Chapter 184 Strange madam

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 184 Strange madam

When it was time to sleep, Feng Cang intended to lay down on the bed. However, he barely touched the bed when Feng Xiao immediately burst into tears. “Maybe it’s too crammed…” Feng Qi Qi looked a bit helplessly at Feng Cang and used her gaze to indicate him to sleep alone.

Looking at the bed that was enough for four people to sleep in, Feng Cang’s eyes became aggrieved. He had never thought that after his son was born, his status in Feng Qi Qi’s heart would slide down so sharply. For instance, now he had to sleep alone in the outer room and he couldn’t hold Feng Qi Qi in his arms.

“Qing Qing, I want to sleep next to you. In case you want to drink water at night or if you are hungry, I can properly serve you.”

She had seen so many expressions of Feng Cang, but this is the first time that Feng Qi Qi saw Feng Cang grieving like a pitiful puppy. He looked at her with pathetic eyes like she had done something to him. It was difficult for anyone to harden their heart refuse any request from Feng Cang.

“Alright, sleep here! Just be careful to not crush the baby!” Feng Qi Qi moved slightly to give Feng Cang enough space to lie down. Who knew, he didn’t even touch the pillow yet, but their little baby cried again.

“Let me see…” Feng Qi Qi opened the nappy and discovered that Feng Xiao had pooped this time. It was a busy moment again and it wasn’t until very late at night before she could have some idle time.

Seeing Feng Qi Qi's tired appearance, Feng Cang felt sorry. While she was making the bed, Feng Cang ferociously glared at Feng Xiao. “Brat, if you torment your mother again. Wait and see!”

“Ha…” To his surprise, Feng Cang’s ‘threat’ didn’t frighten Feng Xiao. But instead made him (FX) laugh few times. His son’s pair of big and round purple eyes were staring at his (FC) face. He was displeased, but on the contrary Feng Xiao smiled rather happily.

“Looks like you two have a very good relationship!”

Feng Qi Qi was truly sleepy, but she was also afraid that Feng Cang would crush Feng Xiao while sleeping. So, she simply let Feng Cang lie behind her while she held Feng Xiao in her arms.

“Goodnight, baby! Goodnight, hubby!” After busying herself for so long, Feng Qi Qi was extremely exhausted. Thus, as soon as she closed her eyes, her even breathing could be heard.

Feng Cang gently moved Feng Qi Qi’s hair to the back of her head and just when he wanted to plant a kiss on her earlobe, Feng Xiao pouted and put on an ‘if you dared to kiss, I would cry for you to see’ kind of expression, making Feng Cang exceptionally annoyed.

“You, you’re not allowed to disturb your mother!” Feng Cang whispered ‘threateningly’. He also didn’t know whether Feng Xiao understood what he said, but this little one held a provocative glint in his eyes.

If it were not for the fear of waking Feng Qi Qi up, Feng Cang would have put Feng Xiao in the small crib already. Originally, he thought that after Feng Qi Qi gave birth, their feelings would grow stronger. However, he didn't expect that Feng Xiao was here to ‘collect debts’ from him, nor did he know who he (FX) had inherited his (FX) personality from.

As Feng Cang didn’t manage to sleep for the whole night, he got sleepy now and was too lazy ‘to continue being jealous’ of his son. He gently hugged Feng Qi Qi from behind, then closed his eyes and slept.

Feng Cang woke up once again was because he smelled an unusual smell. He opened his eyes and got up. He found that the nappy which was originally wrapped up nicely around Feng Xiao, was now unfastened and his (FC) hand was located just next to Feng Xiao’s little calf. At this moment, a warm and wet feeling came from his palm. Feng Xiao…he had peed!

“Stinky brat!”

Sensing the moisture on his hand was Feng Xiao’s ‘masterpiece’, Feng Cang gritted his teeth and carefully got up from behind Feng Qi Qi. Afraid to wake Feng Qi Qi up, he gently and quietly moved her hand away, and picked Feng Xiao up afterwards.

“I know you did this on purpose!”

Feng Cang’s voice was very low. He carried Feng Xiao to the side. After cleaning the boy’s urine from his hands, Feng Cang put a clean nappy on Feng Xiao. Although Feng Cang’s nappy-changing skill was a bit clumsy but, in the end, he still managed to tidy up Feng Xiao cleanly.

After Feng Cang finished doing all that, he then realized that Feng Xiao actually didn't make a sound. He did not cry nor made any noise. Could it be that his temper had changed? Feng Cang looked at Feng Xiao. the little one yawned, his tiny hand balled up into a fist. Feng Cang had wanted to scold ‘little brat’ at first, but after seeing Feng Xiao’s current appearance, his heart had softened. In the end, he carried Feng Xiao and placed him into Feng Qi Qi’s embrace again.

After laying beside Feng Qi Qi, Feng Cang quickly fell asleep. However, now he didn’t sleep so deeply because he was afraid that Feng Xiao might pee again. Even though it was very warm in the room, a moist nappy was basically not good for a child. He was also afraid that Feng Xiao would cry, so he was simply seventy percent asleep and thirty percent awake.

As expected, Feng Cang’s decision was correct. In one night, Feng Xiao peed four times and he (FC) was also tormented four times.

When dawn arrived, Su Mei and Su Yue went inside the room. Only then did Feng Cang heave a sigh of relief. It seemed that next time they must have a little daughter instead! A son was truly too mischievous! That child seemed to be specifically going against him. For the entire night, he was just changing nappies… Who would have thought that he, the dignified regent, was actually made fun of by his own son? If it wasn’t because Feng Xiao was still a little baby, he would have certainly punished him to go do the martial-art stance.

Due to Feng Xiao’s birth, the regent’s residence had become joyous. The people of the capital also made a huge fortune out of the bet because of Feng Xiao’s birth. The ones whom bet on Princess Zheng Guo giving birth to a son had really made a profit this time.

“Miss, those owners of the gambling dens would certainly have many complaints this time. They listened to miss which resulted in the citizens making a profit, while they more or less suffered a financial loss.” While serving Feng Qi Qi food, Su Yue told Feng Qi Qi about what was happening in the capital.

“Haha, make up for their loss. Wasn’t it just three million? Do they had to pretend to be poor like this?!” Feng Qi Qi took small sips of her sesame oil chicken soup. “Tell them, this time we had lost money. Next time, we can just make even more money, isn’t it then all earned back?! The ones who won this time would surely want to win again next time. At that time, there will be more people placing a bet. We can just make up for the loss and maybe earn several times more!”

The words of Feng Qi Qi made Su Mei, who was taking care of Feng Xiao at a side, smiled. “Miss, you are implying that you are ready to bore guye [1. Guye: son-in-law, used by wife’s family] a second child? If guye hear this then he’ll surely be extremely happy! When I came in this morning, I’ve heard him say something like ‘next time must give birth to a little daughter’, this is really interesting!”

Inside Tingsong building Feng Qi Qi was enjoying the happiness of being a mother for the first time and Ming Yue Cheng went to find Feng Cang in the study.

“Although Feng Xiao didn’t show any signs of the gu poison, but still, it’s better to get rid of the poison as soon as possible. When are you guys planning to go to Nan Feng? If you trust me, I can bring Feng Xiao back with me!”

When Ming Yue Cheng was talking, he stared in the eyes of Feng Cang, trying to discern whether he (FC) had any worries. The eyes of Feng Xiao are purple, which should had been inherited from Feng Cang. but why was the color of Feng Cang’s eyes black and not purple instead? Was there some kind of secret behind this?

When he saw Ming Yue Cheng staring at him like that, Feng Cang immediately understood the doubts in his (MYC) heart. Ming Yue Cheng must be doubting his (FC) true identity. Thinking till here, Feng Cang smiled calmly. “The eyes of Xiao er[2. Er: term of endearment] resemble mine. You don't have to look anymore!”

“Then, aren’t you…” Ming Yue Cheng didn’t say the words ‘descendant of the previous dynasty’ out loud, but both already understood the meaning.

“That’s right! My biological father was the crown prince of the previous dynasty. However, you can rest assured, Qi Qi and the rest already know my identity. Moreover, I’m not planning to restore the former Qin. It doesn’t matter who’s the emperor, as long as he’s treating the citizens well!”

With these words of Feng Cang, Ming Yue Cheng also laughed. “I’m not worried about what you will do. It’s just that your identity is sensitive. I’m afraid that there will be people using this to make trouble. However, it is already a fact that the world is divided in two. Your identity will be exposed sooner or later. Although it is indeed surprising, but there shouldn’t be any problems.”

“Well, I also think so. As you said, take Xiao er to Nan Feng. I would like to wait until Qi Qi finish the ‘sitting the month’. It’s not that I don't believe you. It’s just that Qi Qi definitely won’t feel at ease about Xiao er. She will definitely go to Nan Feng personally and pf course, I will follow her. When we see the leader of Qiang tribe, we will have to trouble you!”

  • Confinement or ‘sitting the month’ (坐月子): In China, women are told to stay indoors for a whole month to recover from the trauma of giving birth and feed the newborn baby. The mothers are told to not expose their body to cold weather or wind, because it will affect or deteriorate their recovery. They are also not allowed to come into contact with water (e.g. bathing or washing their hair) or do any exercises that exert themselves. The new mothers are also advised to eat nutritious food to restore their energy levels and for the production of breastmilk.

“No problem! We are friends!”

This time Ming Yue Cheng stayed at the regent’s residence. He left the study room and returned to his room. Gu Yun Wan was already waiting there. “Ming Yue Cheng, when are you planning to go back to Nan Feng? I just received a letter from my father saying that something happened in the country. He said for you to go back quickly!”

Gu Yun Wan handed the letter to Ming Yue Cheng. After he looked at the contents of the letter, he frowned.

Nan Feng had just annexed Xi Qi. After the war, it was time to resume production. Xi Qi was gone, but the former officials and aristocrats of Xi Qi might not have faith in Nan Feng. It was still necessary to deploy manpower to take over the towns and enact laws. There were indeed many things to be dealt with.

“If you are worried about that something will happen to the gu poison inside the little baby, then I can stay here to help. After all, I am from the Qiang tribe. I have some understanding of gu.”

“Ming Yue Cheng, Nan Feng is your country. If you, the emperor, are not going to be responsible for your own country and people, then it would be very difficult for Nan Feng to become strong. My father is already at an old age. If you let my father deal with everything, whether his body can handle it is one thing, but those rumors from outside are already enough for my father to suffer!”

Ming Yue Cheng knew about the rumor Gu Yun Wan spoke of. Since he ascended the throne, the time he spent in Nan Feng had been extremely rare. The state affairs were handed over to Gu Yun Wan’s father, Qiang tribe’s leader, Gu De to deal with. Over time, some people from below discussed, thinking that Gu De seized the monarchial power of Ming Yue Cheng. Although Ming Yue Cheng is the emperor of Nan Feng, but Gu De was the real policymaker. Some people even said that sooner or later, Gu De would seize the throne.

Even if Ming Yue Cheng trust Gu De and Gu Yun Wan, but after all, gossip was a fearful thing. This had given Gu De a lot of pressure. Furthermore, it had made the officials of the court waver. It seemed that he should go back.

“Little Wan, I’m going back to Nan Feng. Then the child of Feng Qi Qi will be in your care. She (FQQ) had just gave birth and cannot travel far yet. I suppose that Feng Cang will wait for Feng Qi Qi to recover and then bring their child to Nan Feng together. During this period, I have to trouble you!”

Normally, Ming Yue Cheng and Gu Yun Wan got along like ‘fighting and killing each other’. Today, he suddenly expressed his gratitude, making her somewhat uncomfortable.

“Ming Yue Cheng, I think you should adjust your mind early! Feng Qi Qi is already married, and now she is also a mother. You should say goodbye to the past and start a new beginning. You are the emperor of Nan Feng and will surely have three palaces and six courtyard----.”

  • Three palaces and six courtyards: emperor’s harem

When she mentioned three palaces and six courtyards, Gu Yun Wan clearly noticed that Ming Yue Cheng had frowned. However, she would not care about it so much. What she said was a fact.

“Even if you don’t want that many women, you must have sons. Your imperial throne needs an imperial heir to inherit. You fled to Bei Zhou, but you still cannot escape from your responsibilities and obligations!”

Gu Yun Wan vigorously patted the shoulders of Ming Yue Cheng and gave him a comforting look. “When you go back, my father and the officials will certainly choose an imperial concubine for you. Ming Yue Cheng, since you cannot defy it, it would be better to happily accept it!”

How can Ming Yue Cheng not know that Gu Yun Wan was speaking the fact? But his heart was fully filled with only one person. Wanting to give up was really very difficult.

Ming Yue Cheng left in less than two days. After watching Feng Xiao’s sleeping face, Ming Yue Cheng took off a bloodstone pendant and put it inside the nappy of Feng Xiao. Only after he left, did Su Yue found it when she was changing the nappy for Feng Xiao.

“Miss, look!” Su Yue quickly handed the pendant to Feng Qi Qi.

This piece of pendant used a natural bloodstone to carve it into a vivid and lifelike dragon. Looking at the pendant, Feng Qi Qi guessed it was a gift from Ming Yue Cheng to Feng Xiao. Bloodstone was very precious, and it was carved into a dragon shape too. Is there any deep meaning behind it?

Feng Qi Qi had doubts in her heart, but she didn’t say them. She just put the bloodstone away with care and put it aside.

Gu Yun Wan stayed at the regent’s residence. In less than two days, she became familiar with everyone.

Wanyan Ming Yue liked Gu Yun Wan’s straightforwardness. Gu Yun Wan lost her mother young and liked to be close to Wanyan Ming Yue. In the end, Wanyan Ming Yue simply adopted her (GYW) as her daughter. Gu Yu Wan also changed from the empress dowager of Nan Feng to the adopted daughter of Princess Ming Yue.

Because of the sitting the month Feng Qi Qi couldn’t come in contact with the wind and because she gave birth in the winter, Feng Qi Qi had been lying in the room since the birth of Feng Xiao. Gu Yun Wan came to Tingsong Building every day to check the body of Feng Xiao.

What made Gu Yun Wan curious about was that Feng Xiao’s gu poison was accumulated in the lower abdomen. The child gu was like an obedient child and behaved well every day. This was not consistent with a personality of a gu at all. However, this was also good. As long as the gu poison doesn’t attack, then it would not be so urgent to go to Nan Feng. Feng Qi Qi could also take a good care of her body.

“Feng Xiao is a well-behaved baby!” Gu Yun Wan teased Feng Xiao’s small finger. She was particularly fond of children. Besides, Feng Xiao looked this adorable. Every time he saw her, Feng Xiao was particularly happy, making Gu Yun Wan feel that she and Feng Xiao had fate together. She was very fond of Feng Xiao from the bottom of her heart.

Seeing that Gu Yun Wan liked Feng Xiao so much, Feng Qi Qi felt relieved. It was said that the people from the Qiang tribe didn’t casually help outsiders cure the gu. Gu Yun Wan is the daughter of the Qiang tribe’s leader. She likes Feng Xiao this much and may speak up for them to Gu De.

Because Feng Xiao’s body had child gu, so Feng Qi Qi dearly loved this child. She felt that she owned him something. She must do everything personally.

Dongfang Lan originally wanted to find a couple of wet nurses to take care Feng Xiao. The children of royal aristocrats were all raised by wet nurses. There were already wet nurses and they were sent to Feng Qi Qi but was politely rejected by Feng Qi Qi. She wanted to feed Feng Xiao herself. In addition, she had enough breastmilk, so Dongfang Lan didn’t persist in the end.

In a flash, one month had passed. The life during the confinement ’sitting the month’ was for Feng Qi Qi the same as eating, sleeping and breastfeeding the child. Feng Cang knew that she was a first-time mother, so he didn’t want people coming and going to disturb the mother (FQQ) and son (FX). He directly kept those who come to congratulate in the front yard and did not let them see Feng Qi Qi and the child.

Today is Feng Xiao’s one-month old celebration. According to the usual practice, one-month old’s celebration meant that there would be a banquet for the guests.

Feng Cang was the regent and Feng Qi Qi was princess Zhen Guo. Solely these two points are enough to wear out the doorstep. The officials knew Feng Cang’s abilities and not to mention Feng Qi Qi is the only daughter of Feng Xie and Wanyan Ming Yue. To speak frankly, the stability of the country of Bei Zhou needed to rely on the Feng’s family’s support. Now, the Feng’s family was the most honorable surname in Bei Zhou. Everyone wanted to be close to Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi. As long as they can be related to the Feng’s in any way, it would be a matter worth of pride and showing off.

  • To wear out the doorstep: to crowd at somebody’s door

“Congratulations regent! Congratulations regent!”

Even though Feng Cang had already made a very big place for the people, there were still too many people coming to congratulate. At the front hall of wangfu[3. Wangfu: residence of first-rank prince] are all congratulatory guests. Feng Qi and Feng Yu were so busy that they had no time to catch their breath. And, Wanyan Ming Yue and Feng Xie were greeting those old ministers.

“Excuse me, where is the latrine?” A wealthy and noble woman stopped the maid of wangfu. Looking at her (noblewoman) expression, it seemed that she had eaten something wrong and had a bad stomach ache.

“Go out from here, go east, you come across a small courtyard, then go….”

“You said it too complicated. I am so confused by you. It would be better for you to lead me there!” The noblewoman looked very kind but because of her stomachache, she was very anxious. When the maid saw the noblewoman like this, she hurriedly took her to the latrine.

Along the way, the noblewoman chatted with the maid in a friendly tone.

“What is your name?”

“This servant is called little Fang.” Little Fang smiled faintly. Except for Feng Qi Qi and Wanyan Ming Yue in wangfu, it was the first time that she saw such a friendly noblewoman.

Although those ordinary noblewomen showed a respected appearance in front of Feng Cang, but behind the back, they are arrogant and indifferent. They simply disdained to talk with people like her (little Fang), let alone to chat. Therefore, little Fang thought that the noblewoman in front of her was very kind.

“It’s really a nice name! Little Fang, how many years have you been to the wang’s[4. Wang/wangye: first-rank prince] residence?”

“Answering madam, this servant is family slave of wangfu and has been raised in the wangfu.”

  • Family slave means that the slaves have served in the same place for generations

“Oh...” While the noblewoman walked, she was admiring the beautiful scenery of wangfu. “I heard that the regent doted on Princess Zhen Guo very much, is that true?”

Seeing that the noblewoman mentioned Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi, little Fang’s eyes immediately lit up. “Madam also heard of these things?! Our wangye loves wangfei[5. Wangfei: main consort of first-rank prince] the most! Wangye also promised wangfei to only be one pair of lovers for the whole lifetime. There are really very few people in the world that is like wangye! But wangfei is also very good. Beautiful and amiable, standing together with wangye is like a pair of golden boy and jade maiden. Truly a match made in heaven!”

  • Golden boys and jade maidens: a lovely young couple

Little Fang happily introduced the story of Feng Qi Qi and Feng Cang to the noblewoman. She didn’t notice that the noblewoman in front of her had sparks flashing in the eyes after listening to those words. After a while, the two were outside the latrine.

“Madam, here it is----.”

Without waiting for little Fang to finish, her neck suffered a heavy blow and she fell to the ground before she could make a noise.

The noblewoman looked around and saw nobody. She dragged little Fang to one side, stripped her (little Fang) clothes and wore the clothes on herself. Afterwards, she loosened her hair and dressed up as the maid. Then took out the bronze mirror and made sure that she looked like the maid in wangfu. The noblewoman reached out and clutched little Fang’s neck.

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