Chapter 173 (Part 1) Feng Cang is a madman

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 173 (Part 1) Feng Cang is a madman

Misha’s decision startled Xia Xue, “Young master, your injuries are very serious. You still need to rest!”

Xia Xue had just finished speaking when Misha felt a burst of dizziness. The pain from his left eye stimulated his brain. He clutched his left eye. Xia Xue quickly helped Misha lie down. “Young master, how are you feeling? Does it hurt very much?”

Misha was in so much pain that he could only take deep breaths.

Seeing Misha in so much pain, Xia Xue’s heart felt more pain than him, “Young master, the medicine we were carrying on our bodies had been washed away by the water! This place is remote and desolate. There is nothing…”

“It doesn’t matter.” Misha took a deep breath. Even if he wanted to glue some wings on him and fly to Dong Lu, but the pain from just now made Misha realise that getting out of bed now and rushing to Dong Lu was just a fantasy. Unless he wanted to lose his life in Dong Lu. However, before getting Yi Lian, he couldn’t die.

“Young master, you’re seriously injured. You still need to nurse yourself back to health. Why don’t you recuperate first; when your body is a bit better, we will go to Dong Lu then, alright? Didn’t you always say that the body is the capital of life?! Without a healthy body, how will you go achieve your dream?”

While Misha was still hesitating, Xia Xue’s words undoubtedly played the role of ‘pushing the wave and add to the billows’. It so happened that at this moment, a piecing pain came from his left eye, making Misha almost faint from agony.

  • Pushing the wave and add to the billows: add fuel to fire

“Xia Xue…go inquire about the situation of Dong Lu. We won’t leave for the moment.”

Misha saying they wouldn't leave for now made Xia Xue happy. In the past, Misha had always stubbornly adhered to his own thoughts and always refused to change. This time, he was actually willing to listen to her and stay put. Did this mean that in Misha’s heart, she at least had a little bit of status?

Misha closed his eyes. His right hand clenched into a fist. Now, he was like a tiger whose claws had been pulled out. Any ordinary person could hurt him. The state of his left hand and left eye made Misha hate Feng Cang to death.

That godlike man had not only stolen his Yi Lian, he'd also destroyed his left eye and injured his left hand. The hate of stolen love, the pain of the body, he (M) must avenge! But before avenging, he must restore his health. As Xia Xue said, without a healthy body, how could he compete with Feng Cang for Yi Lian? Originally, his legs were disabled. Now, he'd also lost his left eye. Will Yi Lian fancy such a him?

If it was on his pride, he would certainly not be able to accept such a him. Disabled legs, and also lost his left eye. He was completely a deformity. He might as well die! However, he was unwilling! He was unwilling that Yi Lian was robbed like this by another!

When he thought about death, inside Misha’s eyes appeared Feng Qi Qi's image. She was more beautiful and prettier than she was in the past life, making people’s eyes unable to leave her. Whether it was the past or the present life, Yi Lian was the most beautiful in his eyes. He'd searched painfully for all these years, wasn’t it just to meet her?!

However, while Misha thought so, Xia Xue was also counting on a narrow abacus in her heart.

  • Count on a narrow abacus: scheming selfishly

After feeding Misha some rice porridge and served him to sleep, Xia Xue came to grandma Li and Li Da. The moment she saw Li Da, Xia Xue knelt and kowtowed and kept repeating, “Thanking benefactor”. This made Li Da be at loss of what to do. It was grandma Li who pushed him. He stepped forward and helped Xia Xue stand up.

“Miss Xia Xue, your husband is very fortunate and lucky. As long as he recuperates well, he will certainly restore his health!”

“Thanks uncle Li. Thanks!” Xia Xue took out a golden hairpin and stuffed it in grandma Li’s hand. “Grandma Li, uncle Li, thank you for taking me and my husband in and also for treating our wounds. I have only such a valuable thing on me. Take this golden hairpin as my gratitude towards you!”

“What are you saying?!” Grandma Li stuffed the golden hairpin back to Xia Xue. “If you have the need, just directly say it. Why be so polite?! In the future, there will be many days where you would need money. Keep this golden hairpin. Perhaps, in a critical moment, it could save you! How can we take your money?!”

The two shoved at each other for half a day. Xia Xue still let grandma Li keep the golden hairpin, “In fact, I came today to beg you for one thing. Although, my husband is seriously injured, but he kept thinking about taking revenge. I don’t want him to go and die this time. We aren’t the other’s party opponents! I don’t know how to discourage him….”

“Miss Xia Xue, let me advise him!”

Li Da was ready to leave, but was stopped by Xia Xue, “Uncle Li, it’s useless. He’s too stubborn. He would certainly do the things he decided! I’m only worried about his body. He was so seriously wounded. I’m afraid that he hasn’t seen the enemy yet and have already died. So, I want to ask uncle Li to help me!”

Although Xia Xue’s expression was cold, but the care and concern she showed towards Misha these past month, made grandma Li and Li Da think that she was a good girl. Moreover, they felt very sympathetic to the ‘love’ between her and Misha.

Now, Xia Xue sought their help. Besides, they took a golden hairpin from the other party; of course, they had to help her. Li Da opened his mouth, “Alright! Tell me!”

“Uncle Li, can you add an herb that aide people to sleep in the medicine? Seeing his wound, he should at least recuperate for a month. I’m worried that he would disregard his body and hurt himself. So, I want to ask you to add some other herbs in the medicine to let him sleep more.”

Xia Xue said so made Li Da surprised, “Miss Xia Xue, you really want to do this? What would you do in case your husband detected it?”

“When he notices, presumably the wounds on his body would be healed. If he wants to take revenge, by then, I will return with him! However, it’s not now. Now, he couldn’t get up by himself. I can’t let him go die. Father and mother already don’t admit me I only have him…”

Speaking of moving things, Xia Xue’s tears fell, making grandma Li quickly go forward and wiped her tears.

“Li Da, I think we should help Xia Xue on this matter! She’s so pitiful!”

Mother made her speech. Naturally, Li Da should listen to it. From that night onwards, inside Misha’s medicine was added an ingredient that made him sleep. Like this, a month had passed. They’ve gone into summer. The weather was getting hotter.

Resting for a month, the wound on Misha’s left shoulder was almost healed. Although, he couldn’t use it freely yet, but it looked no different from ordinary people.

Now, Misha had also became aware of the status of his left eye. That arrow of Feng Cang hit his left eye. When Li Da took the arrow out of him, his eyeball was attached to the arrow. His whole eyeball was pulled out. Now, his left eye had sunken and left a hole as big as a jujube.

Misha tried not to think about his left eye and also didn’t look in the mirror at his left eye. Although, he had been taking medicine, but his left eye was gone would hurt a long time. This also made his brain hurt a lot.

In the modern era, losing a big eye would be considered a major surgery. Let alone, in the ancient times. Beside they were in a village at the hill. Fortunately, they met Li Da. He’s a good person and also had good skills. It could be considered that he (M) picked back his life.

“Xia Xue, what date is it today? Why did the cicadas begin to chirp now?!”

Because of the serious injuries, Misha’s physique had gotten a lot worse. So, he didn’t feel the temperature rise and also didn’t feel the warmth. Instead, it was the cicadas on the tree outside that made Misha puzzled. Could it be that summer already came? However, he clearly remembered that he just slept a few days, ah…

Xia Xue was surprised for a moment with Misha asking this. Then, she pretended like nothing was the matter and continued to feed Misha medicine, “Young master, you should ask the cicadas this question. I don’t know.”

Without the wheelchair plus the lost if the left eye, even though Misha was awake, he preferred to stay in the house. Moreover, every time he woke up, only a little while later, after he ate and took the medicine, he would fall asleep. He didn’t know that the time had already flew by and that it was June now.

“Hehe, you let me as the cicadas stumped me. What day is it today? Did you inquire about the matter I let you go inquire?”

“Young master, I can’t leave here, but I already asked people to help me inquire. I believe that we will get the news soon! Today, only ten days had passed. Don’t worry!”

“Xia Xue, I feel that I’m much better. Thank you for your care during this time!”

“Young master, this is what I should do!”

Xia Xue helped Misha lay down. She took the empty bowl and went out. After she went out, she also softly closed the door.

Misha stared at the roof. Sleepiness hit him once again. It seemed that every time after he drank the medicine, he would feel very tired. If it wasn’t because every time when he woke up, it was during the day, he would’ve thought that he only slept one night!

Slept one night?! Misha suddenly thought of something. He pushed his body and sat up.

This isn’t right! Why does he feel that he slept for a long time? However, every time when he opened his eyes, it was during the day. Xia Xue said that he only slept for a little while. Hearing the chirps of the cicadas, it must be summer now. Why did Xia Xue say that it was the tenth? The first time he woke up, it was May. If only ten days had passed, why did cicadas appear in May?

Could it be that Xia Xue did something with the medicine? That was why he will sleep and not wake up? Thinking till here, another burst of dizziness hit him. Misha pinched his body and used the pain of his body to stimulate himself.

Without the wheelchair, Misha couldn’t get out of bed. He simply put his hand on the ground and crawled to the door.

Outside, Li Da came back from picking herbs. Seeing Xia Xue, he smiled at her, “Miss Xia Xue, did you husband already drink the medicine?”

“He just drank it and just laid down. He must be asleep now. Uncle Li, you came back very early today!”

Xia Xue was very grateful to Li Da. If it wasn’t because Li Da saved them and also went to pick herbs daily, perhaps she and Misha would be ghosts now in the underwater. Moreover, Li Da listened to her and added herbs that aided sleep in the medicine, so Misha could recuperate peacefully and didn’t trouble here and trouble there. Speaking about it, that Misha was able to recover so fast was also Li Da’s credit.

“Having entered summer, the herbs on the mountain increased. Look, today, I picked many Lingyi herb. When it’s dried, it can be made into medicine!”

“Lingyi herb?” Through the seam of the door, Misha saw the herbs in Li Da’s hands. Surely, it was Lingyi herb,

This herb had the role of promoting sleep. Why did Li Da pick Lingyi herb? Could it be that there was Lingyi herb in the medicine that he drank every day? The thought about what Li Da said just now ‘having entered summer’, Misha suddenly came to a realization.

No wonder he would be so drowsy every day. It turned out that it came from Lingyi herb! He didn’t need to guess to know that Xia Xue must’ve acted on her own initiative. She didn’t want to let him go to Dong Lu, so she preferred to let Li Da put Lingyi herb in the medicine to let him sleep continuously. She was trying to delay time!

‘Boom!’ Just as Xia Xue and Li Da was chatting, from inside Misha’s room came a loud noise. The wooden door was shattered into pieces.

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