Chapter 183 (Part 2) Four stinky rats

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 183 (Part 2) Four stinky rats

Ever since he'd been removed from the crown prince position and imprisoned by his own imperial father Wanyan Lie, Wanyan Hong had lost his freedom. But everything he needed, he had it. Besides, he was the biological father of the current emperor, Wanyan Jie. It's now the New Year, so Nan Yuan didn't even lack anything.

“His Highness…” Wanyan Hong’s confidant He Jing came to him respectfully and whispered a few words in his ear.

“Oh? Invite him in!”

As soon as the housekeeper came in, he knelt down to kowtow to Wanyan Hong. “This slave pays his greetings to His Royal Highness. Long live a thousand years, long live a thousand years!”

“Stand up! Give a seat!” Wanyan Hong seemed to enjoy the “His Royal Highness, long live a thousand years” salutation. His appearance at this moment didn't look like an imprisoned person. Instead, he regarded this Nan Yuan as if it was the East Palace that he had once occupied.

“His Highness, I brought a message from our prime minister.” The housekeeper had been told to orally repeat Mu Hua’s words exactly to Wanyan Hong. The memory of this housekeeper was excellent. Mu Hua had only said it once and he could ‘recite’ it back without missing a word.

Because of Wanyan Hong’s special identity and since he was now imprisoned in Nan Yuan, Mu Hua carefully considered it and thus did not choose to contact him by letter. Instead, he always sent his housekeeper to bring his words to him (WH). Even if they were discovered, there was no information that could be used against them.

“Not bad! He is worthy as the prime minister!”

Wanyan Hong listened to the details of the “alliance” between Mu Hua, Longze Jing Tian and the others. His eyes were gloomy. Wanyan Lie had abdicated the throne early than expected and when Wanyan Jie was enthroned, he had thought that Feng Cang had definitely done something. But he'd never expected that Feng Cang actually didn't become the emperor himself, but instead recommended his son (WJ) as emperor.

Imperial father ah, imperial father. You were a very shrewd person. Nevertheless, you still fell into the hands of Feng Cang and still became a prisoner. Wanyan Hong stood up. He went to the housekeeper and whispered a few words in his ear. The housekeeper nodded.

“Go back and tell prime minister Mu. When I am enthroned as emperor, I will certainly put his Mu clan on an equal footing with the royal family!”

“Yes! This slave will take my leave!”

After the housekeeper left, He Jing came to Wanyan Hong’s side. “Your Highness, is Mu Hua reliable?”

“Whether he is reliable or not, what flows in this prince’s body is pure royal blood. Depending on him alone to call the whole nation? Who will listen to him! Mu Hua is a wise man. He knows what would benefit him the most!”

As expected, Wanyan Hong had guessed correctly. When the housekeeper conveyed Wanyan Hong’s words counted by fives and tens to Mu Hua, Mu Hua couldn't help but nod.

  • Count by fives and tens: to narrate systematically and in full detail

Seeing his own master like this, the housekeeper was a bit puzzled. “Prime minister, why don't you become the emperor yourself?”

“Ha, I becoming the emperor?” Mu Hua shook his head. “Not to mention my old age, I don't even have a royal lineage with a hundred responses to a single call. Moreover, apart from my life, I don't have anything else. If I get the throne, what can I do when I’m the emperor?”

  • A hundred responses to a single call: respond in masse/when one person calls out and immediately a lot of people respond to it

“The only thing that I want is to avenge Yu Die! I, Mu Hua, spent all my life gloriously, but I was defrauded once on the matter of Yu Die. This humiliation, this hatred. Even if I die, I must return it!”

It was only the first day of the Lunar New Year and there were already so many obscure things happening. Only the people in the regent’s residence did not notice the approaching conspiracy. Wangfu[1. Wangfu: the residence of the first-rank prince] was full of celebration because of the birth of the little shizi[2. Shizi: heir of the first-rank prince/crown prince by the main wife].

“Little brother spit bubbles at me!” Wanyan Jie is young after all. He had never come into contact with babies. Now, after seeing the soft and tender appearance of Feng Xiao, he (WJ) could not stop liking him (FX). Ever since the birth of Feng Xiao, he (WJ) stayed by his (FX) side and refused to leave. Let alone return to the Palace.

“Jie er[3. Er: term of endearment] likes little brother very much!” Seeing Wanyan Jie and Feng Xiao so close to each other, Dongfang Lan was very happy from the bottom of her heart. Whether Wanyan Jie will become a wise ruler or a mediocre emperor, she hoped that Wanyan Jie could protect the children of Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi. That said, there was also some selfishness in this. In the eyes of Dongfang Lan, Feng Qi Qi is closer to her than Wanyan Jie. Naturally, she is inclined to this side.

“I really like little brother. Little brother also likes me very much!”

Wanyan Jie’s children's words carry no harm once again let the people around him laugh. Su Yue walked over. “Emperor, little shizi needs to sleep!”

  • Children's words carry no harm: take no offence at a child’s babble

“Mm!” Even though unwilling to leave little brother, Wanyan Jie could still restrain his own likes and let Su Yue take Feng Xiao away.

“Empress Dowager, emperor, it’s getting late.” Qinggu who served Dongfang Lan made a sound at the right moment. Until now did Dongfang Lan realized that the sky had turned dark. She turned around and uttered a few words to Feng Xie and Wanyan Ming Yue. Then she took Wanyan Jie who was reluctant to part and left the regent’s residence.

“Did grandmother and Jie er leave?” Feng Qi Qi who had been sleeping for the whole afternoon, just woke up. After she opened her eyes, she saw Feng Cang leaning against the pillow and gently looking at little Feng Xiao who was beside her.

“Qing Qing, you woke up? Are you still in pain? Hungry? What do you want to eat?”

Seeing that Feng Qi Qi had woken up, Feng Cang was particularly happy. A moment ago, Feng Qi Qi was sleeping deeply. She was frowning in her sleep and occasionally groaned. Making Feng Cang somewhat worried about whether Feng Qi Qi’s body still ache or not. But after seeing her sleeping so soundly, he couldn’t bear to wake her up. So he stayed next to her and waited for Feng Qi Qi to wake up.

“I’m hungry. I want to eat dumplings.” Feng Qi Qi’s whole body was sore, especially the pain coming from the lower body. Even moving slightly, her whole body would be covered in sweat.

“Alright. I will send someone to prepare it! Don’t move!”

Feng Cang lovingly and painfully wiped the sweat from Feng Qi Qi’s forehead. Although Feng Qi Qi practiced martial arts and had a good foundation, a woman giving birth was still a major event. This time, she had suffered a lot.

Shortly, Su Mei cooked the crystal dumplings and brought them. In Bei Zhou, dumplings were also eaten during Chinese New Year. Last night because of the birthing, Feng Qi Qi did not eat dumplings on New Year’s Eve. She was upset about it. So she is very hungry now. The first thing to do was to eat dumplings. Only when the dumplings were eaten on the New Year, it would then be perfect.

“Slowly, be careful!” Feng Cang is now a perfect model husband. He carefully helped Feng Qi Qi get up and put clothes on her. He fastened her buttons and wrapped her tightly. He then held the small bowl and scoop up a crystal-clear dumpling, putting it to his mouth and blew gently on it.

Feng Cang’s red lips, shrouded in the hot fog of the dumplings, looked unusually mesmerizing. When the spoon in his hand was fed to Feng Qi Qi’s mouth, Feng Qi Qi actually forgot to open her mouth. She just stared at Feng Cang’s red lips.

“Qing Qing, isn’t husband a feast for the eyes?” Feng Cang’s handsome face leaned forward. Only then did Feng Qi Qi reacted. In order to avoid Feng Cang’s burning eyes, Feng Qi Qi immediately bowed her head. She put the crystal dumplings in the mouth. “Mm-hmm, yummy!”

Originally, he wanted to kiss Feng Qi Qi but didn't expect that she avoided it. He looked at Fenq Qi Qi’s mouth again. Because it contained a dumpling, her mouth was bulging. It looked especially cute. “Eat slowly, there is more!”

A bowl of dumplings contained twenty pieces. Feng Qi Qi didn't know if it was because she was too hungry or something else. Unexpectedly, even the dumplings and the soup, she ate it all together.

“Really happy!” Feng Qi Qi touched her stomach with satisfaction and lamented. Can eat enough, stay warm, have enough money to spend, can live together with your beloved, have children, grow old together was truly a blessing!

“Qing Qing. If you’re full, don’t you need to satisfy me too?” Long before, Feng Cang wanted to kiss Feng Qi Qi. Because she was still hungry, he needed to feed Feng Qi Qi first.

Now, seeing Feng Qi Qi’s pale face had a slightly shade of color and that small mouth turned red, Feng Cang’s gulped. He just approached Feng Qi Qi to kiss, but didn't expect that Feng Xiao who was between them suddenly cried.

“Aiya, what happened to the baby?” Feng Qi Qi quickly looked down to check on Feng Xiao. Her forehead coincidentally rubbed against Feng Cang’s lips.

“He just peed!” Feng Qi Qi opened the nappy and found out that Feng Xiao had wet his nappy. She quickly let Su Yue get a clean one to change. Just a moment ago, he (FC) wanted to have a sweet kiss with Feng Qi Qi but is now completely ignored by Feng Qi Qi. Even Su Yue couldn't help but say something. “Guye[4. Guye: son-in-law], please move aside. I need to change a clean diaper for little shizi.

This brat! Didn’t piss early, didn’t piss later, but why piss at this moment?! Feng Cang who was forced to make way, could not help but take a look at Feng Xiao. To his surprise, he (FC) seemed to see a glint of a scheme being succeeded in Feng Xiao’s eyes.

Feng Cang thought that he saw it wrong. After rubbing his eyes, he took a look again. But Feng Xiao had already looked elsewhere.

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