Chapter 171 Survived (1)

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Chapter 171 Survived (1)

Feng Cang’s small movements fell into Misha’s eyes, making him somewhat understand why Feng Qi Qi would choose this man. It was just that he couldn’t accept it. He wasn't inferior to Feng Cang!

It was just, no matter how unwilling Misha was in his heart, but it was a fact that he'd lost to Feng Cang today.

At the mainland, there was still such a deeply hidden skillful person. He had been too careless and made an error in judgement. The pain from his left shoulder stimulated Misha’s brain. The red blood dyed the commoner’s clothes on his body. At this time, Misha was thinking about how to get out of this predicament.

If he were to meet force with force against Feng Cang, then he wouldn’t be able to win. Feng Cang had so many people. He was at a disadvantage. Not to mention that his legs were disabled and he had also lost his opportunity. Looking at Feng Qi Qi’s expression, she didn’t have the intention of talking and making up with him. If he was caught by Feng Cang, Feng Cang would certainly kill him.

No matter what, he couldn’t die in such a sorry state today! He still had many things to do. He still hadn’t gotten the person he liked yet…So, he must escape!

“Xia Xue, do you see that river?! Do you still remember how I taught you to breathe in water! In a moment, when I say “Run”, you carry me on your back and jump in the river.” Misha whispered orders in Xia Xue’s ear in a tone that only the two of them could hear.

One of Xia Xue’s legs was fractured. Now, she could only kneel with one leg on the ground to adjust the pain coming from her ankles.

At Feng Cang’s side, he had many hands that provided a great strength. At their side, Jia Lan and Jin Yu were captured. Only she and Misha were left. If they met force with force, Feng Cang’s eagle troop wouldn't be easy to deal with. She and Misha had suffered serious injuries. If they wanted to live, the only way was to use the Red River to escape!

“Young master, I get it!”

After coming to the same point of view with Xia Xue, Misha tried hard to make his state look better.

He laughingly called out Feng Qi Qi’s name. His voice was soft like a gentle cow’s milk. It was full of temptation, “Yi Lian, I didn’t expect that you’re Bei Zhou’s princess Feng Qi Qi! I had searched so long for you but couldn’t find you. Instead, I was first found by you! Tell me, don't you think this is fate?! Could it be that you don’t want to know why I came here?”

Misha looked pale, but it didn’t ruin his handsome face. Even though there was a layer of sweat on his forehead, but he still maintained excellent manners and had an innocent smile, acting as if his left shoulder was intact and he hadn't suffered any injuries.

“I have no interest in your affairs…”

“Hehe, it’s not that you aren’t interested. You’re afraid! You’re afraid of seeing me, because I am the only witness to your past. You don’t want to face the past. You’re afraid to face my affection. You’re afraid that you wouldn’t be able to bear it!” Misha coughed twice. Although his face was very pale, but the smile on his mouth kept expanding.

“Yi Lian, do you know, after killing you, I held you and kept you company for three days and three nights. Originally, I wanted to put you in the crystal coffin. Like that, you would belong to me forever. However, later I discovered something fishy! As…the temperature of your body disappeared, I realized that your soul had left your body. I didn’t want a body without a soul! So, I committed suicide!”

“Pa…,” Mish made a sound of gunshot. His hand pulled out a black thing from his chest.

“Gun!” After Feng Qi Qi saw that object in Misha’s hand, she shouted. She immediately moved in front of Feng Cang.

Feng Qi Qi’s behaviour let Misha thoroughly understand that she really had fallen in love with this man and that she really didn’t belong to him (M). In the future, there wouldn’t be even a tiny bit of thought about him (M)! Because another man had entered her heart. He didn’t have a chance anymore!

His heart felt very sore. Misha felt the twitching pain of his heart. The kind of pain that would make one unable to breathe. The feeling was actually so uncomfortable.

Even in the past life, after he'd killed Yi Lian, he wasn’t hurt as much. Because the Yi Lian of that time didn’t have a man around her. Her heart also wasn’t hiding someone else. So, whether it was her body or heart, in the end, it all belonged to him, Lian Sheng’s. Even if the thing he got was her body, but everything till death about her was clean and pure.

Now, she had put down her life and death to stop the bullet for another man. It could be seen how important this man was in her heart.

Yi Lian, could it be that you had really never had loved me for a little bit? Even if it was only a little bit? Even a little bit was good…

Xia Xue obviously felt the slight trembling of Misha on her back. Perhaps, it was because of the loss of too much blood; he must be feeling cold. Perhaps, it was because of Yi Lian, who's dressed like a man in front of her. The slight sadness emitting from Misha’s body shrouded Misha and let her feel heartache for him.

Young master, Xia Xue is willing to stay with you for her whole life! Young master, don’t be sad for an unworthy woman, alright?

These words settled in Xia Xue’s heart for a long time. She had long wanted to say these words to Misha, but she didn’t dare to. Even now, Misha’s sadness let her feel so much pain for him that she wanted to hug and comfort him, but she still couldn’t say those words. Because, she didn’t dare to…She was afraid that if she said it, she would be driven away by Misha.

This man, no matter if he was asleep or awake, the one he'd kept in mind constantly was Yi Lian. If she wanted to substitute and take Yi Lian’s place, Misha would certainly get angry! So, it was better to stay with him like this. When he needed it, piggyback him like this and do things to the best of her ability. To be able to stay with Misha like this was her happiness.

“Yi Lian…,” Misha took a breath and aimed the gun at his head. His smile was bright like the sunshine, “That time, I ended my life like this! Killing you, I repaid you a life. I thought that you would forgive me now…Yi Lian, do you really not want to give me a chance?”

“I will never forgive you. Lian Sheng, when you killed adoptive father, we'd already broken all ties. Adoptive father brought me up and treated me like a biological daughter. You'd actually killed adoptive father, who'd worked hard to educate us. I definitely won’t forgive you!”

In Feng Qi Qi’s eyes, Misha was a crazy madman. She didn’t want to have anything to do with him! However, Feng Qi Qi didn’t expect that Misha, this madman, had actually made a gun! If he produced the modern destructive weapon in massive scale, wouldn’t this world be in a mess? No, she couldn’t let Misha, this madman, destroy the world!

“Hahahaha!” Hearing Feng Qi Qi’s words, Misha laughed till his tears came out. Two rows of clear tears rolled down along Misha’s cheeks, making Misha’s eyes become two deep pools of water.

‘Shua…’ Misha changed his soft appearance of before. He looked malevolently at Feng Qi Qi and Feng Cang. His uninjured hand raised the gun and pointed it at Feng Qi Qi.

“Since you hate me so much; since you will never forgive me; since you will never fall in love with me…Then, I don’t mind using the previous way to treat you! Since, you won’t be mine alive, then, I want to let you die in my arms!”

“Get down!”

Misha was so crazy. Feng Qi Qi pulled Feng Cang down. Su Mei and Su Yue also got down.

It was now!

“Run!” Misha issued an order. Xia Xue gritted her teeth, dragged her broken foot and ran while carrying Misha to the Red River.

“Miss, they want to escape!” Su Mei wanted to pursue Misha urgently, but was stopped by Feng Qi Qi. Whether the gun in Misha’s hand was real or fake, she couldn’t let her people risk themselves.


Xia Xue jumped with Misha into the billowing Red River’s water. The flow of the river was smooth. Soon, they surfaced.

“Yi Lian, I won’t let go! I will return!” Misha hugged Xia Xue’s neck and looked at Feng Qi Qi standing on the shore. “Yi Lian, you belong to me! I will not give up!”

Misha’s words made Feng Cang furious. He didn’t care about those worries of Feng Qi Qi. Feng Cang stood up and reached out, “Bring me the bow and arrow!”

“Yes!” Immediately, the eagle troop’s soldiers brought a big bow. Feng Cang jumped on the horse. Travelling along the river, he nearly caught up with them.

“Cang! Watch out for the weapon in his hand!”

Feng Cang being like this made Feng Qi Qi anxious. She grabbed a horse and chased after him.

“Young master, they came. What should we do?” Xia Xue swam very hard, but unfortunately, the river was calm. Not a moment later, Feng Cang had almost caught up to them.

“Don’t be afraid!” Misha clenched his teeth. His injured left hand clutched Xia Xue tightly. The gun in his right aimed at Feng Cang.

“Cang…,” Feng Qi Qi, who was chasing after him, screamed. Feng Cang immediately stopped. The slender bow was pulled fully by Feng Cang. The sunlight spread over Feng Cang’s body. His expression was serious. He looked like an immortal.

‘Sou…’ The sharp arrow flew straight towards Misha.

“Young master, be careful!”

Seeing the arrow come closer, Xia Xue instinctively blocked in front of Misha.

‘Poo…’ The arrow stabbed into Xia Xue’s right shoulder, making her bite her lip from pain. “Bastard!” Seeing that Feng Cang had hurt Xia Xue, Misha was very angry. If the weapon in his hand was real, he certainly would have taken Feng Cang’s life with a bullet.

At this time, Feng Qi Qi had reached Feng Cang’s side. The situation she was expecting didn’t happen, making Feng Qi Qi feel very surprised. By Misha’s personality, he certainly would have shot Feng Cang and killed him. Why didn’t he do it? Could it be that the weapon was fake?!

Seeing Misha’s sullen face that was full of hatred, Feng Qi Qi affirmed her thought, “Cang, the weapon is fake! Kill him!”

“I got it!” Feng Cang pulled the bow twice. Wind blew past his face. The black hair on his forehead swayed. “Launch!”

“Young master, you go…,” Xia Xue pushed Misha away. She wanted to let him go first, but this time, Misha grabbed her tightly.

“Young master…”

“I won’t abandon you! You said that you wanted to serve me for life. You’re not allowed to lie!”

Misha’s voice just fell, when the sharp arrow was already in front of them. “Ah…” Only a scream was heard. The arrow stabbed Misha straight into his left eye.

“Young master!” Xia Xue screamed when she saw that. “Young master! Young master!”

Yi Lian…Misha deeply looked at Feng Qi Qi once. In his eyes, there was too much unwillingness!

“Young master!”

The two sank in the river. The surface of the water was contaminated with red blood.

They waited for a long time, but no one came to the surface. Feng Cang put down the bow in his hand. The eagle troop also came over.

“You, take a thousand people and search along the riverside! I need to see the body if he’s alive. See the corpse if he's dead!”


The miserable state of Misha and the unwillingness in his eyes made Feng Qi Qi silent for a long time. Only when Feng Cang came over and held her did she recover, “Qing Qing, I’m sorry! Originally, I could’ve taken his life. I didn’t think I would miss!”

Feng Cang’s words held a deep guilt. Now, he'd only hurt Misha’s eyes. If he could escape this calamity, he would definitely come back and counterattack madly.

“It’s fine! Nothing will happen to us!”

Feng Qi Qi nestled in Feng Cang’s arms and sighed softly. She hoped that Misha wouldn’t have the chance to turn around his fortune. Otherwise, she didn’t know what would happen in the future.

When they went back to the ferry crossing, Feng Qi Qi let Su Mei feed Jia Lan and Jin Yu a pill. Then, she let Su Mei untie them.

“What did you let us eat?” Jin Yu put his finger in his throat and wanted to throw it up, but that pill had melted the moment it'd entered the mouth. He couldn’t throw it up.

“Free and Unfettered pill.”

“Lian gongzi’s[1. Gongzi: young master] Free and Unfettered pill?” Jia Lan had heard about the Free and Unfettered pill. It was said that the one who took the Free and unfettered pill would need to take an antidote every month. Otherwise, he would slowly begin to decay, starting from the internal organs. Finally, this person would rot into yellow water. Although it was called Free and Unfettered pill, but the meaning was the contrary of its name. Those who took the Free and Unfettered pill won’t have a free and unfettered life anymore. So, this name was a complete irony.

After mentioning Lian gongzi, Jia Lan suddenly linked him with Yi Lian. The way he looked at Feng Qi Qi began to deepen, “You’re Yi Lian and Lian gongzi?”


“What do you want to do? I don’t know what kind of grudge is between you and Misha, but you've hurt someone from Penglai Island, you’re my enemy! I won’t follow you obediently just because I took a Free and Unfettered pill!”

Jia Lan said so much in one go. Feng Qi Qi simply crossed her arms and let Jia Lan finish venting all his discontent.

“Are you finished? If you’re finished, look at someone for me!” Feng Qi Qi grabbed Feng Cang’s left hand and put it in front of Jia Lan.

“What are you doing? Aren’t your medical skills very high?! What, is there a disease in this world that you can’t cure?”

“Stop talking nonsense!” Su Mei put a sword on Jia Lan’s neck. “Just listen to whatever miss say! Talking so much nonsense like a girl!”

Being scolded by Su Mei, Jia Lan’s face turned black. He ignored Feng Qi Qi, but was dragged by Su Mei to Feng Qi Qi, “Letting you treat our guye[2. Guye: son-in-law, used by wife’s family] is an honor to you! Don’t say that a disciple of Penglai Island doesn’t know how to check a pulse!”

Although Jia Lan wanted to be hard-hearted, but he also knew the common saying: a wise man knows better than to fight when the odds are against him. Unwillingly, he put his hand on Feng Cang’s wrist. It didn’t matter if he didn’t check, but the moment he checked the pulse, Jia Lan suddenly raised his head and looked with surprise at Feng Cang. But, no matter how, he couldn’t see this person's relationship with Penglai Island.

“How did you get Forget Love? Forget Love is only found at Penglai Island. When did you go to Penglai Island? Or is it that you have a relationship with Penglai Island?”

“Forget Love?” This name was very unfamiliar. Everyone looked at Jia Lan. They waited for his explanation, but Jia Lan had to ask for Feng Cang’s past. Forget Love was a knockout drop from Penglai Island. Why did Feng Cang’s body have it? Could it be that he was a disciple of Penglai Island and had a secret mission in the mainland? Why hadn’t he heard of Feng Cang?

“My mother had this poison in her. Later, when I was in her womb, the poison was passed onto me.”

Feng Cang simply explained the origin of this poison.

“What relation did your mother have with Penglai Island? Always, it had only been, it had only been….” Jia Lan swallowed the words he wanted to say. Always, it had only been Penglai’s female disciples who'd married outsiders…Dong Lu’s empress, who had been poisoned with Forget Love. However, Feng Cang is Bei Zhou’s wangye.[3. Wang/wangye: prince of first rank] When had he formed a relationship with Dong Lu?

“Explain clearly, ah! Really making people anxious! To hum and haw, is it that your Penglai Island had done things that are shameful?!” Su Mei got furious at Jia Lan for only partially explaining. The sword in her hand got closer to Jia Lan, “Talk!”

“Su Mei, put down the sword. You all retreat. Everyone, retreat twenty meters!” Feng Qi Qi ordered Su Mei to put down the sword. Everyone retreated. At the scene, only Jia Lan, Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi were left.

“Now you can tell us. What is Forget Love?!”

Feng Qi Qi had an attitude that she wouldn’t give up until she knew the answer. Jia Lan laughed bitterly and told them the secret of Forget Love.

“Forget Love, as the name implies, made people forget their feelings. Penglai Island were on friendly terms with Dong Lu. Always, the empresses of Dong Lu had been Penglai’s female disciples. However, Penglai Island was worried that after the female disciples had married, they would no longer be loyal to Penglai Island and also took preventative measures about the female disciples joining hands with Dong Lu’s emperor and dealing with Penglai Island. So, after they select the female disciple, the masters would give the female disciple who was about to become Dong Lu’s empress ‘Forget Love’.

“Those who took ‘Forget Love’, if they fall in love, within three years, they would completely forget the person they fell in love with. Ever since then, they would cleanse their heart and limit their desires. They would no longer long for love between man and woman…”

As he talked to her, Jia Lan looked once at Feng Cang, “If I didn’t guess wrongly, the poison on your body is ‘Forget Love’. Although I don’t know what relationship your mother had with Penglai Island, but I’ve never heard of Forget Love being a fetal poison and passed onto the next generation. If it really could be passed down, then wouldn’t every emperor of Dong Lu have ‘Forget Love’ in their bodies? This is impossible! Unless, your mother took it during the pregnancy. This is the only justification.”

“It was just, Forget Love is very harmful to a woman’s body. If it was taken during pregnancy, not only will it harm the mother, it would also implicate the fetus. Your mother didn’t love you, so she took Forget Love; or, your mother took Forget Love unknowingly…forgive me for being presumptuous, but who was your mother?”

“Xia Wan Ying.”

Hearing the name Xia Wan Ying from Feng Cang, Jia Lan was very surprised, “Xia Wan Ying was Dong Lu’s princess and was betrothed to former Qin’s crown prince, but was robbed by former Qin’s emperor…Then, your maternal grandmother is Penglai Island’s female disciple Jun Lan Mei. This indeed has something to do with Penglai Island. But this is not right, ah! The masters would only give the poison to Dong Lu’s empress. How did Forget Love get taken by a princess? There is no relationship here, ah!”

“Then, we should ask Dong Lu’s current empress dowager Jun Lan Xin.”

Feng Cang’s words let Jia Lan understand this problem. Before Jun Lan Xin had become the empress, Dong Lu’s empress was Jun Lan Mei. Later, after Jun Lan Mei had died from an illness, Penglai Island had selected Jun Lan Mei’s little sister Jun Lan Xin and sent her over. Could it be that Jun Lan Xin hid Forget Love and later let princess Xia Wan Ying take it? What a mess!

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