Chapter 205 (Part 2) Love is in sky of affection (4)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 205 (Part 2) Love is in sky of affection (4)

Contrary to before, Feng Xiao’s crying came to an abrupt end. He seemed to know what he was experiencing and no longer cried. Instead, he kept looking at Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi on the shore.

“Xiao er[1. Er: term of endearment]….” Feng Xiao’s eyes made Feng Qi Qi’s chest very painful. “Longze Jing Tian, if you hurt my Xiao er, I won’t let you off!”

Feng Qi Qi jumped up suddenly and like a red figure stepped on the surface of the water. At the same time, Feng Cang also like a gust of white wind, swirled up the sand from the ground and rushed to Longze Jing Tian.

The murderous aura around these two people was heavy. Longze Jing Tian continued to retreat in the water. As Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi were about to come to Longze Jing Tian, a rumbling sound was heard from the water.

The blue-green water of the pool suddenly turned black, and a huge monster suddenly surfaced out of the water. The huge waves swept Longze Jing Tian into the water. Feng Cang took Feng Qi Qi into his arms and quickly brought her to the shore.

“Xiao er….” Feng Qi Qi screamed after watching the waves swept Longze Jing Tian and he disappeared in the water. At the same time, a giant monster appeared suddenly in front of everyone.

“Dragon, Dragon God….” When Gu De and the four elders saw the monster in front of them, they were shocked, and quickly knelt down to pay their respect. That water monster, with a slender neck and a huge body, only revealed half of its body, but it looked already very large.

“Xiao er! Xiao er!” Feng Qi Qi didn't care what this monster was. She wanted to rush over, but was hugged tightly by Feng Cang. “Qing Qing, calm down!”

“How do you want me to be calm, my Xiao er is still in the water, I’m going to save….” Feng Qi Qi hadn’t finished her words, Feng Cang gave her a blow in her neck.

Feng Cang didn't wait for Ming Yue Cheng to understand, he handed Feng Qi Qi over to him, “Help me take care of her!”

“What about you….” Ming Yue Cheng didn't finish his words when he saw Feng Cang jumped into the water. “Feng Cang….” It turned out that Feng Cang stopped Feng Qi Qi because he was worried that she would enter the water to look for Feng Xiao, and was worried that Feng Qi Qi might get hurt. That was why he did this to her. He did it to enter the water himself.

After hearing a splash of water, the water monster saw Feng Cang jump into the water. It looked at the people on the shore and then with a huge whirlpool, it sank into the water.

Just a moment later, the dragon pool was restored to its calm state, as if nothing had happened.

“Where, where is cousin?” Wanyan Kang couldn't believe what happened in front of him. Suddenly, there was a monster, then Longze Jing Tian, Feng Xiao and Feng Cang disappeared? What had happened?

Wanyan Kang looked at Su Mei, but she was also shocked. It seemed that she didn't wake up from what had just happened. Was that monster actually the Dragon God? What’s this?

Just after the water monster had disappeared, Gu De and the four elders stood up. Su Mei quickly went to Gu De. “Chief, what’s that water monster? Will our guye[2. Guye: son-in-law, also used by the servants of the mistress' family] be in danger?”

Gu De and the four elders saw Feng Cang enter the dragon pool with their own eyes. Their expressions hadn’t recovered from the shock yet.

“Miss Su Mei, that’s the Dragon God of dragon pool. It’s really rare to encounter it. You all come and it appeared. It’s really amazing!” The words of second elder made Su Mei tremble. Isn’t the legendary dragon capable of mounting the clouds and riding the mist? How did that water monster become Dragon God?

“Then will my cousin be alright?”

Wanyan Kang was now most worried about Feng Cang. He (FC) alone went deep into the dragon pool to find Feng Xiao. If something happened to him, not only could he not find Feng Xiao, but he could also lose his own life. Wouldn't Feng Qi Qi going to go crazy when she woke up?!

Gu De and the four elders shook their heads at Wanyan Kang’s question. “We don't know.”

“Don't know?!” Wanyan Kang raised his voice, “Isn’t this your territory? Something like this happened and you all don't know?”

“Xiaoyao wang[3. Wang/wangye: the first-rank prince], there are very few people who can come out of the dragon pool. Very, very few. You’re asking us, but how do we know?!” Gu De and the four elders were also very anxious. This water monster had been living in the dragon pool. It was granted the title of Dragon God and it was rare to see it.

The last appearance was forty years ago. At that time, Gu De was still a small kid. Some people also came to remove a gu at that time. Gu De remembered that in the end the man was drowned in the dragon pool and blood spread out in the water. Later, he didn't come out again. Now, Feng Cang was determined to enter the pool for Feng Xiao. He (GD) was afraid that it was likely more a disaster than blessing….

These words, Gu De only thought about it in his heart but didn't say it out loudly. Looking at the grave expressions of the elders, they must have thought the same as him. Feng Qi Qi was unconscious and Feng Cang went into the dragon pool. If something happened to Feng Cang, the outcome was not something the Qiang tribe could bear.

Feng Cang went into the dragon pool, just like how a fish would enter the water. He glided in the water and looked for Longze Jing Tian and Feng Xiao. With the experience of being trapped in the cold pond for more than ten years, the dragon pool was nothing to Feng Cang. He was like a white fish skillfully and easily swimming in the water.

Xiao er! Where are you, Xiao er?

Feng Cang knew that it was the blood of Feng Xiao that attracted the water monster. However, that monster didn't seem to be malicious. Otherwise, with its huge body and great attack power, he would've already become a dead man.

When Feng Cang’s head came out of the water, Min Yue Cheng’s eyes were sharp and was the first one who saw him (FC). “It’s Feng Cang! Look, it’s Feng Cang!”

“Cousin is fine! Heaven, emituofo!” Even if Wanyan Kang didn't believe in Buddhism, he couldn't help saying ‘emituofo’ after seeing Feng Cang safe and sound.

Feng Cang just showed up slightly, he took a breath and plunged into the water again.

It was already late spring, early summer. The water of the dragon pool was cold but it wasn’t bone-chilling. Feng Cang continued to look for traces of Feng Xiao, but the pool was a thousand feet deep. How could he find him?

Feng Cang was looking for the whereabouts of Longze Jing Tian and Feng Xiao. He didn't know that at the other end, Longze Jing Tian had already emerged from the water. The wave of just now was too fierce, it really caught him off guard. Fortunately, his swimming skills were excellent, so it didn't take long for him to emerge again.

The first thing that Longze Jing Tian did after he emerged from the water was to check on Feng Xiao. He originally thought that Feng Xiao had experienced such a thing and had a round in the water, he (FX) would definitely die. He didn't expect him (FX) to be only red-faced, and that only his mouth and nose constantly emitted water. It seemed that he still had a breath. Longze Jing Tian hurriedly pressed the water out of Feng Xiao’s belly, and waited until he spit out the water completely. He then let out a sigh of relief.

Looking around, Longze Jing Tian was far away from the shore and could see a few figures on the shore. He was now in the centre of the dragon pool. It would take some time from here to the shore. After thinking about it, Longze Jing Tian intended not to lose time here anymore. First, leave with Feng Xiao, and then make plans for the future. No matter what, he would never let go of Feng Qi Qi.

“Isn’t that Longze Jing Tian?!” Just as Longze Jing Tian was about to leave, Su Mei was sharp and saw the head coming out of the water. Although it was far away, Su Mei could still clearly distinguished that person wasn't Feng Cang at all. Apart from Feng Cang, only Longze Jing Tian was in the pool. This person must be him! However, the problem was that Longze Jing Tian was in the centre of the dragon pool and there was no boat. How could they catch him!

Just as Su Mei and the others were in a hurry, a ‘woo’ sound was heard. Feng Qi Qi woke up. Feng Cang didn’t use a heavy hand. He just let her faint temporarily. So after a while, Feng Qi Qi woke up. As soon as she didn't see the water monster, and that Feng Cang was no longer around, Feng Qi Qi already guessed what the problem was.

“Cousin-in-law….” After seeing that Feng Qi Qi’s expression wasn't right, Wanyan Kang quickly went forward. “Cousin is fine, you can rest assured!”

Feng Qi Qi’s face sank even more after Wanyan Kang said so. Well done, Feng Cang (sarcastic). All said that husband and wife are of one mind. At this moment, you actually took the risks on your own and let me be on the side. Was this one mind?!

“Where is he?”

Feng Qi Qi asked this question, but Wanyan Kang didn't know whether she was talking about Feng Cang or Longze Jing Tian. He quickly told her the whereabouts of the two people. As soon as she heard that Feng Cang really went down in the dragon pool, Feng Qi Qi’s heart choked. This bastard! Although the weather was warm, the dragon pool was cold. Feng Cang was originally tortured by the cold poison for years. Although his body was fine now, but after all, it wasn't a good thing to soak in the cold water. He was really a fool!

Feng Qi Qi didn't speak and looked around with her beautiful eyes. Not far away, she found a washboard-size plank. She immediately picked it up and threw it into the water.

“Miss....” Su Mei could roughly guess the idea of Feng Qi Qi. Before she (SM) could stop her (FQQ), Feng Qi Qi had jumped on the plank floating on the water.

“Call Jin Mo!” Feng Qi Qi turned around and urged them. Then, with a single foot, paddled into the dragon pool.

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