Chapter 181 (Part 2) Giving birth (1)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 181 (Part 2) Giving birth (1)

When Feng Cang returned to the room, the child in Feng Qi Qi’s belly was tossing from side to side very much, making her very uncomfortable.

“How is it? Is it serious? I will go call Jin Mo!”

Feng Cang wanted to leave, but Feng Qi Qi grabbed his sleeve. “It’s nothing. When it’s almost time to give birth, it’s always like this!”

Seeing Feng Qi Qi frown, Feng Cang pointed at her belly and shouted loudly, “Listen well! If you continue to torment your mother, when you come out, I will slap your butt! Did you hear?”

Don’t know if it was because Feng Cang’s words had an effect, the severe tossing stopped. Feng Qi Qi took deep breaths. “You scared him like this, I’m afraid that he’s even more reluctant to come out!”

“If he continues to bully you, I will really beat him!”

Seeing that Feng Cang loved Feng Qi Qi so much, Wanyan Ming Yue and Feng Xie was also assured. Although, it was said that the younger generation would do alright on their own, but they only have one daughter Feng Qi Qi. Before, they didn’t have the chance to take care of Feng Qi Qi for more than ten years. This time, she was about to give birth. The two people were kept busy because of it.

Various rewards were sent from the palace to the regent’s residence. Wanyan Ming Yue also made a lot of things like small clothes, small shoes and small jackets for the child. Feng Xie believed that this would be a grandson. He personally made a wooden horse and a wooden sword as if he wanted to train his grandson into the new generation's god of war.

As the time went, Feng Qi Qi still had no signs of giving birth. Those people who were worried in the beginning had also began to be accustomed to this. They prepared everything and slowly waited for Feng Qi Qi to show signs. Wanyan Jie would come visit Feng Qi Qi every two days and chat with her. However, it was more talking to Feng Qi Qi’s belly. Every time, he would leave reluctantly and unwillingly.

It was close to the New Year. Half a month had passed since Feng Qi Qi’s estimated date of giving birth. The child still didn’t want to come out. She, the mother, also didn’t worry anymore.

This day, it was snowing. Feng Cang returned from the morning court. Feng Qi Qi could clearly sense that he was in a very good mood. She immediately clung to him and asked about it.

“Guess…,” After changing clothes, Feng Cang held Feng Qi Qi.

“Is it that the north side won? Is it that we won?”

Feng Qi Qi’s words made Feng Cang laughingly tap her nose. “Clever! Qing Qing had really become the worm in my belly!”   

  • Become the worm of one’s belly: read the other’s mind

“Really? We really won? Then, is it that we don’t need to go to war anymore in the future? When is ah Kang returning? So great! So great!” The moment she heard that the matter on the north side was resolved, Feng Qi Qi was very happy. A large part of it was that she was happy for Su Mei. When Wanyan Kang come back, it’s just the right time for them to have a wedding!

“The Jurchen clan was fighting among themselves. Guoba had been killed on spot. Taji Guli was seriously injured and fled. Without these two people, the Jurchens were like scattered sand. All the major tribes made themselves king. Now, they were so busy among themselves, how would they have time to fight the outsiders?!”

When saying this, Feng Cang’s mouth lifted into a perfect arc. “Let them massacre one another. It would be fine if we be the fisherman to catch both! It happened to be new year. It’s the right time to let the soldiers rest a bit!”

Feng Qi Qi didn’t miss the smile on Feng Cang’s lips. Seeing him smile like this, Feng Qi Qi crossed her arms and looked thoughtfully at him. “Cang, how did the things end so quickly? Why do I feel that there’s another meaning behind your words? Did you do something?”

That Feng Qi Qi was so smart made Feng Cang couldn’t love this woman any more. This woman was cunning like a fox. He didn’t say anything, but she was already able to guess what he did. “I only incited some people and taught them to do some things. However, I was very good-hearted and didn’t let them pay fees for the tutoring. I even sent people to help them, otherwise, with their ability, how would they be able to beat Guoba at once?!”

Hearing Feng Cang say this, Feng Qi Qi came to the realization. “Did you send Fo Sheng Men’s people?”

“Mm!” Feng Cang nodded. Feng Qi Qi let out a sigh of relief. “No matter what, the things are resolved. The trouble is also gone. We can also spend the New Year happily!”

When Su Mei heard from Feng Qi Qi that Wanyan Kang was already on the way back, she was overwhelmed with excitement. Only when Su Yue’s laughter reached her did she wake up.

“A certain someone is so happy for being able to see Xiaoyao wang[1. Wang/wangye: the prince of first rank] soon!” Su Yue teased at a side, making Su Mei blush like a cooked shrimp.

However, Su Mei was also not someone easy to tease. She also opened her mouth, “Su Yue, don’t laugh at me! Quickly give sir Nalan a son! I see that he was very envious of wangye. You have to speed up, ah!”

“Damn lass! What are you saying?!” Sure enough, now, it was Su Yue’s time to blush.

Seeing Su Mei’s and Su Yue’s happy appearances, Feng Qi Qi was very satisfied. Wasn’t a person in pursuit of happiness, peace and blessings for the whole life?! She already has this!

Those people who had been waiting for Feng Qi Qi to give birth, waited for a long time but didnt heard any movement. They almost became impatient.

However, such abnormality had another meaning for the citizens. Many people believed that since ancient times, only when a god is born would there be abnormalities. There had also been examples were saints stayed in the mother’s body for twelve months before being born. So, Feng Qi Qi’s belly was even more out of the ordinary for the citizens. There were also people who said that the child in Feng Qi Qi’s belly was not an ordinary person, but a constellation of the stars.

In short, when all sorts of arguments reached Feng Qi Qi, she didnt know whether to laugh or not. Wasn’t it just a month late? Why did it change meaning after leaving the mouths of these people?

The New Year was getting closer and closer. According to the usual customs, the new year should be spent in the palace. So, Feng Qi Qi with Feng Cang’s careful escort went to Long Autumn palace. This year’s New Year’s Eve dinner was very lively. Although, Wanyan Jie was still young and didnt have an empress and consorts and the banquet lacked women, but this was a real meaningful new year between a family.

“Nan Feng’s emperor Ming Yue Cheng had arrived!” The New Year’s Eve dinner hadn’t started yet, when someone came to report to Dongfang Lan that Ming Yue Cheng had arrived. After hearing this news, Dongfang Lan immediately asked people to invite Ming Yue Cheng in.

“Haha, arriving early can’t beat arriving at the right time! I smelled the taste of the New Year and came just on time! Don’t know if you welcome me or not.”

Ming Yue Cheng was still dressed in a purple robe. His hair was in a beam. The one next to him was Gu Yun Wan.

“Welcome, welcome!” Dongfang Lan had a good impression of Ming Yue Cheng. Plus, it was because Ming Yue Cheng helped them this time when Xi Qi attacked that Bei Zhou was able to deal with the battle. It was all thanks to Ming Yue Cheng.

“Qi Qi, long time no see!” Ming Yue Cheng looked smilingly at Feng Qi Qi. When he saw Feng Qi Qi’s big belly, a sorrowful sadness flashed in his eyes. However, the speed was faster that the shooting stars in the sky, making people couldn’t catch it.

“Long time no see!”

Feng Qi Qi moved aside a bit. “If you don’t mind, then sit here! Let’s have drink!”

“Can you still drink?” Ming Yue Cheng sat down. He also pulled Gu Yun Wan who was staring at Feng Qi Qi in daze to let her also sit.

“I can’t drink, but I’ve a man! You can make a night of it!”

Gu Yun Wan had been staring at Feng Qi Qi. Once, she had imagined countless times how Feng Qi Qi, this world’s number one beauty would look like. It turned out that the famous princess Zhen Guo Feng Qi Qi who only used a hundred men and used the empty city stratagem to scare the enemy away was so petite and beautiful!

“This is…” Seeing Gu Yun Wan looking at her like this, Feng Qi Qi asked for her name.

“My name is Gu Yun Wan! You can call me little Wan!” Gu Yun Wan had a flattered feeling when Feng Qi Qi spoke to her. After knowing the stories of Feng Qi Qi, she admired Feng Qi Qi very much. Before, she had some prejudice against Feng Qi Qi. Now after seeing her in person these prejudices disappeared completely. Instead, she wanted to be friends with this girl.

“Hello, little Wan. I’m Feng Qi Qi! nice to meet you! You can call me Qi Qi!”

Only by hearing this name, Feng Qi Qi had guessed Gu Yun Wan’s identity. The only daughter of Qiang tribe’s chief, the former empress of Nan Feng and the empress dowager of now.

“Nice to meet you too!”

Gu Yun Wan was an outspoken and straightforward girl by nature. She hated girls who pretended to be shy and feigned being reserved the most. Now seeing Feng Qi Qi being so direct was really to Gu Yun Wan’s taste!

Before meeting Feng Qi Qi, Gu Yun Wan wondered what kind of woman would be able to make Ming Yue Cheng repeatedly break the rules for her and even didn’t hesitate to use the army to wipe out Xi Qi. Now, after facing that bright yet clear pair of eyes of Feng Qi Qi, Gu Yun Wan had to admit that even she would be attracted by her let alone men!

Before, Gu Yun Wan was very dissatisfied with Ming Yue Cheng for hurrying to Bei Zhou to spend the New Year. Therefore, she decided to follow him and see what was going on. Until this moment did Gu Yun Wan understand Ming Yue Cheng’s thoughts. Feng Qi Qi was about to give birth. He must be worried. So, he came! Moreover, Feng Qi Qi’s child has gu poison in him. He probably wanted to bring the child back this time!

“Hey, Ming Yue Cheng, your eyes are not bad!” She took advantage of when people didn’t pay attention and leaned to Ming Yue Cheng’s ear and whispered a few words.

After hearing Gu Yun Wan, Ming Yue Cheng’s hand that was holding the wine cup paused. After seeing Feng Qi Qi’s happy face, Ming Yue Cheng poured the fine wine in his stomach.

The burn of the white wine stimulated Ming Yue Cheng’s throat. He thought that he could handle the situation calmly and could calmly face his and her and her happiness. However, after seeing her, he discovered that he was deceiving others and deceiving himself.

Even if he couldn’t forget, but she was happy, he was also happy in his heart…

“Ming Yue Cheng, what’s the matter?” Seeing that Ming Yue Cheng was in daze, Gu Yun Wan shook his arm. “Why are you daydreaming?! Feng Cang is giving you a toast!”

After being shook like this by Gu Yun Wan, did Ming Yue Cheng see Feng Cang’s smiling face and the jug in his hand.

“Thank you!” Feng Cang’s words were brief and simple. A ‘thank you’ expressed the friendship between men. Feng Cang’s thank you contained to many meanings such as thanking him for using the army against Xi Qi and alleviating the pressure of Bei Zhou; such as thanking him for giving up on Feng Qi Qi and didn’t come in between them; such as thanking him for the concern he has for their child. During the New Year, he even rushed here through rain and wind. Such as thanking him for many more things…

“You’re welcome!” Of course, Ming Yue Cheng understood Feng Cang’s meaning. He admired this man. ‘Kuang…’ Ming Yue Cheng’s cup gently touched Feng Cang’s. “It’s what I should do!”

“I say, you’re very unfriendly! Didn’t even wait for me to have a drink!”

Just as the bell of the New Year was about to ring, a voice came over. Everyone looked. It turned out to be a dirty Wanyan Kang. Presumably he hurried the whole way, Wanyan Kang looked tired. His whole body was covered in dust. Only that pair of eyes still had spirit.

“Ah Kang!” Feng Qi Qi shouted. She didn’t expect that Wanyan Kang would be able to return during the New Year. Coming from the north, the landscape was turbulent. He must be on the road day and night to be able to arrive now.

“Cousin in law, when I left, you were still a graceful woman. Now that I returned, you became a big-bellied woman!”

Although he was in a sorry state, but Wanyan Kang didn’t got rid of his character.

“Brat! You’ve finally returned! Don’t you know how worried Su Mei was from waiting?!” Maybe because many good things had piled up these days, making Feng Qi Qi in a very good mood. She stood up and walked to Wanyan Kang. Her pillow like fist landed on Wanyan Kang’s shoulder. “If you still don’t come back, I was about to marry Su Mei to another!”

“Ah, cousin in law, you shouldn’t deceive people like this! Su Mei is already my bride. I’ve already booked!”

Wanyan Kang began to scream. Dongfang Lan laughed hard. “You’re already a wangye and is still so unruly! Quickly go take a bath. After that, our whole family can spend the new year together!”

“Yes, imperial grandmother!”

After Wanyan Kang cleaned the tiredness of his body, he returned to the banquet and discovered that everyone was waiting for him. When Wanyan Kang sat down, Dongfang Lan nodded satisfied and solemnly announced, “Start the banquet…”

“Dong, dong, dong…” In the distance, the New Year’s bell rang. Everyone raised their cup and said a lot of blessings. Out of the window, gorgeous fireworks bloomed deep in the blue sky. It was very beautiful.

“Little aunty!” Wanyan Jie liked Feng Qi Qi and specifically ran to Feng Qi Qi to sit next to her. “Little aunty, why is little brother still not coming out?”

After hearing Wanyan Jie, Wanyan Kang joked, “Emperor, he’s waiting for you, ah! You only need to say, ‘little brother come out and play with me’, the baby in cousin in law’s belly will come out!”

“Really?” Wanyan Jie was only six or seven years old. He easily believed Wanyan Kang. “Little brother, come out and play with me! I have many toys. I will share them with you!”

Don’t know if it was because these words had an effect, Feng Qi Qi’s belly suddenly began to twitch.

“Aiya!” Feng Qi Qi held Feng Cang’s hand and screamed once. Her discordant voice was very different on this harmonious New Year’s Eve dinner. The people who were joking originally stopped after hearing the scream.

“What’s the matter, Qing Qing?” Feng Cang held Feng Qi Qi’s hand and looked at her painful expression. Feng Cang was scared. “Are you going to give birth?”

“I, I don’t know, ah…” Feeling a warm water coming out of her lower body, Feng Qi Qi nodded. “My amniotic fluid broke. I, I’m going to give birth!”

“Aiya, going to give birth!”

“What? Going to give birth?!”

“Quickly, quickly. Princess is about to give birth!”

“Servants, quickly go prepare! Hurry up!”

The whole scene became chaotic. This sudden news made the buzzling New Year’s Eve dinner became frenetic. Dongfang Lan quickly arranged people to go prepare. Wanyan Ming Yue came to Feng Qi Qi’s side. Feng Cang couldn’t wait anymore, carried Feng Qi Qi and rushed out.

“It’s not my fault, ah! It’s not my fault, ah!”

Wanyan Kang felt that the way everyone looked at him was strange. He quickly screamed, “I was joking. I didn’t expect it to be like this!”

“Why worry, Xiaoyao wang?!” Ming Yue Cheng’s big hand patted Wanyan Kang’s shoulder. “This shows that the child has fate with you! The moment you returned, he already couldn’t wait to meet you!”

Although Ming Yue Cheng said it like that, but Wanyan Kang clearly saw his white teeth and couldn’t help but shudder.

The wangfu[2. Wangfu: the residence of the prince of first rank] outside the palace was well prepared for Feng Qi Qi’s giving birth. However, no one expected that this little master would come out during the New Year. When the carriage rushed back, the two elder, Feng Qi and Feng Yu were also flustered.

Wangye, wait outside. Nothing will happen to wangfei[3. Wangfei: main wife of the prince of first rank]!” Feng Yu blocked Feng Cang outside Tingsong building.

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