Chapter 207 (Part 2) Love is in sky of affection (6)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 207 (Part 2) Love is in sky of affection (6)

“Right! This time we team up. We must beat big brother!”

Feng Xiao who the two were talking about went to Nan Feng’s White Bird mountain when he was two years old. Originally, Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi wanted to let Feng Xiao grow up and choose his own road. They didn’t expect that since small, Feng Xiao showed love towards gu. Plus, the fact that the five elders of Qiang tribe personally came to Bei Zhou to lure Feng Xiao. Under the temptation of the five elders, Feng Xiao ‘betrayed’ Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi without any backbone and went to Qiang tribe to learn the study of the gu. The moment he went away, he was gone for two years.

Last time, when Feng Xiao returned, Long Yin Qi and Long Yin Lin fought with this big brother. The result was that Feng Xiao won. The two little brothers refused to accept this outcome. They decided to team up and defeat this big brother next time. That was why they begged Feng Cang to find them weapons. So, they can begin to train quickly.

Feng Cang wasn’t against the little competition between brothers. Instead, he supported them to compete with each other. So, Feng Cang went out and brought them ‘weapons’ which made the two brothers very happy.

“Mother, daddy, we will go!” They didn’t continue to act cute. Instead they gave Feng Qi Qi two kisses and then ran away. They didn’t want to lose so miserably again the next time big brother returned. No matter what, they couldn’t let Feng Xiao be in the front of them, lest to let big brother laugh at them and say that they are little children.

“Take it slower!” Feng Qi Qi hasn’t reminded them much, when the two had already ran away.

“Qing Qing!” Feng Cang reached out and took Feng Qi Qi into his embrace. He put his big hand on her belly. “Do you feel better today?”

When Dongfang Lan who was at a side saw the young couple being like this, she immediately made a gesture to her daughter and son-in-law. The three retreated quietly. Seeing her grandmother and parents being like this, Feng Qi Qi blushed and nestled in Feng Cang’s arms.

“Still the same and always want to vomit. I can’t eat anything.”

Looking at Feng Qi Qi’s bright like jade face, Feng Cang gently kissed her forehead. “I brought the sour plums you love to eat! When you want to vomit, eat some!”

“Mm!” Feng Qi Qi nodded. She nestled like a lazy cat in Feng Cang’s arms. “Before when I gave birth to those three brats, I didn’t feel so uncomfortable. This child is more mischievous than his three big brothers!”

“Haha…” The moment he thought that Feng Qi Qi gave him three treasures, Feng Cang’s eyes would be infinitely gentle. In five years, they got three children. Their feelings also got sweeter. As early as when Wanyan Kang ascended the throne, Feng Cang had wanted to leave. However, there were many things that needed to be done in Bei Zhou. The two stayed in the capital to help Wanyan Kang. That help turned into five years of helping.

It wasn’t easy to get away and come to the Number one village under Heavens. They could begin their happy and simple life now.

“I hope that this time it’s a daughter!” Feng Cang held Feng Qi Qi’s small hand. For so many years, this hand had continued to hold his hand and accompanied him through these years. Now, the soft body was still soft, smooth and fair. And, it couldn’t be seen that Feng Qi Qi was a mother of three. She still looked young and beautiful.

“You, ah. You are really becoming crazy from wanting a daughter!” Feng Qi Qi joked.

Others were hoping to have more sons to pass down the line. Feng Cang on the other hand, always wanted to have a daughter like Feng Qi Qi. These three sons were too mischievous. Feng Cang wished for a little sister to let the three brothers neutralize this family full of masculinity.

“Is it not?!” Feng Cang’s fingers entangled with Feng Qi Qi’s little hand. “Even in my dreams I want you to give birth to a daughter! Then, the men of our family would protect you two! How great would that be?!”

When Feng Qi Qi was pregnant with the second child and was diagnosed with twins, Feng Cang truly hoped for a pair of daughters or a son and a daughter. He didn’t expect that it would be two sons. Although, he liked both sons and daughter, but the rarer the greater the value. In this family with many sons, Feng Cang wished very much that Feng Qi Qi could give birth to a pretty and lovable daughter.

Feng Cang didn’t have any daughters. It happened that Nalan Xin and Su Yue’s child Nalan Zhu was a girl. So, every time when Feng Cang saw Nalan Zhu, he would be very envious. He wished that he could steal her from Nalan Xin and raise her himself.

Feng Qi Qi knew that Feng Cang wanted a daughter. She couldn’t help but put her small hand on Feng Cang’s big hand. “Don’t worry! This time it definitely would be a daughter! There was no morning sickness the previous two times. That resulted in sons being born. This time the morning sickness is so great, naturally I am pregnant with a daughter!”

Feng Qi Qi said so, Feng Cang’s eyes were full of expectations. “If it’s a daughter, it would be so great! Even Jin Mo had a daughter. Our daughter can’t be bad!”

Hearing the sourness in Feng Cang’s words, Feng Qi Qi laughed so much. Five years ago, Jin Mo helped with Gu Yun Wan’s treatment and stayed at Qiang tribe. He didn’t expect that he would stay for half year. When Gu Yun Wan recuperated, the two developed feelings after being together for day and night. Finally, they married at Qiang tribe. For his beloved wife, Jin Mo also stayed at Qiang tribe.

Two years ago, Gu Yun Wan gave birth to a daughter who was named Jin Ai Wan (Jin loves Wan). At that time, that name surprised Feng Cang for a long time. It was said that Jin Mo was unromantic and always flaunted that he wanted to be independent. After marriage, he actually opened up and even the name he gave his daughter was so sweet.

What made Feng Cang even more ‘jealous’ was that Jin Mo actually had a daughter.

One after another, the people around him gave birth to daughters. He, himself had three ‘little brats’. How could Feng Cang not be envious? So, this time when Feng Qi Qi got pregnant, Feng Cang prayed more than once for it to be a daughter

Feng Qi Qi understood Feng Cang’s mind. But, she couldn’t choose to give birth to a boy or a girl! However, the pregnancy of this time was different from the previous ones. Feng Qi Qi also wished to give birth to a daughter. By then, three big brothers could take care of their little sister. How great is that?!

After a long wait, it was finally the day for Feng Qi Qi to give birth.

Feng Xiao rushed back from Nan Feng. He was now already six years old. Although, every year, Feng Xiao could only go home once and could only stay for a short time with his parents, but his feelings towards Feng Qi Qi and Feng Cang was particularly deep.

When he was born, Feng Xiao would reject Feng Cang. When he learned the study of the gu and was able to control the child gu inside his body, such a problem no longer existed. Feng Xiao worshipped the daddy who had the reputation of war-god very much.

At this time, Feng Qi Qi was so full of sweat and in so much pain inside the room. Feng Cang waited outside with the three little boys. Ming Yue Cheng was also here. After six years, Ming Yue Cheng was still confident, at ease and handsome. His appearance didn’t change. This time, when Feng Qi Qi gave birth, he specially brought Feng Xiao to the Number one village under Heavens.

“Daddy, why is little sister still not coming out?” Long Yin Lin was like a little adult with his hands on his back and tiptoed to look inside the room.

“Right, ah. Daddy, when will little sister come out?” Long Yin Qi was also very anxious. The twin brothers had the same expression. Feng Xiao, the big brother kept biting his mouth and looked at the room without saying anything.

“Good boys, wait for a bit more!”

Ming Yue Cheng’s big hand rubbed Long Yin Qi’s and Long Yin Lin’s head. These are her children. He also likes them very much. Ming Yue Cheng liked everything related to Feng Qi Qi. Not to mention, he could see her shadow from these children’s faces.

Although, it wasn’t the first time that Feng Qi Qi gave birth, but Ming Yue Cheng still let go of the government affairs and accompanied Feng Xiao to here. Like when Feng Qi Qi gave birth to Feng Xiao and when she gave birth to Long Yin Qi and Long Yin Lin, Ming Yue Cheng also waited outside.

Even if he wasn’t the one at her side, he wished that he could wait outside at such dangerous moments. Only when he heard ‘the mother and child are safe’ would he be at ease.

Hearing Ming Yue Cheng’s comfort, the twin brothers quieted down. The two’s pearly white teeth bit their red lips. The two’s eyes were anxious, but they didn’t make any more noise.

Already having given birth two times and the second time were twins, it didn’t take Feng Qi Qi a long time this time to gave birth to the child.

“Congratulations, congratulations, it’s a daughter!”

When the midwife passed these words to the outside, Feng Cang was so happy that he became a fool. “I have a daughter?”

“That’s right! Congratulations, regent. It’s a beautiful little junzhu[1. Junzhu: daugther of the first-rank prince]!”

“So great! I have a daughter!” Regardless of those, Feng Cang rushed to Feng Qi Qi’s side. “Qing Qing, you’ve worked hard! We have a daughter!”

After the birth of the child, Feng Qi Qi had long known that it was a daughter. The wish in her heart was also completed. At this time, seeing Feng Cang happy like a child, Feng Qi Qi smiled tiredly. “Now you’re happy!”

“In the future, the four of us would protect the two of you well! We will definitely not let you suffer any grievances! Thank you, Qing Qing! Thank you for giving birth to my children!”

When Feng Cang held the wrapped little daughter in front of Feng Qi Qi, the little daughter was spitting bubbles.

“Feng Cang, give the child a name!” Having sons and daughter and accompanied by the person she loves, Feng Qi Qi felt that she was very blessed.

“Ah Kang’s twin son and daughter is called Wanyan Che and Wanyan Chen Xi, let’s name our daughter Feng Huang, alright?”

  • Che(): thoroughly
  • Chen Xi (晨曦): the first rays of the morning sun /first glimmer of dawn
  • Feng Huang (凤凰): phoenix

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