Chapter 182 (Part 2) Giving birth (2)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 182 (Part 2) Giving birth (2)

At this time, Feng Qi Qi still could joke. This made Feng Cang relax a bit. He gently kissed the sweat on her cheek and held her hand to give her strength. “It doesn’t matter. We lost this time. Next time, we will win the double of it! Moreover, instead of being happy alone, it’s better to let everyone be happy. Isn’t this what you used to say in the past?! It’s better to let those who gambles get a small fortune!”

“Hehe, I knew you…would say this! Ah…”

Another round of pain came. This time, Feng Qi Qi didn’t endure it like before. Instead, she screamed hysterically.

Only when the pain reached its limit would one scream. This made Wanyan Kang shudder. It turned out that women giving birth was so scary. Wanyan Kang stared at the bloody water on the ground. Then, would Su Mei also be like this in the future?

The expression of Ming Yue Cheng who stood next to Wanyan Kang became extremely bad. The usual sloppy smile disappeared. Ming Yue Cheng’s whole face was tensed. Feng Qi Qi was suffering inside. He really wanted to stay with her and tell her that he would take care of everything, but who is he? Her real husband already entered. Even if he was worried, he could only wait anxiously here.

Wangfei,[1. Wangfei: main wife of first-rank prince] little shizi’s[2. Shizi: first son of a first-rank prince or crown prince and the main wife/ usually the heir of the family] head could already be seen. Wangfei, use more strength, ah!”

Feng Cang's presence pressured the midwives even more. Fortunately, Feng Cang didn’t personally put pressure on them let the midwives relax a bit. They put all their attention on Feng Qi Qi.

“Amitabha, buddha bless my Qi Qi! Amitabha!” Wanyan Ming Yue prayed to Buddha and prayed for buddha to let Feng Qi Qi suffer less.

“Ah…,” Feng Qi Qi once again screamed from pain. Now, the pain reached a point where it was unbearable for Feng Qi Qi. Now, she no longer cared about the things she thought before. She screamed repeatedly as if she wanted to dispel the pain through her screams.

“Cang, it hurts!” Feng Qi Qi’s tears fell. Aside from wiping her face, Feng Cang couldn’t do anything else. He could only watch Feng Qi Qi tremble from pain.

“I’m here! After this baby is born, let’s not have more children!” Now, Feng Cang hated the child inside Feng Qi Qi's belly a bit. He actually dared to let her feel so much pain. “After this brat come out, I will slap his butt to relieve your anger for you!”

When Feng Cang’s words reached the other people’s ears, making them want to laugh but didn’t dare to make a sound. Everyone finally saw the appearance of this wangye[3. Wang/wangye: first-rank prince] loving his wife.

“No…you, you have to compensate all the money I lost!”

Feng Qi Qi gritted her teeth and clutched Feng Cang’s hand.

“Good, good, good. I will make it up to you! It is all yours! My everything is yours!”

At this time, the two people were still saying such loving words that would make people blush. Not too mention those young maids, even those elder maids felt that it was too corny.

Inside the room, because of the pain, Feng Qi Qi had forgotten about the time. Outside the room, the people watched the sun rise until noon.

“What’s happening? Why isn’t the child born yet?!” Dongfang Lan who was calm before, now, also became anxious. It had been so long. Could it be a difficult birth? If it was a difficult birth, then, then wouldn’t it mean big trouble?

“Amitabha, Buddha bless her!” Dongfang Lan turned the beads in her hands and prayed. Don’t let anything happen to Feng Qi Qi. The mother and the child need to be safe!

Although, Wanyan Jie didn’t know how scary Feng Qi Qi being in labor is, but looking at everyone’s frowning expression, he did as Dongfang Lan and began to pray. “Buddha bless her. If little brother come out sooner, I will bestow him the title Pingdong wang! Also, I will find him a big palace!”

The appearance of Wanyan Jie being like a little adult made the atmosphere a bit lighter. Dongfang Lan rubbed Wanyan Jie’s head and looked at Tingsong building.

Just when everyone’s patience was exhausted, a loud cry broke out.

“Born…born?” Wanyan Kang said foolishly. The others also understood.

“He’s born! He’s born! So great!” Dongfang Lan was very excited. “Feng Xie, congratulations for becoming a grandfather!”

“Thank…thank you!” At first, Feng Xie was surprised and then dazed. Now, he became excited. “I became a grandfather! I became a grandfather!”

Inside the room, the midwives wiped the baby, wrapped him in a cotton padded mattress and handed him to Feng Cang. “Congratulations wangye, congratulations wangfei. It’s a little shizi!”

Feng Cang didn’t take over the child. Instead, he carefully helped Feng Qi Qi change into clean clothes.

Seeing Feng Cang like this, the midwife who held the child was a bit embarrassed. It looked like this wangye doesn’t like a son? Or…

“Let me!” Wanyan Ming Yue took over the child and held him in her arms. “Yo, so beautiful! Looks like daddy!”

Wanyan Ming Yue’s words also didn’t get Feng Cang’s attention. Now, in his heart, in his eyes, there was only Feng Qi Qi. She suffered so much before giving birth to the child. This little thing tortured Feng Qi Qi badly and made him hate his son a bit.

With Feng Cang’s help, Feng Qi Qi changed into clean clothes. Su Mei and Su Yue cleaned up the bed. Feng Cang carried Feng Qi Qi and put her on the bed.

“Mother, let me see my son!” Although, Feng Qi Qi’s face was pale, but she was in good spirits.

Wanyan Ming Yue gentle put the baby beside Feng Qi Qi. However, until now Feng Cang still refused to look at the child. Wanyan Ming Yue knew that Feng Cang was having a squabble with the child because of Feng Qi Qi. She couldn’t help but laugh.

“What to do?! The child our Qi Qi used her life to give birth to, a certain someone didn’t care and didn’t like him! If I knew it would be like this, Qi Qi shouldn’t have married a certain someone lest also not to be pleasing after giving birth and have to suffer that someone’s mood!”

When Wanyan Ming Yue’s words fell into Feng Cang’s ears, it let Feng Cang’s stiff face loosen a bit. He lowered his head and take a quick glance at the wrapped child. After he saw his son’s grape like purple eyes, Feng Cang’s heart was suddenly hit violently.

“Cang, look, the baby’s eyes are exactly the same as yours! So beautiful…” Feng Qi Qi pulled Feng Cang’s hand and let his finger gently touch their son.

That kind of softness came from his finger made Feng Cang’s heart even more shocking.

“Doesn’t he look very much like you?”

“Mm!” Feng Cang nodded. His mouth raised slightly. He put his finger in the baby’s small hand.

“Woo…” The baby made a small sound. His mouth spat bubbles. His purple eyes looked at Feng Cang. His small mouth opened and closed.

Looking at his son, Feng Cang suddenly felt some remorse. Remorse that he shouldn’t have hated his child just now. He was so small, lay next to Feng Qi Qi and didn’t know anything. His small hand held Feng Cang’s finger. The warmth coming from his little fingers passed through Feng Cang’s finger to his heart.

This is my child, my son…Feng Cang’s heart went soft. His finger gently touched the baby’s palm.

Suddenly, the little baby began to cry. The sudden tears frightened Feng Cang. He quickly retrieved his finger and looked nervously at Feng Qi Qi. “Why, why is he crying?” The implication was that he didn’t do anything!

Feng Cang’s ‘foolish’ appearance made Feng Qi Qi happy. Wanyan Ming Yue also laughed. “The child is hungry! That was why he cried!”

Wanyan Ming Yue approached and placed the baby in Feng Qi Qi’s arms. Seeing his son drinking milk in Feng Qi Qi’s arms, Feng Cang finally understood the meaning of happiness.

After the baby drank milk, Wanyan Ming Yue took the baby and went outside of Tingsong building.

“Quickly, quickly let aijia [4. Aijia: I, used by an empress dowager] take a look!” When Dongfang Lan took over the baby, her hands trembled slightly. When she saw the child’s appearance, Dongfang Lan laughed. “The eyebrows and eyes look like Feng Cang’s. The nose and the mouth look like Qi Qi’s. He’s a strong little man! Come, come, let grandfather hold you!”

It was the first time that Feng Xie held a baby. He was a bit nervous. The new-born baby was soft. Feng Xie was afraid that his strength was too great and would hurt the child. He could only remain tense and maintained one posture.

“It’s not like this!” Wanyan Ming Yue adjusted Feng Xie’s posture. “Like this the child would be comfortable!”

A group of people gathered around Feng Xie and looked at the newly born little shizi. Wanyan Jie was short and couldn’t reach the baby. He could only pull at Wanyan Kang’s clothes and tried to climb up. “Fifth uncle, let me see little brother. Fifth uncle, quickly let me see!”

“Good, good, I’ll let you take a look!” Feng Xie lowered his body and let Wanyan Jie look at the child in his arms.

“Emperor, your mouth is like gold your words are like jade! Little brother heard that you want to make him Pingdong wang and was afraid that you would regret, so he quickly came out!” Wanyan Kang was also relieved that Feng Qi Qi gave birth smoothly. Now, he also began to tease Wanyan Jie.

  • Mouth like gold words like jade: what one says will come true, usually used by the emperor.

Hearing Wanyan Kang say that, Wanyan Jie shook his head. “I’m the emperor. My promise is worth one thousand in gold, how would I go back on my words? Little brother wouldn’t think so. Fifth uncle is certainly lying to me!”

  • Promise worth one thousand in gold: a promise that must be kept

Wanyan Jie’s words made everyone laugh. Wanyan Kang teased the little baby and looked at Wanyan Jie. “Then, what you just said is true?”

“Of course! Little brother is Bei Zhou’s Pingdong wang!”

Inside the room, when Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi heard that the moment their son was born, he was already in a ‘high political position’, they laughed.

Feng Cang and Feng Qi Q had long prepared the name of the child. It is Feng Xiao. This name was from Feng Qi Qi. It was a hope that the child would become a formidable person of his generation. Originally, Feng Cang intended for the first child to have the same surname ‘Feng’ as Feng Qi Qi. One, was because he loves Feng Qi Qi. Second, was to repay Feng Xie and Wanyan Ming Yue’s grace for bringing him up.

  • The Xiao of Feng Xiao means formidable/valiant

“Little brother’s eyes aren’t the same as that of us!” When Feng Xiao opened his eyes and Wanyan Jie saw the color of his eyes, he shouted. His shout attracted the attention of everyone.

Those who knew Feng Cang’s identity didn’t feel surprised. Only Ming Yue Cheng and Gu Yun Wan were a bit surprised after seeing that pair of purple eyes.

“How come there are such beautiful eyes?!” Gu Yun Wan sighed loudly. It was just, the eyes of the parents of this child were black. Why did the child have purple eyes? Thinking till here, Gu Yun Wan looked at Ming Yue Cheng. Ming Yue Cheng thought about the time when Feng Cang’s identity was announced. After making the correction that he (FC) was Long Ao Tian, he (MYC) thought of one thing.

Could Feng Cang be the former dynasty’s Long clan’s descendant? Only those with Long’s blood would have purple eyes! Besides, the child’s eyes are the pure purple. Then, Feng Cang would certainly be a Long clan's member from the purest line.

At the entrance of the regent’s residence, Feng Qi commanded the people to put the already prepared fireworks nearly and lit them all. In a short time, the news that princess Zhen Guo gave birth to a little shizi spread through the whole capital.

When the people knew that Feng Qi Qi gave birth to a boy and that Feng Cang got a son, they all went to the streets to celebrate. The reasons for this celebration were; at one side was because they were happy for Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi. At the other side was due to the fact their money of the bet got doubled because Feng Qi Qi gave birth to a son.

When the people of the regent’s residence and the capital were rejoicing from happiness, inside the study of prime minister Mu Hua’s residence, Mu Hua was siting with a gloomy face.

“I got it. It’s a boy who was born. You can retreat!” Mu Hua gestured with his hand. The housekeeper retreated.

After the housekeeper left, the bookshelf against the wall suddenly turned. Three people appeared in front of Mu Hua. One of them was the former crown prince of Xi Qi, Longze Jing Tian.

“Feng Qi Qi gave birth? To a son? Then, isn’t Feng Cang happy to death?”

A woman with braided pigtails sat on a chair. Her skin was dark. On the left side of her face a soaring phoenix was painted with ink. Braided with the braids were turquoise gemstones and cornelians. If Feng Cang was here, he would certainly recognize that this woman is Jurchen clan’s Taji Guli. On her mouth was a disdainful and also prideful smile. Her left eye looked a bit weird. If one looked closely, one would find out that she had a deep scar on the corner of her eye.

“Of course, he’s happy with a son!” The other man sat next to Taji Guli. He tilted his legs. A hand was on his chin. His was about thirty-year-old. “However, we should also be happy. The money I bet in the gambling dens doubled. I earned a lot! I should thank this little shizi!”

“Duyi, can you stop mentioning this child?” Taji Guli turned her face and looked at the man. “I hate this child. Don’t mention him!”

“Guli, don’t be like this. Sooner or later, you should face reality!” Duyi leaned back and swayed his legs. “Feng Cang has a son now. You should also give up!”


Taiji Guli suddenly pulled out a dagger and put it on Duyi’s neck. “Didn’t you hear me clearly?! Don’t mention him!”

“Alright, alright, alright. I won’t say anything. Don’t be angry!” Duyi apologized smilingly. He reached out and pushed the dagger away from his neck. “I know you don’t like him. I won’t mention him anymore, alright? I will listen to you, alright?!”

“Humph!” Seeing Duyi like this, Taji Guli retrieved the dagger. “What should we do now? My little brother is gone. My clan also became a mess. I need to take revenge for this!”

“Right! I also want revenge!” After Duyi heard this, he straightened himself. “Motherf*****, Feng Cang is too wicked! I almost died in his hands! I also want revenge!”

Duyi just finished speaking when Taji Guli’s voice raise again. “You can’t touch Feng Cang. He’s mine! I don’t allow you to touch him!”

This time, Duyi wasn’t as easy to talk to like before. “Guli, you’re not right being like this. Feng Cang is our common enemy. How can you protect him?!”

“I don’t care! Feng Cang is the man I set my eyes on. He’s mine, Taji Guli’s man. I won’t let anyone touch even a hair on him! Going against Feng Cang is going against me, Taji Guli!”

“Lunatic, lunatic…” Duyi shook his head. “If it wasn’t because of Feng Cang, we three wouldn’t have fallen to this state! Dong Lu and Xi Qi wouldn’t have been extinguished. Your little brother, your clan wouldn’t also encounter such a thing. Feng Cang is the enemy of us all!”

“Duyi, you’re not allowed to touch Feng Cang! Even if you want to touch Feng Cang, you should also measure your own ability. Are you worthy? How many strokes can you take under Feng Cang’s hands?”

Taji Guli’s words completely provoked the fire in Duyi’s heart.

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