Chapter 173 (Part 2) Feng Cang is a madman

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 173 (Part 2) Feng Cang is a madman

The sudden noise surprised Li Da. Grandma Li in the next room had also been scared and run over here. She repeatedly asked, “What had happened?”

After the smoke was cleared, Xia Xue saw Misha sitting on the floor. Wasn’t he asleep? When did he get out of bed? Seeing that Misha used his hands to support his body, Xia Xue quickly went over to him.

“Young master, what had happened? Why did you come out of bed? If there was anything, you could’ve called me, ah!”

“F**** off…,” Misha gestured with his hand. The wind in his right-hand palm hit the unprepared Xia Xue to the ground. “Bitch! You actually delayed my time and put Lingyi herb in my medicine!”

Hearing Misha say that, Xia Xue knew that what he and Li Da said just now was heard by Misha. She couldn’t care about wiping the blood from her mouth. Xia Xue immediately knelt in front of Misha, “Young master, please listen to my explanation! You were seriously injured. If you insisted on going to Dong Lu, if your wound got infected on the road, it would endanger your life, ah! This slave considered from the point of your health and had to come up with this plan. This slave did it for you, young master!”

“Damned you!” The more Misha listened, the angrier he got. It seemed that everything was true. He actually wasted so much time here. He didn’t know how the situation was now in Dong Lu.

“Young master, don’t be angry. It’s this slave’s fault. Don’t be angry! If you want to punish, then punish this slave…,” Xia Xue didn’t finish, when another wave of wind from a hand palm came at her. Xia Xue fell on the ground once again.

“Don’t come lie to me with those high-sounding reasons! You just don’t want me to go to Dong Lu. You just don’t want me to see Yi Lian! So, you repeatedly stopped me! Did you think that I don’t know what you are thinking? Want to become my woman? Are you worthy?!”

Misha’s whole body trembled. He had never thought that Xia Xue would do such a thing, “Say, what date is it now?!”

Misha’s aggressiveness completely stunned grandma Li and Li Da. After hearing Misha did they found out the reason. Xia Xue was not this young handsome man’s wife. She’s his slave! They were lied to by Xia Xue?!

Seeing that Misha was not to be trifled with, grandma Li quickly answered in Xia Xue's stead, “It’s already mid-June…”

“What?” Misha cold eyes casted her a glance, making grandma Li shiver from fear. She almost fell. It was Li Da who supported her. “Say it once again?”

“Now, it’s already mid-June…”

“Good, very good! Very good!” Misha looked fiercely at Xia Xue. The hatred in his eyes was apparent.

Xia Xue knew that Misha must hate her to death. She didn’t think that her own ‘act on her initiative’ would let Misha be so disgusted, “Young master, I was wrong! I know I’m wrong! Young master, give me one more chance! I really just want you to recuperate well, ah!”

Xia Xue wanted to come forward but had once again been hit to the ground.

Seeing Xia Xue like this, Li Da couldn’t help but stand up and berated Misha, “No matter what miss Xia Xue did wrong, it was for your body, it was for your own good! How can you bite the hands that feed you?! When you were in a coma, it was miss Xia Xue who took care of you without rest. Even if you’re angry, you should think about the good things about her. How can you treat her, a girl, like this?!”

Li Da’s berating made Misha’s face got darker. He stared long at Li Da. He suddenly laughed, “Since you want to come up for her so much, then, I will let you see the true face of this woman!”

After finishing speaking, Misha gestured with his finger at Xia Xue.

“Young master, forgive me!” She couldn’t care less about the pain on her body and crawled to Misha. With a face of begging like a Pekinese dog, she looked at Misha, “Young master, as long as you forgive me, I’m willing to do anything for you.”

“Really?” Misha smiled innocently. The black eye-patch on his left eye made him look even more like a rebirthed devil with a naïve smile, but there was a deep coldness in his eyes.

“Kill them! Kill them, then, I will forgive you!”

Misha pointed at Li Da and grandma Li and smiled gently at Xia Xue.

“Young master…,” Xia Xue’s heart shivered. If it wasn’t because of grandma Li and Li Da, they wouldn’t have survived. However, now Misha’s demand was to kill them. How could she do it?

“What, don’t want to part with your accomplice?”

When Misha’s cold voice with a trace of heartlessness reached Xia Xue’s ears, she couldn’t help but shudder. With her understanding of Misha, if she doesn’t do it, he will kill them himself and also punish her accordingly. She didn’t want to lose Misha’s trust!

Xia Xue clenched her teeth. She stood up and walked to Li Da, “Grandma Li, Li Da, sorry!”

Xia Xue’s appearance clearly looked like that she wanted to kill them. This made grandma Li and Li Da greatly shocked, “Mother, be careful!” Li Da carried grandma Li on his back and run to the outside. However, he didn’t run out of the yard, Xia Xue flashed and was already in front of them.

At this time, Xia Xue’s gentle look disappeared. She was cold as ice. Her original look returned.

“Sorry!” A hatchet appeared in Xia Xue’s hands. A light flashed. On Li Da’s neck appeared a smear of blood. The red blood was like a fountain and sprayed all over the place.

“Eldest, eldest…” Li Da’s body slowly fell on the ground. Grandma Li also rolled to the ground. Seeing her son dying tragically, grandma Li began to shout, “Come, ah! Murder! Come ah! Murder…”

  • Chinese people usually call their sons according to their rank of birth. Since Li Da is the only child, she would call him Eldest

She didn’t shout the second murder yet, when grandma Li had fallen in a pool of blood. Like Li Da, grandma Li was also killed with one stroke.

Looking at the two people who fell on the ground, thinking about how they lived together these past two months, Xia Xue’s heart hurt very much. However, if she didn’t do it like this, she would lose Misha’s trust. Compared to Misha, Li Da and grandma Li were nothing.

“Let’s go!” Misha didn’t feel anything about these two people’s death. They lied to him. They deserved to be killed! They delayed his time and he didn’t know the situation of Dong Lu now. Dong Lu can’t lose. He needs to stop Feng Cang!

“Yes!” Xia Xue searched through the house and found some money grandma Li kept including that golden hairpin. She put them away in her chest. She also took some food. Finally, she dragged the two people’s corpses to the room. A fire burned down the place where they lived for two months.

Behind was a blazing fire. Xia Xue carried Misha on her back and left without looking back.

On the road, Xia Xue hired a carriage. They rushed for half a month. Early July, they arrived at Dong Lu.

Along the way, Misha heard many things about Feng Cang. For example, Feng Cang utterly defeated Hu Xue Sen in just half a month. Dong Lu withdraw the troops from Pingyi, Gaoyang and Jinyuan. But Feng Cang wasn’t ‘satisfied’ with Dong Lu’s withdrawal of the troops. Instead, he pursued the retreating enemy and went all the way to the abdomen of Dong Lu, making it so that Dong Lu could only resist.

At this time, princess Zhen Guo led two hundred thousand soldiers as reinforcement. Feng Cang captured the city as a leading figure. Feng Qi Qi immediately occupied the territory. The two coordinated perfectly. It seemed like they had the intention to devour Dong Lu. Ever since Feng Cang led the army till now, in just two and a half short months, Dong Lu already lost two thirds of it’s cities.

“Crazy! Crazy!” Getting these messages, Misha couldn’t help but curse.

In two and half month, not only did Feng Cang cut off the heads of Hu Xue Sen and Dong Lu’s emperor Xia Jin, he also occupied more than half the territory of Dong Lu. How crazy was this person to be able to do such a thing?!

What others couldn’t complete in a year or so, when it came to Feng Cang, it was like a child’s play. It happened that Feng Qi Qi was his partner. He attacked, she occupied and defended the city. This couple was simply a golden combination.

What was odder was Xi Qi. Now, Longze Yu and Longze Jing Tian was also badly burned about the head. Feng Xie’s ‘coming back from death’ was unexpected to them. Longze Yu put more than half of the military power on dealing with Bei Zhou and Feng Xie. He didn’t expect that Nan Feng suddenly gave them a surprise attack and caught them unprepared.

Since most of the military was in the east, dealing with Bei Zhou; when the north was met with Ming Yue Cheng’s three hundred thousand soldiers, Xi Qi’s army could only retreat in defeat. Longze Jing Tian wanted to mobilize the army back to reinforce, he didn’t expect that Feng Xie only used a small amount of the army and let them have no spare time for a separate task. He didn’t dare to retreat. Until now, Ming Yue Cheng’s side almost reached Xi Qi’s capital, Xiliang.

“A good relieve a besieged ally by attacking the home base of the besiegers! A good threaten the east and strike to the west!”

Misha was now surer that Ming Yue Cheng deployed his army like this because he reached an agreement with Bei Zhou. Looking at Ming Yue Cheng, it seemed that wanted to waste time with Xi Qi. Could it be that Nan Feng and Bei Zhou would like to take this opportunity to divide the mainland and let Dong Lu and Xi Qi become history?

Misha only cursed Feng Cang for being a war madman. He didn’t know that after Feng Cang got to know that the fetal poison in his body was Forget Love, he wanted to end the war very much. Only after the war is ended, could he go to Penglai Island to cure the poison.

Feng Cang was afraid that if the time was dragged for too long, it would let him forget Feng Qi Qi before he could go to Penglai Island. So, aside from the necessarily rest and to get ready, he would be in combat mode. Quickly take down Dong Lu was the thing Feng Cang wanted to do the most.

At this point, Feng Cang’s army was getting closer and closer to Dong Lu’s capital, Yuchu.

Xia Jin already died under Feng Cang’s sword. Without a monarch, Dong Lu was in a great mess. Because when Xia Jin was alive, he didn’t establish a crown prince, so even if Feng Cang’s soldiers were at the city walls and although Dong Lu lost two-third of its territory, Dong Lu’s princes haven’t realized that the danger had come. Instead, they were more concerned who would ascend the throne.

“Bastards! Till now, you are still fighting? If you continue to fight like this, you’re all about to become refugees from a destroyed country!” The empress dowager Jun Lan Xin looked at the five princes who refused to accept the other. She shivered from anger.

“Two-third of the territory is gone. Soon, Bei Zhou’s army will come to our Yuchu. You are still fighting here over the throne. Don’t you feel ashamed?! Can you have a clear conscience when facing your ancestors, when facing your dead emperor father?!”

Jun Lan Xin being like this, fourth prince Xia Zheng well-behavedly came to his imperial grandmother and massaged her shoulders, “Imperial grandmother, you’re right! Now, it’s time for our brothers to work with a common purpose and deal unanimously against the outsiders! If we continue to fight like this, Dong Lu will be gone! We must unite!”

“It’s still Zheng er[1. Er: term of endearment] who is sensible!”

“It’s all because imperial grandmother taught well!”

Xia Zheng’s words were very much to Jun Lan Xin’s liking. Besides, this imperial grandson was her favorite. Seeing these two echo one another, eldest prince Xia Qi was not happy, “Imperial grandmother, although the words were said like that, but still one person need to be recommended to preside over the overall situation! Otherwise, both sides would claim they’re right, wouldn’t agree with each other and fight till our heads are broken and blood are flowing. Wouldn’t this let the outsiders laugh at us?! I think, we should first determine who is the heir to the throne!”

“Right! Eldest brother is right! After setting the new emperor, the citizens and the generals would be at ease. Everyone would have a pillar to lean on and would also fight against outsiders! By then, not to mention reclaim our cities. Even defeating Bei Zhou is possible!”

Xia Qi’s words received the other three princes’ support. Seeing the other imperial grandson take a different position from her under Xia Qi’s lead, Jun Lan Xin’s expression became dark, “Your words make sense, but who should become the emperor? You fought for so many days and didn’t came with a result. Could it that you want to continue to waste time like this?!”

“Don’t forget, Dong Lu’s citizens are living between water and fire and are struggling under the iron heel of Bei Zhou! You are unwilling to make concessions, could it be that you want to become prisoners and let Dong Lu become Bei Zhou?!”

When Jun Lan Xin said this, she was emotionally agitated. Even the emerald in the phoenix mouth on the phoenix crown shook.

“Tsk… how come I heard that those citizens in the cities very much welcomed Bei Zhou people? I heard that Bei Zhou’s princess Zhen Guo Feng Qi Qi issued a Three Rules of Discipline and Eight Points for Attention and was very popular amongst the citizens. Some also said that the citizens weren’t disturbed by the war at all. Feng Qi Qi also promised them a ten-year tax exemption. Those who fled their hometown, now have gone back. Feng Qi Qi had long pacified them!”

  • The Three Rules of Discipline and Eight Points for Attention, a military doctrine issued in 1928 by Mao Zedong for the Red Army, which included a number of injunctions demanding high standards of behavior and respect for civilians during wartime

The one who spoke was second prince Xia Yu. Jun Lan Xin’s lips trembled from anger. Her finger pointed at Xia Yu. She could care less about her identity as empress dowager and scolded.

“Xia Yu, you’re Dong Lu’s prince. How could you speak up for the enemy’s country? Since you say that Bei Zhou was so good, why don’t you go to Bei Zhou? Your attitude is like this, your thoughts is like this, aren’t you selling the country?!”

“Imperial grandmother, words couldn’t be said like this. Who could let the people live well will be supported by the people. Since ancient times, it had been like his. Feng Qi Qi could be like this, I fell that she’s very good. She’s a heroine. She could be e compared favourably with men in terms of ability. She deserves to be admired!”

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