Chapter 183 (Part 1) Four stinky rats

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

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Chapter 183 (Part 1) Four stinky rats

“Guli, if you insist on protecting Feng Cang like this. I can hardly believe that you and us will be of one mind! The cooperation is not worth mentioning anymore!” Duyi got up and fiercely swing his sleeve to leave, but he was stopped by Mu Hua.

As the prime minister of Bei Zhou, Mu Hua had already stayed in this position for a long time. He smiled like an old cunning fox with those shrewd eyes occasionally flashing a bit of gloominess, “Everyone, can you listen to a word of this old man? Since everyone has a common enemy, why not unite against the enemy!”

“Anyway, Feng Cang is not my enemy. The person I want to kill is Wanyan Kang!”

Taji Guli blamed everything that happened to the Jurchen clan on Wanyan Kang. After listening to what she said, Duyi scoffed, “Guli, aren’t you deceiving yourself? Even if this time was Wanyan Kang’s fault. Then what about Jisang Khan, your father?”

“Shut up!” The words of Duyi deeply provoked Taji Guli’s inner darkness. Seeing the two people with swords drawn and bows bent. Longze Jing Tian, who had been silent for a long time, finally opened his mouth, “You all shut up!  Quarreling like this, until when will you stop to quarrel?!”

  • With swords drawn and bows bent: a state of mutual hostility

The words of Longze Jing Tian were more or less intimidating to Duyi and Taji Guli. The two stopped their bickering, but Taji Guli still muttered, “If you didn’t contact us to have my Jurchen clan and Dong Lu sent troops, we will not be in this state now!”

“Kuang…” Before Taji Guli could finish her words, the big hand of Longze Jing Tian was like a pair of big pincers, tightly locking Taji Guli’s throat, “Did I put a knife on your neck forcing you to send troops, ah? If you say more nonsense, do you believe that I’ll kill you?”

Longze Jing Tian’s hand was very strong, in a moment, Taji Guli was a bit out of breath.

“If…if you have the guts, then kill me, ah!” Although the suffocation in the throat let Taji Guli unable to breathe, but she still refused to admit defeat. Those pair of beautiful eyes looked fiercely at Longze Jing Tian. Beneath the eyes, there was also a trace of contemptuous smile.

“You couldn’t get Feng Qi Qi. Therefore, you joined us to make Bei Zhou chaotic. In the end, one lift a rock only to drop it on one’s own feet which benefitted Ming Yue Cheng. What right do you have to scold me?!”

  • One lift a rock only to drop it on one’s own feet: hurt oneself by one's own doing

Taji Guli underestimated the man’s face (figuratively). Originally, Longze Jing Tian did not want to kill her. After listening to Taji Guli’s provocative remarks, the secret hidden in his heart was suddenly exposed under the sunlight, leaving him angry. The strength in his hand increases rapidly.


“Your Highness calm down, Your Highness calm down!” Originally, Duyi who was watching the scene as a bystander, saw that Longze Jing Tian really wanted to kill Taji Guli. He (DY) quickly stopped him (LJT). “Your Highness, we are now all on the same boat. Although Guli speaks directly, she is exactly this kind of character. Besides, the more people, the more power. Your Highness, please think again….”

Duyi pleading for her was rather unexpected to Taji Guli.

After listening to Duyi, Longze Jing Tian ferociously gave Taji Guli a look. He then loosened his hand and retreated to one side.

“Ke ke…” Taji Guli, who had resumed her breathing, did not go to provoke Longze Jing Tian anymore, but sat down and rubbed her neck. Although she was not so delicate, with Longze Jing Tian strong hand, it made her neck extremely painful. If it wasn’t because she had the same enemy as Longze Jing Tian at this moment, Taji Guli would definitely find a chance to kill this man.

“Alright, everyone could finally sit down calmly and have a chat!” Mu Hua personally poured tea for the trio, then he sat down too. “No matter who our enemies are, but as we sit down together, this must mean that we have a common goal. I think it is better that we each open up and speak frankly. Speak up what you want, we can then proceed to the next step!”

As soon as Mu Hua stopped talking, Taji Guli had forgotten the discomfort of her neck. She was the first one to speak up. “Anyway, Feng Cang can’t be touched! He is the man I fancy. No one can touch my man!”

“Guli, you seem to have forgotten that the man you value now already has a wife and child. He has his lovable wife in his arms, can he still accept you?”

Duyi’s mouth was once again bitchy. This time Taji Guli did not start a fight with him but rolled her eyes. “His woman is naturally going to be killed! Son, I will give birth for him! No need for other people to substitute!”

After listening to Taji Guli, he smiled helplessly. This kind of helplessness seemed to be a sign of disapproval for Taji Guli's blind love. He had never seen a woman who had forgotten the national feud and family hatred for love. Taji Guli was one. Could it be that women will become stupid after falling in love?

“Feng Qi Qi is mine. No one can touch her!”

Seeing Taji Guli like that, Longze Jing Tian also opened his mouth. That woman (FQQ) was originally supposed to be his wangfei[1. Wangfei: main wife of the first rank prince]. If he didn't write the ‘breaking engagement letter’, she would now be his wife, bear and raise his children. Nor would there be a series of unforeseen occurrences afterwards.

Sometimes, the gear of destiny just diverted slightly. Over time, when looked back, you would find that because of that small diversion, the path of the entire destiny had undergone tremendous changes. Two lifelines which originally had intersections, were going farther and farther apart.

However, Longze Jing Tian would not yield to that. That was why he was still trying hard to fix it. He wanted to have a place in the life of Feng Qi Qi and even replacing Feng Cang. In the eye of Duyi, his (LJT) actions are as foolish and unrealistic as Taji Guli’s dreams. But Duyi would not speak it out. He gently smiled, crossed his arms and leaned against the wall.

“One of you want to marry Feng Cang and kill Feng Qi Qi. The other want to get Feng Qi Qi and think of Feng Cang as a thorn in the eyes. How do we join forces if you two are like this? If you guys quarrel like this, let’s just separate and depend on our own ability to do something!”

The words of Duyi made everyone calm down. Longze Jing Tian gritted his teeth and Tajji Guli snorted softly. Only Mu Hua, his eyes turned and thought of a way. “I think, since everyone’s opinions are different. It is better to choose a compromise first.”

“What compromise?”

“Let’s separate Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi. Each one of you get one. It’s just that it depends on whether you have the ability!” Mu Hua used the method of each person hit by fifty planks. Although stupid, but at the moment it is indeed a clever way out of a stupid method.

  • Each person hit by fifty planks: put the blame on the two parties equally/ blame both sides without discrimination

Longze Jing Tian and Taji Guli did not speak. Mu Hua knew that there was hope in this and continued to talk about it. “According to reliable information, there is gu poison inside the small shizi’s[2.Shizi: heir of the first rank prince/crown prince by the main wife] body of the regent’s residence. He has it since his mother’s womb. You all know that to remove the gu, you must go to Nan Feng to find the people of the Qiang tribe. Therefore, I’m sure it won’t take long for Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi to go to Nan Feng. This is your chance----“

After that, Mu Hua did not finish the sentence. He believed that by speaking so straightforward, the trio in front of him must understand the meaning.

“Where did the prime minister’s information come from?” Longze Jing Tian looked at Mu Hua. He was still skeptical about this man who took the initiative to cooperate with them.

“Could it be that His Highness is suspecting that this old man has ulterior motives?” Mu Hua was so shrewd; how could he know the thoughts of Longze Jing Tian? “If this old man had other ideas, all of you will now be a prisoner of the prison and not the guest of my family! There is only one reason why this old man helped you! Surely, all three of you know this old man’s granddaughter Mu Yu Die!”

Mu Hua had only one precious granddaughter. Mu Yu Die was once a famous talented girl of Bei Zhou. Longze Jing Tian had heard about her. But why, when he (MH) mentioned Mu Yu Die, there were actually moisture in Mu Hua’s eyes?

“This old man’s granddaughter went to the tournament of the four countries. After returning, she had a few screws loose. Then suddenly there was a beggar with her jade pendant, saying that they made a pledge to be married. The emperor had appointed the marriage. The granddaughter who has been always loved by this old man is actually…actually married to a beggar!”

Thinking back to what had happened, Mu Hua’s beard quivered slightly with anger. His beloved granddaughter was married to a beggar, and Mu’s household became a joke in the capital. This was a stain in Mu Hua’s entire life. As the country’s prime minister, he couldn’t even made decisions in his granddaughter’s marriage. Knowing that his granddaughter was set up by people, but could not find the real culprit, how can Mu Hua feel hatred?!

“Just a month after getting married, this old man’s granddaughter couldn’t bear with the humiliation and had hung herself! This old man was loyal to his country for all my life. Now my only granddaughter has encountered such a thing. How can this old man’s inner anger be dispelled?!”

“Then, did you find the culprit who framed your granddaughter?” Probably because both are woman, Taji Guli was curious and compassioned towards Mu Yu Die’s affairs. Moreover, the sight of the old and gray-haired man in front of her was also pitiful. Taji Guli’s heart was already inclined to believe what Mu Hua had said.

“It was Wanyan Lie! It was him who appointed the marriage!” Mentioning Wanyan Lie’s name, Mu Hua’s teeth made a ‘tsk tsk’ sound. “Although the person who framed this old man’s granddaughter did not leave a trace behind, this old man had already guessed who it is…”

“Who was it?” Taji Guli leaned forward. The tattoo on her left face was extraordinarily scary under the bright light.

“Hehe, besides Feng Qi Qi, who else?” Mu Hua smiled evilly and looked at Longze Jing Tian. “Yu Die was fond of Feng Cang since childhood. She wholeheartedly wanted to be the bride of Feng Cang. She waited till the age of twenty and was still not married. She was just waiting for Feng Cang! This old man considered past cause and future effect. This matter, except for Feng Qi Qi, no one will do it!”

  • Considered past cause and future effect: thought back and forth/ think over again and again

After listening that the person that Yu Die liked was Feng Cang, Taji Guli’s face was immediately pulled down. If it was not because here is Bei Zhou and she is now in the Mu’s residence, she would certainly laugh at Mu Yu Die saying that she (MYD) deserved it. If she (G) was Feng Qi Qi and met women drooling over Feng Cang, she would not be so gentle. She would definitely let the other party go see yanluo.

  • Yanluo: in Buddhist mythology, he is the King of Hell

Longze Jing Tian didn't feel much about Mu Hua’s words. But, after hearing that he (MH) was against Feng Qi Qi, Longze Jing Tian was a little uncomfortable. “Could it be that the prime minister is looking for Feng Qi Qi to seek revenge? Do you have evidence that she did it? Or did you hear the road say? Could it be that the prime minster doesn’t have any enemies in the court all these years? If someone planted it on purpose, wouldn't the prime minister be fooled?”

  • Hear the road say: hearsay, gossip, rumor

Mu Hua of course knew of Longze Jing Tian’s strategy of moving the blame. He (MH) sneered and said. “This old man knows that Your Highness admires Feng Qi Qi. So, this old man can stop pursuing this matter. However, this old man has a request!”

It turned out that Mu Hua had circled around and was waiting for this moment. Longze Jing Tian’s expression remained unchanged, but in his eyes,  waves were rippling. “Say---“

“After you three succeed, this old man wants a share of the profit!”

“Tsk, tsk, so the prime minister was planning for this?” Duyi clapped his hand at the side. “As expected, ginger gets spicier as it gets older! Talking in circles for half a day, you want to eat meat too!”

  • Ginger gets spicier as it gets older: the older, the wiser

“Hero Du, everyone loves to eat meat, not just this old man! This old man knows that all three of you are people with great ambitions. Although Bei Zhou and Nan Feng are now the greatest, who can say the things in this world for sure! What you all think is also what this old man thinks. This old man has a wide network of people in Bei Zhou. I have many sources of information that will surely help you all. When the time comes, four parts of the world, will it not be beautiful?”

  • Hero is a term used in the jianghu to call other people

“Prime minister, you said it too simple! Four parts of the world? Feng Xie and Feng Cang alone are difficult to deal with. Not to mention there is also Ming Yue Cheng! Bei Zhou and Nan Feng are now as good as brothers. What are we capable now? How many troops do we have to compete with them?”

Duyi is rational and straightforward. He was not born as a royal member and did not receive any royal treatment. Unlike Longze Jing Tian and Taji Guli, they were at least once noble. Although Xi Qi became history and the Jurchen clan was like a sheet of loose sand, they could still have a large number of supporters by just beckoning. Even if these two people reappeared, they could put their identities out there and recruit soldiers and buy horses. After all, there are still people willing to believe in them.

  • Like a sheet of loose sand: unable to cooperate
  • Recruit soldiers and buy horses: to raise a large army

In comparison, he was just a disciple of Penglai Island. Now Penglai Island cannot be his protection anymore. He could only rely on himself. Four parts of the world? Who would believe it! He didn't have anything. Would the trio in front of him willingly give him a part?

“This is not a problem!” Mu Hua seemed to know what Duyi would say.

“When this old man was young, I had been to Nan Jiang and lived with the Qiang tribe for a while. As far as I know, to remove the gu poison, you must go through three levels. Climb a mountain of swords, plunge into a sea of flames, and enter the Dragon pond. These three levels are not that easy, especially the third level. Millennium cold pond catch millennium sturgeon. Not to mention the poisonous snake monsters in the Dragon pond. A living person going down will immediately become a skeleton.”

  • Climb a mountain of swords, plunge into a sea of flames: undergo the most severe trials

“The emperor of Nan Feng, Ming Yue Cheng, is now in Yan capital. I heard that he is very concerned about Feng Qi Qi’s child and he is also very concerned about Feng Qi Qi…” Speaking till here, Mu Hua looked at Longze Jing Tian and smiled meaningfully.

“Removing the gu poison is of course the sooner the better. Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi will definitely take their child to Nan Feng. Ming Yue Cheng will naturally also accompany them. When Feng Cang leaves Bei Zhou, it loses its protection from Feng Cang. Bei Zhou would be worthless. We can then upend heaven and earth.”

  • Upend heaven and earth: to turn things around/ to change the course of events

As for Feng Cang, Feng Qi Qi and Ming Yue Cheng. The best place to deal with them is at the Dragon pond of Qiang tribe. As long as our people lie in ambush, we won’t fail! By that time, how to dispose of Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi should be decided by His Highness and princess (G). As for Ming Yue Cheng, just throw him into the Dragon pond to feed the fish!”

Mu Hua talked till his mouth and tongue were dry. Speaking till here, he felt very thirsty. Only after drinking two glasses of water, the dryness in his throat was relieved. “What do you all think?”

  • Dry mouth and tongue: talk too much

“Sounds pretty good!” Taji Guli nodded. “I have no problem! I don’t have many subordinates, but each one of them is a veteran of a hundred battles. If things will really go so well, I’m willing to cooperate.”

  • Veteran of a hundred battles: have experienced many battles

Taji Guli nodded her head. Duyi also laughed. “I also don't have any problems! I just don't know what His Highness would think.”

Longze Jing Tian was silent for a long time and nodded. “Deal! Four parts of the world, I agree.”

To Longze Jing Tian, there were two most important things: First, it is to restore Xi Qi; second, it is to get Feng Qi Qi back. He would not care about how strong the love is between Feng Qi Qi and Feng Cang, nor would he care that Feng Qi Qi and Feng Cang had a son. Wrongs that happened in the past should not be pursued anymore. The only thing that need to be grasped is the present.

Dragon pond, this name sounds good! If they can really kill Ming Yue Cheng at the Dragon pond, then both Nan Feng and Xi Qi are his…

Thinking till here, Longze Jing Tian looked at his three “partners”. Taji Guli is a woman. She was already excluded by Longze Jing Tian. Can a woman be an emperor? This was truly nonsense! As for Duyi, he was only a small disciple of Penglai Island. He had nothing at all and he still wanted a quarter of the mainland. This guy didn’t even take a good look of himself in his own piss. Then, he looked at Mu Hua, he is already at an old age. The loess was already covering till his throat and he (MH) still wanted to have the dream of being an emperor? Is he (MH) even qualified?

  • Loess: yellow sandy soil typical of north China
  • The loess was already covering till his throat: don't have much longer to live

This world with all its waters will be his, Longze Jing Tian’s, bag’s contents. Including the beauty, she will also be his!

  • Bag’s contents: as easy as reaching for it from a bag/ as good as in one’s possession

After the plan was negotiated, Longze Jing Tian, Duyi and Taji Guli left the prime minister’s residence separately from the side door and the back door. After confirming that they were gone, Mu Hua called the housekeeper and uttered seriously in his ear. The housekeeper of the Mu household immediately went out of the minister’s residence. He walked around a few streets and went to Nan Yuan ----where the abolished crown prince Wanyan Hong was imprisoned.

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