Chapter 170 (Part 2) You are Yi Lian

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 170 (Part 2) You are Yi Lian

The nine-section whip looked like a big centipede. It moved with an imposing manner towards Feng Cang.

When it nearly reached Feng Cang, Misha pushed the small button on the handle. A thick black smoke emanated from the nine-section whip.

Yi Lian, you want him to live, want to be sweet and happy together, I won’t allow it! In the past life, you belong to me. This life, you should also belong to me!

Misha was fast, but Feng Cang was faster. He had long known from Feng Qi Qi that Misha was a ‘treacherous & vile person’. Even when he'd ruined his whip, Feng Cang didn’t lower his guard.

The moment the black fog appeared, Feng Cang back-rolled and dodged the black mist that was coming at him. His body was like a dragon; he moved closer to the ground and then attacked Misha.

The black fog spread. The surrounding area was enveloped in a black smoke and wrapped around Feng Cang’s and Misha’s bodies, making the people on the outside unable to see what was happening inside.

“Cang! Cang…”

“Miss, the smoke is not poisonous!” Su Mei and Su Yue, one at the right and one at the left had their arms around Feng Qi Qi’s arms so that she didn't feel worried.

From inside the black fog came the sounds of fighting. The collision of weapons became more and more intense. Feng Qi Qi also became more and more nervous. Although Feng Cang let her not be worried and told her that he would deal with everything, but now in front of her was a black fog. She couldn’t see what was happening inside. How could Feng Qi Qi not be worried?

“Feng Cang, I won’t let you get Yi Lian! She’s mine!”

Inside the black fog, Misha screamed. Since his legs were disabled, he had been looking for more suitable ways to fight. The wheelchair couldn’t replace his legs and couldn’t be as flexible as his legs. Therefore, he could only change to something else.

For example, lead the enemy into his own circle. Let him and the other party be enveloped in the black fog. This fog was made from special ingredients created by him. It could condense into small pieces in the air and let outsiders unable to clearly see the situation in the inside.

Even such a high skilled person like Feng Cang also needed time to adapt. He (M) didn’t need that. Because of his previous trainings, Misha already let himself be shrouded in this darkness. This blackness was his cover.

Without a healthy body, he had to use other ways to prevail over the enemy.

Like now, Feng Cang, who was in the black fog, couldn’t see anything, but he had already discovered Feng Cang’s position.

‘Ding, ding, ding…’ The daggers on the nine-section whip made crispy sounds in the air. That centipede-like nine-section whip quietly attacked the motionless Feng Cang.

Go to hell…Misha’s face revealed a cruel smile. Yi Lian is mine! No one could steal her! “Feng Cang! Go to hell!”

Seeing that the nine-section whip was about to be entangled on Feng Cang’s neck, the darkness on Misha’s face continued to expand. He wanted to cut off Feng Cang’s head!

‘Dang…’Just when Misha’s smile increased to the maximum, the sword in Feng Cang’s left hand blocked the attack of the nine-section whip. ‘Hualala!’ The nine-section whip wrapped around the sword like a snake. Because of the collision, the daggers on the interface made crispy sounds.

That his attack didn’t hurt Feng Cang made Misha surprised. Not waiting for him to understand, Feng Cang flew in the sky. His left hand rotated and let the nine-section whip be tightly wrapped on the sword, making Misha unable to retrieve the nine-section whip.

A wind condensed in Feng Cang’s right palm and attacked Misha. “Not good!” Misha was shocked. He couldn’t care any longer. His right hand let go of the nine-section whip. His hands slammed on the handle of the wheelchair. His body soared.

‘Boom!’ Feng Cang’s right palm crushed Misha’s wheelchair.

Without the wheelchair, Misha fell and rolled on the ground. He was in a very sorry state. “Young master!” At this moment, Xia Xue’s voice spread over. “Young master, climb on my back!”

Xia Xue reached out and carried Misha on her back. “Young master, use my weapon!”

Xia Xue’s sudden appearance was like a timely assistance on a rainy day, solving Misha’s crisis. Misha’s left hand held Xia Xue’s neck, but unexpectedly, he'd touched the wounds on Xia Xue’s neck, making her tremble in pain.

“I’m sorry…,” Misha hadn’t finished apologizing yet, when Feng Cang’s next round of attacks came.

‘Ping, ping, pang, pang,’ sword collided with sword and made some sparks.

Xia Xue carried Misha on her back and moved in the black fog. The two coordinated flawlessly. It was as if Xia Xue was Misha’s legs. She was able to escape danger with him and also deal with Feng Cang.

“Young master, hold well!” The pain on her neck stimulated Xia Xue. However, compared to her bleeding wounds, protecting Misha was Xia Xue’s most important task. Fortunately, when she and Misha were at Penglai Island, they once had many similar training sessions. Had to say, Misha was someone who prepared for a rainy day. He had put enough effort to overcome the shortcoming of not being able to move. Otherwise, now, without the wheelchair, he would’ve died at Feng Cang’s hand.

With Xia Xue, Misha was like a normal person. His left hand tightly held Xia Xue’s neck. The sword in his right hand pierced fiercely at Feng Cang’s key points.

Feng Cang had long known that Misha wasn’t easy to deal with. He (FC) didn’t think that he (M) had a lot of contingency plans. This pair of master and servant coordinated so well with each other, it seemed that they had done training in this area before. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have coordinated so well now.

“Misha, Misha…”

At a side, Jia Lan and Jin Yu, who'd fainted earlier, gradually woke up. Originally, Feng Qi Qi didn’t want to take the lives of the innocent. She only let Yanzhi add some drugs that would let people fall asleep in the dishes.

The fact that they woke up so quickly was because firstly, Misha had discovered that there was something fishy about the three men. They were in a hurry to leave and didn’t get to eat much. Secondly, it was because they had a strong resistance to these types of drugs. So, they woke up not long after.

When Jia Lan saw the black fog in the open space and heard the sounds of fighting from inside it, he was very worried. He was so anxious that he wanted to go inside and help Misha. However, he hadn’t taken a step inside yet, when two golden threads flew over and blocked the way in front of him.

“It’s you?!” Seeing Feng Qi Qi once again, Jia Lan was very surprised. “Why are you here?”

“I don’t need to explain to you why I am here. However, I need to remind you, this is a grudge between me and Lian Sheng. It’s better if you don’t intervene; otherwise, don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

Feng Qi Qi’s words made Jia Lan understand everything thoroughly. With a face of disbelief, he said, “You…you’re the Yi Lian Misha was talking about? But aren’t you Bei Zhou’s princess Zhen Guo Feng Qi Qi? How could you be Yi Lian?”

Jia Lan had many questions, but Feng Qi Qi didn’t have time to explain so much to him.

“I don’t have time to discuss that with you! In short, don’t intervene in the fight between me and him!”

Feng Qi Qi not explaining made Jia Lan angry. “Can’t! I don’t care what is between you two, but Misha is my Penglai Island’s people. He’s my senior brother. I can’t not help him when he’s in trouble!”

“Jia Lan, don’t be someone who doesn’t know what’s good for you!” Feng Qi Qi was also annoyed. “Before, when you'd rescued Murong Qing Lian from my hand, I’d already warned you! Since you want to be like this, then don’t blame me for not having mercy!”

The two golden threads in Feng Qi Qi’s hands emitted a dazzling glow in the sunlight, making the other’s eyes blur in response. After a moment of hesitation, the golden thread was wrapped around Jia Lan tightly.

“Hey, release me!” Jia Lan struggled, but he simply couldn’t get rid of the golden threads.

“Don’t struggle! This is golden silk. You can’t break free!” Feng Qi Qi didn’t want to kill Jia Lan because she didn’t want to become enemies with Penglai Island. The fetal poison in Feng Cang came from Penglai. She happened to have helped Jia Lan and wanted to see if she could help Feng Cang.

Sure enough, the more strength Jia Lan used, the tighter the golden threads on his body became. In the end, he couldn’t move.

“Let go of our sir!” Jin Yu saw that Jia Lan was caught. He anxiously chopped at Feng Qi Qi, but Su Mei and Su Yue weren’t easy to deal with. The two fought with Jin Yu. It was just, Su Mei and Su Yue didn’t like to fight. The two were experts in poisons. They directly used poison. In a short time, they had dealt with Jin Yu and tied him up tightly.

“Feng Qi Qi, are you going to provoke Penglai Island and become enemies with Penglai Island?!”

Jin Yu was caught. Misha was in the black fog. He himself was tied. All this made Jia Lan couldn’t help but raise his tone and bring out Penglai Island.

“Ha…,” Feng Qi Qi laughed. She turned and looked at Jia Lan. “Hadn’t Penglai Island long been dissatisfied with our Bei Zhou? Otherwise, why would you instigate Xia Jin to send the army?! It was your Penglai Island that was heartless first!”

Jia Lan thought that Feng Qi Qi had misunderstood Misha and thought that he (M) sowed discord behind their back, making Xia Jin send the army. He immediately explained for Misha's sake, “Misha didn’t do it! We only just found about this matter recently. Eldest senior and I are rushing back to resolve this matter. We also don’t want for a war to break! This was certainly done by second senior brother Duyi! You’ve misunderstood Misha!”

Feng Qi Qi didn’t expect that the words would actually reveal the one behind Dong Lu, “Duyi? You said that it was done by him? However, why would Xi Qi and the Jurchen tribe also send their armies? Could this also be done by Duyi?”

“We also don’t know about this. When we go back, it will become clear after an investigation. Duyi had long refused to accept Misha. He definitely took advantage of senior Misha's absence this time to do such a thing! This truly has nothing to do with eldest senior brother! Don’t aim at Misha!”

Seeing Jia Lan’s expression that was anxious for Misha, Feng Qi Qi could determine that this person didn’t lie. Indeed, the matter of Dong Lu had nothing to do with Misha. It seemed that they should let someone go investigate this person called Duyi. Who was it that contacted everyone behind their backs and let Bei Zhou be attacked by enemies from three sides?

“Thank you for providing me with information! But the problem between me and Misha has nothing to do with Dong Lu sending the army! This is our private grudge. He must die today!”

While the two were talking, the black fog on the open space had almost disappeared. Xia Xue was piggybacking Misha. She was in a very sorry state. She was kneeling on the ground. Xia Xue took big mouthfuls of air. The hair on her forehead was messy. Misha was also not much better. Misha's left shoulder had received a cut. The wound was very deep. The capped bone could be seen.

In contrast, Feng Cang stood at the other side. His left hand was still holding the sword in reverse. The blood on the edge of the sword dropped on the yellow land. In just a moment, it was absorbed by the soil and became a black area.

Compared to the sorry states of Misha and Xia Xue, Feng Cang’s white clothes were still spotless. If it wasn’t because the edge of the blade was still bleeding, others simply couldn’t see any traces of fighting on him.

“Yi Lian, your man is very good!” Misha endured the pain and looked at Feng Qi Qi.

Just now, he had heard the dialogue between Feng Qi Qi and Jia Lan. Feng Qi Qi…this was Yi Lian’s name of this life. Sure enough, the one who broke the seven-level pagoda was her! Feng Qi Qi was the person he had been looking for!

Feng Qi Qi didn’t look at Misha. Instead, she went to Feng Cang, “Cang, are you still alright?!”

“I’m very fine!” Feng Cang smiled gently, but inadvertently hid the slightly trembling right hand into his sleeve to not let Feng Qi Qi see it.

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