Chapter 172 Survived (2)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 172 Survived (2)

The matter of the past wrapped together, making people unable to open it. They also didn’t want to bother with it. The priority now was how to cure the Forget Love in Feng Cang.

“Jia Lan, is there a cure for Forget Love?” Feng Qi Qi was a bit anxious. If Forget Love was really the same as what Jia Lan had said; that after three years of falling in love, he would forget the person he loves completely. Then, didn’t she and Feng Cang only have two and a half years left?

“Incurable,” Jia Lan shook his head. “This was a poison originally designed to prevent the female disciples of Penglai from betraying Penglai Island. There’s no cure for Forget Love.”


Feng Cang didn’t believe that in this world, there was a poison without a cure. He didn’t want to forget Feng Qi Qi. He didn’t want to forget everything about her!

“Talk! What is the cure?” Feng Cang grabbed Jia Lan. His eyes were cold.

“I really don’t know! Even if you kill me, I still don’t know! Unless…”

“Unless what?!”

“Unless you go to Penglai Island and find my master. Perhaps then, you can cure it!”

‘Pa…’ Feng Cang threw Jia Lan on the ground. His face was gloomy. “I will! I will go to Penglai Island within two years and find the cure!”

Jia Lan and Jin Yu were ‘escorted’ back to Nan Lin wangfu.[1. Wangfu: residence of the first-rank prince] Feng Cang decided to arrest these two to have them lead the way to Penglai Island later on.

“Qing Qing, don’t worry. I won’t forget you!” Inside Tingsong building, Feng Cang held Feng Qi Qi and kissed her frowning brow. “Believe me!”

“Cang…,” Feng Qi Qi felt very weak. The moment she thought that in the near future, Feng Cang would forget every thing about them, forget their child, it made her heart feel so cold that it would frighten others.

“Let me handle this matter! I will certainly take down Dong Lu within six months. By then, we can go to Penglai Island together, alright?”

“Mm!” Things have reached this stage, so this was the only way. They couldn’t be sluggish about Dong Lu’s war. The longer they delay, the less time they had for themselves. Besides, there were also Xi Qi and the Jurchen tribe. These things would affect them. The war must be ended quickly!

Ming Yue Cheng had rushed back to Nan Feng after reaching an agreement with Feng Qi Qi. Before leaving, he left Feng Qi Qi a letter. On it were only two flamboyantly written words: ‘Don’t worry’.

When he left, he also took Gu Yun Wan with him. Ever since she knew Ming Yue Cheng was in love with Feng Qi Qi, Gu Yun Wan had been thinking about how to approach Feng Qi Qi and take a look at what kind of person she was. It was just, she hadn’t found a chance yet, when she was taken back to Nan Feng by Ming Yue Cheng.

“Ming Yue Cheng, why do you have to help Bei Zhou? Is it because of Feng Qi Qi?”  Inside the carriage, Gu Yun Wan muttered and cast a glance at Ming Yue Cheng. Originally, she'd thought that Ming Yue Cheng had come around. That he'd wanted to go back to Nan Feng to become the emperor. She didn’t expect that the reason he went back this time was to send the army to Xi Qi. “Is Feng Qi Qi really that great?”

“It has nothing to do with her! I just thought that this was an opportunity. Now is the right time to plot against Xi Qi.”

“Yeah, right! Who are you kidding?!” Gu Yun Wan didn’t believe Ming Yue Cheng. “Ever since you've returned from the wangfu, you changed your mind. It’s definitely because of Feng Qi Qi! Ming Yue Cheng, I need to remind you. You’re a country’s emperor. You can’t disregard the country’s interests because of love.”

“Feng Qi Qi had once helped me. A friend is in trouble, so I should help. This is the first reason. Secondly, Xi Qi had once insulted Nan Feng, insulted me. I should take revenge for this hatred. Thirdly, if Bei Zhou is destroyed, it won’t benefit Nan Feng in any way. You probably understand the principle of when the lips go cold, the teeth would die. Well! I don’t want to explain anymore about this matter! This is settled!

“Ming Yue Cheng, you obviously are a bastard…”

Fu Er drove the carriage and listened to the shouts and screams inside. He smiled helplessly. He continued to hit the horse’s butt.

After keeping Feng Qi Qi company for the whole night, Feng Cang woke up very early the next morning.

“Cang…” Today was the day to send the army away. Feng Qi Qi wanted to wake up and send Feng Cang off, but she was stopped by Feng Cang, “You should rest well. Sleep a little more! Don’t send me off. The feeling of parting is uncomfortable. I don’t want….”

Feng Cang's fallacious reasoning made Feng Qi Qi nod in the end. She laid on the bed and looked at Feng Cang as he put on a silver silk armor and robe. That white color made Feng Cang appear extraordinarily handsome, making Feng Qi Qi be in a daze.

“Wait for my return! Also, I love you!” Feng Cang deeply looked at Feng Qi Qi once. Finally, he kissed her forehead. He turned and left Tingsong building.

Outside of Yan capital, the three armies went away at the same time. Little emperor Wanyan Jie and empress dowager Dongfang Lan personally went outside the palace to bid them farewell.

“Safety comes first! You must pay attention to safety!” Looking at Feng Xie, Feng Cang and Wanyan Kang, Dongfang Lan had only this sentence to say.

“Don’t worry!”

After bidding Dongfang Lan and Wanyan Jie farewell, the three mounted a horse. “Depart!”

The sound of the trombone sounded through the earth. The three troops mightily moved to three different directions.

“Be sure to come back safely!” Dongfang Lan waved. Her eyes had tears. If there was no war, how great would it be?! However, the wish was great, but the reality was always cruel. She wished that her descendants would come back safely. She wished that the world was peaceful and the country prospered and the people were at peace!

The regent and Xiaoyao wang[2. Wang/wangye: first-rank prince] personally went to war. The affairs of the state once again fell onto Dongfang Lan. Fortunately, Dongfang Lan had been a successful career woman who passed like the thunder and moved like the wind. These matters were a piece of cake for her. Plus, because of the invasion of the foreign enemies, the whole court dealt with outsiders. So, the officials of the court were united like never before.

  • Passed like the thunder and move like the wind: swift and decisive

Feng Qi Qi rested for a whole day. After bidding Dongfang Lan and Wanyan Ming Yue farewell, she embarked on the journey to the east.

The eagle troop searched for a long time at the Red River, but they still hadn't found Misha or Xia Xue. They hadn’t even seen their corpses. When this news was passed onto Feng Cang, Feng Cang stopped the pursuit of Misha. These two people had either died or escaped.

Feng Cang's guess wasn't wrong. At the lower reaches of the Red River, in an ordinary house made from grass, Misha had been unconscious for a month.

“Miss Xia Xue, the medicine is boiled!” An old woman came in while carrying a bowl of thick black medicine.

“Grandma Li, thank you! I gave you trouble!” Xia Xue quickly stood up, but was stopped by grandma Li. “Don’t move! The injuries on your body haven’t healed yet!” The grandma handed the bowl of medicine to Xia Xue. “Don’t only care to take care of your husband. You should also take care of yourself! Your medicine will be done in a moment! I will bring it to you soon!”

“Thank you!” Xia Xue wanted to send the elderly out but was once again stopped by grandma Li. “Rest well! If your body isn’t well, how would you take care of your husband?! Speaking about it, this little young master is also very brave. He looks young but has the courage to elope with you. However, your fiancé’s family is too aggressive. They treated you like this. Really a pair of unfortunate mandarin ducks!”

  • Mandarin ducks: affectionate couple

“Grandma Li, I should thank you and uncle Li for saving us. If it wasn’t because of you and uncle Li, I and my husband would’ve certainly died. Even if we didn’t die, we would’ve been caught by them. It would be no different from death then!”

Xia Xue’s complexion was pale. Although her expression was a bit cold, but when facing the elder, it was a lot gentler, “I thank you on behalf of my husband! I kowtow to you!”

She didn’t care about the pain on her legs and body, Xia Xue came to the elder and knelt in front of her. ‘Knock, knock, knock’, she kowtowed three times.

“Aiyaya! Quickly stand up! What are you doing, ah?! Quickly stand up!” Grandma Li helped Xia Xue stand up and also helped her sit down. “We have a tiny family and house and don't have many good things! It could be considered that you were lucky! Fortunately, my old man had opened a medicine shop in the past. Li Da had learnt some medical skills from his father. Otherwise, we couldn’t have saved you. Like the old saying, heaven helps the worthy. You two hadn’t died due to a calamity, so you would be able to enjoy blessings in the future!”

“I also hope so! If my husband can really wake up, then I’m willing to do everything for you!”

Xia Xue said it very emotionally, making the elder’s eyes got warm, “Silly girl, what silly things are you saying?! When your husband wakes up, you should find a place to hide for three or five years. After a period of time, the anger in your parents would be eliminated. By then, you could go back with their grandchildren to apologize. Your parents will forgive you! Listening to this old woman is right!”

After sending grandma Li away, Xia Xue came with the medicine to Misha.

Seeing Misha’s left eye wrapped in gauze, Xia Xue’s tears couldn’t help but fall. It had been a month. Misha was still in a coma. Previously, he had a fever for a long time. She thought that he wouldn’t be able to make it and also intended to die with him. She didn’t think that Misha would survive, but after that, he fell into a long coma.

“Young master, young master…,” She gently stroked Misha’s left shoulder. The wound there had begun to heal. As grandma Lee said, fortunately they'd encountered Li Da who knew how to treat wounds. Otherwise, they would’ve long become white bones.

Although Misha’s shoulder could be healed, but his left eye was completely destroyed. Feng Cang’s arrow had hit Misha’s left eye. Now, his left eye was completely destroyed and he had become someone with only one eye. She didn’t know if Misha would accept this matter when he wakes up. Someone as proud as young master, it took him a long time to adopt to the fact that his legs were disabled. Now, he lost a left eye. He would be very, very sad!

“Young master, it’s Xia Xue’s fault. It’s Xia Xue who didn’t block the arrow. It’s Xia Xue who didn’t take good care of you!” Xia Xue’s face was pasted on Misha’s chest.  Her worry eased a bit after listening to his calm heartbeat. A heartbeat meant that young master was still alive! As long as he was alive, there would be hope in her heart.

“Young master, forget Yi Lian, alright?! Is Xia Xue not good? Why can’t you look at me?! I won’t leave you. I will never abandon you…Young master, am I not good enough?”

Xia Xue talked endlessly about things she usually didn’t dare to say. In the past, Misha didn’t like her to touch him, but now, she’s the one who is changing his medicine, wiping him and feeding him medicine. Once or twice, Xia Xue had hoped to continue in such a state. Even if Misha was unconscious, but at least, such a Misha belonged to her completely.

“Young master, drink the medicine!”

Xia Xue took a mouthful of medicine, leaned over and put her lips on Misha’s lips. Her small tongue pried his lips and teeth open and let the medicine go in Misha’s mouth. She waited till he swallowed it before she continued to feed him the next mouthful.

Such an intimate contact was something Xia Xue never dared to imagine! But now Misha was unconscious and couldn’t swallow the medicine. She could only feed him with her mouth and was also happy to enjoy such intimacy.

Xia Xue fed a bowl of medicine for a long time before it was completely taken by Misha.

“Young master, although the medicine is bitter, but you would be fine after drinking it!” Xia Xue gently wiped the medicine from the corners of Misha’s mouth. Now, Misha lay so well-behaved. Although, he was still in come, but aside from a pale complexion, he looked like he was asleep.

Xia Xue’s hand gentle moved over that innocent face of Misha. Her eyes were full of love. If they could continue to be like this was also not bad…

Seeing the still beautiful face of Misha even when he was in coma, Xia Xue’s heart felt a warmth. Could he kiss young master’s lips once again? Xia Xue struggled in her heart. In the end, the love for Misha broke through her mind.

She lowered her head and leaned over Misha. His white as porcelain skin was smooth and flawless. Even the sweat pores couldn’t be seen. Also, his long eyelashes were thick like a small brush. The usual charming eyes under the eyelashes was now closed. He was well-behaved like a child. For the first time, Xia Xue discovered that Misha had such a quiet side.

“Young master…,” Xia Xue’s face was a bit red. She didn’t know if this was considered offending Misha or not, but she really loves Misha very much. When he was awake, she couldn’t do anything. Now, he was unconscious, she could take the opportunity and do things she normally didn’t dare to do.

Just when Xia Xue closed her eyes and wanted to kiss Misha’s lips, Misha’s right eye suddenly opened and looked at Xia Xue who was getting closer and closer to him.

Just when Xia Xue thought that she was about to touch those soft lips, a hoarse voice spread to her ear, “Xia Xue…”

Xia Xue abruptly opened her eyes and looked at that pair of cold and dull eyes of Misha. The bowl in her hand made a ‘kuangdang!’ sound. It fell on the ground and was smashed into pieces.

“Miss Xia Xue, what had happened?” At the door, grandma Li once again came in with a bowl of black medicine. Hearing the sound, her steps sped up. She approached and saw the woken up Misha.

“Aiya! It’s really a happy occasion as big as the sky! So great! Miss Xia Xue, your husband has woken up! Amitabha, buddha’s protection!” Grandma Li put the bowl down and bowed to the buddha stature on the wall. The appearance of grandma Li dissolved Xia Xue’s embarrassment. She quickly got up and sat well. She pretended like nothing had happened, but her face was burning.

Only when grandma Li said some more congratulatory words and left, did Xia Xue look at Misha again.

“You told her that we are husband and wife?” Now, Misha had woken up completely. He seemed to have realized from the pain, that something had happened to his left eye. There weren’t any thunderstorms that Xia Xue was expecting. This time, Misha was abnormally quiet.

“Young master, this was a stratagem of convenience. I didn’t do it on purpose…”

“You did good!” Xia Xue wanted to explain, but then she heard Misha’s praise, making her stunned.

Seeing that Xia Xue was somewhat in a daze, Misha laughed, “What? Became silly? Thought that I would scold you? It turns out that I'm such a cold and heartless person in your heart, ah!”

“No, young master isn’t such a person!”

“Xia Xue, thank you for saving me!” Misha smiled faintly. “If it wasn’t for you, I may have been buried in the Red River.”

“This is what I should do!” Misha’s politeness and tenderness made Xia Xue feel somewhat overwhelmed. “Young master, you were in a coma for a month. You don’t know how worried I was!”

“What?! One month!” Misha was shocked after hearing this news. He struggled to sit up. “Where are we now? Did Bei Zhou send the troops to Dong Lu? How is the situation now?”

“Young master, we’re in Bei Zhou and are far from Dong Lu…”

“Pack up. Go to Dong Lu!”

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