Chapter 170 (Part 1) You are Yi Lian

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 170 (Part 1) You are Yi Lian

“Never forgive you”. These words were like a bolt from the blue, frying Misha’s head and let his head make a ‘weng’ sound.

It turned out that she really had come…

Misha had fantasied many times about his reunion with Yi Lian. Whether it was crying tears of joy or feeling sad and sorrowful; all kind of scenes had played out many times in Misha’s head. The only thing Misha didn’t think of was that even til here, Yi Lian still hated him a lot.

Could it be that he didn’t pay enough by dying once?

“Where is she? I want to see her!” Misha didn’t believe the lady boss. He had to see Yi Lian and let her personally say this sentence to him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t believe it.

“Our miss doesn’t want to see you! Why would the newlywedded miss have the time to bother with you? You should save your time!”

The lady boss turned around and wanted to go back inside the restaurant, but Misha's whip pierced the air and went straight at the back of her head. “Yanzhi!” The servant shouted but couldn’t move forward.

Just now, Misha had only used one third of his strength. Now, because of anger coupled with sadness, his strength rose to one hundred percent.

Sensing the difference in Misha, the lady boss dodged. ‘Pa’. The leather whip hit the wooden pillar in front of the restaurant. ‘Kacha’ sounded. The pillar snapped squarely in the middle. ‘Hong!’ The whole entrance was destroyed because of this one pillar. One by one, the walls of the restaurant collapsed. A moment later, this restaurant fell down in front of everyone.

“Misha, have you gone crazy?” Jia Lan screamed. He knew quite well how frightening Misha’s full strength was. What does he want to do now with such a murderous aura? Could it be that he wanted to kill all the people in front of them?

“Jia Lan, get out of my way!” He didn’t wait for Jia Lan to get close to him. A gust of white wind floated from Misha’s left sleeve. It hit Jia Lan, making him fall onto the ground.

“Yi Lian, I know you’re here! You’re definitely near! Yi Lian, if you don’t come out, I’ll kill all your subordinates until you’re willing to come out and see me!”



“Yi Lian, come out!”

His hands didn’t slack off when he shouted Yi Lian’s name. The whip in his hand flew towards the servant. The speed was so fast that no one was able to dodge it. The whip twined itself around the neck of the servant and pulled him over.

“This old lady will fight to death with you!”

Seeing her companion in danger, Yanzhi cut with her sword in Misha’s direction. It was just, she didn’t get close enough when that white wind faced the lady boss again. ‘Pu…’ Her chest received a shock. Yanzhi spurted out a mouthful of blood. Her body bucked like a kite without a rope.

“Be careful!”  The dark man who was dealing with Xia Xue at a side flew forward and rescued Yanzhi who was about to hit the boulder. “Don’t mind me! Save him!”

At this point, Misha had already dragged the servant towards him.

‘Ka!’ Misha’s five fingers covered the top of the servant’s head. His face was full of murderous aura. “Yi Lian, I know you’re here! Usually, you’re the most reluctant to hurt the innocent. Now, your subordinate is in my hands. If you don’t come out, I will kill him! I will kill all of them! Yi Lian! Come out!”

Misha’s face was very beautiful, but his voice was hysterical. He looked anxiously around. He couldn’t guess where Yi Lian was hiding.

‘Ceng…’ Misha used the servant to threaten Yi Lian to come out. At this side, the dark man’s sword was on Xia Xue’s neck. Even Jin Yu was captured alive.

“Hey, your people are in my hands. Let him go! Otherwise, I will kill her!” The dark man’s sword was very close to Xia Xue’s neck. A moment later, there was a touch of blood on the blade.

“If you have the guts then kill me! Young master, Xia Xue is fine!” Xia Xue’s voice was still cold, but the sweat on her forehead couldn’t deceive anyone. It seemed that the drug in her body was now causing an effect.

After seeing the other party use Xia Xue to threaten him, Misha smiled. His child-like face had an innocent appearance. “Good! Kill her! If she’s dead, at worst, I’ll find another subordinate. There are so many disciples at Penglai Island. Will I not be able to find a well-behaved slave?”

Misha using ‘well-behaved slave’ to describe her made Xia Xue’s heart quiver a bit. Could it be that in his heart, her role had only been just that? Could it be that his heart really didn’t have her in it?

Don’t know if it was really the heart’s doing or the drug causing an effect; although it was already spring, but Xia Xue felt cold all over her body. She also began to tremble slightly. It seemed that she would die here today!

Misha refused to let the person go. The dark man’s sword entered a little more inside Xia Xue’s skin.  The blood slowly flowed along the bright blade. After Misha saw this blood, he humphed coldly. A palm hit the servant’s right shoulder. ‘Kacha!’

Just with the sound, you would know that the shoulder of the servant had been broken by Misha, but he clenched his teeth and didn’t make a sound, making the people of Fo Sheng Men admire this person. However, no matter what, persisting like this wouldn’t be favourable to them.

“Lian Sheng, don’t commit more sins!”

At this time, a gentle and beautiful voice spread over. When Misha heard it, happiness filled him, “Yi Lian, is that you?! Yi Lian, you are here, right?!”

Misha turned the wheelchair anxiously. He wanted to clearly see where Yi Lian was. In the end, a hundred meters away on a huge rock at the waterfront, he saw Feng Qi Qi, who's dressed in red.

“Yi Lian, Yi Lian!” Misha was very excited. He turned the wheelchair again and wanted to get close to Feng Qi Qi.

It’s now! The servant pulled the whip away from his neck. His left hand pulled out a dagger from his trouser and fiercely stabbed at Misha.

“Overconfident!” Misha raised his hand and sent the servant flying.

‘Poo…’ Although the servant was caught by the people of Fo Sheng Men, but his body had been subjected to serious internal injuries. “Quickly…leave quickly…,” The servant clenched his teeth and took deep breaths. “Let’s go!”

Although they didn’t know why the servant said this, but Feng Cang also told them to not continue fighting zealously. The dark man knocked out Jin Yu and Xia Xue and made them faint. With the others, he left the area.

At the scene, Jia Lan, Jin Yu and Xia Xue laid on the ground. Only Misha rotated the wheelchair and went forward with an excited face towards Feng Qi Qi. Only when Misha was ten meters away from Feng Qi Qi, did Feng Cang issue an order. Two rows of eagle troops appeared. In everyone's left hand was a crossbow.


The moment Feng Cang opened his mouth, those black arrows flew like a black wind straight at Misha.

The sudden attack made Misha stunned for half a second before he regained his wits. Misha turned the wheelchair with his left hand and avoided the first lot of arrows. His right hand waved the leather whip that was like a black snake and hit the second lot of arrows onto the ground.

Those arrows forced Misha back to his original position. After he saw Feng Qi Qi and Feng Cang standing together, Misha thought about the ‘miss’ and ‘guye’[1. Guye: son-in-law, used by wife’s family] that woman had talked about just now.

From the stature, with one glance Misha knew that Feng Qi Qi was a woman dressed like a man. So to speak, she was Yi Lian? Then who was the one next to her? The one who could dispatch the eagle troop was only Feng Cang. Was this person Feng Cang?!

“You…are Yi Lian?” Misha was clear that those arrows of just now didn’t want his life, but it was to not let him get close to Feng Qi Qi.

After a lapse of six years, seeing Yi Lian once again made Misha very excited. His lips trembled slightly. His throat was a bit dry. Although they were far apart, but Misha still saw Feng Qi Qi’s appearance clearly.

“You’ve changed…”

The change Misha was referring to was the appearance of Feng Qi Qi. Indeed, compared to the Yi Lian from the past life, Feng Qi Qi’s appearance was a lot different. If it wasn’t because Feng Qi Qi had taken the initiative to appear, even if she'd brushed past him, Misha still wouldn't have been able to recognize her.

“Lian Sheng, long time no see.”

Compared to Misha’s excitement, Feng Qi Qi seemed very indifferent.

Misha was Lian Sheng. Although this had only been a guess, but now it was confirmed. Seeing that innocent face of Misha, Feng Qi Qi felt disgust. Such a cold, ruthless and thankless wretch had also time-travelled and he took up such a cute and innocent body. Really a waste!

“Yi Lian…,” Even though Misha was very excited, he could also hear the alienation in Feng Qi Qi’s voice. It seemed that the woman of before was right. The words she'd conveyed was Feng Qi Qi’s meaning. She must still hate him for the matters of the past. So, even if she'd found him, she'd still refuse to see him. Why? Why did they become like this in the past?!

“Yi Lian, you…still don’t want to forgive me?” Misha was eager to hear a ‘forgive’ from Feng Qi Qi, but he didn’t expect Feng Qi Qi's next words would send him to the eighteenth level of hell.

“I will never forgive someone who's ungrateful and also killed adoptive father!”

Will never forgive! These words were very cruel! How long is never (forever)? Could it be for all eternity? Misha though that Feng Qi Qi had resented him for killing her. He didn’t expect that she'd resented him for this. If he had known it would be like this, he wouldn’t have done anything to adoptive father. Yi Lian respected adoptive father a lot. Now, she must hate him very much!

But, he also had his difficulties, ah!

“Yi Lian, listen to my explanation. Adoptive father was accidentally killed by me! I didn’t do it on purpose! You have to believe me! Besides, I've also repaid back with a life. Yi Lian, I repaid a life and lost a pair of legs. I’ve received enough punishment! Yi Lian, forgive me, alright? We can be like how we were before, alright?”

Happy like in the past, good? Misha didn’t say this last sentence. He saw a deep ‘hatred’ from Feng Qi Qi’s face. That was a hatred like she wished to eat his meat and drink his blood.

“Yi Lian, I won't ask for you to fall in love with me. I only want to go back with you to how we were in the past! Even if you don’t love me, but please let me stay at your side and let me take care of you forever, alright?”

Till now, Misha was still having such a fantastically beautiful dream, making Feng Qi Qi feel even more disgusted about Misha. Such a selfish person who'd killed adoptive father for his own desires was unforgivable!

“Lian Sheng, don’t dream anymore! Today is your day of death. Give your life!”

Feng Qi Qi jumped, but unexpectedly, she was pulled into Feng Cang’s embrace, “Wife, you’re pregnant. How can you still fight and kill?! You should let your husband do such a thing!”

Feng Cang didn’t care about the way Misha looked at Feng Qi Qi. Such an infatuation made him very unhappy. Not to mention that Feng Qi Qi was pregnant. How could he let her get angry? Hurting her body because of such a person like Misha really wasn't worth it.

“Be good! Wait for this husband to take his head for you!” Unable to take Misha’s obsessed look any longer, Feng Cang deliberately irritated Misha.

As if she understood Feng Cang’s intention, Feng Qi Qi coordinated with him, “Husband, you’re the greatest! You’re the best!”

The intimate interaction between the two irritated Misha greatly. When the words ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ reached Misha’s ears, they completely angered him. Impossible! Yi Lian wouldn’t marry! She'd actually married Feng Cang and was expecting a child? Misha simply couldn’t accept this fact!

“Bastard, I want to kill you!” Misha screamed.

Not waiting for Misha to pull away from his anger, Feng Cang changed into a white wind and went straight at Misha.

‘Ping pang ping pang’. The sword in Feng Cang’s left hand and the leather whip in Misha’s right hand entangled in the air. Feng Cang’s sword cut iron like mud. In only a few strokes, Misha’s whip had been cut in three.

Seeing that Feng Cang had come at him with a sword in his left hand, Misha’s hands slammed onto the handles of the wheelchair. The handles were hollow. Ten plum darts flew at Feng Cang’s face.

‘Kuang, kuang, kuang!’ Feng Cang stepped onto the ground. His sword in his left hand turned into an illusionary huge mouth and swallowed the plum darts.

Fighting power with power. The plum darts fell onto the ground and made crispy sounds. With a ‘go’, the plum darts changed direction and went towards Misha.

Not good! Misha turned the wheelchair and turned around. ‘Ding, ding, ding….’ The plum darts were nailed onto the back of the wheelchair.

“Good skills!” Misha chuckled. He pulled out a nine-section whip from the right side of the wheelchair. Different from the leather whip, this nine-section whip was made from meteorite and was indestructible. And at every interface, there were two two-sided sharp daggers placed.

[caption id="attachment_77840" align="aligncenter" width="300"] nine-section whip[/caption]

From afar, Misha’s nine-section whip seemed like a bared fanged centipede and made ‘kaka’ sounds in the sky. It made people shudder.

Seeing the improved nine-section whip in Misha’s hand, Feng Qi Qi’s heart jumped to her throat. Misha always liked to transform weapons. She didn’t expect that he still had this habit. Presumably, this nine-section whip was not as simple as it seemed on the surface!

“Cang, be careful!”

The concern Feng Qi Qi showed to Feng Cang made Misha even more unhappy. In the past life, he had put in so much effort, but only got a ‘you’re my big brother’ from her. Now, she had fallen in love with another man. Not only had she married him, she was also expecting his child! How could this be?! He won’t allow it!

Thinking till here, the murderous aura on Misha’s body became more intense. He wouldn’t let Yi Lian go! Even if he let Yi Lian die once again in his arms, he didn’t want to see her laugh in another man’s arms!

“Feng Cang, go die!”

Seeing that Misha had recognized his identity, Feng Cang’s devilish beautifully face had a touch of an enchanting smile. Knowing that he was Feng Cang, he (M) certainly would be able to guess Feng Qi Qi’s current identity. He must kill Misha and wouldn’t let him have any chance to covet Feng Qi Qi.

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