Chapter 177 (Part 2) Meeting again, difficult to eliminate

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 177 (Part 2) Meeting again, difficult to eliminate

Compared to Xia Xue’s panic, Misha was very calm. A good diversionary tactic. Only a hundred people scared away Tian Zhi Xin’s five thousand men! If Feng Qi Qi’s strategies and tactics were spread out, they would surely be recorded and passed down through generations. He hadn’t seen her for six years, and it seemed that his Yi Lian grew up!

“Our princess invites you!” One person stepped forward and beckoned with a hand. When Misha saw this, he laughed bitterly. It seemed that today, he wouldn’t be able to get away!

After Misha and Xia Xue entered Min province, they were sent under escort to Feng Qi Qi. From the first glance, Misha saw the slightly bulged belly of Feng Qi Qi. A sad feeling spread through his heart. His Yi Lian became someone else’s wife and is expecting his child! Misha clenched his fist. His nails dug deep into the palm of his hand.

“Yi Lian, long time no see.”

Although he had the status of ‘prisoner’, Misha still maintained an innocent smile.

“Don’t say my name! Disgusting!” Misha’s smile was particularly a thorn in Feng Qi Qi’s eyes. In the past life, this person used this smiling face to deceive adoptive father and her. How could he not feel even the slightest bit of guilt now and still smile heartlessly like this? Could it be that he had never regretted the matters of the past?

Feng Qi Qi’s words hurt Misha greatly. Yesterday, he really thought that she had forgiven him and gave him the opportunity to shake hands and make peace. He didn’t expect that she really did hate him to the extreme.

“In the past life, I committed suicide and repaid you with a life. Now, I’m here. Take away my life as repayment for adoptive father!”

Misha closed his eyes, raised his head and revealed a smooth neck. He had the look of facing death with equanimity. This time, he embraced being defeated at Feng Qi Qi’s hands. Earlier, Misha had thought that he needed to get Feng Qi Qi and use whatever ways to let her stay at his side. If he couldn’t do that, then, be like this and let him die at her hands to offset the deep hatred in her heart.

“No, no!” Seeing Misha like this, Xia Xue hugged Misha and protected him in her arms. “Miss Yi Lian, although I don’t know what kind of grudges there are between you and my young master, but my young master truly loves you! I beg you to let my young master go. If you want to kill, then kill me! I will die in the place of my young master! I beg you!”

“F*** off!” Misha pushed Xia Xue away. “This is between me and her. It has nothing to do with you, a lowly slave. Yi Lian, everything is my fault. Just kill me!”

“Young master!”

“F*** off…The further you f*** off, the better! It was because of you that I was caught. Useless thing!” Misha scolded Xia Xue fiercely, making Xia Xue dumbfounded. “Young master, are you driving me away? Young master doesn’t need Xia Xue to serve you anymore?”

“I don’t want such a good-for-nothing like you! Useless rubbish! F*** off!”

Misha’s words were very ugly. Xia Xue’s heart tore from pain. “Even if young master doesn’t like me and hates me, but I’m young master’s slave. Protecting young master is my duty!”

Xia Xue knelt in front of Feng Qi Qi, kowtowed and begged, “Miss Yi Lian, even if it is to accumulate virtues for the baby in your womb, let go of my young master, alright?! He loves you with his whole heart. Perhaps, he used the wrong methods, but there is nothing wrong with loving someone! Miss Yi Lian, I beg you! I beg you!”

“F*** off! I don’t need your begging…”

‘Pa, pa…’ Seeing such a scene, Feng Qi Qi gently clapped. “Sure enough, the master and the servant have deep feelings for one another. Lian Sheng, you have the desire to save her, why use such vicious language to hurt her?!”

His thoughts being pointed out by Feng Qi Qi made Misha’s face become red. He immediately defended himself, “That’s not it! I really hate her! Yi Lian, the one you want to kill is me. Everything she did was instructed by me. Don’t make things difficult for her!”

“Make things difficult? Haha, if you didn’t say it, I wouldn’t have had such thoughts. Now that you've mentioned it, I really want to make things difficult for her.”

Feng Qi Qi threw a small bottle at Misha. “Your life is what you owe me. I can consider letting her go, but you must take this pill. Lian Sheng, you owe me too much. I don’t want you to die so easily. That would be too good for you. Eat this pill. I will watch you slowly die in front of me…”

“Good! I will eat it!” Misha laughed bitterly. She really did hate him to the bones.

“Young master, don’t!” Xia Xue wanted to stop him but was held back by Su Mei and Su Yue. She could only watch Misha eat the poison.

“Cough, cough…”

Seeing the red blood in his palm, Misha laughed cheerfully, “Y Lian, I feel very happy to be able to die by your hand. If time could be turned back and return to the past, how great would that be?!”

“Young master, no…,” Looking at Misha’s pale face and the way he vomited blood, Xia Xue broke free from Su Mei and Su Yue. She ran to Misha. “Young master, how could you be so silly?! She doesn’t love you, but I love you, ah! Young master, why didn’t you want to look at me? I was always by your side!”

“Xia Xue…,” Misha’s view became blurry. He couldn’t see Xia Xue’s appearance clearly. He could only reach out and touch Xia Xue’s face. “Go! I did you wrong! However, in my heart, there’s only Yi Lian. You couldn’t enter it! Go…”

“No! I want to stay with young master! No matter where young master goes, I want to stay with young master!”

“Silly woman!” Misha laughed. His mouth was full of blood. It turned out that death was like this! Let him die slowly and drain the blood in his body…Yi Lian, you really hate me so much? Why can you not forgive me?

Misha felt that his body was turning cold. The pain in his chest was becoming more severe. It was a kind of pain that was hard to describe. It seemed that as though his soul was abruptly separated from the flesh and bones.

“Yi Lian…,” Misha struggled and looked in Feng Qi Qi’s direction. It was just, at this time, his eyes were muddled. He could only see a cloudy white mist. He couldn’t see anything... “Yi Lian…when I’m dead, can you let go of the hatred…”

“Yi Lian…”

He called out several times, but no one answered. Xia Xue sobbed beside Misha, “Young master, miss Yi Lian has already left…”

Left? Didn’t she hate him very much and wanted to watch him die slowly with her own eyes? Why couldn’t she look any longer? It must be because he looked very ugly now. So, she felt disgusted looking at him!

Don’t know after how long, but Misha’s body gradually cooled down in Xia Xue’s arms. “Young master!” Xia Xue cried like her heart was torn and her lungs cracked. Her tears fell on Misha’s face. “Young master, wait a bit. Xia Xue will immediately come to accompany you! Young master, Xia Xue wouldn’t let you be lonely on the way to the netherworld!”

When Xia Xue’s dagger was about to stab her abdomen, a stone hit the dagger in her hand.

Looking at Feng Qi Qi walking over, Xia Xue’s eyes saw only redness.

“What did you return for? Did you want to see if he was dead yet? Young master died! He died! Are you satisfied now? I’ve never seen such a heartless woman like you! What fault did young master have? His only fault was that he shouldn’t have fallen in love with you. He shouldn’t have fallen in love with such a stone-hearted and cold-blooded woman like you! Yi Lian, I hate you! Even if I turn into a ghost, I won't let you off!”

Not waiting for Xia Xue to cry out all the grief in her heart, Su Mei punched Xia Xue’s neck. Xia Xue was startled for a moment, then she slowly fell to the ground while holding Misha. Even til the end, her hands were always tightly holding Misha and never loosened.

“Miss, did you think it through? Really letting them go? If we let the tiger return to the mountain, it would be troublesome in the future,” Su Yue said softly while looking at Xia Xue and Misha on the ground.

“Xia Xue was right. Take it as accumulating virtues for my child! Moreover…he would never remember me again. Send them away!”

When Xia Xue woke up, she found herself in a common house. She wasn't dead? She thought that she's dead!

She'd just gotten out of bed when she remembered the last scene before she closed her eyes. “Young master! Young master!” Xia Xue rushed out and saw a familiar figure sitting there. “Young master…” Xia Xue somewhat didn’t dare to believe her eyes. When she approached, she found out that this person was real. He was Misha.

At this time, Misha was leaning in the wheelchair with his eyes closed. The blood on the corners of his mouth had already dried up. The blood on his body also turned black. It seemed that the person was already dead for a long time. “Young master, young master!” Seeing Misha’s appearance, Xia Xue was very sad. She climbed on Misha’s legs and cried!

“Young master, it’s Xia Xue’s fault. Xia Xue didn’t take good care of you! Young master, don’t leave Xia Xue, alright?!”

Xia Xue cried sadly. Suddenly, a hand touched Xia Xue’s face. “Xia Xue, why are you crying? What has happened? Why do I feel so bad?”

Hearing the familiar voice, Xia Xue didn’t react for a while and remained frozen. After looking again, Misha had opened his right eye and looked at her. This made Xia Xue shocked.

“Young master, you didn’t die? So great! Young master didn’t die?!”

“Xia Xue, what silly things are you talking about? Why do I have to be death?” Misha looked puzzled. When he touched the corner of his mouth and also saw the blood traces on his body, Misha screamed, “What is up? Why did I bleed? Xia Xue, where is here? Why are we here?”

Misha asked so many questions at once, making Xia Xue didn’t know where to start. At this time, Xia Xue’s heart was fully filled with something called happiness. Her young master didn’t die. Misha was still alive!

Xia Xue couldn’t guess why they were in such a strange place, but she was sure that Feng Qi Qi let them go.

“Young master, it’s miss Yi Lian. She…

“Yi Lian? Who is Yi Lian?” Hearing this name, Misha frowned. “Xia Xue, I asked you why we are here. Why are you talking about irrelevant people?”

Misha’s answer left Xia Xue completely dumbfounded, “Young master, you don’t remember miss Yi Lian anymore?”

“I don’t know her.” Misha shook his head. “Is this person important?”

“No, not important. She has nothing to do with us...,” Xia Xue bit hard on her lips and fought back the tears in her eyes. She finally understood the matter. Feng Qi Qi let them go, but she let Misha forget her forever. Perhaps, this was the best outcome for the two of them (FQQ & M)!

“Young master, are you hungry? I will cook for you!” Xia Xue wiped the corners of her eyes. Her heart burst from excitement. Before, she hated Feng Qi Qi for occupying the place in Misha’s heart. Now she was full of gratitude towards that generous woman. Not only did Feng Qi Qi give Misha a new life, she also gave her (XX) a fresh start!

“Hungry. Xia Xue, I want to eat noodles….”

“Good, good! I will make noodles for young master!” Xia Xue happily went to the kitchen. Misha pushed the wheelchair and followed her. When the cooked noodles were put in front of Misha, Misha didn’t want to use chopsticks and insisted on Xia Xue feeding him.

“Young master seemed more and more like a child!” Although, Xia Xue was complaining, but she felt very sweet in her heart. No matter what Misha is like, as long as he could forget Feng Qi Qi, even if he became a fool, she would be willing to stay with him!

Su Mei looked at the two people in the courtyard and slowly retreated. When she returned to the city of Min province and told everything of Misha and Xia Xue to Feng Qi Qi, Feng Qi Qi sighed.

“Miss, are you not happy? If you’re unhappy, this subordinate will go and kill them!”

“No need.” Hearing Su Mei say that, Feng Qi Qi shook her head. “Like Lian Sheng said. In the past life, he repaid me a life. Before, he took the poison and died one time. He also repaid adoptive father a life. Moreover, after eating my pill, Lian Sheng’s mind would gradually degenerate. In the end, he would become and innocent child and wouldn’t have the ability to hurt people anymore. We are even now!”

Feng Qi Qi raised her head and looked at the distant sky. Adoptive father, was I right by doing this? Although, I really wanted to kill him to avenge you, but the you in heaven wouldn’t want us to massacre one another!

After dealing with Misha’s matter, Feng Qi Qi felt that the gloominess in her heart was gone. Misha become someone of the past. With such a loyal person like Xia Xue at Misha’s side, they would have a fresh start.

With the disappearance of the danger and Misha’s grudges, Feng Qi Qi slept very well and deeply this night.

It was a very quiet night. A silver moonlight penetrated and spread over Feng Qi Qi’s body and plated her with a layer of light.

“Who?” Su Yue who kept the watch, heard someone approach. She immediately came out to check. When she saw the person who jumped down, Su Yue was very surprised, “Gu…guye?!”[1. Guye: son-in-law, used by wife’s family]

Wasn’t Feng Cang at the south of ten thousand miles away? Why did Feng Cang appear here? After the surprise, Su Yue was very excited. She was just about to go tell Feng Qi Qi but was stopped by Feng Cang.

“Shhh!” Feng Cang covered in dust appearance looked a bit sorry. However, the chaotic hair on his forehead didn’t let his appearance lose points. Instead, it added some heroic spirit on him. “Where is Qing Qing?”

“Miss is already asleep…”

“I know. Let me! You can go rest!”

Feng Cang lightly entered the room. When he saw the person on the bed who let his soul be entrapped, and his dreams be troubled, Feng Cang almost couldn’t help himself from wanting to kiss her. It was just, looking at Feng Qi Qi sleeping so sweetly, Feng Cang carefully took of the armor and also carefully walked to the bed.

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