Chapter 174 Sinister Misha

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

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Chapter 174 Sinister Misha

These remarks of Xia Yu almost made Jun Lan Xin faint from anger. “You!” She pointed at Xia Yu. Her fingers trembled slightly, “You don’t deserve to be Dong Lu’s citizen!”

“Imperial grandmother, don’t get angry!” Xia Zheng quickly poured tea for Jun Lan Xin and gave her another round of shoulder massages. This made Jun Lan Xin’s anger calm down, “Since you all want the throne, but have no way to convince the other, then hand this matter over to heaven!”

Jun Lan Xin had no way to deal with these few imperial grandsons. She could only let people bring five tortoiseshells with pennies in them and put them in front of everyone. “The one who could divine the greatest luck using the divine trigram is the new emperor of Dong Lu and can also lead everyone to defeat Bei Zhou and restore the glory of before!”

The so-called greatest luck is all the five copper coins in the tortoiseshell landing on the ‘Yang’ side. The recommendation of the empress dowager got the five princes' agreement. Since no one could convince the other, then give the choice of destiny to God.

‘Kuang, kuang, kuang…,” Eldest prince Xia Qi rocked the tortoiseshell first. ‘Hualala….,” sounded. The three of the five coins on the ground were positive, two were negative and this led to a sigh. The next one was Xia Yu. One positive and four negative. Third eldest brother got four positive and one negative.

When it was fourth brother’s turn, he closed his eyes and prayed for a long time. Then, he finally blew in the tortoiseshell. ‘Kuangdang….,” five positive copper coins appeared on the ground.

“How could this be? Why was it like this?”

The result of Xia Zheng’s divination let the princes and the officials debate. Some, who were licking the boots, immediately kowtowed and shouted long live for ten thousand years.

“This, this is impossible!” As soon as Xia Qi’s hands was about to touch the copper coin, Jun Lan Xin shouted, “Do you want to go against god’s wishes? Or is it that you want to suffer the wrath of heaven?”

Jun Lan Xin’s words successfully scared Xia Qi. A mortal’s heart revered the gods. Besides, they'd already agreed that the one who could divine such a result would be the new emperor. Now, even if the other princes were not willing, they could only drop this matter.

With Xia Zheng’s greatest luck, fifth prince hadn’t divined yet, but he was already ignored by the others. The original problem about the new emperor had been tangled for so long and was now solved by a small divination. Although the other princes were unwilling but just now, everyone had recognized this approach. Now, Xia Zheng had really divined the greatest luck. If they oppose and by chance angered the gods, then it would be troublesome.

Just at this moment, a “Sir Duyi has arrived!” spread over.

The one who came was a man about thirty years old. He was dressed in black and had a dark aura around him. The moment Duyi arrived, he first smilingly congratulated Xia Zheng, “Congratulations Your Majesty! Congratulations Your Majesty!”

“Sir Duyi!” Xia Zheng grinned from ear to ear. “Thank you, thank you!”

The two talked politely for quite a while, making Xia Qi unable to look at it any longer, “Sir Duyi, may I ask when will the reinforcement of Penglai Island arrive? It has been so long, why hasn’t there been any news?”

“I came to talk about this! I've just received a letter from Penglai Island. Master had sent one hundred supreme disciples of Penglai Island and they've already embarked on the boat. Soon, they will reach Dong Lu.”

Duyi’s words let the hearts of the people, who had been worried about the demise of Dong Lu, settled down a bit.

“Right, ah?! Right, ah?! With Penglai Island stepping in, we will certainly beat that Feng Cang and let him be gone forever!”

“Right, right, right! Every one of Penglai Island’s disciples is a master at martial arts. They could simply take Feng Cang’s head at the battle. By then, even if they didn’t want to retreat, they would have to retreat!”

“Yes! Before, it was said that Bei Zhou’s regent Long Ao Tian would go to battle. I thought that a new character had appeared. I didn’t think that it was Feng Cang. Although Feng Cang is a young god of war, but behind our Dong Lu is Penglai Island! Penglai Island is not something Feng Cang can afford to provoke!”

A storm about succession was calmed down by just five copper coins.

Although Feng Cang’s army was approaching, but the people of Yuchu’s palace didn’t seem to be aware of the imminent danger. Everyone pinned their hopes on the hundred Penglai Island’s disciples Duyi talked about.

Because of the war and the lack of time, the ascension of the new emperor of Dong Lu wasn’t as lively as in the past. But even so, it was extravagant. In the morning, Xia Zheng received the officials' worshipping and also issued the first edict after the ascension. It was to make the other four princes become wangye,[1. Wang/wangye: first-rank prince] built residences for them in the capital and ordered that they could not leave the capital without permission.

Xia Zheng being like this attracted the anger of the four princes, “Him doing this, isn’t it like holding us captive?”

However, Xia Zheng had long known that his brothers wouldn’t readily accept this request. He didn’t wait for them to resist and let people forcibly imprison them.

“Sir Duyi, thank you for giving zhen[2. Zhen: I, used by the emperor] advice. Zhen salutes you with a cup of wine!”

Inside the harem, Xia Zheng, who's wearing the dragon robe, was beaming. Duyi also laughingly took the cup of wine and drank it in one shot, “Wasn’t this because Your Majesty is the true son of heaven?!”

Hearing Duyi say that, Xia Zheng took out the previous tortoiseshell and poured the coins out. “No one would believe that the two sides of these coins are the same. If it wasn’t because sir Duyi came up with the plan to use divination to determine the heir to the throne, zhen wouldn’t have this day! So, zhen still needs to toast with you!”

The two drank a whole earthen jar. When Xia Zheng was drunk, Duyi let people escort Xia Zheng to his chambers to rest. He went to empress dowager Jun Lan Xin’s palace.

“Duyi, how is it? Does Penglai Island intend to help us?”

“No.” He changed his relaxed expression of before. Duyi’s face turned gloomy. “Now, master is in seclusion. Without eldest senior’s order, no one would listen to me.”

When mentioning eldest senior Misha, Duyi felt endless resentment. Obviously, he was older than Misha, but he had to call Misha eldest senior. Also, master gave Misha the power when he went into seclusion. This was obviously being biased!

Earlier, Misha had rushed to Bei Zhou. Although Duyi didn’t know why he went to Bei Zhou in such a hurry, but he (D) grabbed the chance. He imprisoned all those disciples in Dong Lu who were biased towards Misha.

Now, the imperial family of Dong Lu only recognized him Duyi. This let the gratification in his heart expand eagerly. However, after that, Bei Zhou invaded. Feng Cang led the eagle troop and took up two thirds of the cities with irresistible force. Everyone in Dong Lu wanted him to ask for help from Penglai Island. This forced Duyi back to his original place.

“What? Why is it like this? Where is Misha? Did you find him?” The moment she heard that Penglai Island didn’t send people to help, Jun Lan Xin got anxious. “Then all the things you had said before were lies? Why did you lie to everyone?”

“Empress dowager!” Duyi’s face was gloomy. “Wasn’t I afraid to let the popular sentiment be in disorder?! If I say that no one from Penglai Island would be coming as reinforcement, then wouldn’t the whole capital be in a mess a long time ago?! My eldest senior went to Bei Zhou and I don’t know if he’s dead or alive…”

“Oh god!” After listening to Duyi, Jun Lan Xin felt dizzy. “Could it be that the heavens want to let my Dong Lu perish?!”

“Empress dowager, I already let people go find eldest senior and I also let people go to Penglai Island. Don’t worry, nothing will happen!”

Although he was saying that, but in fact, Duyi told people to kill Misha without pardon when they find him. He had been pushed around for so long by Misha. Finally, he had found the chance to blow off the steam; how could he let Misha appear and take away his limelight?!

“Nothing will happen?! When you let the emperor mobilize the army, you also said that, but what was the result? In the end, the emperor died. The general also died. Now, Dong Lu is about to perish. You still say nothing will happen? How can you let me be assured?! If by chance Dong Lu perishes, when I die, how will I go face Dong Lu’s ancestors?!”

Jun Lan Xin’s noisiness made Duyi annoyed. He went forward and covered her mouth, “Empress dowager, is it that you want this thing to get out, let everyone know that Penglai Island won’t help, let the court be at unrest and let the capital become a mess? You want to die, but I don’t want to die! There’s nothing to be afraid off about that Long Ao Tian. Give me twenty thousand people. I will personally lead the soldiers!”

Only when Duyi said that did Jun Lan Xin’s heart calm down. Anyhow, Duyi was Penglai Island’s second disciple. No matter what, he is also capable! In only a moment, Jun Lan Xin agreed to Duyi’s request and gave him twenty thousand of Dong Lu’s elite soldiers.

“Master Duyi, zhen awaits your good news!”

Duyi departed with the army. Xia Zheng personally sent him off. After drinking Xia Zheng’s wine, Duyi smashed the cup on the ground. The whip pointed to the west, “Depart!” A mighty twenty thousand people and horses followed Duyi to the northwest.

After Duyi travelled seven days on the road, two people arrived at Yuchu palace’s entrance. The woman carried a pale faced man on her back. “Go, tell your emperor that Penglai Island’s grand disciple Misha ask for an audience!”

The soldier was only a small character. He had never heard about the name Misha. However, the loud name “Penglai Island’ made it so that he couldn’t ignore it. He immediately went in to inform.

Not a while later, someone came to meet them. When Xia Xue carrying Misha appeared, the two’s sorry figures made Jun Lan Xin and Xia Zheng startled for a moment.

“I’m hungry. Give me some food first. Also, I want clean clothes and a place to wash myself.” Misha sat on the chair with a look full of fatigue. Not waiting for Xia Zheng to open his mouth, Misha ordered first.

The feeling of being ordered seemed very bad and also very uncomfortable. However, because Misha was Penglai Island’s grand disciple and there were a lot of things that needed Penglai Island’s help, Xia Zheng didn’t express his emotions. Instead, he let the palace servants go prepare.

“Come, quickly get everything ready for sir Misha! Quickly, quickly!”

“I also need a wheelchair. My wheelchair got broken.”

“Yes, yes! Quickly go get a wheelchair!”

After taking a bath and being satiated, Misha got into his new wheelchair, “I will sleep first. Before I wake up, sort out all the information about the front. I will look at it when I wake up.”

Misha ‘blatantly’ went to rest, leaving Xia Zheng, whose face was full of gloominess.

“Imperial grandmother, would he really do well? Looking at his appearance, could he be a swindler?” The moment Misha left, Xia Zheng complained to Jun Lan Xin. Seeing her grandson's face full of grievances, Jun Lan Xin laughed.

“Emperor, he’s indeed Misha. Don’t look at his paralyzed legs. He’s very tremendous! Now, with Misha, aijia[3. Aijia: I, used by an empress dowager] really doesn’t have to worry and can sleep with a peaceful mind.”

Jun Lan Xin, who had been alarmed and frightened by Duyi, after Misha's arrival, she was finally relieved. With Misha here, as long as he writes a letter to Penglai Island, Penglai Island would certainly come help them!

Of course, Xia Zheng didn’t know that Duyi couldn’t invite Penglai Island’s disciples. Now, after seeing Jun Lan Xin speak for Misha, Xia Zheng was a bit dissatisfied, but he didn’t say anything. He only smilingly let people escort Jun Lan Xin back to the palace and waited for Misha to wake up before making a decision.

After Jun Lan Xin left, Xia Zheng kicked the stool in front of him. “Humph! What kind of thing does he think he is? He actually dared to command zhen! Who does he think he is?! Bastard…”

“If it wasn’t for the sake of the overall situation, zhen would’ve long dragged off this cocky bastard and cut off his head!”

Of course, Xia Zheng could only say these complaints behind his (M) back. The enemy was in front. He could only ask help from Penglai Island.

When Misha woke up, it was already night. After reading all the conditions of the war, Misha said, “Not good!”

Hearing this, Xia Zheng frowned, “Sir Misha, what do you mean by 'not good'?”

“I mean, I’m afraid Duyi’s twenty thousand men would be gone forever!”

“This is unlikely…,” Xia Zheng frowned. “No matter what, sir Duyi is Penglai Island’s second disciple. Zhen believes in his ability….”

Xia Zheng didn’t finish speaking, when someone hurriedly came forward and handed Xia Zheng the battle report of the front.

‘Kuang…’ After reading the contents of the report, Xia Zheng’s hands became unstable. The battle report fell onto the ground. “Let me see!” Misha reached out. Xia Xue handed the battle report to Misha.

The content of the battle report made Misha’s words came true. Duyi was indeed defeated. His head was severed before the army by Feng Cang.

“Him again!” Seeing Feng Cang’s name, Misha clenched his fist. The injured left eye began to hurt. Sure enough, this man had some ability. Misha somewhat knew the ability of Duyi. The two armies had fought. Duyi had actually lost to Feng Cang within a hundred strokes. This Feng Cang is really too powerful!

“What to do, ah? What to do?!” Xia Zeng cried in panic. “He’s coming! He’s approaching the capital! Zhen doesn’t want to die, zhen doesn’t want to die!” Xia Zheng kept repeating. He also panicked.

“No! Servants, servants!”

“Emperor, what’s the matter?”

“Pack up things. We’ll go to the south. Quickly let people pack things up and go to the south!”

Xia Zheng’s action undoubtedly was to abandon the capital and flee. He hadn’t competed with Feng Cang yet, but already wanted to give up the capital. Xia Zheng was probably the first emperor of Dong Lu’s history who was a deserter.

“Your Majesty, you can’t leave!”

Misha’s words came from behind Xia Zheng. “You’re an emperor of a country. How can you leave Yuchu at this moment and abandon the capital?! The soldiers at the frontline are striving and fighting at close quarters. You doing this, wouldn’t this make people be bitterly disappointed?”


Misha’s words irritated Xia Zheng completely, “What do you know? You’re here talking about some nonsense, you can! Because if Bei Zhou’s people captured you, they wouldn’t do anything to you! But what about zhen? If by chance, zhen falls in their hands, then it would be like living is more painful than death!”

“Right, I should also ‘thank’ your Penglai Island’s people. If it wasn’t because of Duyi’s instigation, zhen’s imperial father wouldn’t have lost his mind and go fight Bei Zhou! Now, it’s great. Something bad happened and I don’t see your Penglai Island’s people coming to help! Now, you’re criticizing zhen. What qualifications do you have?!”

“Hey, what are you talking about?!” Seeing Xia Zheng’s attitude towards Misha was so bad, Xia Xue was very angry. Her hand was on the hilt of her sword. She looked coldly at Xia Zheng. “If you have the guts, say it once again!”

“If zhen say it, what can you do to zhen? Could it be that you want to kill zhen?”

Xia Zheng looked sinisterly at Xia Xue, “Zhen remembered now. When Duyi instigated for imperial father to mobilize the army, you, Misha went to Bei Zhou. It couldn’t be that you and Bei Zhou ganged up against our Dong Lu, right?! Right, it must be like this! You two operated separately. One let us mobilize the army and fight Bei Zhou. The other made a pact with Bei Zhou. The motive is to topple our Dong Lu!”

Talking till here, Xia Zheng suddenly ‘realized’. He pushed everything that had happened to Dong Lu onto Misha, Bei Zhu and Penglai Island. “Zhen served you with good meat and wine. It turns out that you’re the culprit behind the scenes! Servants, capture them for zhen!”

“Stop!” Just when Xia Zheng commanded people to arrest Misha and Xia Xue, Jun Lan Xin rushed over. “Emperor, what are you doing?!”

“Imperial grandmother, zhen feels that everything that has happened to Dong Lu is their fault!” Xia Zheng pointed at Misha, “Zhen feels that this is Penglai Island’s plot!”

“Enough!” Seeing Xia Zheng being so ignorant, Jun Lan Xin got a headache because of anger, “Emperor, what time is it? Don’t make any more scenes! If we still have an internal strife in front of the enemy and let Bei Zhou know, then wouldn’t it be a joke on us?”

Jun Lan Xin was now the grand empress dowager. She also had some prestige at court. Xia Zheng had just ascended the throne. On a lot of things, he still need to depend on this imperial grandmother. So, now that Jun Lan Xin spoke, Xia Zheng endured this and didn’t talk back. “Anyway, no matter what, zhen has to leave Yuchu! It’s no longer safe here. Zhen doesn’t want to become a destroyed country’s emperor!”

Jun Lan Xin couldn’t oppose Xia Zheng’s decision. Seeing that the new heir of Dong Lu was like this, Misha couldn’t help but sneer.

He had rushed all the way here and arrived covered in dust. Originally, he wanted to reverse the situation. He didn’t expect that Xia Zheng was actually such a bastard. He had seen the battle report. This Feng Cang was determined to win Dong Lu. However, with only his (M) strength, it’s impossible to reverse the situation. Moreover, he was confronted with such a muddle-headed emperor. It would be more difficult to win Feng Cang and to drive Bei Zhou out. Besides, he also didn’t want to help Xia Zheng.

Thinking till here, Misha opened his mouth slowly, “After I studied the battle report, I discovered that Bei Zhou had pulled their battle line very long. If Feng Cang continues to go forward in such a hurry, the battle line would become elongated and it would be difficult to supply the army provision, the ones who would suffer would be them.”

“Continue!” Jun Lan Xin quickly told Xia Zheng to be quiet and listen to Misha’s opinion.

“The one who provides the army provision for Bei Zhou is princess Zhen Guo Feng Qi Qi. Everyone in Bei Zhou knows that princess Zhen Guo and the regent are a couple. Now, Feng Qi Qi is at Min province. We can send a cavalry to Min province. Firstly, we can burn the army provision and leave Feng Cang without a thing to rely on; secondly, we can capture Feng Qi Qi and use her to threaten Feng Cang!”

“Capture Feng Qi Qi to threaten Feng Cang? Do you think Feng Cang is stupid? Give up the country for a woman? If it was you, would you be willing?” Xia Zheng disdained Misha’s proposal very much.

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