Chapter 185 Attacking for the first time

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

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Chapter 185 Attacking for the first time

Just with a ‘ka cha’ sound, little Fang’s cervical spine was broken. Just like that, a vivid life had lost its vitality.

While no one was around, the noblewoman dragged the corpse of little Fang to the latrine. Then, she carefully put her (little Fang) into the dung bucket. When the faecal water drowned Little Fang’s pale face, the noblewoman smiled coldly and left the latrine.

Just now on the way, she inquired a lot of things about Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi, such as where the two lived, and what kind of people served at their side. All of this came from Little Fang. Now, the woman dressed as a maid just followed what little Fang said, and went to Tingsong Building.

Tingsong Building

Su Mei helped Feng Xiao dress up and Su Yue was helping Feng Qi Qi dress up.

“Miss is really beautiful today!” Su Mei looked at Feng Qi Qi in the mirror and sighed. Feng Qi Qi was originally an outstanding beauty. Now because of giving birth to a child, a more mature charm was added. This made her look even more charming.

Ordinary women would be bloated and out of shape after giving birth, but Feng Qi Qi had been insisting on breastfeeding. In addition, she made her own nutritious meals during the one-month. Although she did not leave the room after getting out of bed, she still insisted on daily exercises in the room for a short time. Therefore, her figure had almost been recovered completely.

Su Yue had selected a red dress with golden-silken and silver threaded lotus flower for Feng Qi Qi. And the jewelry was mainly made of gold, complemented with all kinds of gemstones. It wasn’t much, but they were extremely exquisite. It was produced by Tong Bao Zhai and Jue Se Fang.

From Feng Qi Qi’s point of view, a sum of money had been lost on the matter of childbearing. It was absolutely necessary to quickly earn back this lost money. There must be many high officials and nobles bringing their wives along to the regent's residence today. She must show off her splendid clothes and jewelry to those court ladies later on. She believed that all women would be tempted. By that time, she could make a good fortune.

“Miss, look at little shizi[1. Shizi: heir of the first-rank prince/crown prince by the main wife]! Isn’t he adorable?” Su Mei put the dressed-up Feng Xiao in front of Feng Qi Qi. Today is Feng Xiao one-month old celebration. Su Mei also chose to dress Feng Xiao up in red. The fiery red color lined with the fair and tender skin of Feng Xiao, and his purple eyes were just as cute as a little angel.

“Little shizi is really obedient today. He didn't cry nor did he made any trouble!” Su Yue liked Feng Xiao very much. She had never seen a more beautiful child than Feng Xiao. After seeing Su Yue like this, Su Mei covered up her mouth to smile. “You like it. Just have one with teacher Nalan! By that time, he can accompany little shizi. How nice would it be!”

Teased by Su Mei, Su Yue’s face became red. “Bah! You’re already a big girl and you’re not even a bit shy! I think it’s better to let Xiaoyao wang [2. Wang/wangye: the prince of first rank]takes you as wife sooner. Settle down as the wangfei[3. Wangfei: main consort of the prince of first rank] and then gives birth to a little shizi. By the time we see each other, I even need to call you wangfei! Miss, say, isn’t that right?”

Su Yue looked at Feng Qi Qi. Feng Qi Qi already couldn’t stop laughing anymore. These two girls were always fighting back and forth, and made fun of each other. Normally, Su Yue would let Su Mei have it, but today Su Yue was also very eloquent.

“Su Yue, you laugh at me! Miss, why did you laugh at me too?” Su Mei bit her lip and her face burned red. After Wanyan Kang returned to the capital, he would go to wangfu[4. Wangfu: resident of the first-rank prince] every day. He came in the name of visiting his young nephew, but is in fact the drinker’s heart is not in the cup. He came to see the beauty.

  • The drinker’s heart is not in the cup: having an ulterior motive/ to have other things in mind

“I think Su Yue is quite right! I support her! By that time, I have to call you sister-in-law!”

Feng Qi Qi said so, made Su Mei’s small face red enough to bleed blood. She couldn’t do anything to Feng Qi Qi, but instead reached out for the slender waist of Su Yue. “It’s your fault! You lead miss astray and now miss laughs at me!”

“Hahaha…” Su Yue was afraid of tickling the most. After seeing Su Mei like this, Su Yue could only surrender with her hands. “Good Su Mei, please spare me! Good wangfei, let go of this little one!”

“You still talk!” Su Mei put more strengths into her hands and kept Su Yue weak and limp on the side. After she (SY) almost laughed till she lacked breath, did she (SM) stopped.

“Really cannot offend you!” Su Yue laughed and rubbed her waist. “It seems that only Xiaoyao wang can suppress you!”

“Who is talking about me?”

Speak of Cao Cao and Cao Cao arrives, Su Yue’s voice had just fell, then she heard someone knock on the door. Subsequently, Wanyan Kang appeared at the door. “Cousin-in-law, cousin brother asked me to come take a look and ask when you and little nephew can go over. The guests are all here!”

  • Speak of Cao Cao and Cao Cao arrives: speak of the devil and he appears

“Right away!” Feng Qi Qi once again checked if her make-up of today was decent in the mirror, while Wanyan Kang picked up Feng Xiao who was at a side. “Good nephew, did you miss uncle?”

“Hmm…” Feng Xiao spat bubbles and his big eyes looked at Wanyan Kang.

“Yo, so to speak, you miss me? Really obedient!” Wanyan Kang liked this nephew very much. Not only because of the lovely appearance of Feng Xiao, but also because Feng Xiao and he really hit it off. Don’t know why, every time he teased Feng Xiao, Feng Xiao was extremely well-behaved. Not crying or making trouble. But whenever Feng Cang came over, Feng Xiao would immediately pout to cry.

Feng Xiao treated them with a completely different attitude. This had let Wanyan Kang’s heart been greatly satisfied. Everything of Feng Cang was stronger than him. But only on the matter of children, he who is the uncle was more lovable than Feng Cang, who is the father. Wanyan Kang was so complacent that he even ridiculed Feng Cang. Saying that Feng Cang looked too scary. That was why he frightened the children.

“Good nephew, uncle will take you to the front hall! There are a lot of rich people over there. We are so going to rip those people off. Do you think we can do it?”

Wanyan Kang continued to tease Feng Xiao, and Feng Xiao seemed to understand what he meant. He babbled an “hmm…” sound again.

“Good! Uncle is bringing you! Cousin-in-law, I’m taking Feng Xiao to the front hall first!”

“Okay, you go first! Feng Qi Qi nodded.

When Wanyan Kang went out, Su Mei stepped out too. “Hey, be careful! Don’t let little shizi be bumped or be hit!”

“I know! Don’t worry!”

When Su Mei came back, Feng Qi Qi and Su Yue had a smile in their eyes. They kept looking at Su Mei, making her embarrassed. “Why are you two staring at me? Is there something on my face!?”

“Su Mei, when are you planning to marry ah Kang? Look, how much ah Kang likes children! If you have your own children, ah Kang must be a good father. He will love his children very much!”

Feng Qi Qi said so, made Su Mei’s heart beat faster. “Miss, I think, it’s better to wait after we come back from Nan Feng and then talk. After the gu poison inside little shizi’s body is cured, you and wangye will be at ease. I can also get married with a peaceful mind.”

So Su Mei was waiting for this. This made Feng Qi Qi’s heart warm. “Silly Su Mei, these two are not contradictory! Ah Kang has been waiting for you so long. If you still don’t marry, he will be stolen by other girls!”

“He dares!” Su Mei glared. She heard a laughter, only to realize that Feng Qi Qi was teasing her. “Miss!” Su Mei stomped. “I’m ignoring you two!”

Su Mei blushed. Feng Qi Qi was also ready and left Tingsong Building with Su Yue.

Wanyan Kang teased Feng Xiao while walking forward, and turned to a long corridor. In front of him, a maid appeared

“Paying my respect to wangye!” The maid hurriedly greeted.

“Get up!” Wanyan Kang swept over her once. He held Feng Xiao and was about to pass by her. Unexpectedly, the maid stood up and smiled. “Our wangye let this slave come and see if wangfei and little shizi are ready. The guests in the front hall are all waiting to see little shizi!”

“We’ll be right there!”

Wangye, it’s better to let this slave hold little shizi!” The maid stretched out her hand and wanted to take over the child from Wanyan Kang but was directly rejected by Wanyan Kang. “No, benwang[5. Benwang: this king, I, used by the first-rank prince] will carry him myself!”

When Wanyan Kang said this, the eyes of the maid turned gloomy but she didn't show it.

Wanyan Kang walked in front and the maid walked behind. When no one was around, the maid pulled a dagger out of her sleeve. As she was about to plunge it into the back of Wanyan Kang, a woman’s voice came over. “Wangye, wait for me...” The maid quickly hid the dagger in her sleeve.

Wanyan Kang stopped and waited for her after recognizing the voice of Su Mei. These two people were used to their intimacy and didn't care at all that there was a maid beside them. When Su Mei came forward, Wanyan Kang reached out to her temple to tuck a wisp of hair behind the ear. “Slow down! I won’t run. What are you doing panting like this?”

“I didn’t!” Su Mei looked at the maid beside Wanyan Kang. Su Mei’s face sank after thinking of Feng Qi Qi’s words previously. “Where are you from, girl? How come I have never seen you before?”

“This slave is wangfu’s family slave. It’s just that there are too many people in wangfu. There’s no way missus can remember this slave!” The maid lowered her head slightly and spoke neither servile nor overbearing.

  • Neither servile nor overbearing: neither humble nor arrogant

“Is it?”

Su Mei circled around the maid and didn’t see any problems. Although there were not many maids in wangfu, but because she had lived mostly with Feng Qi Qi in the Tingsong Building, she didn't really know much about the people of wangfu. Su Yue knew these things much better, but she wasn’t here.

“Don’t you have things to do? Everyone else is busy. How do you still have time to take a break?” When she said this, Su Mei looked at Wanyan Kang. The girl in front was quite pretty and walked alongside Wanyan Kang just now. The more she thought about it, the fishier it was.

The sour taste in Su Mei’s words made Wanyan Kang very happy. In the past he had proposed to Su Mei several times, but it was all rejected by Su Mei. Wanyan Kang’s self-confidence was therefore somewhat low, but now he saw that Su Mei was actually inexplicably jealous because of a small maid. This improved Wanyan Kang’s mood immediately.

“It was our wangye who asked this slave to see if wangfei and little shizi are ready. He also asked this slave to carry little shizi over there.”

Taji Guli disguised as the maid, clenched both hands into a fist. She didn’t expect that Wanyan Kang liked the little shizi so much that he refused to let go, nor did she expect Su Mei to appear in the middle of it.

Previously, it was Wanyan Kang and Feng Cang’s Ruyi who led the troops that utterly defeated her clan and killed her little brother. Just a moment ago, when Wanyan Kang walked in front, Taji Guli almost killed this ‘enemy’. Before she pulled out the dagger from her sleeve, Su Mei rushed over. It was really unfortunate!

However, listening to the dialogue between Su Mei and Wanyan Kang, the relationship between the two seemed to be unusual. It seemed that Su Mei must be the one recognized by Feng Qi Qi as sister and the person who had an engagement with Wanyan Kang.

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