Chapter 208 Love is in sky of affection (7)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 208 Love is in sky of affection (7)

Seeing that Feng Cang gave such a domineering name to their little daughter, Feng Qi Qi couldn’t help but laugh. This man, ah! Four children; one was called formidable (Xiao xiong), that pair was Chinese unicorn (qilin) and this baby is phoenix (fenghuang). He really wanted to tell the world that the babies of their family were the best.

“Alright! Then let’s call her Long Er as her nickname, what do you say?” Feng Qi Qi named that name with a deep meaning. Feng Xiao got her surname. The twins got Feng Cang’s surname. This time, Feng Cang let the surname of the daughter he looked forward to so much be Feng again. Feng Qi Qi simply made Feng Huang’s nickname related to Long. Now, her names had dragon (long) and phoenix (feng), so great.

How could Feng Cang not know Feng Qi Qi’s inner thoughts? Feng Huang, Long Er, both their surnames were included. This just conformed that the child was the fruit of their love.

The two didn’t had time to talk more. Three small heads had already appeared in front of them. “Daddy, let me look at little sister!” “I also want to look!” Long Yin Qi and Long Yin Lin reached out to the newly born Feng Huang. They didn’t expect that they hadn’t touched Feng Huang yet, when they were interrupted by Feng Xiao...

“Little sister is still small. When she’s a bigger, you can hold her!”

Feng Xiao was a year and two months older than the twins. Although, after Feng Xiao went to Qiang tribe, the three brothers didn’t see each other much, but Long Yin Qi and Long Yin Lin still listened to this big brother.

“Then, can we take a look? I want to know if little sister looks like me!” Long Yin Lin exerted all his strength to extend his head.

Feng Cang generously satisfied this requirement of the child. He held little Feng Huang in front of his three sons. Three small heads immediately surrounded little Feng Huang.

“Little sister, little sister…”

Looking at the pinkish little baby, Feng Xiao no longer pretended to be an adult. Instead, he stared at Feng Huang with his purple eyes. “Little sister looks like me!”

“Hahaha! Big brother, third little brother, little sister has black eyes. She looks like me!”

When he saw that Feng Huang had a pair of black eyes, Long Yin Qi shouted smugly, “Big brother and third little brother have purple eyes. Little sister has black eyes like me! Little sister looks like me!”

Long Yin Qi’s words made Feng Xiao and Long Yin Lin unconvinced. However, after seeing Feng Huang’s eyes, the two little brats were envious of Long Yin Qi’s black eyes. If they also had a pair of black eyes, how great would that be?! Then, they would also be like little sister!

After all, Feng Xiao was the big brother. He didn’t lose confidence because of Long Yin Qi’s blow. After carefully observing Feng Huang, Feng Xiao also shouted, “Little sister’s nose is like mine! It’s a high nose!”

With Feng Xiao’s shout, Long Yin Lin also screamed, “Little sister’s mouth and eyebrows are like mine! You two only have one thing that is the same as little sister’s. Only I have two things that are the same as little sister’s!”

After saying that, Long Yin Lin proudly crossed his arms and looked at the big brother and second big brother who were showing off just now as if he was saying, see, you lost now!

The three babies argued noisily because of Feng Huang’s appearance. Feng Cang made a ‘be silent’ gesture towards them. When they looked, Feng Qi Qi already fell asleep with a smile. Giving birth was really too tiring. She was very tired. At this time, she leaned on Feng Cang’s arms with her eyes closed and slept.

Seeing that Feng Qi Qi fell asleep, the three brothers copied Feng Cang and did a ‘be silent’ gesture.

“Let’s go out! When mother is better, we will come again!” Feng Xiao was the big brother and ordered his two little brothers. If it was usually, Long Yin Qi and Long Yin Lin would certainly rebut in unison. However, this time, the three brothers rarely found a common ground. They walked quietly on tiptoe, fearing to wake Feng Qi Qi up.

Seeing the departure of the three small figures and looking at the big and small people in his arms, Feng Cang smiled and kissed Feng Qi Qi’s forehead. “Thank you, I love you…”

Thank you for giving me a warm home. Thank you for giving me four lively and lovely children. Thank you for being at my side, loving me, encouraging me and supporting me. Thank you…for your everything!

Fifteen years later.

Because of the arrival the regent’s family, the palace of Bei Zhou was very lively.

“Oh my god! He’s so handsome!” The palace maids grouped in three and five and looked at the man in purple who came from afar. The man was only about eighteen to nineteen years old, but he had an aura of a fairy. He had black hair like ink and a pair of calm purple eyes that separated him from the world. Plus, his purple clothes and a very handsome face made the onlookers scream continuously.

If it wasn’t because here was the imperial garden, everyone would think that they arrived in the fairyland and encountered an immortal.

“Is he Long Yin Qi or Long Yin Lin? I heard that they were twins and that they couldn’t be told apart!”

“It should be third young master Long Yin Lin! It was said that third young master was a god-like person and don’t eat the food of common mortals. And, he had a pair of purple eyes that enticed the human realm. He must be third young master! Moreover, second young master was already engaged. Jin Ai Wan was the bride princess Zhen Guo personally selected for second young master. The two were childhood sweethearts and inseparable. He doesn’t have any woman around him. He must be third young master!”

  • Not eating the food of common mortals: placing oneself above the others

“Wow…third young master is really too handsome. Even crown prince isn’t as handsome as third young master!”

A group of love-struck fools…could it be that you don’t know that this young master had been raised in medicine and have a good hearing. You are so eagerly promoting this young master handsomeness; do you think that this young master wouldn’t hear? Long Yin Lin thought, but his expression remained the same.

He didn’t want to be tied up by one woman like big brother and second big brother. And then, become hot-headed because of the wife and children. Their life was finished like that. He wanted to pursue freedom and didn’t want the nuisance love. What meaning did to bill and coo and be affectionate to each other have? If you have the time, it would be better to make some poisons and mess with people. He hasn’t played enough yet!

  • To bill and coo: to whisper sweet nothings to one another

Besides women like eldest and second sister-in-law were extremely rare. Looking at big brother and second big brother get along with them was as if he saw Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi. Other women only saw his appearance and his noble identity. If he was a poor boy, what kind of faces would these women show?!

Because he felt bored, Long Yin Lin came for a walk in the imperial garden. He didn’t expect that because of this face, no matter where he went, he would become the focus of attention. If it wasn’t because it was his uncle’s birthday, he wouldn’t want to come to this women’s heap.

Just when he wanted to leave, Long Yin Lin suddenly heard a song.

The juvenile ambition is always higher than the sky

With magnificent aspirations, heroic feelings and unafraid of the storms

The spring flowers and the autumn fruits never get old

The years were written off by one brush

Leaving only the sound of the zither floating in the sky

The autumn moon hung on the sky and the maple leaf shook

The morning of the spring was divided by twilight and dawn

The years continued to grind and disappear

Who can understand?

Hasn’t ever been a frivolous madman then it was a vain of being a juvenile

The bustling world of mortals always made me free and unfettered

Toasting, being drunk from watching the moon and seeing the beauty laugh

Today I have a gentleman as company

How beautiful is the night?

Let’s sing a folksong together

Hearing the lyrics, Long Yin Lin’s mouth went up. This smile was exactly the same as Feng Cang’s. He seemed to have found something interesting. He followed the song and found it.

He saw peach blossoms blooming gorgeously. Inside peach blossom forest was a swing. A slender figure sat there, and the song came from her mouth.

When Long Yin Lin approached, Wanyan Chen Xi had already seen him. She didn’t need to guess, just from his looks, she knew that this handsome boy was uncle Feng Cang’s son Long Yin Lin.

The world said that Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi’s children were outstanding. When she saw Long Yin Lin, there was a touch of surprise in the eyes of Wanyan Chen Xi.

They hadn’t seen each other for a long time. This boy actually changed so much.

Cold and cheerless, proud and aloof. That pair of untamed purple eyes, at this moment revealed some meaning of exploration. If it wasn’t because she experienced two life times, Wanyan Chen Xi would certainly be attracted by Long Yin Lin. But, after all she was someone who time-travelled. This handsome young man was handsome, but her psychological age was much more mature than him.

Wanyan Chen Xi didn’t stop because of the appearance of Long Yin Lin. She still swayed the swing and continued to sing this song <Free and unfettered travel>. After being time-travelled to here, she had a pair of parents that loved her very much. She also had the identity of the imperial princess. Wanyan Chen Xi was very content. Such a life like a rice worm was what she yearned for the most in her previous life.

She had been very busy in her past life to become a good professional broker. She dedicated her youth. Now, she was reborn. She wouldn’t be the same as before. She wanted to enjoy the present and become a lazy worm who sunbathed in the sun during the day and bathed in moon during the night.

Seeing that the girl didn’t pay much attention to him, Long Yin Lin got interested. Ever since young to now, no matter where he went, he would see love-struck fools. Now, a girl actually appeared who wasn’t attracted by his looks. To Long Yin Lin, this was like a fun toy had appeared that made him interested.

However, a fallen immortal should have the look of a fallen immortal. Even if that look was to tempt the world, he didn’t mind disguising himself in front of strangers.

He didn’t disturb Wanyan Chen Xi’s song. He sat at a side and listened to her beautiful singing.

If it was any ordinary girl, she would definitely blush because of Long Yin Lin’s action. However, who was Wanyan Chen Xi? Her age of her previous life plus the age of this life was more than twice the age of Long Yin Lin. Not to mention that she and Long Yin Lin had some ‘grudges’. She wouldn’t be touched by such a small tricky move.

Two people, one was singing the other was listening. With the layers of peach blossom, it was also a beautiful picture. Only when a group of people came from afar did the singing stop.

“Father, mother!” Seeing Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi, Long Yin Lin changed from his coldness of just now and smilingly walked over. He didn’t know that this smile of him was capable of causing the downfall of a city. Even if Wanyan Chen Xi wanted to control her little heart, she also couldn’t help but be a bit touched by his peerless handsomeness.

“Imperial father, imperial mother!” Wanyan Chen Xi left the swing and bowed to Wanyan Kang and Su Mei.

“Xi er[1. Er: term of endearment], where you with Lin er just now?” Seeing her daughter like this, Wanyan Kang was a bit surprised. “I thought that you would fight the moment you meet!”

Xi er? Hearing this name, the bells in Long Yin Lin’s heart rung. When he looked at her appearance, it overlapped with the little girl in his memory. “It’s you? You are Wanyan Chen Xi? You are the little devil?”

Long Yin Lin pointed at Wanyan Chen Xi. His fingers trembled a bit. When he confirmed her identity, the unhappy memories in Long Yin Lin’s head came to his heart. The girl in yellow dress with a sweet smile in front of him was the little devil who set fire and burned down his alchemy room? Long Yin Lin couldn’t imagine it.

“Long Yin Lin, it couldn’t be that you just recognized me, right?! A pig’s head is really a pig’s head, ah. The intelligence can never keep up with humans!” Looking at Long Yin Lin’s complete opposite image of the one from just now, Wanyan Chen Xi helplessly shrugged her shoulders. Her small hand was on Feng Qi Qi’s shoulder. “Really don’t know how godfather Feng Cang who is handsome and outstanding and godmother Qi Qi who is clever and intelligent would give birth to such an idiot like you!”

  • Pigs are considered stupid in China.

“Wanyan Chen Xi!”

A pair of quarrelsome but loving couple was born like this.


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