Chapter 181 (Part 1) Giving birth (1)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 181 (Part 1) Giving birth (1)

When they arrived at Yan capital, it was already December. The weather was cold and there was snow everywhere. Fortunately, the people in the palace knew about Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi’s return. They had long let people send over things to keep warm. Plus, with Feng Cang’s careful care and also the well-behaved child in her womb, Feng Qi Qi didn’t suffer too much.

When they arrived at Yan capital and returned to the regent’s residence, Feng Xie and Wanyan Ming Yue had long been waiting. The moment they heard that Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi had arrived, the two quickly went out.

“Mother, father…” The big-bellied Feng Qi Qi went down the carriage and saw Feng Xie and Wanyan Ming Yue. She wanted to bow but had been stopped by Wanyan Ming Yue. Wanyan Ming Yue went forward and supported her. “Come, let mother take a look!” She checked Feng Qi Qi carefully from head to toe. After confirming that she didn’t get thinner but instead got a lot chubbier, did Wanyan Ming Yue laugh happily.

“Your father knew that you were coming back. He woke up early and had been waiting since then!” She looked once at the not very articulate Feng Xie. Wanyan Ming Yue expressed these concerns for him.

“Thank you, father, mother! I let you worry!”

Feng Qi Qi smiled sweetly. The feeling of having a family was so good. Regardless of where she was, there were people who missed and are concerned about her. This was the first time she experienced such feelings. At this time, Feng Qi Qi’s heart was filled with happiness. After coming to this world, she got a lover and family members. This was something she never dared to desire in her previous life.

Inside the palace, after grand empress dowager Dongfang Lan heard that Feng Qi Qi and Feng Cang had returned, she came to the regent’s residence with little emperor Wanyan Jie.

“Grandmother! It’s so cold. Why did you come? I just planned to go see you tomorrow!” Seeing that Dongfang Lan specially came to see her in this great winter, Feng Qi Qi felt apologetic.

“Don’t, don’t. Your body is heavy now. You can’t move around very much. It’s better that I come to see you!”

Dongfang Lan stared a long time at Feng Qi Qi’s big belly. “The belly is pointy. It’s certainly a small able-bodied man!” After waiting for such a long time, it turned out that Dongfang Lan talked about this. It made everyone laugh.

“Is aunty giving birth to a little brother? So great!” Wanyan Jie hadn’t seen Feng Qi Qi for a long time. This time, Feng Qi Qi brought many gifts back for him. Especially a white conch made him unable to put it down. Now, hearing Dongfang Lan say that Feng Qi Qi is pregnant with a son, Wanyan Jie was so happy that he almost jumped.

“If aunty gives birth to a little brother, zhen[1. Zhen: I, used by the emperor] will definitely protect him very well! Zhen won’t let anyone bully him!”

While saying this, Wanyan Jie’s innocent face clearly showed a matureness and unwavering that only adults could have. He said this as if it was a promise and that it would last a lifetime from the moment it was spoken.

Seeing Wanyan Jie’s serious face, Feng Qi Qi reached out and touched his tender face. “If aunty gives birth to a little brother, Jie er[2. Er: term of endearment] would have a friend! Little brother would also protect Jie er!”

At a side, after Dongfang Lan saw Feng Qi Qi make such a promise, she nodded slightly. After Wanyan Ming Yue and Feng Xie heard their daughter’s words, they also exchanged a smile.

The date of birth was originally expected to be the January the 8th. The child in her womb didn’t seem to have the intension of coming out to see the period. There was no sign of labor.

Feng Qi Qi didn’t care about such situation. Instead, it was Feng Cang who was a bit anxious.

“Why is it like this? It is already the expected date of birth.” Feng Cang couldn’t wait to know how his and Feng Qi Qi’s child looked like. Now, the date of birth had passed several days. There had been no movement, making him who wished to be a father, couldn’t hold it anymore.

“Baby, what are you doing? Why don’t you come out?!” Feng Cang put his ear on Feng Qi Qi’s belly and talked to the baby. His anxious appearance fell in Su Mei and Su Yue’s eyes. Both laughed at a side. Even Wanyan Ming Yue and Feng Xie were amused by Feng Cang’s action.

“Cang, it’s better if you think about the child’s name first!”

Feng Qi Qi ate an apple while her small hand touched her belly.

These past few days, the people of the entire capital had been trying to think of a name for the child in Feng Qi Qi’s womb. Although, before the wedding of Feng Qi Qi and Feng Cang was annulled but Feng Cang’s identity was rewritten. Everyone understood that they aren’t related by blood, so, they accepted this couple.

Moreover, without Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi, how could Dong Lu be classified as Bei Zhou’s territory? Without Feng Xie, how could Xi Qi be utterly defeated? In one month, Feng family had become Bei Zhou’s noblest surname. Regardless of which aspect, Feng family’s credit was indispensable.

Inside capital Yan’s gamble dens, the gamble had long been set up. It was a bet about whether the first child of Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi would be a boy or a girl. All the officials and the citizens bet in the gamble dens.

Don’t know which big mouth had spread Dongfang Lan’s phrase ‘pointed belly will be a boy’. Everyone rushed like ducks and bet that Feng Qi Qi would give birth to a boy. When this news reached Feng Qi Qi and Feng Cang, this couple coordinated well and sent people to the gambling dens and bet heavily on a girl.

“Cang, if it’s really a son, wouldn’t it be a money-losing thing! This time, I even put out my lifesavings!”

With the approaching date of birth, Feng Qi Qi’s body became heavier. Now, her while body leaned on Feng Cang’s embrace and put all the weight on him. “I don’t care! If I really give birth to a son, you need to pay me the money back!”

“Good, good, good! I will pay you all back! My person is already yours not to mention those mere worldly possessions!”  Seeing his lovable wife act cute like this, Feng Cang put her hair behind her ears. “If it’s a son, I will throw him to Ming Yue Cheng and wouldn’t care about him anymore! I don’t want a son!”


That Feng Cang didn’t want a son made Feng Qi Qi very surprised. Didn’t the ancient people wanted to carry on the ancestor’s line by having a son? How could Feng Cang not like a son?!

“If it’s a son, there would be one more person who would fight with me for you. Where is there anything good about that?”

When saying this, there was obviously a deep jealousy in his words. This was only because he had accidentally heard Feng Qi Qi chat with Su Mei and Su Yue. She said she must give birth to a son. This way, there would be two men who would love her, so great! If she gives birth to a daughter, a daughter was the father’s lover in the past life. She didn’t want to give birth to a small rival and get annoyed in the eyes and in the heart!

Although these words were off the top of Feng Qi Qi’s head, but it was remembered by Feng Cang. According to Feng Qi Qi, if she gives birth to a son, then wouldn’t it become her small lover of the past life? The moment he thought about this, Feng Cang would feel a sour taste in his heart. It was very uncomfortable.

Before, Feng Qi Qi mentioned to him that she had promised Ming Yue Cheng to let him become the godfather of the child. Plus, there was a gu on the child that needed to be removed, so, Feng Cang decided if she gave birth to a son, he would immediately throw it to Ming Yue Cheng and let him (MYC) bring the child back to Nan Feng. And, don’t come back to disturb his and Feng Qi Qi’s world of two.

Feng Qi Qi heard something else from Feng Cang’s words.

She made two “tsk, tsk” sounds. Feng Qi Qi reached out and grabbed Feng Cang’s chin. “No shame, getting jealous of the child!”

Being teased by Feng Qi Qi, Feng Cang felt embarrassed. Just at this time, Nalan Xin came over. He told Feng Cang that there was something to talk about. Feng Cang took him to the study.

Watching the two people leave, Feng Qi Qi looked at Su Mei. “Don’t know if there’s news from Wanyan Kang’s side…”

Hearing Wanyan Kang’s name, Su Mei blushed.

Although Su Mei didn’t say anything, but Feng Qi Qi knew that Su Mei missed Wanyan Kang. After Dong Lu and Xi Qi successfully became history, at the north, the Jurchen clan seemed particularly stubborn and constantly resisted.

It was said that this time, the ones who were leading the Jurchen clan were indeed Taji Guli and her little brother Guoba. These siblings were brave and the fact that there were no weak men in their army, so even after Dong Lu and Xi Qi perished, they still struggled, giving Wanyan Kang and Ruyi many headaches.

“I don’t know if ah Kang can come back during the New Year…”

While Su Mei was thinking about Wanyan Kang inside Tingsong building, Nalan Xin gave a shocking news to Feng Cang inside the study.

“What did you say? Say it once again?”

Wangye,[3. Wang/wangye: first-rank prince] Taji Guli wanted to make peace. She only has one condition for the peace. That is, to form a marriage alliance between Bei Zhou and the Jurchen clan. She wants to marry you. Her little brother Guoba wants to marry wangfei…”[4. Wangfei: main consort of first-rank prince]

“Bullshit!” Feng Cang who had always been gentle, after hearing this, he swore.

“Did Xiaoyao wang also say this?!” Feng Cang’s reaction was expected by Nalan Xin. “However, Taji Guli said, if Bei Zhou doesn’t accept this condition, then Bei Zhou doesn’t have any sincerity in making peace. Their Jurchen clan will fight till the end even if there was only one person left.”

“Then, let them fight!” Originally, Feng Cang was in a good mood. After hearing Nalan Xin mention Taji Guli, his mood immediately became very bad. What kind of thing actually dared to set eyes on his Feng Qi Qi? Really looking for death!

Feng Cang let Nalan Xin come in front of him and whispered a few words in his ear. “Let people go do it!”

“Yes!” Nalan Xin smiled slightly. Taji Guli and Guoba were looking for death. Now, wangye is very angry. The consequences are very serious.

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