Chapter 201 (Part 1) Mounting the mountains of daggers (2)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

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Chapter 201 (Part 1) Mounting the mountains of daggers (2)

The traditional music of the Qiang tribe began to play. The drummers beat violently on the thick drums. Under the watchful eyes of everyone, Feng Cang kissed Feng Qi Qi’s forehead and hugged Feng Xiao. Then, he took off his shoes and stood below the ladder of daggers.

“I don’t know if Feng Cang can pass smoothly!” Fourth elder sat next to elder Teng Yuan and watched him play with the tobacco. “Third brother, what are you smoking? Why is it very comfortable to smell?! Give me some to try!”

“Nothing, it’s just ordinary tobacco leaves!” Elder Teng Yuan waved his hand. “Let’s look at Feng Cang mount the mountain of daggers!” Elder Teng Yuan didn’t want to share the Immortal cream with others. This thing was very precious! If he gave some to fourth elder, he wouldn’t have for himself.

Elder Teng Yuan changed the topic to Feng Cang. He succeeded in letting fourth elder dispel the thoughts about the Immortal cream.

At this time, Feng Cang had climbed on the scaling ladder. What left elder Teng Yuan surprised was that Feng Cang could climb freely on the blades. Elder Teng Yuan knew that Ah Zha was teaching Feng Cang for these past two days. He didn’t stop it because he didn’t believe that a non-native person could do this in just two or three days.

But now the facts were put in front of elder Teng Yuan, making it so that he couldn’t help but believe. Feng Cang was like a nimble wind and climbed on the 20-meter high ladder. Everyone was attracted by the wonderful performance of Feng Cang. The other elders also praised Feng Cang without cease.

“I heard that Ah Zha only taught him for two days. This person is really a genius!”

“That’s right. Even the warriors of our tribe haven’t mastered the skills of the mountain of daggers so fast. Feng Cang is really too amazing!”

These words reached elder Teng Yuan non-stop. He smoked, and his brow were locked. Feng Cang was able to complete the training that would took the people of the Qiang tribe for many years in such a sort time. He had to say that this person was a bit powerful.

If it was under normal circumstances, elder Teng Yuan would feel that two hearts beat as one when meeting such a person. However now, he had an agreement with Longze Jing Tian. This thing had become difficult to handle.

The people on the scene were nervous at first. They were afraid that something would happen to someone as brilliant as Feng Cang. However, after watching for a while, Feng Cang was able to climb up twenty meters so relaxed. The people of the Qiang tribe began to cheer.

“Warrior!” “Warrior!” The people began to use the word ‘warrior’ to call Feng Cang. The drumsticks in the hands of the drummers began to beat harder and fiercer as if they wanted to boost support for Feng Cang.

Feng Cang wasn’t disturbed by the voices. He had a dense layer of sweat on his jade-like forehead. The height of twenty meters was more difficult than the training. Plus, today he didn’t wear socks and was barefooted. The difficulty factor was doubled.

At this time, Feng Cang’s expression was a bit grave. His hands and feet were in the form of a hook. Every step he took was careful.

Not far away, Feng Qi Qi held Feng Xiao. Her heart wasn’t much relaxed than Feng Cang’s. “Xiao er[1. Er: term of endearment], let’s add oil for daddy!” Feng Qi Qi held Feng Xiao’s little hand. Her eyes were locked on Feng Cang. Her heart jumped faster with each step that Feng Cang took.

Seeing that Feng Qi Qi was so nervous that her face was a bit pale, Ming Yue Cheng comforted her, “Don’t worry! Nothing will happen to Feng Cang!”

Ming Yue Cheng’s words didn’t eliminate Feng Qi Qi’s worry. In Feng Qi Qi’s point of view, only when Feng Cang safely climbed up and down the ladder of daggers and was indeed not injured, she could then rest assured.

Everyone was paying attention to Feng Cang. No one saw Taji Guli in the depths of the jungle.

From the moment Feng Cang went up the ladder daggers, the strings of Taji Guli’s heart were tightened. She didn’t think that Feng Cang would really go climb the ladder of daggers. Such a dangerous thing, he still did it barefooted. This man is really crazy!

As soon as she thought that everything Feng Cang did was for Feng Qi Qi and Feng Xiao, Taji Guli itched to rush over there and throttle Feng Xiao to death. These past few days, she had been looking for opportunities to kidnap Feng Xiao. However, there were always high-skilled experts at Feng Xiao’s side. Taji Guli had no chance to approach him.

From Taji Guli’s point of view, Feng Xiao was the root of all evil. As long as she had killed Feng Xiao, there would be no need for Feng Cang to pass through the three tests and he also wouldn’t be in danger. It was just, Feng Qi Qi protected Feng Xiao too well. She had no way of taking action. Originally, Taji Guli wanted to give up on this idea, but after seeing Feng Cang doing such a dangerous thing, Taji Guli finally made up her mind. She must destroy Feng Xiao, otherwise he (FX) would definitely destroy Feng Cang!

Time seemed to be particularly slow. The entire scene was quiet. Even the drummers put down the drumsticks in their hands. Everyone stared at Feng Cang. Some even held their breaths for fear of missing something.

“Thud, thud…” Feng Qi Qi could hear her heartbeat accelerate. She held Feng Xiao and looked at Feng Cang without blinking. Until when Feng Cang’s last footstep reached the ground and the cheers rang, did Feng Qi Qi came out of daze.

“Warrior, warrior, warrior!” The people of the Qiang tribe cheered in unison. Everyone clapped their hands.

“So great! So great! Passed the first test!” Su Mei happily held Wanyan Kang’s hand and jumped. Gu Yun Wan also couldn’t help but clap her hands and congratulated. Even Gu De couldn’t help but nod smilingly.

Jin Mo went forward to carefully inspect Feng Cang’s feet. Except for the small cut on the small toe of the left foot, there was no other wound. Jin Mo put a creamy white plaster on Feng Cang’s wound. Such a small wound would heal in one night.

“Great elder, what do you…” Gu De looked at the great elder of the five elders to let him announce the result. Great elder discussed with the other four elders for a while. Great elder stood up. “Feng Cang smoothly passed the first test!”

Only when the screams reached his ears did Feng Cang really feel relaxed. The breath that was stuck in his throat just now also came out.

After passing the first test, what was waiting for Feng Cang was the second test: going through the sea of flames. In consideration that Feng Cang just passed the first test, the elders unanimously decided to go through the second test five days later.

The second test going through the sea of flames was much harder than the first test. Of course, to the men of the Qiang tribe, this was not a difficult thing. Ah Zha explained the details of going through the sea of flames to Feng Cang. There were no other tricks, there was only one know-how. That was to ask a great mage to chant a spell.

“A spell?”

“That’s right! A spell! When we pass through the sea of flames, the great mage would read a special spell. This kind of spell was like a gift from god, attaching to our bodies. Even if we step on the hot charcoal, we won’t feel hot. Instead, we will feel cold.”

Ah Zha’s explanation was very difficult for the others to understand. Only Feng Qi Qi, after hearing it, she felt even more that the Qiang tribe had some similarities to the Lisu tribe of the previous life. Lisu tribe also had such statements. She had once seen such a performance with her own eyes. She just didn’t know what the spell of the Qiang tribe was!

“Warrior Ah Zha, who is the most famous mage of the village?”

“This, of course is elder Teng Yuan! However, elder Teng Yuan won’t help you! According to the rules, when non-native people come to ask for help, they can only use their own strength to pass the three tests. Even if elder Teng Yuan was weird and often do some unexpected things, but as a member of the elders, he wouldn’t violate the rules of the village."

Ah Zha’s words didn’t let Feng Qi Qi lose confidence. Instead, she wanted to see this elder Teng Yuan.

With the lead of Ah Zha, Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi arrived at elder Teng Yuan’s. Elder Teng Yuan’s bamboo building was a remote. The small building was hidden in a verdant wood. From afar, it was impossible to tell where the difference between the bamboo building and the trees lay.

“Elder Teng Yuan!” Ah Zha stood in front of elder Teng Yuan. He screamed a few times but didn’t receive any response. Only when Ah Zha went forward and pushed elder Teng Yuan did he come out of daze.

“Oh, Ah Zha, it’s you…” Elder Teng Yuan narrowed his eyes. From the fog, he saw Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi who followed behind Ah Zha.

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