Chapter 186 (Part 2) Cut off her left hand

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 186 (Part 2) Cut off her left hand

“Xiao er[1.Er: term of endearment]!” Wanyan Kang jumped into the air and carried Feng Xiao into his arms. At the same time, the golden threads in Feng Qi Qi’s hand flew towards Taji Guli and wrapped around her (TGL) left hand that was choking Feng Xiao.

“Aahh….” Only a scream was heard. The golden threads cut off Taji Guli’s left hand evenly from the wrist area.

The broken hand fell to the ground and dyed the ice and snow on the soil red. Taji Guli held her broken arm and tried to pick up her left hand. At the same time, the weapons in the hands of Su Mei and Su Yue had already gone straight to her (TG) face.

“Be careful!”

A figure suddenly appeared and threw a smoke bomb. The thick smoke spread out and enveloped everyone in it. After the smoke dispersed, Taji Guli had already disappeared. Only her broken left hand remained on the ground.

“Chase!” Su Mei and Su Yue chased out, while Feng Qi Qi quickly came to Wanyan Kang’s side. “Let me see the child!”

“The child is alright! Cousin-in-law, I’ll go after them too!”

Wanyan Kang was just ready to go but was stopped by Feng Qi Qi. “Ah Kang, go seal off the capital! If it’s too late, they will definitely escape from the city. Then it will be even harder to capture Taji Guli!”

“I understand, cousin-in-law!”

Feng Qi Qi inspected Feng Xiao from head to toe. Only after seeing him safe and sound,  did she feel relieved. Touching the ice-cold and wet nappy, Feng Qi Qi quickly held Feng Xiao and rushed back to Tingsong Building.

“You little one, today mother was terrified by you!”

Feng Qi Qi got warm water and gave Feng Xiao a clean wash. Afterwards, she gently applied ointment to his neck. Taji Guli’s hands were very strong and Feng Xiao’s skin was very delicate, so now the little baby’s neck was clearly marked with blue and purple bruises. Seeing that, Feng Qi Qi’s tears couldn’t help but fall.

“I’m sorry! It’s mother’s fault! I didn't take good care of you! It’s mother’s fault!” Feng Qi Qi’s tears fell down like beautiful pearls. After she put clothes on Feng Xiao and wrapped him in the nappy, she finally wiped the tears from her eyes.


Feng Xiao rolled his big eyes and had been staring at Feng Qi Qi. His red face of a moment ago had now returned to normal. He seemed to understand why Feng Qi Qi was sad, and Feng Xiao began to ‘yiyi yaya’, as if to say ‘mother, don't worry. I’m alright!’

After seeing Feng Xiao being so obedient, Feng Qi Qi felt even more sad. “Xiao er, let’s go! Let your father avenge us!”

When Feng Qi Qi carried Feng Xiao to the front hall, Wanyan Jie and Dongfang Lan had already been there for a while. Feng Cang was greeting them, when he saw Feng Qi Qi and strode over. “Qing Qing, you are here!”

Because the place Taji Guli just went was the remotest place in wangfu[2. Wangfu: residence of the prince of first rank], the incident hadn’t yet reached Feng Cang. Now, seeing Feng Cang walked gently over, Feng Qi Qi called. “Cang….” Her tears immediately poured down like the broken gate of a flood.

Princess Zhen Guo crying like this, surprised the numerous officials and their wives. What exactly happened? Wasn’t this the one-month birthday banquet? Why was Feng Qi Qi crying?

After seeing the tears of the woman in front of him, Feng Cang’s heart tightened. “What’s the matter? What happened?”

“Just now, there was a thief in the residence. They almost took Xiao er away! Ah Kang, Su Mei and Su Yue went to chase the thief. Cang, look at our Xiao er!” Feng Qi Qi opened the nappy and let Feng Cang see the marks on Feng Xiao’s neck.

“Who was that person?” Feng Cang’s face was gloomy after looking at the horrible marks on his beloved son’s tender neck. A violent aura spread out of him, caused everyone at the scene to shudder.

“It’s Taji Guli! She snatched Xiao er and threatened to kill him!”

“Taji Guli?” Dongfang Lan quickly came over and took Feng Xiao from Feng Qi Qi. At this time, Wanyan Ming Yue and Feng Xie also rushed over. “Oh God! That heartless woman! She wants to kill Xiao er!” Dongfang Lan was very angry. “Servants, go and search the city! Find this snake-hearted woman!”

“Grandmother, I had already let Ah Kang seal off the capital!”

“Good! Dare to touch aijia’s[3.  Aijia: I, used by the empress dowager] little great-grandson! Must find her!”

Feng Cang and Dongfang Lan had the same attitude. He held Feng Qi Qi’s hand and his voice became cold. “Taji Guli was truly courageous to sneak into the regent’s residence? Don't know...who gave her this courage?”

When he said this, Feng Cang’s eyes swept over the guests who had come to congratulate him. The chilliness in his eyes made everyone feel scared. What did the regent mean? Could it be that Taji Guli was related to these guests? Did a guest bring her in?

These people were scared as soon as they thought of those methods of Feng Cang. Those officials were all ‘you look at me, I look at you’. No one dared to utter a word, but in their heart, all were wondering “who actually did this ‘good thing’!”

“Ji Xiang!” Feng Cang called out Ji Xiang. He pulled off the tiger tally from his waist and tossed it to her. “Pass on my orders. Let the Eagle troup seal off the city gates. All people are not allowed to leave the capital. You, take some people and search each and every house for me! Benwang[4. Benwang: I, this king, used by the prince of first rank] wants to see who has such great courage to actually harbor an imperial court criminal! If the one who harbors the criminal was found, catch him! If he resists, kill him!”

“Yes!” Ji Xiang took the tiger tally and rushed out.

After doing these, Feng Cang softly comforted Feng Qi Qi. After a while, Feng Qi Qi’s tears stopped. Dongfang Lan treasured this great-grandson, Feng Xiao. She carried him and left the place, accompanied by Wanyan Jie and Wanyan Ming Yue.

The main character of this one-month birthday banquet had already left, but Feng Cang didn't plan to let these officials return.

“Sit! Let the feast begin!” Feng Cang said so but called over the housekeeper Feng Qi. He (FC) whispered a few words to him (FQ) and then Feng Qi retreated.

“Thank you all for attending the full moon banquet of my son! Thanks a lot!” A ‘thanks a lot’ was said from Feng Cang’s mouth, but it was full of coldness. Feng Cang knew that although his wangfu’s manpower was limited, but their defense was still very much available. Today was Feng Xiao’s full moon banquet so, there wasn’t enough manpower, but he never expected that Taji Guli would sneak in.

Every single person who entered wangfu could only come in with an invitation card. That could only mean one thing. Taji Guli entered wangfu with one of the officials in front of him. In other words, someone in the court had taken Taji Guli in. It seemed to Feng Cang that this was an extremely dangerous signal!

Although Dong Lu, Xi Qi and the Jurchen clan had become history, Longze Jing Tian and Taji Guli weren’t captured yet. Now, Taji Guli was actually in the capital of Bei Zhou, indicating that someone in the court was in collusion with her.

Who on earth was it? Who had such a great courage to take Taji Guli in?

When Feng Cang was silent, Feng Yu commanded the people to serve the dishes. Delicious foods were put one by one on the table. However, the people sitting there all had lost their interest in tasting. Assassinating the regent’s little shizi[5. Shizi: heir of the prince of first rank/ crown prince by the main wife], how big of a crime was it?! No one could take on the fury of Feng Cang.

When everyone was worried, Mu Hua’s heart also felt unsettled. Taji Guli was really crazy! She actually sneaked into the vision of Feng Cang and also wanted to kill Feng Xiao! This woman was so stupid! Didn't they discuss it already that everything should go according to the plan? This woman looked very smart, but why did she lose her mind today?

Feng Qi led the people and searched the whole wangfu carefully. Until the afternoon, did he come back to the front hall.

Wangye[6. Wangye: the prince of first rank], this is the clothes we found at the side of the latrine. Taji Guli killed a maid of wangfu and changed into the maid’s appearance. The corpse of the maid had been found in the latrine.”

Feng Cang sent the invitation cards for the one-month birthday banquet of Feng Xiao to the officials in the capital. Moreover, the invitation cards of the regent’s wangfu were specially customized. It was simply impossible to fake it. Feng Qi took out the invitation card from the clothes and handed over with both hands. Feng Cang took and looked at it. The name on this card was an official from the capital.

“Zhou De Li?” Feng Cang read aloud. After hearing the name, those who waited for the results, quickly looked around to see where this bastard Zhou De Li was hiding. Just looking around one time, they discovered that this person simply didn't come.

“Go to Zhou De Li’s house!”

After waiting for a while, Feng Qi hurried back. “Wangye, sir Zhou fainted in his own carriage. It seemed that he was drugged.”

Only after listening to Feng Qi’s words, did Mu Hua’s heart relax. Fortunately, Taji Guli wasn't so stupid. She still knew to take someone else’s card to enter. However, don't know where this stupid woman was hiding now! He hoped she didn't go to the prime minister’s residence. At this moment, don't implicate him at all.

“Since no one was involved, I troubled you to take this trip here today! My beloved son was frightened today. Benwang has to catch the culprit to avenge my son, so I won’t keep everyone company anymore. Please enjoy, everyone! Feng Qi help benwang kindly take care of the guests!” Feng Cang stood up and apologized, then he held Feng Qi Qi’s hand and went to the back.

“What actually happened?” While they walked, Feng Cang asked Feng Qi Qi. At this moment, he was rushing to see Feng Xiao. A moment ago, he only took a glance and didn't look closely. Now, it was certain that Taji Guli wasn't brought by the visitors. The first thing he had to do was to see his baby son first.

Feng Qi Qi carefully told him what had happened. After listening that Feng Qi Qi had cut off Taji Guli’s hand, Feng Cang’s eyes showed an approved look.

“Who saved Taji Guli? Was it Longze Jing Tian?”

Feng Cang mentioned Longze Jing Tian, made Feng Qi Qi somewhat surprised. “It’s not him. I know the voice of Longze Jing Tian. Why do you think it’s him?”

“If Taji Guli can hide in Yan capital, Longze Jing Tian also can. I’m worried about them joining forces. That's going to be trouble….”

An unprecedented arrest was being carried out outside wangfu.

The commoners were furious when they learned that little shizi from the regent’s residence was almost killed. They earned a lot of money due to the birth of this little shizi. He was practically their lucky star! Now, someone wanted to kill little shizi? Who was actually so heartless! He/she was really a bastard! Out of anger, the commoners of Yan capital also volunteered to help the Eagle troup find Taji Guli’s whereabouts.

As Mu Hua was hoping in his heart for Taji Guli to not hide at his place, this woman indeed hid at the prime minister’s residence.

“Hey, Guli, how are you?” Duyi patted Taji Guli’s face. The housekeeper of the prime minister’s residence had already found a doctor to bind up Taji Guli’s left hand. Fortunately, Duyi had already deal with the broken left hand. If not, she would die of bleeding. It would then be the end of her life.

“Die, wouldn't die….” Taji Guli’s lips were pale as she frowned. The pain from her broken hand made her shiver all over. “Duyi, Thank you…today….”

“Don't mention it! Don't be so foolish next time! It’s impossible for you to fight against Feng Cang with your own strength alone.”

When he spoke this, Duyi thought of Feng Qi Qi. That woman was quick and cruel. And the golden threads in her hand was a weapon that totally could take away a human life. Fortunately, he was prepared. Otherwise, they would all die today at the regent’s residence.

“Feng Qi Qi is very powerful! You can’t afford to offend her!” Duyi gave Taji Guli a word of advice. “In the future, you better don't go to provoke her!”

“No…I have to take revenge!” As soon as she remembered her left hand was cut off by Feng Qi Qi, Taji Guli hated Feng Qi Qi from the bottom of her heart.

Previously, she thought that Feng Qi Qi gained the favor of Feng Cang by the virtue of beauty. Now, she knew that she was wrong. This woman had strong power. However, Taji Guli didn't think that she was less than Feng Qi Qi. Today, it was an accident. She was careless, and the other party had many people. If it was one-on-one, she may not lose to Feng Qi Qi.

Duyi saw the ‘unwillingness to submit’ from Taji Guli’s eyes. This woman had lost her left hand because of her stubbornness and obstinacy. Now, she still refused to repent, and remained so stubborn.

“This is a decoction. Drink it every morning and evening. This is herbal plaster. It should be changed every five days.”

The doctor who had bandaged the wounds of Taji Guli, wrote prescriptions and handed them to the housekeeper. “If there is nothing else, I will take my leave! I will come back to visit this girl tomorrow!”

“Alright, thank you!” Duyi smiled and sent the doctor. He waited until the doctor carried his medicine box and turned to go. A dagger appeared in Duyi’s hand and was directly plunged into the back of the doctor.

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