Chapter 186 (Part 1) Cut off her left hand

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

DWGMSFF Chapter 186 (Part 1) Cut off her left hand

Taji Guli couldn’t help but look at Su Mei twice. Wanyan Kang destroyed her clan, so she had to ruin Wanyan Kang’s lover in return. In this way, we called it a revenge for a revenge.

How could Su Mei not understand Taji Guli’s thoughts? Although she didn’t know that Taji Guli wanted to ruin her to retaliate against Wanyan Kang, Su Mei could still see the chilliness in the eyes of this woman. However, Su Mei who was overwhelmed by jealousy didn't think differently about it. Instead, she thought that Taji Guli had really fallen for Wanyan Kang, which made her (SM) feel annoyed.

“We will send little shizi[1. Shizi: heir of the first-rank prince/crown prince by the main wife] ourselves. Go busy yourself with other things!”

Su Mei walked with Wanyan Kang without hesitation towards the front hall, leaving Taji Guli ferociously looking at the back of Su Mei as if she could make a hole in Su Mei’s back by glaring at her.

But how could she let go of such a good opportunity?! Taji Guli wasn’t someone who would just leave after a word from Su Mei.

Wangye[2. Wangye/wang: the prince of first rank], let me carry little shizi to the front hall! This is our wangye’s command. You are making things difficult for this slave!” Taji Guli stubbornly stood in front of Wanyan Kang and Su Mei, and insisted on holding Feng Xiao.

“What the hell?”

The more Su Mei looked at this maid, the more unpleasant she was.

“Because this slave was sent by wangye. This slave only listens to the command of wangye.” Taji Guli tried to frighten Su Mei with the name of Feng Cang. What she never expected was that Feng Qi Qi and Su Yue had already arrived from behind.

“What’s the matter? What happened?”

A fiery red dressed Feng Qi Qi slowly arrived. At the first sight of Feng Qi Qi, Taji Guli had a feeling of almost being suffocated.

The well-defined black and white of her (FQQ) eye, the pretty dimples of her artful smile and her every movement, revealed nobleness and excellence. That small and exquisite facial features were so matched that it was comfortable to watch, just like a fairy who stayed in the human world. Especially, the little cinnabar mole between Feng Qi Qi’s eyebrows made her a little more immortal.

Feng Qi Qi walked over step by step. Her pace was light and her skirt was like the shallow wave, slowly moving forward. This made Taji Guli stare in awe.

It was no wonder that Feng Cang would fall in love with such a woman. Even she would also be fascinated by Feng Qi Qi.

Looking at Feng Qi Qi, Taji Guli thought of her left face. At that time, Feng Cang knocked her down from the horse. Her left face was destroyed, so she tattooed her face to cover up those ugly scars. Now, compared to the fairy-like Feng Qi, she was simply an ugly woman. Men are mostly visual. Even ordinary men would not like her current face, let alone Feng Cang….

In the end, all the emotions turned into something called envy, jealousy and hatred. Taji Guli envied Feng Qi Qi’s stunning appearance, and also hated herself for losing in terms of appearance. However, she didn’t hate Feng Cang who brought such painful results to her. Instead, she hated Feng Qi Qi to the bones.

This woman stole her beloved man. Wasn’t it all relying on this face that was able to charm the world?! If she (FQQ) was disfigured, Feng Cang would also abandon her (FQQ). She (TG) also wanted this woman who was much doted, get a taste of heartbreak.

“Miss….” Su Mei greeted Feng Qi Qi. Subsequently, she called Su Yue over. “Su Yue, she said that she is wangfu’s servant. Have you ever seen her?”

Su Yue looked at Taji Guli for a moment and shook her head. “Which courtyard are you from? Why haven’t I seen you before?”

“This slave lives far away. Of course, missus wouldn't know.” Taji Guli quickly defended herself, but her words made Su Mei even more distrustful of her. “Su Yue know all the people in wangfu[3. Wangfu: the residence of the prince of first rank]. Since Su Yue hasn’t seen you before, then you’re not from wangfu. Say! Who the hell are you?”

‘Bang….’ Taji Guli’s legs weakened and she knelt before Feng Qi Qi. “This slave is really a servant from wangfu, but is a new one. There weren’t enough people due to little shizi’s one month birthday banquet, so I was arranged to come help.”

“Is it?” Feng Qi also noticed something strange. She nodded to Su Mei and Su Yue. The two stepped forward and helped Taji Guli get up. “Don't cry. When we see the housekeeper, we will know who you are! Let’s go with us!”

“What are you doing?” Taji Guli pretended to be frightened. Su Mei raised an eyebrow. “What? You don't dare to confront it? Or are you feeling guilty?”

“This slave didn’t!” Taji Guli straightened her back. “Let’s go!”

Su Mei and Su Yue were a bit surprised after seeing her (TGL) in this state. Could she really be a new servant? The two followed Taji Guli from behind, while Wanyan Kang held Feng Xiao, walked beside Feng Qi Qi and chatted with her.

Taji Guli walked in front, but she was thinking about how to break away from the current situation. If Su Mei and Su Yue really brought her to the confrontation, her identity would be exposed. There was still some distance from the front hall, she had to find an opportunity to run away. How to get rid of the current predicament and get out of here was a question that Taji Guli had to ponder.

“Aiya….” When they reached the rockery, Taji Guli’s hand pressed her stomach and shouted.

“What’s wrong?”

“This slave may have eaten something bad. Ever since yesterday, I had diarrhea.” Taji Guli painfully bowed into a shrimp-like shape. Su Yue stepped forward and wanted to check on her. To her surprise, the other person (TGL) directly scattered a white powder.

“Be careful!” Feng Qi Qi warned the others to hold their breath. On the other hand, Wanyan Kang discovered that his hands were empty. “Not good! She snatched the child!”

Feng Qi Qi immediately jumped up and stood on the rockery after hearing that her son was snatched away. Then she saw Taji Guli was fleeing in the wangfu. “Chase her!” Feng Qi Qi chased first and then Wanyan Kang, Su Mei and Su Yue followed after.

Taji Guli was not very familiar with wangfu, so she just kept running. She just entered a yard, then she noticed a cold breeze behind her. She dodged it quickly, but she found out that Feng Qi Qi had already caught up.

“Don't come over! Stop coming or I’ll kill him!” Forced without any choices, Taji Guli grasped Feng Xiao’s tiny neck. “Did you hear?! Don't come over!”

When Wanyan Kang, Su Mei and Su Yue rushed over, they saw such a scene. Feng Xiao was snatched away from his (WK) own hands by this woman in front of him, made Wanyan Kang very angry. “Who are you? Put down Xiao er!”

“Who am I?” After listening to Wanyan Kang, Taji Guli sneered and tore off the man-made skin from her face. “Wanyan Kang, now you know who I am!”

“Taji Guli?!” Wanyan Kang’s face sank after seeing the distinct black tattoo on the woman’s left face. “Didn't expect you to come to Yan capital!”

“Is Xiaoyao wang very surprised?” Taji Guli spoke while her fingers wandered around the neck of Feng Xiao, as if Feng Xiao was a beautiful piece of art. She was carefully studying it.

“Let go of the child!”

Wanyan Kang spoke while he threw Feng Qi Qi a significant look.

“Don't plan anything! Don't think I can’t see it!” Taji Guli captured the message of Wanyan Kang. Her slightly black hand locked on Feng Xiao’s throat. “Don't play any tricks! Otherwise, I will bury him with me!”

“Taji Guli, put down my son. I will let you go!” Feng Qi Qi’s heart panicked, but her face still remained calm.

Feng Qi Qi knew a bit about the matter regarding Taji Guli. She (FQQ) also knew that she (TG) was defeated by Feng Cang and that the scar on her face was bestowed by Feng Cang. Previously, Wanyan Kang fought in the north and defeated the Jurchen clan. During that time, Guoba was beheaded and Taji Guli absconded. Unexpectedly, she actually fled to Yan capital. Could this be the so-called “the most dangerous place is also the safest place”?

It seemed like this woman in front was not so stupid at all. However, what did she want to do by sneaking into wangfu? Could it be to capture Feng Xiao?

In Feng Qi Qi’s eyes, there were no people more important than Feng Cang and Feng Xiao in this world. Now, Feng Xiao was in Taji Guli’s hands. Seeing her son’s tender face turn red because of difficulty with breathing, Feng Qi Qi desperately wanted to kill Taji Guli.

“Let me go? Will you be so kind? Do I trust you?” Taji Guli sneered at the words of Feng Qi Qi. She wasn’t so stupid! She would be safe as long as Feng Xiao was in her hands. If she really released Feng Xiao, they would surely turn against her and kill her immediately.

Currently, Taji Guli regretted that she had come alone. She wanted to see what Feng Cang’s woman looked like. And meanwhile, kidnapped Feng Cang’s son to talk to him (FC) about the conditions. So she didn't bring anyone along and went into wangfu alone. Taji Guli never imagined that Feng Qi Qi was such an astute person and never even thought that Su Yue actually knew everyone in wangfu.

Today, she was defeated by Feng Qi Qi. Taji Guli refused to accept it. From Taji Guli’s point of view, the reason why Feng Qi Qi could beat her and occupied Feng Cang’s heart, was because she (FQQ) had a pretty face. Feng Qi Qi was nothing without such face.

At this moment, Taji Guli was somewhat panicking after being surrounded by Feng Qi Qi, Wanyan Kang and the others. She didn’t know whether she could successfully get away today! She didn't want to die here, at least, she couldn't die now! She hadn’t married Feng Cang and hadn’t become his bride yet. She absolutely couldn't get caught by Feng Qi Qi.

“Get out of the way! Or I’ll choke him to death!”

Taji Guli put a little more strength in her hand as she spoke. To her surprise, Feng Xiao didn't cry nor made noises from the beginning till now. Even when his throat was clutched, Feng Xiao didn't cry. His face only turned red.

Was this really an one-month-old baby? Feng Xiao was so abnormal that Taji Guli couldn't help but look down at Feng Xiao. After looking at that pair of purple eyes of Feng Xiao, Taji Guli froze.

This was wrong! Feng Cang’s eyes are black, Feng Qi Qi’s eyes are also black. But why are the eyes of Feng Xiao purple? Could it be…? Taji Guli looked at Feng Qi Qi. Could it be that this child was ‘the bastard’ of Feng Qi Qi and others?

Time was pressing. Taji Guli had no time to think and to see whether Feng Xiao’s features were similar to Feng Cang. Personally, she had already placed a title of ‘illegitimate child’ on Feng Xiao. At the thought of her beloved man and made his spirit and soul upside down for this woman. Now, he also had to accept the child of Feng Qi Qi and others, Taji Guli found it unfair for Feng Cang.

  • Spirit and soul upside down: infatuated and head over heels in love / fascinated/captivated

“Taji Guli, let go of my child!” Two golden threads appeared in Feng Qi Qi’s hands. The appearance of Feng Xiao made Feng Qi Qi feel extremely heartache for him. This child unexpectedly didn't cry nor made noises. This made Feng Qi Qi as the mother even more uncomfortable! She wished she could immediately kill Taji Guli!

“Feng Qi Qi, Feng Cang was so good to you. You actually betrayed him? How can you let him down?! Feng Cang was so good to you from the bottom of his heart, but you simply failed him!

What Taji Guli said seemed a bit ridiculous to Feng Qi Qi. What kind of messy things is she saying? What did she mean? Feng Qi Qi was too lazy to argue with her. The golden thread in her hand flashed. “Taji Guli, I say it once more! Let go of my child and I will spare you! Otherwise, I’ll make you regret everything you did today!”

“I won’t….”

When she said this, Taji Guli suddenly smelled an unusual smell. Her left hand that was holding Feng Xiao, also became wet. It seemed like there was a kind of warm water, which was falling from her fingers to the ground.

When she saw her hand with the warm urine of the child, Taji Guli screamed and threw Feng Xiao away. “Ah.” In her whole life, she hated these dirty things the most. Besides, this urine dried very quickly on her hands. That kind of weird smell made Taji Guli almost want to vomit.

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