Chapter 206 Love is in sky of affection (5)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 206 Love is in sky of affection (5)

Just saw a woman like red dust, lightly touching the blue waves, and like a fire-colored dragonfly playing on the water surface. It made the people on the shore dazed.

When Feng Cang surfaced from the water again, he noticed something strange. He looked again and Feng Qi Qi had already arrived in front of him.

“Qing Qing….” Feng Cang hadn't finished his words yet, he was entangled in Feng Qi Qi’s golden threads and was pulled out of the water, “I’ll punish you later! First, let’s save Xiao er!”

When Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi caught up, Longze Jing Tian was only five meters away from the shore. He had discovered earlier that Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi were chasing after him, but didn't expect they came to him (LJT) by crossing the water on just a piece of wood.

“Give me the child!” The golden threads were fluttering in Feng Qi Qi’s hands. Longze Jing Tian could see that the woman had the heart to kill him. His eyes were full of unwillingness, so he grasped Feng Xiao and sank into the water together.

Feng Qi Qi, I couldn't get you, so I wouldn't let you be happy too! Even if you hate me, I had to live in your heart!

Longze Jing Tian didn't notice that at the same time, Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi both got into the water and swam over. Longze Jing Tian who was in the water, saw that the two were coming from the opposite side. He wanted to choke Feng Xiao to death, but the speed of Feng Cang was even faster than him.

Longze Jing Tian didn't feel the pain yet, two streams of watery blood spread from his knees. When he noticed the pain, the golden threads in Feng Qi Qi’s hands had already brought out Feng Xiao.

Feng Cang wanted to kill Longze Jing Tian but was pulled out of the water by Feng Qi Qi. After seeing the shadow in the water moving closer and closer to them, Feng Qi Qi shouted loudly, “Let’s go”, and stepped on the water with Feng Cang to rapidly go ashore.

Although Feng Cang had already seen the real appearance of the water monster, he still felt that this monster was very scary when he saw it once again. The two just got ashore, the slender head of the monster had already surfaced with the body of Longze Jing Tian in its mouth. He (LJT) was still struggling, but the part below his knee had completely disappeared.

“Help! Save me!”

The fishy smell emitted from the water monster’s mouth made Longze Jing Tian get a kind of unprecedented fear in his heart. Was he going to be the food of this monster? He didn't want this! No!

At this side, Feng Qi Qi and Feng Cang had come ashore. Feng Qi Qi just glanced at the water monster and then concentrated on the treatment of Feng Xiao. Fortunately, Feng Xiao was just choked on water. Although the face was pale, it was nothing serious. Feng Qi Qi breathed a sigh of relief. Feng Cang quickly used his inner energy to dry the swaddling clothes of Feng Xiao.

“Save me!” Longze Jing Tian’s scream was heard. Feng Qi Qi looked up and coldly looked at the poor man struggling in the mouth of the water monster. There were no other emotions except the coldness in her eyes.

If she hadn’t noticed that the water monster was approaching, she would definitely kill Longze Jing Tian with her own hands. How could Feng Qi Qi save him after he had schemed against Feng Xiao like this?!

“Save me! I beg you, save me!” Longze Jing Tian didn't know why the water monster didn't eat him now, but its sharp teeth had already penetrated his chest. Longze Jing Tian could feel his life gradually flow away, but he still couldn't help but ask Feng Qi Qi to save him. However, he was met with Feng Qi Qi’s indifferent and cold eyes.

This look made Longze Jing Tian’s heart tremble. Feng Qi Qi was gentle, enchanting, cunning and noble. However, she had never had such an attitude, like she couldn't wait for him to die immediately.

Yes, she hoped that he would die right away.

Longze Jing Tian began to feel his eyes becoming blurry. The pain from his body could no longer be described by simple words.

After Feng Qi Qi had treated Feng Xiao, Feng Cang held his son and held her thin waist. The two walked farther and farther, and left only a cold back facing Longze Jing Tian. This view of the back made Longze Jing Tian cold from the bottom of his heart. He knew that this time he had really lost.

“Cousin, cousin-in-law, are you two alright? Is Xiao er alright?”

Wanyan Kang and the others who were on the other side of the Dragon pool, hurriedly came over. When they arrived, the water monster opened its mouth and swallowed Longze Jing Tian.

Everyone was shocked to see this scene. Fortunately, this water monster didn't hurt other people. Instead, the monster glanced at them and sank into the water again. Everything had become calm again.

“Xiao er is alright!” After saying this, Feng Qi Qi’s legs gave out and fell in the arms of Feng Cang.

She didn't feel scared just now. Now that she thought about it. If Feng Xiao had some unexpected misfortunes, she would never be able to get through this.

“Jin Mo, quickly, take a look at Qing Qing!” Feng Cang saw that Feng Qi Qi was losing focus from her eyes, he immediately asked Jin Mo to examine Feng Qi Qi. The result was that she was well and in good health. Feng Cang was then relieved.

Wangye[1. Wanye/wang: the prince of first rank], let me examine you too!” Jin Mo came to Feng Cang and felt his (FC) pulse. After a while, he nodded, “Wangye is also in good health!”

After hearing Jin Mo said that Feng Cang was fine, Feng Qi Qi slowly recovered from her absent-mindedness. “It’s good that there’s nothing! It’s fine as long as the whole family is safe and sound!”

“That’s right! It’s good that there’s nothing! Little shizi[2. Shizi: the heir if the first-rank prince, usually born by the main wife] is fine, Miss is fine, guye[3. Guye: son-in-law, also used by the family of the mistress] is also fine! So great!” The matter of just now, it really frightened Su Mei. She was afraid that the water monster might do something to Feng Qi Qi and Feng Cang. Now that she saw that they were safe and sound, Su Mei’s eyes became red. “It’s good that there’s nothing!”

Because of a series of accidents, the test of Feng Cang entering the dragon pool was directly exempted. On the second day, Gu De took Feng Xiao to see the elders.

Previously, the elders didn't pay much attention to Feng Xiao. Except for elder Teng Yuan who was still in drug rehabilitation, the remaining four elders were waiting for Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi’s child. They had already seen scene of Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi at the dragon pool yesterday. In addition, the Dragon God had appeared. After the four people discussed, they decided to get rid of Feng Xiao’s gu.

“How is it?” Although Gu De was a master at removing gu, at the Qiang tribe, the elders were the symbol of power. Not to mention, the elders’ gu skill was more superior than him. The first thing he did was carrying Feng Xiao to see the elders.

“Strange!” After Great elder had examined Feng Xiao, his eyes became strange. Second elder also came over. “Big brother, is he?”

Second elder didn't finish his sentence and his expression became very surprised. After the remaining two elders examined, the four people’s expressions were alike.

“What’s the matter?” Gu De looked at the four elders and felt that something had happened. Great elder didn’t answer  Gu De examine Feng Xiao.

After examination, Gu De’s eyes became complicated and excited.

“Could it be that he’s the legendary gu man who was rare to encounter once in hundred years?”

“Yes!” Great elder nodded, “I heard that this child had been poisoned in the womb with gu, and presumably he began to raise the gu in the womb.”

The words of Great Elder affirmed the thoughts of Gu De. He didn't know what to say now. After discussing with the four elders, he (GD) immediately invited Feng Cang and his wife over.

“Gu man?”

Hearing the word, Feng Qi Qi furrowed. Hearing it, it seemed a bad word. But why did she see shining stars from the eyes of the elders?

“What is a gu man?”

“According to our saying, the gu man is given to the people of Qiang tribe by the Gu God. It’s a God’s gift to us.”

Feng Qi Qi didn't doubt these words of fifth Elder. However, Feng Xiao was the gu man. No matter how she listened to it, it was somewhat different from normal people. It felt weird.

“Princess, the gu man has the supreme honor in our Qiang tribe.”

Great elder was the eldest, so he saw the worries of Feng Qi Qi. He quickly explained to her in detail what the gu man was. In the history of the Qiang tribe, every time a gu man appeared, the Qiang tribe would get a vigorous development. Gu man, it sounded frightening, but in fact, it was just that this person brought gu with him from the womb. And would later put the the study of the gu to great use. He wasn’t a monster.

In the past hundred years, there hadn’t appeared any gu man in the Qiang tribe. Although some people had eaten gu while they were pregnant and wanted to give birth to a gu man, there was no success. They didn't expect that Feng Xiao was one.

“You mean not to help Xiao er remove the gu?” Feng Cang immediately got a hold of what  was happening here.

Gu De laughed with embarrassment when Feng Cang pointed it out so bluntly, “Regent is straightforward. Yes, we mean this. Originally, you came to remove the gu, but little shizi is a rare gu man. Furthermore, we have just examined him carefully, the gu poison in his body doesn't harm him. Instead, because that gu is with little shizi together from the beginning in the womb, it actually is very protective of little shizi.”

After Gu De said this, Feng Cang also remembered. Feng Xiao was indeed different after birth. He didn't have the symptoms of being poisoned by the gu. On the contrary, he could eat and sleep like normal babies. Could it be because of what Gu De said?

“What we mean is that we want to keep little shizi here….” As soon as second elder said it, the faces of Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi changed slightly. Second elder hurriedly explained, “We won’t harm little shizi. We want to pass on the best studies of gu to him. After all, gu man is a rare encounter in a hundred years. If little shizi likes it, we’re willing to teach him all the studies of the gu.”

Although Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi didn't understand the importance of a gu man to the Qiang tribe, they could see the expression of the five people in front of them. They (FC/FQQ) probably could guess the gu man was probably like the existence of a spiritual leader. That was why they (elders+GD) were so eager.

It seemed a bit impossible to let Feng Xiao stay in Qiang tribe and learn the study of the gu. That meant that they had to be separated from Feng Xiao. In addition, Feng Xiao might not like the little worm in his body, and might not be willing to learn the study of the gu.

After being silent for a while, Feng Cang looked at Feng Qi Qi. She could read the meaning of Feng Cang’s eyes and nodded at him.

“Since the gu isn’t harmful to Xiao er, we’ll take Feng Xiao back.” Feng Cang’s answer, let the little stars burning in the eyes of the elders died down instantly. Just a moment ago, they were looking forward that Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi would leave Feng Xiao here. Now, the father wasn't willing, they couldn't really go snatch him from them. After all, Feng Xiao wasn't from the Qiang tribe. In addition, he was still so small and couldn't be separated from his parents.

“But….” Feng Qi Qi opened her mouth after seeing the disappointment in the eyes of these elders.

When they heard this ‘but’, great elder seemed to see the hope again, “But what? What conditions does the princess have? We can accept it all!”

The great elder said so, every elder next to him nodded vigorously, “Yes, yes, yes! We accept all conditions!”

Their behavior made Feng Qi Qi shook her head with a smile. “I can see that you all won’t hurt Xiao er. I’m very relieved. But I won’t take the happiness of my son as a condition of exchange! Although I and Cang are Xiao er’s parents, we have no right to decide the future of Xiao er. Our decision is to wait when Xiao er is big enough and let him make his own choice. If he’s willing to learn the study of the gu and is willing to stay at the Qiang tribe, I and Cang will never stop him.”

The words of Feng Qi Qi were equivalent to giving these people reassurance.

Gu De thought that such noble people as Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi wouldn't let their child learn the study of the gu. After all, the study of the gu was a frightful existence in the eyes of others. He didn't expect that these two people were so open-minded that they left the choice to Feng Xiao.

“Princess, do you and the regent really think so?”

Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi were so open-minded that it was beyond the expectations of the elders. Let Feng Xiao choose, that child would definitely choose the the study of the gu and the Qiang tribe. He had a gu in his body. As long as the gu and the child cultivate good feelings, he wouldn't reject the study of the gu, nor would he reject the gu. Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi asked their son to make his own choice. In fact, the four elders could already expect the results.

“Yes. The future of our child, we’ll let him decide it. We as parents won’t interfere.”

“Thank you!” Great elder was somewhat excited, and his eyes were red. “Since the two of you are so open-minded, we won’t say anything else. We also respect the opinions of little shizi. No matter when little shizi wants to learn, he can come to the Qiang tribe. The door of our Qiang tribe will always be open to him!”

“Right! He can come over at any time!”

The promise of the four elders and Gu De made Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi more reassuring. As for Feng Xiao, it was better to see him grow up and made his own decisions!

“Cousin-in-law, do you really want to let Xiao er makes his own choices? Why do I feel that this child really likes it here?” Wanyan Kang teased Feng Xiao, causing him (FX) to giggle.

Surprisingly, Feng Xiao didn't appear to have suffered any physical changes due to the drowning in the dragon pool before. Instead, after he was fed with milk and slept, he was the same as before. If he was the average baby, he would be sick at least for a few days. Contrariwise, this child was very sturdy.

“Well! If Xiao er likes it, we won’t stop him.”

“Cousin-in-law, you and cousin are really open-minded!”

When Wanyan Kang and Feng Qi Qi were talking, Feng Cang came over and his face was a bit grave.

“Cousin, what’s the matter?” Seeing the letter in Feng Cang’s hand, Wanyan Kang stood up. Somehow, Wanyan Kang had a bad feeling in his heart. Before he could guess what happened, Feng Cang’s next remark startled him directly.

“Wanyan Jie died.”

“What?!” The news that came out of Feng Cang’s mouth, not only startled Wanyan Kang, but also Feng Qi Qi and Su Mei who were next to them.

“How can Jie er die?”

Feng Qi Qi snatched the letter from Feng Cang’s hand and saw it from the beginning to the end. After seeing Wanyan Jie’s death written by Dongfang Lan herself, Feng Qi Qi’s tears fell down immediately. That, little kid, was gone just like that? When she (FQQ) left, Wanyan Jie was reluctant to part with her and pulled her, so that she must bring little brother back to play with him. She didn't expect that it was just a few months of separation, but it became an eternal farewell….

  • Reluctant to part: broken-hearted at having to leave.

“Wanyan Hong, that bastard!” After Wanyan Kang had finished reading the letter, he gnashed his teeth and cursed.

  • Gnashing one’s teeth: displaying extreme anger.

It turned out that there was a palace maid around Wanyan Jie who was Wanyan Hong’s spy. After Wanyan Hong’s defeat, he wasn't willing to accept it. He seemed to expect he would encounter this kind of ending, so he let the insider feed Wanyan Jie poison.

“This man is really is deserving of death! I really hate myself for being kind at that time and let him keep his life.”

Feng Qi Qi’s eyes were gloomy. A tiger, though cruel, will not devour its cubs. The abnormal state of Wanyan Hong had already exceeded the normal range of people. He actually poisoned his only son. What was this man’s heart made of?!

  • A tiger, though cruel, will not devour its cubs: even wild beasts look after their young.

“I want him to die!”

The cold air around Feng Qi Qi was something that Wanyan Kang had never seen before. He had never seen Feng Qi Qi hate a person so much, nor had he seen Feng Qi Qi with a murderous aura so strong like this. Wanyan Hong was really not a human. He actually had done such a thing! He ought to be killed!

“I have already replied to grandmother to execute Wanyan Hong to lingering death.”

  • Lingering death, also called death by a thousand cuts (凌迟处死): an old form of execution in ancient China where a knife was used to slice a part of the body while they were still alive over a period of time, and eventually leading to death. This form of slow torture execution was reserved for people who had committed a capital crime, such as treason.

“The lingering death is still too light for him! Need to find the best knife executioner and slice his meat down pieces by pieces! I want to see what his heart is made of! What did Wanyan Jie do wrong! That’s his own son!”

Speaking till the end, Feng Qi Qi’s voice was already trembling slightly. She still couldn't accept the fact that that innocent and lovely child had actually died in the hands of his own father. Wanyan Hong was really worse than a beast!

“Alright!” Feng Cang took Feng Qi Qi in his arms, and gently stroked her trembling back with his big hand, “All will be done according to Qing Qing’s wishes!”

The coldness in Feng Cang’s eyes was bottomless. Wanyan Hong, who was far away in the prison of Bei Zhou, didn't know that what he was waiting for was three days and nights of lingering death. If he had known earlier that it was so painful, he vowed that he wouldn't do such a stupid thing.

Five years later.

Since the death of Bei Zhou’s emperor Wanyan Jie, there had been civil unrest. The new emperor Wanyan Kang ascended the throne. On the foundation of five years, he made the opposition forces into Bei Zhou’s territories/ fugitives. Furthermore, the rebels of the former Dong Lu were suppressed one by one, and finally welcomed peace and prosperity.

But after the country had settled down, the once-famous regent Feng Cang and Princess Zhen Guo Feng Qi Qi dropped a resignation letter, and took the whole family to the feudal state of the regent, Yongzhou. Since then, they no longer took interest in the affairs of the country.

“Bastard, bastard!” In the palace of Bei Zhou, Wanyan Kang cursed after reading a letter, “This throne should cousin’s, but he put me on it! He’s really a jerk!”

“Ah Kang, what are you saying?”

Su Mei, who was the empress of the country, had entered the imperial study room with her big belly. As soon as she arrived at the door, she heard the angry voice of Wanyan Kang. She realized that he was angry again because of the matter of Feng Cang, and immediately walked in with a smile.

“Little Mei er, why did you come? Where are the people serving you? Where are they?”

After seeing Su Mei, Wanyan Kang immediately became gentle. He quickly stepped forward to help Su Mei, and carefully accompanied by her side. “Didn't I tell you to wait for me in the chamber? Do you blame me for being late? I’m almost done with the things here. Wait for me! Right, aren’t you hungry? How is the baby?”

Su Mei could only make a helpless expression at the series of questions from Wanyan Kang. Ever since she became pregnant, Wanyan Kang was even more nervous than she, the pregnant woman. Every day was like this. Su Mei suspected that Wanyan Kang got this so-called ‘prenatal depression’ that Feng Qi Qi said.

“Jin Mo said that I should walk more. This way, it’s easier for a natural birth! So, I came to see you, and I miss you too!”

One sentence of Su Mei ‘I miss you’ let Wanyan Kang feel great, “I miss you too, muah muah!”

Seeing the mouth of Wanyan Kang moving closer, Su Mei slapped and pushed him away, “Cheesy! There are others here!”

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