Chapter 178 (Part 2) Gu poison’s residual effects

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 178 (Part 2) Gu poison’s residual effects

Since the Red River, this kind of tremor had been going on for about three months. The attacks would occur on a regular basis every day. As the time went by, the attacks became longer. Before, it was only a slight trembling. Now, when the attacks are happening, he couldn’t hold things anymore. He wouldn’t even be able to hold a cup.

“Wangye[1. Wangye: the prince of first rank], princess and I came from a famous master. Princess’s medical skills are a level above mine! Telling princess sooner would also benefit you, ah!”

“It’s useless!” Feng Cang smiled helplessly. “Didn’t you say that this is the residual effects of the gu?! The gu was transferred to Qing Qing’s body. Without the restrain of the gu poison, the fetal poison began to behave unscrupulously. Only Penglai Island has the cure for the fetal poison. Qing Qing also can’t help!”

Seeing Feng Cang being so stubborn, Jin Mo sighed. “Wangye, I said before, between a husband and wife, there should be honesty. Although, perhaps your starting point may be good, but have you ever thought what princess would think? You’re fighting an illness, but she didn’t know. By then, how guilty would she feel and how heartbroken would she be?”

Jin Mo said so much in one breath made Feng Cang have a whole new level of respect for him. “Jin Mo, I didn’t expect you to know so much about the matters of love! You really can’t tell, ah!”

Wangye, don’t make more fun of me. Princess is already coming over…”

Jin Mo’s voice just fell when Feng Qi Qi was already standing behind Feng Cang. “Cang, senior brother, what are you talking about?”

“We’re betting! Jin Mo said that today I won’t catch any fish. I said that I would definitely catch a big fish for you to nourish your body. Jin Mo didn’t believe it. So, we could only bet!”

“Oh? Bet? Good! Do you already know what the bet is?” Feng Qi Qi looked slyly at Jin Mo. “Senior brother, since it’s a bet, you should take out the good things, otherwise, you would be too stingy.”

Jin Mo could only smile bitterly seeing this couple echoing one another. “Let’s make a deal! If I lose I will tell you a secret about wangye. If I win, wangye need to promise me one thing.”

Hearing Jin Mo say this, Feng Cang knew he was playing tricks. No matter if he loses or wins, Jin Mo would tell Feng Qi Qi about the residual effects of the gu. Now, she is pregnant. If she is scared and frightened because of his matter and hurt the baby in her belly, then, what should he do?

“Jin Mo, why don’t we change the stakes?! If you lose, then jump in the sea as food for the fishes. If I loses, I will jump. What do you think?”

Feng Cang was obviously stopping Jin Mo from telling Feng Qi Qi, but Jin Mo’s duty was to take care of Feng Cang. This time, he refused to compromise. For a time, these two began to exchange glares and ignored Feng Qi Qi.

“Are you to having a secret?”

Feng Qi Qi had long discovered that there was something wrong with these two men. Now, they were full of ‘tender feelings’ and ‘casted amorous glances’ at each other, making Feng Qi Qi even more sceptical. She took one step forward and separated Feng Cang and Jin Mo.

“Tell me, what is the matter?” Feng Qi Qi crossed her shoulders and make a strong impression with her belly. She looked at Feng Cang, wanting to find some clues from his handsome face.

“Nothing is the matter…,” Feng Cang laughed charmingly. He wanted to hold Feng Qi Qi’s waist, but was avoided by her.

“Senior brother, you tell me! What is Cang hiding from me?” Feng Qi Qi couldn’t find the answer from Feng Cang, so, she looked for it from Jin Mo.

Feng Cang did a ‘shut up’ gesture behind Jin Mo. Although, Jin Mo wanted to say, but after all Feng Cang was his master. He couldn’t violate the will of his master. He could only smilingly play dumb. “Junior sister, I was joking with you! What secret can wangye have?! Could you not know what kind of man he is?”

“Is that so?”

These two people seemed to have conspired with each other. Their mouths are so sealed. Feng Qi Qi wanted to find out the reason, but no one cooperated. She had no way about where to start.

“Qing Qing, come, sit here! Drink water…,” Feng Cang helped Feng Qi Qi sit down and poured water. Just as he lifted the teacup, his hand suddenly began to shake. ‘Kuangdang…’ The teacup fell on the deck and broke into several pieces.

Feng Cang paled. Then, he hid his hand in his sleeve. “Haha, the storm is really big…,” Feng Cang smiled softly.

“There’s no storm!” Feng Cang’s abnormal behaviour was keenly captured by Feng Qi Qi. She stood up and walked to Feng Cang. She reached out and grabbed his hand but was avoided by Feng Cang.

“I didn’t burn. you don’t have to worry!” Feng Cang took a step back. He hadn’t retreated yet, when Feng Qi Qi flipped out. “Stop! Reach out your hand!”

The people who were used to Feng Qi Qi’s gentleness had been frightened by her sudden ‘lion roar’. Even Feng Cang was startled. Feng Qi Qi quickly walked to him and grabbed Feng Cang’s hand.  When Feng Cang’s trembling hand came out of his sleeve, Feng Qi Qi’s heart skipped a beat. “What had happened?”

Feng Qi Qi habitually placed her fingers on Feng Cang’s wrist.

“It’s nothing, Qing Qing. Jin Mo already made medicine for me…”

“Shut up!” Feng Qi Qi shouted. Feng Cang understood that she was really angry this time. Seeing that Feng Qi Qi’s face was so grim, Feng Cang stood well-behavedly for the first time in front of Feng Qi Qi. He was like a child who did something wrong and motionlessly waited to be ‘reprimanded’.

“When did this happen?”

After checking one hand, Feng Qi Qi replaced it with the other.

“It began the first time I met Misha…”

“It had been so long?” Feng Qi Qi frowned. After checking, Feng Qi Qi turned and faced Jin Mo. “Senior brother, what is your opinion?”

“I think it’s the residual effects of the gu. Although, the gu poison had been induced in your body, but without the restrain of the gu poison, the fetal poison began to behave unscrupulously. This is also why wangye’s Forget Love acted in advance and the amnesia happened sooner than expected.

Feng Qi Qi’s thoughts coincided with that of Jin Mo. She took the medicine Jin Mo made for Feng Cang. Feng Qi Qi put it under her nose and sniffed. When she wanted to try it, she was stopped by Feng Cang and Jin Mo at the same time. Only now did Feng Qi Qi remembered that she is pregnant and that she couldn’t just try medicines. She simply began to discuss the condition of Feng Cang with Jin Mo.

Seeing that Feng Qi Qi and Jin Mo was discussing in full swing and ignored him completely, Feng Cang felt a bit bitter. It seemed that he really did wrong. This time he really offended Feng Qi Qi!

After Feng Qi Qi and Jin Mo finished discussing, Jin Mo stood up happily. “Junior sister, I will add the two kinds of herbs you talked about!” After getting the prescription, Jin Mo was like he won a treasure. He left Feng Cang and hurriedly went into the cabin to prepare his new medicine.

Finally, he got the opportunity. Feng Cang walked to Feng Qi Qi and slowly lowered his body. “Qing Qing, I didn’t purposely hide this from you! I’m sorry!”

“Humph! How dare I question the regent’s decision?! As far as the regent is concerned, I’m and outsider. The baby in my belly is also an outsider. That is why, I shouldn’t intervene in your things. You also don’t need my care. You and I are not family. So, there’s no need for you to report everything to me!”

Feng Qi Qi was really angry. Feng Cang actually didn’t say a thing of such a big matter. According to Jin Mo, Feng Cang’s situation had extended from his hands to his arms. Moreover, the time it happens also extended. This was also why Feng Cang would suddenly put down the matters of the war and wanted to go to Penglai Island sooner.

Although, Feng Qi Qi could understand that Feng Cang did it for her to not let her be worried, but after it happened, and she got to know the truth, she still couldn’t control her emotions.

“Qing Qing, I didn’t think so. You’re my wife. How could you have nothing to do with me?!”

“Since I’m your wife, why did you hide things from me? You told Jin Mo but didn’t tell me. Am I in the first place in your heart?!” While speaking, Feng Qi Qi’s tears began to fall, making Feng Cang more apprehensive.

“Qing Qing, it’s my fault. Don’t cry!” Feng Cang wanted to wipe Feng Qi Qi’s tears, but his hand was thrown away by her. “Don’t touch me! I hate you!”

Having said this, Feng Qi Qi stood up and strode back to the cabin.

Although the scene on the deck made Su Mei and Su Yue didn’t know what to do, but now, after casting a glance once at Feng Cang, the two went into to the cabin to Feng Qi Qi’s room.

Feng Cang had been standing on the deck. His outstretched hand still held the posture of wiping Feng Qi Qi’s tears. His fingers trembled slightly. This kind of tremor spread from his wrist to his arm.

It seemed that this time he really made Feng Qi Qi angry! It seemed that this was the first time Feng Qi Qi got angry ever since they’ve met.

Inside the cabin, Feng Qi Qi’s tears didn’t stop from falling. When Su Mei and Su Yue entered and saw such a Feng Qi Qi, the two went forward and comforted her. “Miss, guye[2. Guye: son-in-law, used by the female's family] didn’t do it on purpose. Guye was afraid that you would worry, affect your emotions and that it would be bad for the baby!”

“I know!” Feng Qi Qi choked with sobs. “I know he did it for my own good, but I’m so sad!”

“Miss…” Su Yue just sat next to Feng Qi Qi, when Feng Qi Qi threw herself in her (SY) arms. “Su Yue, I’m so useless! I’m a doctor and saved many people but couldn’t cure my own husband! I know that he was afraid that I would worry. So, he kept these from me and didn’t tell me. I know I shouldn’t have gotten angry with him. I was really angry at myself!”

“Woowoo...I’m so useless. I couldn’t cure him. I’m so useless…woowoo…I blame myself for not having learned enough from master. If I could’ve learned master’s skills, Cang wouldn’t have to endure this pain…”

It turned out that Feng Qi Qi’s sadness wasn’t because Feng Cang kept a secret from her, but it was because of this.

Seeing that Feng Qi Qi cried like this, Su Yue and Su Mei comforted Feng Qi Qi. “Miss, this isn’t your fault! If there’s someone to blame, it’s the one who poisoned guye! Miss and guye are such good people; why did you had to suffer so many tests and tortures?! It’s really unfair!”

While Su Mei talked, her eyes also became red. It was Su Yue who was more rational at this time. “Miss, cry! Cry out all the sadness and grievances in your heart! After you cry, you will feel a lot better!”

Feng Qi Qi cried for a long time before she stopped. Seeing Su Mei with red eyes, Feng Qi Qi spoke in a low muffled voice, “Su Mei, why are you crying?”

“I…,” Su Mei wiped her face. Sure enough, it was a hand full of tears. “Look what happened to me! I wanted to persuade miss. I didn’t expect myself to cry.” Su Mei turned her face and wiped the tears. Then, she brought water for Feng Qi Qi to wash her face.

“Miss, since the things have already happened. Let’s face it together! Now, it’s no longer meaningful to look into who is wrong. After a while, we will arrive at Penglai Island! By then, guye would be cured and you also don’t have to worry anymore!”

Su Mei wringed the towel and gave it to Feng Qi Qi. “You cried for so long here. Guye must be very worried outside. Miss, guye is already very remorseful. If you continue to cry, guye would probably jump in the sea!”

Su Mei’s last sentence amused Feng Qi Qi. After washing her face, Feng Qi Qi felt a lot refreshed.

“Su Mei, Su Yue, thank you! After letting out all the low feelings in my heart, I feel a lot better! You’re right. I should be more optimistic! As long as we cure the fetal poison in Cang’s body, the residual left by the gu poison would also be solved!”

Feng Qi Qi’s mood became better. Su Mei and Su Yue also felt relieved. After the two went out, they discovered Feng Cang outside of the door.

Guye, miss is waiting for you!” Su Mei and Su Yue exchanged a smile. They made way and let Feng Cang enter.

Before, Feng Cang had been outside of the room. Feng Qi Qi’s cries spread out from the room, making his heart ache a lot. The thought that this was all because he made Feng Qi Qi sad, Feng Cang was very remorseful. He hated himself for not listening to Jin Mo. He should’ve told Feng Qi Qi these sooner. Like that, he wouldn’t have make her sad.

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