Chapter 175 Advancing to Min province

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 175 Advancing to Min province

“I am willing!” Misha’s answer startled Xia Zheng. Then, he sneered, “It’s easily said! In short, zhen[1. Zhen: I, used by the emperor] will not fall into your trap anymore! Zhen also doesn’t want to hear your words! Zhen feels that this is filled with the taste of conspiracy. Zhen doesn’t want to waste time with you anymore. Zhen wants to leave the capital…”

“Emperor! If you leave, you will surely lose the hearts of the citizens. By then, even if we have the chance to regain victory, we will end up losing because of a missed opportunity.”

Seeing Xia Zheng like this, Jun Lan Xin hated the iron for not becoming steel. She loved this grandson the most. That's why she'd asked Duyi to think of a way to let Xia Zheng become the emperor. However, seeing Xia Zheng acting like this now, Jun Lan Xin began to waver. She didn’t know if choosing Xia Zheng was right or wrong!

  •         Hate the iron for not becoming steel: to feel resentful towards someone for failing to meet expectations.

“Imperial grandmother, since you trust Misha so much, zhen will give him five thousand men! Zhen won’t agree on the other things!”

Xia Zheng waved his sleeves and left, leaving behind a stunned Jun Lan Xin. Only after a long time, did Jun Lan Xin realize that there were outsiders next to her. She showed a forced smile on her stiff face, “Misha, sorry ah! Emperor is upset because of the recent happenings. That's why he said those words. He didn’t have any other meaning or thoughts about Penglai Island. Don’t put it in your heart.”

Jun Lan Xin’s feelings were very complicated towards Penglai Island, the place where she had grown up. It couldn’t be said that she loves it and it also couldn’t be said that she hates it. However, now she was very clear that at this time, only Penglai Island could save Dong Lu. So, even if she had already become the grand empress dowager of Dong Lu; at this time, in front of Misha, she still had to pull her face down and apologize to Misha.

“I know. Anyone who encounters such a thing would be in a bad mood. However, please consider my suggestion properly. This may be the only way to stop Feng Cang from moving forward!”

How could Misha not know what Jun Lan Xin was thinking, but Xia Zheng was a weak and inept person who couldn’t be helped. He didn’t want to work hard and support such a useless emperor. Compared to Dong Lu’s situation, Misha wanted to quickly see Feng Qi Qi. He needed an excuse to ‘steal’ some troops from Jun Lan Xin.

Just like what Misha thought, Jun Lan Xin agreed on the strategy to attack in secret. However, compared to this matter, Jun Lan Xin cared more about the help Penglai Island could provide to Dong Lu.

As Misha previously said, Dong Lu was already in an imminent danger. If they couldn’t stop Feng Cang’s pace from progressing, perhaps, in the near future, all the riches and power she owned would become ephemeral. She would fall from the high position of grand empress dowager and become a prisoner and even be executed.

At this time, Penglai Island’s help was very crucial. Duyi once said that Misha was the grand disciple of Penglai Island. Penglai Island would only help with his order. So, at this time, if Misha was willing to write a letter to Penglai Island, maybe Dong Lu could still be saved.

These two people both calculated in their hearts. After a long silence, Jun Lan Xin said, “Misha, Dong Lu and Penglai Island have been on friendly terms for generations. Now, Dong Lu is facing a danger like never before. We need Penglai Island’s help. Duyi said that the master has provided you the power to supervise Penglai Island. Could we borrow some disciples from Penglai Island to help us? Aijia[2. Aijia: I, used by an empress dowager] can only ask for your help now!”

These words were very tactfully said by Jun Lan Xin. The moment Misha heard them, he understood Jun Lan Xin’s thoughts. Let Penglai Island come forward to clean up this mess? Jun Lan Xin must be dreaming!

On the way here, he hadn’t see any refugees nor did he feel a strong atmosphere of the war. Those citizens of Dong Lu didn’t panic because of Bei Zhou’s invasion. This showed a very serious problem. That is, Dong Lu’s people didn’t have a strong sense of national honor.

He had already heard how Feng Qi Qi appeased the people. He had to say that Feng Qi Qi was a brilliant and smart woman. She blended the modern notion into this era and could stabilize the hearts of people well, making it so that the citizens didn’t fight any longer for the country and the emperor. This was her best point.

From Misha’s point of view, the state Dong Lu was in now, was a sign of the end of the history of this country.

In fact, the needs of the citizens are very simple. That is, to have peace and order and living in days that are neither good nor bad. One land, two cows, wife, kids and a warm bed.

  • Wife, kids and a warm bed: a simple and good life

Feng Qi Qi could provide the people of Dong Lu a relaxed living environment and living conditions. They are content with this. In a case of no oppression, wanting to inspire the people to fight Bei Zhou was simply a dream. The one who could let the people eat enough and wear warm clothing was the one they would support.

When a country lost the hearts of the people, the country was doomed to perish. Even if all the disciples of Penglai Island came to reinforce Dong Lu, the end result would still be the same.

Now, Jun Lan Xin mentioned to let Misha write a letter to Penglai Island asking for help. From Misha’s point of view, this idea wouldn’t help Dong Lu at all. He would also not be so stupid as to let the disciples of Penglai Island come here and throw away their lives. However, now he was in need of soldiers. He needed to bring the soldiers to Min province. So, he could only pretend to agree.

“Dong Lu and Penglai Island are one family. Now, Dong Lu is in trouble, our Penglai Island would naturally not look with crossed arms! I will immediately write a letter back and let the disciples of Penglai Island come over! Now, it’s the summer. On the sea blows the southeast wind. The time to come here from Penglai Island would be greatly shortened. Please, rest assured Empress Dowager!”

With Misha’s promise, Jun Lan Xin’s mood became a lot better. The uneasiness that had been pressing in her heart gradually disappeared with Misha’s words.  How strong the ability of Penglai Island was, she, as someone who'd come from Penglai Island, was the clearest about it. As long as Penglai Island wanted to help, what was only a Feng Cang?!

Misa immediately wrote the letter and printed his seal at the end. In front of Jun Lan Xin, he sealed the envelope and handed it to Xia Xue, “Xia Xue, find the contact. Be sure to send the letter as soon as possible!”

While saying this, the way Misha looked at Xia Xue flashed a bit. Xia Xue immediately understood the meaning of her young master. She turned and left the palace.

Seeing that Xia Xue went to send the letter and thinking that soon, Penglai Island’s reinforcements would arrive; by then, after driving Feng Cang back to Bei Zhou, she would be Dong Lu’s grand empress dowager and enjoy endless glory, splendour and wealth. How great!

“Thank you, Misha! When we broke Bei Zhou’s army, you would be Dong Lu’s first minister who has given an outstanding service. Aijia will certainly thank you greatly! By then, no matter what you want; whether it’s gold or silver, an official position or an order of feudal nobility, aijia will satisfy you!”

While being grateful, Jun Lan Xin didn’t forget to make heavy promises. However, the things that she thought were full of temptation, in Misha’s point of view, he didn’t care about them and they were even worthless. At this time, what Misha wanted the most was only Feng Qi Qi.

“Empress dowager, I did this not because I want to claim anything, but it was only t extend the friendship between Penglai Island and Dong Lu. Dong Lu’s matter is Penglai Island’s matter. You’re also someone from Penglai Island, why be so polite?!”

Had to say, Misha had a mouth that could coax people to happiness. After these words were said, a faint warmth actually appeared in Jun Lan Xin’s eyes. “Right! You’re right! Dong Lu and Penglai Island are one family. Now, a family member is in trouble. We should help!”

“If grand empress dowager trusts me, you can give me a troop. I want to lead the army to outflank Feng Cang from behind, raiding Min province, hit them by surprise and throw Feng Cang in disarray.

“Bei Zhou being attacked by enemies from the three sides. All three sides consumed troops. So, Feng Cang dived into Dong Lu’s territory. The more the time is prolonged, the more disadvantage it is to him. When Penglai Island’s disciples arrive, we will surround Feng Cang and annihilate him in Dong Lu. By then, not only can we turn defeat into victory, we can also follow up a victory and press home the attack and let Bei Zhou taste the feeling of defeat!”

  • Follow up a victory and press home the attack: pursue the retreating enemy

Misha’s tongue was glorious like a lotus flower. Under his description, Jun Lan Xin’s head sketched a beautiful picture. Feng Cang is defeated, Bei Zhou retreated, Dong Lu recovered its territory, perhaps even plummet Bei Zhou…

Initially, Dong Lu launched a war because someone came to Dong Lu and made and connected Dong Lu, Xi Qi and Jurchen tribe with each other. The three parties decided to march towards Bei Zhou at the same time. When the matter is done, they would divide Bei Zhou.

Although, the things that happened later were somewhat unexpected, but now Dong Lu had Penglai Island’s backing. This meant that victory was in front of the eyes. Moreover, Misha was right. The west of Bei Zhou had Xi Qi. The north of Bei Zhou had Jurchen tribe. As long as they could delay Feng Cang’s time, the probability that Bei Zhou would win would be greatly reduced. Then, Dong Lu could turn defeat into victory!

“Misha, you’re very right! However, we don’t have many soldiers now. If you want too much, I’m afraid…”

Jun Lan Xin pretended to be in a difficult position. How could Misha not know her thoughts. This old woman was not willing to give Misha too many soldiers. She wanted to keep the bulk to protect the imperial family’s safety. If by chance, Misha was also gone forever like Duyi, then wouldn’t they lose soldiers!

“Just do it according to what emperor just said. Five thousand man is enough! The value is in the essence not in the numbers!” Misha smiled gently. He also didn’t want so many soldiers. With a lot of soldiers, the goal would be big and the movement would also be big. Perhaps, they didn’t reach Min province yet, when they are being noticed. He wanted to go to Min province with no one knowing and give Feng Qi Qi a surprise attack. He believed that she would surely be very surprised.

Misha was ‘so understanding’, making Jun Lan Xin didn’t know what to say, “Alright! Aijia promises you!”

When Xia Xue returned, Jun Lan Xin already left for a while. “Young master, I already burned the letter!”

“Mm, well done!” Misha sneered. He wouldn’t be so stupid to be led by the nose. As long as he gets those five thousand men, he would be able to display his skills. Yi Lian, soon we will meet!

Jun Lan Xin honoured her promise. She allocated five thousand men for Misha. When Misha was leaving, Jun Lan Xin pretended to wipe her tears, “Duyi’s whereabouts are unknown. Misha, you must take care, ah! If you really can’t anymore, then just wait for Penglai Island’s disciples to arrive! You are going alone like this; aijia is really not worried!”

“Thanking grand empress dowager for your care. I will be more careful.”

After leaving Yuchu, Misha went as fast as possible to Mn province. He couldn’t ride horses and could only sit inside the carriage. The carriage jolted. Plus, the fact that Misha was seriously injured before and he rushed to Dong Lu when his injury wasn’t healed yet; tossing back and forth and the heather was hot. When he almost arrived at Min province, Misha actually got fever because of the discomfort.

“I’m fine. Let the army continue to move forward!” Although, everyday he would feel dizzy for a while, but the first sentence he spoke was always to hurry. Ever since they got out of Yuchu, Jun Lan Xin provided him with more information. And every time when the person Misha sent returned, the news he brought would be that Feng Cang captured a city. Misha got more anxious.

Fortunately, Feng Qi Qi was still in Min province. From the information he obtained, it showed that only a thousand soldiers guarded at Min province. It was a lot less than his men.  This let Misha felt a slight relief. He must take her away when Feng Qi Qi and Feng Cang are separated!

At Min province, since Feng Qi Qi found out that she was pregnant till now, she had been four months pregnant. Because the fetus had the child gu in him, Feng Qi Qi was extra careful. Fortunately, this baby to love his mother very much. He was very well-behaved. Aside from the morning sickness for some time, there nothing else.

Now, Feng Qi Qi’s underbelly was somewhat sticking out. She also changed into loose dresses. Her whole person also exuded a rich womanly charm. Although, Feng Cang promised to let Feng Qi Qi come to Dong Lu, but he only allowed her to stay at the back and didn’t let her go to the frontline.

Feng Cang said that war is a man’s business. She could oversee at the back. Only that way would he be at ease. He left Feng Qi Qi directly at Min province.

Feng Qi Qi knew that this man was doing it for her own good. This time, she was unexpectedly obedient. She stayed at Min province and showed her capabilities of planning strategies. The army provisions, the supply of the soldiers and the appeasement of the people were all properly arranged, so that Feng Cang has less worries and also let her military prestige be comparable to that of Feng Cang’s.

“Miss, guye’s[3. Guye: son-in-law, used by wife’s family] letter!” The moment Su Mei entered, she laughingly waved the letter in her hand at Feng Qi Qi. “Guye is so caring. Every two days, he would write a letter for miss. Really making people envy!”

“Hehe, didn’t ah Kang’s letter also come?!”

Seeing Su Mei like this, Feng Qi Qi couldn’t help but tease. Wanyan Kang went to the north side. Although Feng Qi Qi wanted to let Su Mei stay with Wanyan Kang and didn’t want this young couple to separate, but because Feng Qi Qi was pregnant, Su Mei insisted on following her miss and didn’t want to leave. In the end, Feng Qi Qi could only nod and let Su Mei stay.

It was just, the north of Bei Zhou is very far from Min province. Wanyan Kang’s letter could only be send on a monthly basis. Although, she could only receive one letter in a month, but to Su Mei, to be able to receive Wanyan Kang’s letter and knowing that he was safe and sound, was already her biggest happiness.

Feng Cang left Nalan Xin in Min province. Among the three, only Su Yue wasn’t separated from her husband. They were the recognized happies pair. Although, they were in Min province now, but the little master would be born in only five months, so, Su Yue used all her time on sewing clothes for Feng Qi Qi’s baby. Seeing that miss and Su Mei had received love letters, Su Yue smilingly sat at a side and continued with the needlework in her hand.

After the two read the letters and were still immersed in happiness, Nalan Xin knocked on the door and walked in, “Wangfei,[4. Wangfei: main wife/consort of the first-rank prince] I just received the news from the spy at the front. Now, a small army is coming towards Min province. The one leading the army is Misha.”

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