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Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

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DWGMSFF Chapter 203 Love is in sky of affection (2)

Gu De was this furious, came as no surprise to Feng Qi Qi. How could Gu De accept that such a thing happened to his daughter? “Chief, we didn't find Longze Jing Tian during the search of the mountain. This indicates two possibilities. One is that Longze Jing Tian is gone, and the other is that someone has hidden him somewhere.”

“You mean, there’s a traitor in our tribe?” How couldn't Gu De understand the meaning of Feng Qi Qi’s words? But to say that the Qiang tribe had traitors and had hidden Longze Jing Tian, Gu De couldn't believe this. However, the truth was in front of him and made it impossible for him to not believe it.

“Humph! Who is it that has such big gut to actually do such a thing?!” Even though Gu De usually looked gentle, but once it involved his only daughter,  his bad temper immediately came up. “Investigate! Must investigate!”

“Chief, I have a suggestion. Don't know what you think about it.” Feng Qi Qi whispered her thoughts to Gu De. As soon as Gu De heard it, he nodded repeatedly. “Yes, you’re right! Since their targets are you and the regent. It’s indeed possible to do so. However, I’m worried that Longze Jing Tian is a madman and will hurt you two and the child.”

Feng Qi Qi’s scheme was called ‘draw the snake out of its hole’. The purpose that Longze Jing Tian came here was nothing more than to retaliate her and Feng Cang. In this case, they must be looking for an appropriate opportunity. Since Feng Qi Qi and Feng Cang were Longze Jing Tian’s targets, so let them (FC&FQQ) be the bait to bring out these ‘snakes’ which were hidden in the dark!

  • Draw the snake out its hole: lure the target to appear.

The people of Qiang tribe were relieved that Gu Yun Wan was successfully found. Jin Mo and Feng Qi Qi discussed the method of treatment for Gu Yun Wan, by relying mainly on the acupuncture of Jin Mo with Feng Qi Qi’s massage as support. The mood of Gu Yun Wan was also calmed down. It didn't take long for her to restore to the former strong girl and began to cooperate with the treatment of Jin Mo.

Looking for Gu Yun Wan had delayed some time. So when Feng Qi Qi and Feng Cang went to the top of the White Bird mountain the next day. Ah Zha and Ming Yue Zheng had long been waiting there.

When Ah Zha did the demonstration previously, Feng Qi Qi kind of got a grasp on elder Teng Yuan’s spell and intended to experiment it today.

“Let me do it!” After hearing Feng Qi Qi’s thoughts, Ah Zha took the initiative to cooperate with Feng Qi Qi. “I have been through it many times, let me try it first, this way the success rate will also be much higher!”

Feng Cang shook his head and refused Ah Zha’s suggestion directly. Feng Qi Qi simply wanted to try it. It still needed to be examined if she really got the hang of the spell of Elder Teng Yuan. If not, wouldn't both feet of Ah Zha’s become disabled when he stepped on the hot charcoal? This kind of thing shouldn't be done by other people.

“Let me do it!” Feng Cang stood up. His words made Ah Zha frown, “The regent doesn't believe me?”

“It’s not that! I’m just afraid that something might happen to you. After all, Qing Qing isn’t so sure about it too.”

“Then, you two don't take me as a friend?” Ah Zha was even more unhappy, “My skin and flesh are thick. Even if there is something, it will recover soon. The third test is to enter the dragon pool. If you hurt your foot, how do you get into the water? Don't you want to cure little shizi’s[1. Shizi: heir of the first-rank prince, usually born by the main consort] gu?”

“I want to! I want to cure Xiao er’s[2. Er: term of endearment]  gu more than anyone else. But I also don't want anyone to get hurt because of our matter.”

Feng Qi Qi had already told Feng Cang about the matter regarding Gu Yun Wan. As soon as he thought of that once healthy and lively girl might become disabled, Feng Cang gnashed his teeth and would hate Longze Jing Tian and the others so much. No matter what kind of grudges they had against each other, please don't harm the innocent! If someone was injured because of curing Feng Xiao’s gu, how could Feng Cang not feel guilty?

  • Gnashing teeth: displaying extreme anger or frustration.

Ah Zha still wanted to persist but was stopped by Ming Yue Cheng, “Cousin Ah Zha, since Feng Cang has made a decision, we should support it. I trust Qi Qi’s abilities. They pairing up should be no problem!”

Ming Yue Cheng was also not sure. Although Feng Qi Qi could read lips and understood elder Teng Yuan’s spell, but after all, it was a charcoal that was burning hot. People are made of flesh and blood. What if there was any mistake, those feet might really get disabled.

If Feng Cang didn't interrupt, he (MYC) was willing to try it. But Ming Yue Cheng knew that the matter with Gu Yun Wan had caused invisible pressure on this couple. If Ah Zha hurt his feet, they would definitely feel guilty about it.

Feng Qi Qi also supported Feng Cang’s decision. They only came here to cure Feng Xiao’s gu. She didn't expect that Longze Jing Tian and the others would actually follow them and even injured Gu Yun Wan. Although Gu Yun Wan’s legs could be treated. It just needed some time, but it wasn't a matter that made people relaxed after all. She also didn't want anyone to be hurt anymore because of their matters.

“Cang, look at the copper coin in my hand.” Feng Qi Qi and Feng Cang looked at each other. Different from elder Teng Yuan, Feng Qi Qi had a copper coin tied up with a string in her hand. Just saw Feng Qi Qi’s mouth slightly open while Feng Cang’s eyes were fixed on the copper coin. In just a moment, the eyes became cold and empty.

Feng Qi Qi’s ‘spell’ was only a kind of hypnosis. The power of mental cues was endless. It was only used during the hypnosis to let Feng Cang enter a frozen state. He wouldn't feel any heat then.

“Go!” Feng Qi Qi said softly. Feng Cang turned and stepped onto the fire.

Out of safety, Feng Cang wore a pair of ice silk socks on both feet. The ice silk had insulated effect. Even if he stepped on the fire, he would only feel warm and wouldn't burn his feet. With this layer of protection and also Feng Qi Qi’s spell, it was double protection. In just a moment, Feng Cang passed through the burning coals.

“How is it?” After removing the hypnosis, Feng Qi Qi quickly checked the feet of Feng Cang. There were no blisters and no injuries!

“I didn't feel anything.” Feng Cang shook his head. “Is it because of the ice silk? Shall I try with my bare feet?”

“Good!” Feng Qi Qi nodded and hypnotized Feng Cang again.

This time, Feng Qi Qi had her heart into her throat. Without the protection of the ice silk, could Feng Cang really pass the sea of flames? Although she used to do a lot of things with hypnosis in her previous life, but this time, she was still very worried. After all, Feng Cang’s feet were on hot burning charcoal, what if….

Not waiting for Feng Qi Qi to finish worrying, Feng Cang had successfully passed through the sea of flames once again. There was no what if, everything went well….

“Princess, you’re so amazing!” Ah Zha looked stunned at the side. Only the elders could do the spell. How could Feng Qi Qi learn it after she only had seen it once? “Princess, are you sure you’re not from our Qiang tribe?”

The words of Ah Zha made Feng Qi Qi smiled slightly, “Warrior Ah Zha, I’m certain I’m a Bei Zhou’s citizen and have no relationship with the Qiang tribe.”

After Feng Qi Qi said this, Ah Zha could only exclaim in admiration repeatedly, “Princess is really a genius, amazing!”

The news that Feng Cang could pass through the sea of flames was soon spread throughout the village. After hearing that it was the credit of Feng Qi Qi and that she had unraveled the spell for ‘through the sea of flames’, elder Teng Yuan was surprised. How could this be? He just demonstrated it once. How did Feng Qi Qi learn it already?

“As expected she isn’t easy to deal with!” While elder Teng Yuan was surprised, the peculiar voice of Taji Guli came over, “I didn't expect Feng Qi Qi to be really able to do it! Elder Teng Yuan, it mustn’t be that you changed your mind?!”

Listen to Taji Guli mentioned Feng Qi Qi, elder Teng Yuan couldn't help but thought of what Feng Qi Qi had said before. The Immortal cream was an addictive poison, and now he was already poisoned.

“Elder Teng Yuan, elder Teng Yuan?” Seeing that elder Teng Yuan didn't speak, Taji Guli came forward and touched him with the hook of her left hand, “Are you alright?”

“Did you guys kidnap great miss?”

“How can it be us?! We won’t do such a thing!” Taji Guli quickly denied. Duyi also stepped forward and lit the tobacco for Elder Teng Yuan, “Even if we are dissatisfied with Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi, we won’t make an enemy out of the Qiang tribe. Elder must believe in our sincerity!”

Elder Teng Yuan originally had doubts, but the smell of the Immortal cream had already been spreading. After he impatiently smoked from the mouthpiece of the pipe tobacco twice, he tossed the matter of a moment ago beyond the topmost clouds.

  • Beyond the topmost clouds: unimaginably far away.

After seeing elder Teng Yuan like this, Taji Guli and Duyi looked at each other and smiled. It seemed that he had been indulged in the Immortal cream and was unable to extricate himself from it. In the future, he (TY) could only be manipulated by them (TGL & DY).

Finally, it was the day to go through the sea of flames. After the Qiang tribe’s young and old had seen Feng Cang mount the mountain of daggers, they had greatly improved their impression of the regent from Bei Zhou. He (FC) was the first foreigner who could mount the mountain of daggers. Since ancient times, the Qiang tribe had worshipped warriors. Feng Cang had already been classifies as a half warrior.

On this day, the weather was clear. In the early morning, someone set the wood on fire. In just a moment, thick smoke surged on the field. After the smoke was dispersed, only pieces of burning red charcoal were left.

One already heard that Feng Cang could ‘go through the sea of flames’. Everyone who came today wanted to see the miracle. As expected, after the hypnosis of Feng Qi Qi, Feng Cang walked barefoot through the ten-meter-long ‘sea of flames’. When Feng Cang reached the ground, sound of cheers was heard.

The elders who came to watch were all astonished at this, especially elder Teng Yuan. It was one thing to hear, but seeing with his own eyes was another thing. The shock that Feng Qi Qi brought to elder Teng Yuan was so great that he couldn't help but stare at Feng Qi Qi.

“How did you do it? Our spell are never divulged to outsiders!” Elder Teng Yuan stared at Feng Qi Qi. He knew that Feng Cang could pass, was thanks to those repeatedly murmured words of Feng Qi Qi at the beginning. Could it be that she secretly learned their spell? But why was there a string with a copper coin in her hand, which was somewhat different from the spell of the Qiang tribe? This was the most confusing part to elder Teng Yuan.

“Elder wants to now? This is our Feng family’s secret technique!” Feng Qi Qi could see the dejection and deterioration from the face of elder Teng Yuan. It seemed that this Elder had been deeply addicted to drugs. “It seems that elder didn't follow my advice and still took the Immortal cream. Is elder really not afraid of death?”

The seriousness in the eyes of Feng Qi Qi made elder Teng Yuan’s heart tighten all of a sudden. Although Longze Jing Tian and the others didn't admit that they kidnapped Gu Yun Wan, but when they rushed to his home for help that night, he should already see it coming that they did something unspeakable. The culprits who kidnapped Gu Yan Wan were absolutely Longze Jing Tian, those three people.

If he was caught in conspiracy with outsiders, he would surely be ridiculed by the Qiang tribe’s people. Maybe even be expelled from the Qiang tribe. What should he do? He lived here for his whole life. If by any chance, he was expelled from the White Bird mountain because of those three people. Then wouldn't he be a falling leaf that is unable to return to the roots when he died?

  • A falling leaf returns to the roots: returns home, go back to one’s roots

The face of elder Teng Yuan was extremely ugly, and his voice became lower, “Do you have any way to get rid of my addiction?”

Elder Teng Yuan said it like this made Feng Qi Qi certain that this opium was really given to him by someone. But what was the purpose?

“I can help you, but the process of quitting the drug is long. It has many obstacles that ordinary people can’t bear. Although the drug addiction of elder isn’t serious. However, if you continue in this way, it’s difficult to guarantee that you won’t die from opium.”

“Opium? So the Immortal cream is actually called this name.” Elder Teng Yuan was a bit hesitant. He could hear the truth in Feng Qi Qi’s words. Recently, in the tribe, he also heard a lot of things about Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi. The people of the tribe all praised them. Feng Qi Qi wouldn't deceive people, and there was no need to deceive him.

However, when he thought about the happiness that the Immortal cream brought to him, elder Teng Yuan wanted to yawn.

“Yawning repeatedly, tears welling up. Elder, do you want to take the immortal cream?” Feng Qi Qi saw that elder Teng Yuan wasn't right. She pulled out a silver needle from her hand and put it into Elder Teng Yuan’s temple.

“You, what are you doing?” It was painful. So, elder Teng Yuan wanted to pull out the silver needle, but was stopped by Feng Qi Qi.

“Save you! Help you to suppress drug addiction! Elder doesn't want to be controlled by opium and without the freedom to act independently, and finally betray yourself right?!”

Feng Qi Qi didn't know that the person who gave Elder Teng Yuan the Immortal cream was Duyi. She just thought that using opium to manipulate the elders of Qiang tribe must be sinister. However, her words happened to touch the sensitive spot of elder Teng Yuan. He snorted, and pulled out the silver needle and threw it to Feng Qi Qi, “Don’t go speculate on others, I hate such self-righteous people the most!”

Elder Teng Yuan swung his sleeve and walked furiously away. As if someone was chasing behind him, and soon he disappeared.

Feng Cang successfully passed the two tests ‘mountain of daggers and sea of flames’, not only made the people of Qiang tribe amazed. They particularly worshipped this regent from Bei Zhou and even gave him a title of warrior. If Feng Cang could pass the third test, then he was a hero thoroughly.

“Four days later, enter dragon pool! If the regent can pass this last test, we will certainly get rid of the gu poison of little shizi!” When Gu De announced the news, the people on the field applauded and cheered for Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi. The interaction of these days made them already acknowledge these people from Bei Zhou. They were very fond of Feng Cang and the others, and sincerely hoped that Feng Cang could successfully pass the third test.

After returning to the residence, Jin Mo took out Nalan Xin’s confidential letter and handed it to Feng Cang. “There’s a situation at home.”

“What’s the situation?” Wanyan Kang who was at the side, heard it and immediately came over.

After Feng Cang read the letter, he handed it to Wanyan Kang. When he (WK) finished reading the contents of the letter, Wanyan Kang shout out, “Wanyan Hong is really shameless. He actually resurfaced again. What the hell?! Even more, he wants to fight with his son over the throne. He really have no shame!”

It turned out that Wanyan Hong launched a coup d’état with the support of the prime minister. However, there were Dongfang Lan and Feng Xie. In addition, Nalan Xin and Su Yue also stayed in Yan capital. His (WH) restoration hadn’t begun yet, but was already discovered. Now, DongFang Lan had sent a letter and asked Feng Cang how to deal with this matter.

“Cousin, Wanyan Hong really never change. It’s better to ‘kacha’ him!”

What Wanyan Kang’s ‘kacha’ meant, was to kill him (WH) to avoid later troubles. Anyhow, he (WH) was the biological father of Wanyan Jie. If Wanyan Jie wasn't the emperor, there was no need to keep the life of Wanyan Hong. However, there was a blood relationship between them. He (FC) was afraid that the title of killing biological father wouldn't be good for Wanyan Jie.

“I think, it’s better to let him die of an illness.” Feng Cang didn't speak out. Feng Qi Qi knew his (FC) inner thoughts. He (FC) was considering the reputation of Wanyan Jie in the future. So she said her opinion, “People get sick, drag for a year and a half, he will eventually die. This way, it won’t make things difficult for Jie er in the future….”

“Qing Qing’s thoughts is the same as what I thought. If ordering to kill Wanyan Hong. Jie er is still young, so it will leave a mark in his heart. Just follow what Qing Qing said!”

Previously, they were already wary of possible changes in Bei Zhou. Feng Cang had made people to watch the movements of the court’s officials carefully. He didn't expect to actually have caught them. After this incident, Bei Zhou was now really settled down and entered a stage of stable development.

The news of Feng Cang had passed the second test and only the third test remained, was passed on Longze Jing Tian and the others by elder Teng Yuan. As soon as Longze Jing Tian heard that Feng Cang would enter the dragon pool, he slightly furrowed. This was an opportunity and Longze Jing Tian was waiting for this opportunity.

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