Chapter 178 (Part 1) Gu poison’s residual effects

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 178 (Part 1) Gu poison’s residual effects

Inside the dream, Feng Qi Qi’s brows were smoothed, and her mouth had a small smile. Her face was charming. Looking at the little person he thought about day and night, Feng Cang smiled. He reached out and pushed away the hair on her forehead.

Feng Qi Qi was in a very deep sleep. She didn’t sense that someone was beside her. Feng Cang’s gaze went lower and fell on Feng Qi Qi’s slightly bulged belly.

Because it was hot, Feng Qi Qi only wore a thin layer of unlined garment. At this time, she was asleep on her side. Her belly looked slightly swollen. From Feng Cang’s point of view, Feng Qi Qi’s belly had a slight curvature that was neither small nor big.

When he left, she was still in shape. Now that he returned, their child had already grown up in her belly.

Feng Cang quietly went to bed and lay behind Feng Qi Qi. He reached out and hugged her from behind. His big hand enveloped her belly. His heart was full of happiness. That kind of satisfaction passed from his fingers to his heart.

“Mm…” Feng Qi Qi twisted a bit to find a comfortable position. She was asleep again. The two’s position was like two spoons sticking together. Feng Cang dropped a light kiss on Feng Qi Qi’s ear.

Having been on the road, it had been a long time since Feng Cang had closed his eyes. Now, at Feng Qi Qi’s side, all the tight emotions he had were now gone. He held his wife and child and fell asleep.

Only when Feng Qi Qi woke up did she discover that something was out of place. When she looked, a hand was on her belly.

With only one glance, Feng Qi Qi recognized this hand as Feng Cang’s. When she turned, that devilishly beautiful face of Feng Cang was behind her head. It had been a long time since she last saw Feng Cang. Feng Cang’s face showed exhaustion. There was a thin layer of stubbles on his chin.

Looking at his appearance, it had probably been a long time since he slept well. Feng Qi Qi turned carefully and looked at Feng Cang face-to-face. Her small hand stroked his chin that had become thin. Only after she touched those stubbles that pricked people, was Feng Qi Qi sure that Feng Cang was in front of her now.

So great! Feng Qi Qi chuckled. She went forward a bit. Her small mouth printed a kiss on Feng Cang’s lips.

When Feng Qi Qi’s lips were about to leave his, Feng Cang opened his eyes. That pair of devilishly beautiful eyes stared at Feng Qi Qi. That pair of eyes kept discharging many sparks, making Feng Qi Qi unable to withstand them. A while later, her face began to burn. “You’re awake. When did you return…”

While she was talking, Feng Qi Qi moved backwards. Feng Cang’s eyes were obviously full of love, and coupled with a burning desire, making Feng Qi Qi’s heart begin to beat quickly.

Feng Qi Qi kept moving backwards but was held by Feng Cang. He put her body close to his body, “Qing Qing, such a dragonfly touched the water lightly is not a kiss, yo!”

  • A dragonfly touches the water lightly: superficial contact

Not waiting for Feng Qi Qi to understand, that handsome face of Feng Cang zoomed in in front of Feng Qi Qi, followed by a soft and gently material enveloping her lips. At the same time, his tongue pried her rose like lips open. Feng Qi Qi already forgot what to do. Her fragrant lips initiated slightly. His tongue passed through her teeth and entangled with her fragrance.

“Mm…,” Feng Qi Qi’s whole body went soft and pasted herself in Feng Cang’s arms. His hand went into her inner clothing and climbed up along her spine. That tingling sensation began to spread along her back. Until when his hand was on her cloud (breast), did her body shook slightly.


“Qing Qing, did you miss me?” Feeling the softness of the little person in his arms, Feng Cang reluctantly left her lips. “I missed you very much…”

Facing Feng Cang’s eyes that were full of affection, Feng Qi Qi’s eyes were full of spring. Her lips, because of the kiss of just now became red like blood as if, if it was touched slightly blood will drop out from it.

Feng Qi Qi didn’t speak. Feng Cang refused to stop. His fingers went up the front and teased a particular somewhere, “Tell me, Qing Qing, did you miss me?”

“Miss... Cang, don’t...It’s early in the morning…,” Feng Cang’s skilful hands made Feng Qi Qi’s small face and all the way to her neck be stained with redness. How could she not know Feng Cang’s thoughts?

“Qing Qing…” Feng Cang’s lips went to Feng Qi Qi’s ear and said his desire. “Jin Mo said that you’re stable now. We can get appropriately close. As long as we control the strength, we wouldn’t hurt the baby.”

Such loving words coming from Feng Cang’s made Feng Qi Qi’s heart beat faster. Seeing that Feng Cang want to untie her unlined garment, she quickly reached out and stopped him. “My belly is now like’s not beautiful…”

It turned out that she refused because of this!

Feng Cang stopped the ‘work’ of his hand and kissed Feng Qi Qi’s forehead. “Who said my Qing Qing is ugly? My Qing Qing is the most beautiful woman! No matter what time, you’re the most beautiful! Moreover, that Qing Qing is like this now, is also because of me. I should also take responsibility!”

Feng Cang patted Feng Qi Qi’s bulged belly full of affection. “I feel that you’re particularly charming like this.” When Feng Cang spoke, Feng Qi Qi’s belly suddenly moved making Feng Cang startled.

Seeing Feng Cang like this, Feng Qi Qi laughed. “Baby knows that daddy returned and is greeting you!”

Feng Qi Qi said this made Feng Cang became a bit of a fool because of happiness, “Qing Qing, are you saying that our baby is moving?”

“Yes! It’s been more than four months. Now, it’s possible to feel the fetal movement!” Feng Qi Qi took Feng Cang’s hand and teach him how to feel the fetal movements. Sure enough, not a while later, from Feng Cang’s palm spread the kind of special feeling like fish splashing in the water.

“I felt it! I felt it!” Feng Cang exclaimed from surprise. “He’s greeting me! He knows that I’m daddy!”

“Mm!” Feng Qi Qi nodded her head gently. “This is probably the so-called blood is thicker than water!”

“Thank you, Qing Qing…,” Feng Cang hugged Feng Qi Qi excitedly. His lips pasted on her black hair. He said, “Thank you! Qing Qing! Thank you for giving me a home! Thank you for giving birth to my children! Thank you for staying with me…”

When facing Feng Qi Qi this man always held a grateful attitude. At this time, the child in Feng Qi Qi’s belly also seemed to have felt the deep love between his parents. He began to slowly move as if he was cooperating with his parents.

When Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi rose up, the sun was already very high.

Feng Qi Qi took a blade and carefully cleaned the stubbles on Feng Cang's chin. A while later, a devilishly beautiful man appeared in Feng Qi Qi’s hands.

“Shaved beard looks better! Young and handsome!” The wet cloth in Feng Qi Qi’s hand gently cleansed Feng Cang’s stubbled beard.

“It seemed that Qing Qing is someone who likes the visuals! Then I should be happy with my countenance and take care of my appearance?”

“Of course! The husband is so handsome. It will also give me face when bringing you out!”

Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi chatted happily while walking out of the room. Outside, Su Mei, Su Yue and Nalan Xin already waited a long time. When they saw Feng Cang, everyone bowed respectfully. Feng Cang nodded and took Feng Qi Qi for breakfast.

“Cang, you returned?”

“I was worried about you! One hundred people faced five thousand people. Don’t you know that people will worry?”

It turned out that Feng Cang already arranged everything of the battle at the front and specially came back to see Feng Qi Qi. In the end, on the way, he received Nalan Xin’s urgent letter. Only then did he know that the city of Min province was surrounded. He immediately rushed to her without stopping. He didn’t expect that when he returned, Feng Qi Qi already handled everything.

“Am I not all right now?!” Feng Qi Qi laughed, but Feng Cang tapped her nose. “I know Qing Qing is smart, but I was still worried and afraid for a long time!”

“I’m sorry! I will pay attention next time! Moreover, weren’t those five thousand people scared away…?”

“You, ah…”

Feng Cang wouldn’t tell Feng Qi Qi that after he got to know that someone had ideas about Feng Qi Qi, he sent the eagle troop to outflank Tian Zhi Xin’s group. Now, presumably those five thousand men went to see the king of hell. They had the guts to had ideas about his wife, they should also bear his furry.

The breakfast was spent in happiness. After the breakfast, Feng Qi Qi nestled in Feng Cang’s arms. “Why did you come back so sudden? Is something the matter?” Although, just now Feng Cag explained the reason, but Feng Qi Qi didn’t believe it. According to Feng Cang’s character, he would certainly take over Dong Lu in one swoop. Now, he suddenly returned. Something had definitely happened.

“Qing Qing, I want to go to Penglai Island!”

That Feng Cang suddenly wanted to go to Penglai Island surprised Feng Qi Qi a bit. She immediately sat up and looked at Feng Cang. “Didn’t we say to go after the war ended? Is it that Forget Love began to act up?”

Facing Feng Qi Qi’s clear eyes, Feng Cang nodded. He didn’t hide his business. “I also don’t know if it acted or not. It’s just, I can’t remember many things about our past anymore…Qing Qing, I’m a bit afraid. I’m afraid that I would really forget you…”

Feng Cang said this meant that the problem was already serious. It seemed that the timeline Jia Lan talked about had advanced. They had to make a trip to Penglai Island.

“I won’t let you forget me! If you dare to forget me, then just wait and see!” The smile on Feng Qi Qi’s face hid her anxiety. “Then let’s set off. I will let people bring Jia Lan and Jin Yu over!”

It would at least take half a month to go to Penglai Island on water. So, on the big boat, fresh water and enough food for a month had been prepared.

“Nalan, trouble you to take care of Dong Lu’s matter!”

Wangye,[1. Wang/wangye: first-rank prince] don’t worry! When you and wangfei [2. Wangfei: main wife of first-rank prince] returns, Dong Lu would no longer exist!”

After saying goodbye to Nalan Xin, Feng Cang boarded the ship and stood beside Feng Qi Qi. “Set sail!” The signal of the boatman sounded. The ship slowly sailed out of the port.

It was the first time for Su Mei and Su Yue to take a ship. The waves and wind were big on the sea. The two were somewhat uncomfortable and were seasick for a long time. Fortunately, Jin Mo was here. He made some pills according to their body type. In two days, the two adapted to the life of sea.

Feng Qi Qi didn’t have seasickness. Instead, she was enthusiastic every day and took Feng Cang to fishing.

Wangye, this is the latest pill.” Taking advantage that Feng Qi Qi was taking a nap at the bow of the boat, Jin Mo gave Feng Cang a small bottle. “One a day. You can’t eat to much!”

“I know.” Feng Cang put the small bottle in his chest.

Wangye, don’t you plan on telling princess? She’s also an expert in this area. Perhaps, she could help you!” Jin Mo was a bit worried about Feng Cang. “Wangye, its better you find an opportunity to tell princess!”

“I don’t want her to be worried!”

While saying this, Feng Cang’s hand shook slightly. He gritted his teeth and forcibly supressed this tremor.

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