around. The words they said were enough to make someone die from anger. “Listen, we will kindly tell you! A so-called one on one fight is you pick one of the two of us. As for the group fight, we two will fight against you!”

These words were very familiar to Misha. Now, he was even more sure that the three people in front of him must know Yi Lian. Because Yi Lian had once teamed up with him to teach others a lesson. Only Yi Lian could say such words.

“Who’s your master? Is she called Yi Lian? Where is she? Did she let you come find me?” Misha pushed the wheelchair excitedly towards the two big men. He had never expected that when he was looking for Yi Lian, Yi Lian was also looking for him. Could this be the so-called fate?!

“What one Lian or two Lians? Now, it’s still spring. The lotus blooms only in the summer! Penglai Island’s people have problems with their brains. It's really like that! Nuts…”

  • Yi is a homophone to 'one'. Lian means lotus

“Yes, nuts!” The two were like they were comics cross-talking. Misha lowered his hand. A leather whip appeared in his hand. ‘Hoo….’ Misha was extremely fast. The leather whip split the air and made ‘hoohoo’ sounds.

“Be careful!” One shouted, the other quickly dodged.

‘Pa!’ The two men, who had just been smiling, now looked more serious. Although the whip in Misha’s hand looked like it was only as thick as two fingers, but the ground had been marked by this soft whip.

“Either tell me the whereabouts of Yi Lian or…go die!”

Although Misha sat in a wheelchair, but the motion of his body was very nimble. This wheelchair seemed like it was his legs and it moved to and fro in the small venue. The whip continuously split the air in the sky and chased after the two men, making it so that they could only dodge.

Danger! The two men exchanged a glance. They had long known that the people of Penglai Island were not ordinary. They didn’t expect that even though Misha was physically disabled, his technique of the whip was so direct and efficient. Besides, it had full strength, making it so that they could only duck.

‘Pa, pa, pa!’

The leather whip chased the two big men constantly. It was not far behind them. Every time, it only landed on their heels, so that they had half an inch distance to escape.

This man did it deliberately! The men understood that Misha was only ‘playing’ with them and didn’t act real. However, judging from the deep marks on the ground, such a control would let people blush from shame. If he had moved forward just a bit, the heels of both men would've surely been broken by the whip.

Jia Lan was baffled that they'd suddenly began to fight. What Lian Sheng? Jia Lan seemed to have grasped some things, but he couldn’t guess what kind of secret Misha was hiding.

It was just, now someone had used their hands on Penglai Island’s people. As someone from Penglai Island, he couldn’t watch with folded arms. “Jin Yu, help Xia Xue!”

“Yes!” Jin Yu pulled his sword and came to Xia Xue’s side. Jia Lan pulled his sword and went to Misha.

“No need for your help!” Seeing that Jia Lan wanted to help, Misha frowned. He didn’t have the thoughts of killing these people. He only wanted to deter them and let them reveal the whereabouts of Yi Lian.

Now, Misha was more than sure that these three certainly had something to do with Yi Lian. Because in this world only Yi Lian knew that he’s called Lian Sheng. Yi Lian certainly let them say those words to him!

If they were Yi Lian’s people and he hurt them, then, when he meets Yi Lian, wouldn’t it let her look very bad? He didn’t want to make things difficult for Yi Lian. He wanted to have a good start with Yi Lian.

Originally, Jia Lan wanted to help Misha capture the other parties. Although he didn’t know what kind of secret Misha had, but looking at his expression, these three people must know something very important. Jia Lan wanted to help out. He didn’t expect to be rejected by Misha. His face got red. He retrieved his sword and went to a side.

Misha blurted those words just now. How could he not know that Jia Lan was helping him? However, he didn’t have the time to apologize now. He only wanted to know who Yi Lain is. Where was Yi Lian?!

At this side, the dark man dealt with Jin Yu and Xia Xue. At the other side, the two men somehow have no way to escape anymore because of the whip in Misha’s hand.

“Tsk, tsk, do you think we should help?” At the entrance of the restaurant, the beautiful lady boss and the servant watched the play with keen interest and pleasure. The servant saw that the fighting had become fierce, he was a bit excited. “After all, they are considered one of our own. It would be a bit apologetic not helping, ah!”

“Won’t help!” The young woman cracked the melon seeds and spit the shell. “Miss married so casually. We still haven’t tested what kind of person guye[1. Guye: son-in-law, used by wife's family] is! This is the opportunity to see the ability of these people. There are no poor soldiers under a good general. If they couldn’t do it, then it means that guye also won’t do! Besides, we've already done what miss ordered. We've put extra ‘seasoning’ in their food. Miss didn’t say to let us do something more.”

Knowing that the woman next to him was still brooding about Feng Qi Qi marrying Feng Cang, the servant grinned, “The one miss has set her eyes on wouldn’t be bad! But, you’re right! We only listen to miss. We will do what miss has said. What miss didn’t say, we should just watch the play.”

The two people from Moyu talked like there was no one around. Their voices weren’t loud, but which one on the scene wasn’t an expert in martial arts? Although they were fighting fiercely on the scene, but all the words of these two people fell into their ears.

After the dark man blocked Jin Yu’s and Xia Xue’s attack, he couldn’t help himself from looking at the woman who was cracking melon seeds at the entrance. It seemed that these two people must be master’s wife's people! They obviously said those words for them to hear! This master’s wife was fascinating. She actually had such interesting subordinates.

At Misha’s side, after he heard ‘miss’ and ‘guye’, he immediately retrieved the whip. Who was the miss they'd talked about? Could it be Yi Lian? And who was guye? Yi Lian had married? No! Impossible! Yi Lian wouldn’t marry! Yi Lian was his bride. She’s his!

‘Shua…’ A gust of wind swept over. The servant did a back roll and the lady boss grabbed and gripped Misha’s whip in her hand.

“Yo! You like to attack in surprise, ah!” The lady boss rolled the leather whip in her hand. She revealed a tempting smile. “Little brother, I don’t like little boys like you. Too tender! Big sister likes men who're a bit older. Old grass could match my strength! You ah, don’t have any ideas about big sister!”

After the lady boss finished, she pulled with her hand and directly moved Misha and the wheelchair two meters forward.

“Hehe, I will return this whip to you! Next time, don’t engage in such surprise attacks anymore. Women care the most about their appearance!  If you destroy big sister’s countenance of a flower and face like the moon appearance, big sister will kill you and make wine out of you!”

The whip went the same way back. The strength was three times of Misha’s.

“Misha, careful!” Jia Lan saw that Misha was sitting there blankly, and shouted; he ran forward and grabbed the leather whip.

“Misha, what’s the matter with you?” Seeing Misha’s blank expression, Jia Lan was startled. Just now, he'd also heard the words of those two people. They put extra ‘seasoning’ in their food. What is this extra seasoning? Could it be poison? Could it be that the poison on Misha’s body had acted?

Misha didn’t bother with Jia Lan’s concern. Instead, he had been looking at the woman in front of him, “Who is the miss you talked about? Is it Yi Lian? She…she has married?”

“Ha…,” Hearing Misha ask this, the lady boss smiled and twisted her legs. “Hehe, our miss is Yi Lian and she has already married. Miss let me pass a sentence to you…”

“What sentence? What does Yi Lian want to tell me?!” Misha’s mood was like the tide of the sea now. Knowing that Yi Lian had come to this era, he should be happy. However, she actually didn’t wait for him. She'd actually married someone else! How could he accept this?

“Miss said, she will never forgive you, Lian Sheng!”

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