Chapter 177 (Part 1) Meeting again, difficult to eliminate

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 177 (Part 1) Meeting again, difficult to eliminate

This time, Misha invited Tian Zhi Xin to have dinner him, but was rejected by Tian Zhi Xin.

After he returned to his tent, Tian Zhi Xin called the adjutant, “Closely monitor the movements inside the city of Min province. Also, sent someone to watch over Misha to see if he had any abnormal behaviour.” Tian Zhi Xin suspected Misha completely, but because of Misha’s identity as Penglai Island’s disciple, he couldn’t act easily when he didn’t have any conclusive evidence. However, no matter what the result is, Tian Zhi Xin decided to attack the city after dawn!

The whole night, Misha was immersed in the memories of Yi Lian. Until dawn, did he sleep for a bit.

Early in the morning, a melodious sound of the zither came from the city gate tower of Min province. The gate was open as yesterday. Several elders swept the floor. The people in the city started a new day.

Su Yue rode on a horse and brought warm sweet potato porridge and corn nests plus two pickled dishes. All was what Misha liked to eat, “Young master, enjoy your meal!”

[caption id="attachment_82143" align="alignnone" width="257"] Corn nest[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_82144" align="alignnone" width="150"] Sweet potato porridge[/caption]

“Go back and thank her…”

“You’re welcome!”

Su Yue just mounted the horse when a group of people surrounded her.

“People, capture her!” Tian Zhi Xin ordered. A dozen of soldiers rushed at Su Yue. It happened so fast that Misha couldn’t stop it.

“Tsk, tsk…”

There was no reason to not kill preys who delivered themselves. Su Yue sneered. A silver iron chain appeared in her hand. On the top of the iron chain was a palm-sized round knife.

Not waiting for these people to understand, a strange sound came at them. Ten heads fell on the ground. Th red heads fluttered on the ground and rolled a few times. They were stained with the yellow sand and looked particularly malevolent.

“You!” Tian Zhi Xin didn’t expect that Su Yue, such a petite woman was so vicious. In the sunlight, blood dripped from the round dagger that hung on the iron chain in Su Yue’s hand, making a sparkling strange light.

“I kindly sent breakfast over, you repay me this way?” Su Yue didn’t flee but sat full of confidence on the horse. She swayed the iron chain in her left hand, allowing the blood to drop on the ground, leaving an eye-piercing sight.

“What? Not reconciled? Then, let’s continue!”

Tian Zhi Xin gestured with his hand, but had been stopped by Misha, “Stop! Let her leave!”

Misha opening his mouth was within the expectation of Tian Zhi Xin. Sure enough, he had a relationship with Feng Qi Qi. Otherwise, he wouldn’t help Bei Zhou’s people like this. “Let her leave…”

“Thanks!” Su Yue whipped the horse and returned to the city of Min province. When her figure had disappeared, Tian Zhi Xin came to Misha, “Sir Misha, can you give me a reasonable explanation? Why did you let her go? What is the relation between you and Feng Qi Qi? Why does she care so much about you? Which side are you on? Are you helping our Dong Lu or do you have other plans?!”

“Presumptuous! Seeing Tian Zhi Xin treat Misha like this, Xia Xue loudly scolded, “Our young master is the supreme commander. What young master does, he doesn’t need to ask you!”

Such ‘brashness’ of Xia Xue made Tian Zhi Xin snort, “Although sir is Penglai Island’s disciple, but this matter is related to the lives of five thousand soldiers. Can sir take all upon yourself?!”

“So, you’re afraid that I and Feng Qi Qi are at the same side and defraud you?” Misha suddenly realized. He was immersed in the beautiful memories of Yi Lian and didn’t had time to think about why Yi Lian did so. Now, Misha understood after Tian Zhi Xin said this.

Yi Lian, you knew how to use people. It seemed that I took you too lightly! Didn’t see you for so many days, I should have sat up and take notice!

“Isn’t it?”

“Hahahaha…,” Misha laughed. “General, don’t fall into the stratagem of sowing dissension. I admit that I know Feng Qi Qi, but I’m not Bei Zhou’s spy and also wouldn’t do anything that would damage Dong Lu’s interest. Asking general to believe me!”

“Believe you?” Tian Zhi Xin had a fire stuck in his heart. How would he believe Misha’s ‘one-sided story’?!

“Believe you, alright! If you let us attack the city now, then I will believe you!”

Tian Zhi Xin’s request was a bit ‘forceful’ in Misha’s eyes. He had already seen through Feng Qi Qi’s stratagem of sowing dissension and his strategy was to besiege her and let her take the initiative to beg for mercy. Now, Tian Zhi Xin’s request was completely against his will. Misha immediately shook his head and denied Tian Zhi Xin’s proposal.

“Sir, you don’t want to attack the city. Can I take it that your word and deeds are inconsistent? In fact…you’re Bei Zhou’s spy?!”

Tian Zhi Xin gave orders. A group of soldiers surrounded Misha and Xia Xue. Every one of them glared like a tiger watching its prey at Misha in the wheelchair. It seemed that as long as Tian Zhi Xin issues an order, they would step forward and take Misha’s head.

“You are daring!” Xia Xue took out Misha’s seal. “This is the seal Dong Lu’s grand empress dowager personally bestowed our young master. Could it be that you’re dissatisfied with it?”

The seal in Xia Xue’s hand didn’t scare these people. Bei Zhou’s army cut like a hot knife through butter and occupied so many territories of Dong Lu. Now, the cities around Min province had been occupied by Bei Zhou’s people. Misha had been procrastinating and didn’t want to attack. It couldn’t help but let people be suspicious if he was waiting for Bei Zhou’s reinforcement and annihilate their five thousand soldiers in one swoop.

No one wanted to die! If it wasn’t because Misha proposed this damn advice, they wouldn’t go so deep into the enemy’s abdomen and face so many dangers frighteningly. This time, Misha directly rejected Tian Zhi Xin’s proposal. How could they believe Misha?

“Kill him!”

“He’s Bei Zhou’s spy! Kill him!”

“Yes! Kill him. We will rush in the city and kill Feng Qi Qi!”

The voices got louder and louder. Those people surrounded Misa and approached him step by step.

At this time, the gate of the city of Min province had been closed. Feng Qi Qi stood on the city tower gate and looked at the good scene under the city tower gate.

“Miss, how did you know that Misha wouldn’t let them attack the city?” Su Mei stood beside Feng Qi Qi and had a look of surprise on.

“Because I understand his personality.” Feng Qi Qi looked up at the horizon. “Nalan Xin’s reinforcement should arrive soon. Su Mei, let our people make themselves ready. It’s time for the inside to coordinate together with the outside."

“Yes!” After listening to Feng Qi Qi, Su Mei was very excited. She went down and let people get ready.

Under the city tower gate, Misha looked at these people who were approaching like a tiger looking at its prey. Even though, on the surface his expression didn’t change, but in his heart, he couldn’t help but admire Feng Qi Qi. She used her stratagem of sowing dissension very well. She only sent three meals and already let all of these people change sides and stood opposite of him. He didn’t know whether she was now watching him being a joke on the city tower gate! All of these went according to her wishes. She must be very proud!

“I changed my mind!” Before the other party attacked, Misha opened his mouth. “Since general doesn’t believe me, then attack the city!”

Misha loosened tone left Tian Zhi Xin somewhat in disbelief. Originally, he thought that Misha would preserve. He didn’t expect that this brat knew how to see the wind and set the helm.

  • See the wind and set the helm: be flexible and take advantage of the situation

“People, watch over them!” Because of Misha’s special identity, Tian Zhi Xin didn’t want to kill him. He only let people watch over Misha and Xia Xue. Then, the clarion sounded. Five thousand people began to attack the city.

“Miss…,” The sudden change under the city tower gate made Su Yue a bit tensed.

According to Feng Qi Qi’s plan, Tian Zhi Xin and Misha would have a war between their own. When they were in a big fight, Nalan Xin’s army should arrive. Then, it would be possible to solve the extreme emergency of the city of Min province. However, they didn’t expect that they came to an agreement. They didn’t know when Nalan Xin’s reinforcement would arrive. What should they do now?

“Don’t get nervous…let everyone stand by!” Feng Qi Qi touched her lower abdomen. Lian Sheng, you've learned to compromise! It seemed, you saw through my stratagem of sowing dissension. You compromised so quickly. This is really not you character!

Feng Qi Qi had and appearance that she had a card up her sleeves made Su Mei and Su Yue quieted down and waited for Feng Qi Qi’s orders.

Sure enough, the long hoofs didn’t had time to set up on the city wall, there was a cloud of yellow dust coming from a distance. It got closer and closer at a fast speed.

“General, not good! Bei Zhou’s reinforcement is coming!” The adjutant rushed to Tian Zhi Xin. “General, what do we do?”

“What’s there to panic?! Tian Zhi Xin scolded the adjutant on the surface, but his heart went up and down. “How many people? Did you see clearly?”

“Presumably, presumably, there are more than ten thousand!”

The adjutant also didn’t see how many people they were. It was just a dusty scene. When he thought about it, it was definitely Bei Zhou’s army who rushed over here. “General, looking at their speed and the black armor…General, it may be the Eagle troop!”

“The Eagle troop?” Tian Zhi Xin screamed. A water stuck at his throat which didn’t go up or down. Really uncomfortable.

“Quickly, quickly, retreat!”

The Eagle troop, the troop who Feng Cang single-handed raised. Having experienced, Feng Xie’s and Feng Cang’s iron creations, the Eagle troop became the most powerful army of this mainland. If it really was the Eagle troop, not too mention ten thousand eagle soldiers, even if it was five hundred, they could also let them be gone forever.

“Quickly! Retreat! Retreat!” Tian Zhi Xin was the first one to jump on a horse, casted the horseshoe and fled.

Everyone saw that the general had fled. No one had the mind to attack the city anymore. They all started the jump on the horses and went after Tian Zhi Xin. In just a moment, the bustling city gate became quiet. Only Misha and Xia Xue were left.

“Young, young master…” Looking at the dense fog coming nearer, Xia Xue blocked in front of Misha to protect him.

When those people got closer did Xia Xue see that the so-called ten thousand Eagle soldiers were just a hundred people. It was just that at each horsetail a branch was tied. The pose of ten thousand Eagle soldiers was done by these branches sweeping on the sand.

“Hahahaha!” The people on the horses surrounded Misha and laughed, “A brilliant scheme of princess! Only a few branches scared these people away!”

“That’s right! Princess is indeed amazing!”

Xia Xue’s lips were in a right line. If at the beginning, her understanding of Feng Qi came from Misha’s attachment towards Yi Lian, now, after experiencing these things, she finally understood why young master was so infatuated with Yi Lian.

“Young master, what do we do?”

Looking at the people who surrounded them, Xia Xue’s hand palms sweated. When Tian Zhi Xin fled, he created a chaotic situation leading to their carriage and horses being taken away. Now, there were only she and Misha. They were surrounded by hundred people. Could it be that today, they are going to die here?

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