Chapter 187 (Part 1) Wanyan Kang and Su Mei’s wedding

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 187 (Part 1) Wanyan Kang and Su Mei’s wedding

“Ah….” The doctor didn't make a sound yet, he already fell head first on the floor and died. If this doctor knew that he would be killed after the examination, perhaps he wouldn’t have take this trip.

“Why did you kill him?”

The housekeeper of the prime minister’s residence was anxious after seeing Duyi like this. “He saved somebody just now. Why did you kill him?”

“Housekeeper, don't you know the word ‘kill them to keep their mouth shut’? If he gives us all away, then it will be troublesome! At that time, it isn’t just us who will be unlucky, but also your master….” Duyi pulled out the dagger from the doctor’s back and rubbed the blood of the dagger on the corpse. Only then did he put away the dagger.

  • Kill (them) to keep (their) mouth shut: murder somebody to prevent them from revealing a secret.

“You guys…ay….” The housekeeper didn't know whether it was good or bad for Mu Hua to cooperate with these people. Just as he didn't know what to do, Mu Hua returned to the prime minister’s residence.

When he saw the injured Taji Guli and Duyi, Mu Hua was very surprised. “Why are you all here?”

“She was injured. I couldn't find her comrade, so I brought her here.” Duyi shrugged his shoulders. Only now did Mu Hua saw Taji Guli’s broken left hand. He was very startled. “Princess Guli, your hand?”

“It was Feng Qi Qi that bitch who injured me!”

Taji Guli gritted her teeth at the mention of Feng Qi Qi’s name. This woman was too heartless! She (FQQ) actually cut off her (TG) left hand! What else could she do without a left hand? Wasn’t it the same as being a rubbish then?!

After listening to Taji Guli said that all this was done by Feng Qi Qi, Mu Hua was even more surprised. He more or less knew about the abilities of Taji Guli whereas Feng Qi Qi was so delicate and sweet. A moment ago, when she was shedding tears in front of Feng Cang, she was so pitiful. It didn't show at all that her martial arts was actually so outstanding and her method so vicious.

“I must take  revenge! I must!” Taji Guli’s face was pale. The pain from her broken left hand constantly reminded her of everything that happened today.

“You shouldn't think about these things now. Let’s talk about the revenge things later on. Because you went to the regent’s palace today and almost injured little shizi[1. Shizi: heir of the first-rank prince/ crown prince by the main wife], Feng Cang has already let people seal off the city gates. He even mobilized the Eagle troop to search the city! Presumably, it won’t be long before they will search here!”

“They even dare to search the prime minister’s residence?” Duyi was somewhat unconvinced. After all, Mu Hua was the prime minister. How insolent was Feng Cang that he wouldn't not give face? Wouldn't it cause any criticism for searching a first rank high official’s residence?

It must be said that Duyi’s thoughts were silly and naive. Mu Hua could already see his (DY) naiveness from the face of Duyi.

“Duyi, you really don't understand Feng Cang. As long as he cares about it, even if he needs against the heaven, he will still do it. Today, Princess Guli touched his forbidden spot. Don't mention my prime minister’s residence, even if it was the Imperial Palace. Feng Cang will make people search it!”

“Search the city?” As soon as Taji Guli heard it, she wanted to stand up. “My brothers are still in the inn of the city. Aren’t they in danger? I have to go find them! I….”

Before she could stand up, Taji Guli was hit by a wave of dizziness. Duyi quickly stepped forward to hold her. “You are already like this. Why are you still so impulsive! If you go out now and was caught, aren’t you throwing your life away?!”

“But they are my brothers who have been following me for years from the cradle to the grave. I, I can’t abandon them!”

  • From the cradle to the grave: go through fire and water/willing to risk one’s life

Taji Guli struggled to stand up, but she who had lost too much blood, was less capable than desirable.

  • Less capable than desirable: not as strong as one would wish

Duyi sighed after seeing Taji Guli like this. “Don't torment yourself anymore! I’ll take a look for you! Where is the place? I’ll go inform them!”

“It’s the Hengtong Inn in the west of the city.” Taji Guli’s forehead was drenched in cold sweat. Today’s move was nonetheless a mistake. But what Taji Guli didn't expect was that Duyi would rescue her. Now, he was even willing to take the risk to inform her people. Previously, she was always arguing with him for some trivial matters. “Thank you….”

“Don't mention it.” Duyi waved his hands and turned to Mu Hua. “Prime minister, is there anything you can do to help us? If by any chance we are caught in the prime minister’s residence, it won’t do you or us any good.”

“Hero Duyi, you can rest assured. This old man has a way to send you all out of the city. Go and return quickly. Please don't stay too long. I’ll let people inform His Highness Longze. As soon as everyone is here, this old man will send you all out of the city.”

With the things being like this, Mu Hua could only do this.

If Taji Guli didn't act arbitrarily, there wouldn't be such a big mistake. However, the problem had already happened. He could only send Taji Guli and Duyi away from the city as soon as possible. In case the Eagle troop searched the prime minister’s residence and found clues, then  not only would they be finished, even the things he and Wanyan Hong had planned would be exposed. Then the gains do not make up for the losses.

  • The gains do not make up for the losses: more harm than good/ not be worth the effort

Duyi left the prime minister’s residence and went to the west of the city as Taji Guli said. He had yet to arrive at the Hengtong Inn, but he could already hear the sound of fighting. Duyi was shocked and immediately rushed forward. As he turned to the corner of the street, he could see the bloody ground.

It was already dusk now. The red glow of the sunset spread over the earth and had dyed the black armor of the Eagle troop warriors with a layer of orange radiance.

There were more than ten bodies lying on the ground. Among them was a bearded man. Duyi had seen him before. He was Taji Guli’s left and right-hand and had always followed her. After seeing these dead bodies, Duyi sighed softly and turned around to leave.

As soon as Duyi arrived at the prime minister’s residence, Taji Guli immediately asked him the whereabouts of her comrades. Duyi was silent for a moment and shook his head. “When I went, they were already dead. A total of eighteen people, eighteen dead bodies.”

“No….” Taji Guli held her head and shouted. Tears started to roll down from the corner of her eyes. “Why was it like thus? They shouldn't have died! It’s me, it’s me who wanted to show off! It’s me that harmed them!”

These eighteen people followed Taji Guli for over a decade. They had experienced big and small battles with her, and were very loyal to her. Now, it had turned into eighteen cold corpses. How could Taji Guli accept this?!

“It’s all my fault! It’s me who harmed them!” Taji Guli kept hitting herself on the head. Because of the severe movement, the wound of her bandaged left hand started to bleed again.

“Hey, have you had enough?!” Duyi grabbed Taji Guli’s hand to prevent her from hurting herself again. However, Taji Guli kicked Duyi to the ground. “I’ll take revenge! I’m going to find them to get revenge!”

Taji Guli supported herself to get up. She had just taken two steps but was roared by Duyi. “Enough! Taji Guli, don't make a fuss, please! You have already harmed yourself and harmed your men! Do you want to kill us too?! Are you not done yet? This is not your desert! You are also not that noble princess of the Jurchen clan anymore! Wake up!”

Duyi’s words made Taji Guli froze there. Afterwards, she burst into tears. The image of Taji Guli had always been quite rigid. She wasn't like this even when her younger brother was killed and her clan fell apart. Now, she was crying like that, made Duyi somewhat bewildered, as if he had done something evil.

“Instead of crying, wipe off your tears and run for your life. Afterwards, come back for revenge!”

Longze Jing Tian appeared in the room and looked at Taji Guli with a calm face. “Didn't we say to act together?! Because you decided on your own, we were almost exposed. Please calm down next time and think clearly. Don't go harm others!”

“Your Highness, she already knows she’s wrong. You don't have to say that.” This time Duyi helped Taji Guli speak in turn.

“Humph!” Longze Jing Tian humphed coldly and turned to Mu Hua. “Thank you, prime minister, for your warning. Otherwise, I wouldn't be standing here!”

“Don't mention it, Your Highness! By the way, everyone, it’s getting late. You all better follow me to get out of town!” Mu Hua took Longze Jing Tian, Duyi and Taji Guli to his study. He opened the secret door, stopped at a spot and then lifted open the blanket on the ground. There revealed a locked wooden board.

“This is a secret passage that this old man had dug before, leading to the outside of the city. Now that Feng Cang has sealed off the city, you all can’t get out. It’s safest to leave from here!” As he spoke, Mu Hua had already opened the wooden board and walked down the secret passage first.

Longze Jing Tian brought two people with him, plus Duyi and Taji Guli. A total of five people followed Mu Hua and went into the underground passageway.

This passageway wasn’t dug very high. You must walk inside by bending your back. If you weren’t careful, you would hit your head. After walking through the passageway for a long time, they finally reached the other exit. To the surprise of Longze Jing Tian, this exit turned out to be an abandoned dry well.

After the others climbed up the fallen vines, Duyi squatted down in front of Taji Guli. “Come on, I’ll carry you!”

Taji Guli was a bit surprised and didn't say anything. She stepped forward to lie on the back of Duyi, and the two finally went out.

At this moment, the sky was already dark. Mu Hua cupped his fist towards Longze Jing Tian and the others. “The recent circumstances are bad. Everyone, please stay away from trouble! My prime minister’s residence will always welcome you!”

“Thank you very much, prime minister!” Longze Jing Tian and the others cupped their fist to express their thanks. Everyone knew clearly that if it weren’t for Mu Hua who had this underground passageway, Feng Cang might had already found them. These people at present wouldn't stand here safe and sound.

Inside the regent’s palace, Feng Cang had a serious face. “Eighteen people? No Taji Guli? Where would she go then?”

In one day, the Eagle troop had searched more than half of the capital. The only ones left were the houses of the high officials and nobles at the east of the city, and the Imperial Palace. Those eighteen people were obviously accomplices of Taji Guli. But what surprised Feng Cang was that Taji Guli didn't go back. So where would she hide?

Wangye, tomorrow is the turn of the eastern region and the Imperial Palace. Should we search or not? Forgive this subordinate’s direct words. If someone in the court is really in collusion with Taji Guli, then it’s still possible to hide a person. Even if we try to look, we may not find her.”

Feng Cang knew clearly that Nalan Xin’s words were reasonable. If he couldn't find her in the common people’s homes, then Taji Guli was definitely in the official’s home. But there were so many officials in the capital. It would be time-consuming to conduct inspections one by one, and there were also many family members and servants in the high officials and nobles’ homes. It was originally a very easy thing to hide a person. This matter was really difficult to handle.

“Withdrawn the people. Return everything to normal tomorrow. Just check carefully all the people that go outside the city. Afterwards…let the people of Fo Sheng Men look for the whereabouts of Taji Guli. At the same time, look for Longze Jing Tian. I’m worried that these two people will gang up together. At that time, it won’t be a good thing.”

After these arrangements, Feng Cang went to Tingsong Building.

Although Feng Xiao experienced those things during the day, but he didn't seem to have been frightened at all. He had drunk his milk and entered the dreams with Feng Qi Qi’s ballad.

“Slept?” Feng Cang came to the bed and looked at Feng Xiao who was in Feng Qi Qi’s arms.

“Hm!” Feng Qi Qi nodded and carefully put Feng Xiao in the bed.

“This brat didn’t even cry today! I don't know if he’s brave enough or what.” Mentioning his son, Feng Cang had a special feeling of proudness. He thought that Feng Xiao had performed well today. It was very unusual. He wasn't an ordinary child.

After seeing the proudness in Feng Cang’s eyes, Feng Qi Qi chuckled. She put the curtains down and pulled Feng Cang to the side.

“Did you find her?”

“Only found her accomplices but didn't find Taji Guli herself.”

“Oh?” Feng Qi Qi frowned. “Where did she hide then? Could it be that there is someone sheltering her? Who will it be?”

“Alright, Qing Qing. Leave this matter to me. Don't think so much! You must be frightened today! Let’s take a rest earlier. This is a man’s business. Let me solve it!”

Of course, Feng Qi Qi was happy that Feng Cang took the matters into his own hands. She nodded and said, “Alright.” Feng Qi Qi leaned into Feng Cang’s embrace. “Cang, when this matter is over. Shouldn't we let Ah Kang and Su Mei held their wedding? We mustn’t delay them because of our affairs! After they get married, let’s go to Nan Feng. What do you think?”

Feng Cang naturally fully supported the suggestion of Feng Qi Qi. He had always taken Wanyan Kang’s marriage to heart. Originally, he intended to quickly let Wanyan Kang embrace the beauty. Now that Feng Qi Qi mentioned it, it was just what he thought too.

“I have someone looked for a date. The 18th of the second month is a good day! I also don't want Ah Kang to always come bother our two-person world. Let Su Mei go over to take care of him the sooner the better!”

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