Chapter 204 (Part 1) Love is in sky of affection (3)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

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Chapter 204 (Part 1) Love is in sky of affection (3)

In the period before Feng Cang came, Longze Jing Tian, Duyi and Taji Guli went to the dragon pool first.

From the beginning, he (LJT) already felt that Feng Cang was no ordinary man. The first two tests must be held in the village of the Qiang tribe, so it wasn’t a good place to take action. Therefore, they set the opportunity at the third test. Now, Feng Cang was really, like he (LJT) had imagined, successfully passed the tests of mounting the mountain of daggers and going through the sea of flames. The remaining test was to enter the dragon pool, which was their chance.

“What are you all going to do?” Elder Teng Yuan looked at Longze Jing Tian. He knew that this young man was the leader of the three. Although he (LJT) didn't have much to say, the other two seemed to listen to him (LJT).

“Elder, we need your help!”

“Help? Alright, but you all have to eat this.” Elder Teng Yuan opened his hands, and there were three pills lying inside.

“What is this?” Taji Guli was shocked after seeing elder Teng Yuan like this, “Old man, what do you mean?”

“Feng Qi Qi told me that this Immortal cream isn’t a good thing, but a poison that controls people’s hearts and makes people addicted. This is premeditated right?! You just want to get addicted to he drug to control me, right?”

Elder Teng Yuan looked at the three people in front of him, especially Duyi. When he (TY) said these words, Duyi’s eyes flickered once, and he (TY) had a conclusion in his heart. It seemed that what Feng Qi Qi said was tight. The purpose of these people was indeed so despicable.

“Elder, what are you saying?! Don't listen to Feng Qi Qi. Don’t you know better than us what the Immortal cream is!” Duyi smiled cunningly, but elder Teng Yuan wasn't someone who was easily botched.

“It’s possible to let me believe you all. Eat the gu. I will believe you all then!”

It turned out that the pills in the hand of elder Teng Yuan weren’t medicine pills, but the eggs of gu. Listening to what he (TY) said, made Taji Guli immediately nauseous. It was really disgusting. He (TY) actually wanted them to eat gu, “Elder Teng Yuan, what‘s the meaning of this? Feng Qi Qi is clearly provoking the relationships between us. Why do you believe her so much rather than us?”

The usual friendly look of Elder Teng Yuan had disappeared and looked a bit gloomy now. “If you don’t eat it means that you harbors ulterior motives!”

“How do we know that elder is still on our side? What if elder is bribed by Feng Qi Qi and just wants to deceive us to eat the gu, and then take our lives? Elder, don't you agree?” Duyi didn't react as extreme as Taji Guli. Though he was smiling, his words were full of thorns.

“If I partner with Feng Qi Qi, do you think you all are still safe and sound here? After you all eat it, I’ll definitely help you all get rid of the gu. Could it be that you don't trust me?”

The answer was definitely a yes. On all three people’s faces were written ‘We don't believe you’. This was an indirect refusal and confirmed elder Teng Yuan’s inners thoughts even more. It wasn't gu in his palm, but just ordinary medicine pills. It was only used to test them. But didn't expect them to not be able to withstand the test. It seemed that Feng Qi Qi was right.

Elder Teng Yuan stared at these three people. His expression was a little weird, but in the end, he still put away the pills. “Since you all don't want to eat, I won’t force you anymore. However, we don't trust each other, so there’s no need for us to continue our mutual benefit. You all can leave!”

The faces of the three weren’t good when elder Teng Yuan suddenly asked them to leave. You must know that although Gu Yun Wan was found, the people of Qiang tribe didn't give up on the search of the culprit. Everyone was very angry at the injury of Gu Yun Wan. Every day, a small group of Qiang tribe’s people patrolled the White Bird mountain. Elder Teng Yuan drove them out at this moment, he undoubtedly wanted to cut off their relationship, and drove them to a dead end.

“Is elder not afraid that we might give you away after we are caught?” Longze Jing Tian, who had been silent for a long time, finally opened his mouth, “I heard that the Qiang tribe’s punishment for traitors is very grave. If chief Gu De knows that you let us kidnapped Gu Yun Wan, you say, can Gu De still tolerate you?”

The true colors of Longze Jing Tian made elder Teng Yuan feel that this person was a shameless person. It was obvious that the three of them kidnapped Gu Yun Wan, but it had now turned into his, elder Teng Yuan’s idea. It seemed that these people were really ungrateful. He really couldn't tell people apart.

However, they had forgotten that he (TY) was the most arrogant elder Teng Yuan of the Qiang tribe, how could he (TY) be threatened by them. “Thinking of our friendly relations, I’ll let you all go. If you still don't leave, I’ll put gu on you all. Do you all like the feeling of being bitten by gu worms?”

As soon as the voice dropped, a fleshy worm appeared in the hand of Elder Teng Yuan. Taji Guli was frightened and then looked at Longze Jing Tian.

“Let’s go!” Longze Jing Tian knew that elder Teng Yuan wasn't joking with them. After a deep look at elder Teng Yuan, Longze Jing Tian took Duyi and Taji Guli, and left elder Teng Yuan’s house.

After the three left, Elder Teng Yuan took out the Immortal cream and sighed. He didn't even know that such a good thing was poison, and would make people addicted. Now, his body’s drug withdrawal symptoms occurred again. He couldn't help but wanted to put some in the tobacco pipe and smoked it. But when his hand opened the box lid, that pretty face of Feng Qi Qi , and the words that she said suddenly appeared in front of him

On one side was the temptation of the Immortal cream, and on the other side was the words of Feng Qi Qi. It was difficult for Elder Teng Yuan to choose.

Just a little bit…. Elder Teng Yuan was already shaking a bit. When he was about to scoop out the Immortal cream, a gust of wind swept over and the Immortal cream fell off of his hand. When he looked up again, Gu De and Feng Qi Qi were standing in front of him.

“Ch…Chief….” The hand of elder Teng Yuan couldn't stop trembling, but at this moment the Immortal cream was more important to him. He crawled on the ground and reached out to pick up the Immortal cream that was smacked to the ground by Gu De. But just as he was about to reach it, it was kicked farther away by Gu De.

“Princess, I have  trouble you!”

Gu De was heartbroken after seeing the appearance of elder Teng Yuan. Previously, Gu De thought that the opium that Feng Qi Qi had mentioned was just an ordinary addictive drug. Now, seeing Elder Teng Yuan looking like this because of the Immortal cream, Gu De detested the Immortal cream bitterly.

“Someone. Seal the mountain and go find the whereabouts of the three!”

It turned out that Feng Qi Qi had long noticed that elder Teng Yuan was suspicious. But because he was the elder of the Qiang tribe, so Feng Qi Qi informed Gu De about it. Therefore, Gu De had sent some people to watch over elder Teng Yuan, but didn't expect the truth of the matter to be like this.

Feng Qi Qi also didn't expect that the person who gave Elder Teng Yuan the Immortal cream would be Longze Jing Tian, not to mention Taji Guli and Duyi were also here. It seemed that these three people were really unbeatable cockroaches with strong vitality!

At this moment, Elder Teng Yuan’s face was already covered in tears and snots. The symptoms of drug withdrawal started again and he couldn't control it. But the sanity left in his mind didn't let him snatch the Immortal cream from Gu De’s hand.

“Please help me put elder Teng Yuan on the bed and bound his hands and feet.”

Immediately, four people came up and put elder Teng Yuan on the bed, and tied the hands and feet of Elder Teng Yuan to the bed frame with a rope. On the way here, Gu De already said to the people to obey Feng Qi Qi‘s orders, even if her request was too much. Gu De didn't speak, so the four men did according to the instructions of Feng Qi Qi.

“Give me, give me a little… I beg you….”

At this moment, elder Teng Yuan had no longer the appearance that a tribe’s elder should have. He looked so poor and so fragile. No one had ever seen Elder Teng Yuan like this before.

“Please, give me a little, a little bit is alright….”

Even though Gu De once suspected the ability of opium, but seeing such an appearance of Elder Teng Yuan now. This kind of suspicion also flew beyond the topmost clouds and became the absolute belief in Feng Qi Qi. It was indeed a terrible poison. It could actually make people like this… with no self-respect.

  • Beyond the topmost clouds: unimaginably far away.

“I beg you….”

The withdrawal symptoms came up like ten thousand ant bites. Elder Teng Yuan felt very uncomfortable. He had never tried this kind of taste where living was worse than death. Now, he could only look thirstily at the Immortal cream in Gu De’s hands. His eyes were full of longing, “Give me, give me the Immortal cream!”

Not waiting for elder Teng Yuan to struggle, the silver needle of Feng Qi Qi had been inserted into his body. It made elder Teng Yuan, who was about to fall apart, under control.

“His drug addiction is only moderate, it can still be cured.”

The words of Feng Qi Qi made Gu De calm down. It was good that there was a way to solve the problem. He was worried that this Immortal cream was incurable. Elder Teng Yuan would then really be ruined.

The matter that elder Teng Yuan became addicted to drugs was soon made public by Gu De. In the beginning, the other elders didn't believe it. But when they came to the home of elder Teng Yuan and saw the appearance of that old man on the bed, the elders were shocked.

“There’s actually such a terrible poison in the world? If such a poison is used as a bad thing, the world will be disrupted!” The great elder had an implacable hate towards the Immortal cream after seeing the immortal cream. Other elders also nodded repeatedly and classified the Immortal cream as a poison.

“Who is the person who poisoned Elder Teng Yuan? Who have such deep hatred toward him?”

After fifth elder said this, Feng Qi Qi told the whole story to them. As soon as they heard that the three men turned out to be fugitives of the mainland, the four elders immediately became furious.

“They have fled to our White Bird mountain. Do they think our Qiang tribe’s people are easy to bully?! Chief, Longze Jing Tian and the others provoked our Qiang tribe over and over again. First, kidnapping great miss and now they made Teng Yuan become addicted to drugs. What sort of place do these people think our Qiang tribe is? I urge the chief to let us go into the mountains and find these three bastards, and kill them to avenge great miss and Teng Yuan!”

The words of great elder was approved by the other elders. Such a hateful people should be seized and be killed!

“Good!” Gu De also didn't have a good impression of the three people. They actually caused harm to Gu Yun Wan. Gu De was so desperate and wished he could personally catch them and end their lives.

The people of Qiang tribe were furious when they knew elder Teng Yuan had been harmed, especially when they knew that the people who harmed elder Teng Yuan and the people who captured Gu Yun Wan were the same people. Public outrage was aroused, so everyone voluntarily went up the mountain to find those three ‘evil persons’.

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