Chapter 201 (Part 2) Mounting the mountains of daggers (2)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

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Chapter 201 (Part 2) Mounting the mountains of daggers (2)

Elder Teng Yuan was surprised at Ah Zha sudden visit. However, after seeing Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi behind Ah Zha, elder Teng Yuan immediately understood the reason for their coming.

The moment Feng Qi Qi entered the house, she smelled a particular smell. When she found out the source of this smell, it was actually from elder Teng Yuan’s tobacco pipe. Feng Qi Qi felt it was a bit strange that there was a problem with her sense of smell. Until when the smell got stronger when she got closer to elder Teng Yuan, she affirmed that there was a problem with this smell.

“Little girl, why are you looking at me?” Noticing that Feng Qi Qi looked at him, elder Teng Yuan inhaled the last bit of smoke and slowly blew it out. “I know you came here for the sea of flames, but I can’t help you with this matter! The elders wouldn’t accept passing the test by cheating! Since you have the heart to cure the gu for your son, everything should depend on your own ability!”

“Elder, you may have misunderstood!” After patiently listening to elder Teng Yuan, Feng Cang smiled politely, “I just haven’t seen the sea of flames and want to invite you and Ah Zha to demonstrate it once!”

Feng Cang’s answer surprised elder Teng Yuan once again. In his memory, it seemed that those in power liked to suppress people with their identity and enjoyed this process without ever getting tired of it. Before, he heard that Ming Yue Cheng asked Ah Zha to help Feng Cang, elder Teng Yuan mistakenly thought that Feng Cang was also such a person. Now, he (FC) said so was somewhat unexpected.

“Really, just a demonstration?” Elder Teng Yuan didn’t believe it.

“Just a demonstration. Elder is right. I came to cure the gu for my son. I can only rely on myself. I can not break the rules of thousand years of the Qiang tribe because of my identity.

“Alright! Then, let’s do it now!”

Elder Teng Yuan told Ah Zha to find some people to ignite several bundles of dry wood. When the dry wood burned into charcoal, elder Teng Yuan began to cite in a sacred manner. At the same time, Ah Zha seemed like a changed person and stood upright.

“Go!” Elder Teng Yuan gestured with his hand. Ah Zha stepped barefooted on the red charcoal.

There wasn’t the smell of fire burning the flesh. That red charcoal burned under Ah Zha’s feet, but nothing happened to Ah Zha’s feet. When Ah Zha had walked through the charcoal fire, Feng Cang sighed deeply. “Too miraculous!”

Feng Cang’s words let elder Teng Yuan feel very prideful. Qiang tribe’s mountain of daggers and sea of flames were presumably the things that let people exclaim in admiration the most. No country, no tribe would have such fierce ‘national characteristics’ like mountain of daggers and sea of flames. Feng Cang was lucky to pass the first test. No matter what, he wouldn’t be able to pass the second test anyway.

“What do you think? Did you look carefully? Do you want me to demonstrate once more?”

Elder Teng Yuan said this to Feng Qi Qi. He knew that Feng Qi Qi played an important role in the first test of Feng Cang. This woman could quickly sum up the experience when Ah Zha was climbing the ladder of daggers, making people couldn’t help but have to admit that her wisdom was extraordinary.

Just this time, it won’t be so easy! Because the spell had always been passed down from generation to generation. It was passed down to the males and not females. Besides, it was only passed down to the natives of the tribe. Even if Feng Qi Qi was highly intelligent, she wouldn’t be able to guess the mystery of this spell. This time, Feng Cang lost for sure.

Just when elder Teng Yuan thought that Feng Qi Qi would give up, he didn’t expect that Feng Qi Qi would bow to him respectfully. “I didn’t see clearly, troubling elder to demonstrate once again!”

Feng Qi Qi’s words were unexpected. Seeing her appearance of truly wanting to learn, elder Teng Yuan smashed the ashes on the sole of his shoe. “Alright! This time you need to look carefully. This is the last time!”

Feng Qi Qi nodded at Feng Cang. The two separated the jobs. Feng Qi Qi looked at elder Teng Yuan’s lips that were citing the spell. Feng Cang’s gaze hadn’t left Ah Zha’s feet.

Until the end of the demonstration did Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi retrieve their gaze. “Thank you, elder Teng Yuan!” Feng Qi Qi was somewhat grateful. In the past, adoptive father forced her to learn how to read lips. So, after two times, Feng Qi Qi already figured out what elder Teng Yuan was citing.

Before she left, Feng Qi Qi expressed her gratitude to elder Teng Yuan. She also said, “Elder, had you been taking some special medicine recently. If you had, the listen to my advice. This thing is not medicine. It is poison. It would make people become addicted to the drug. If you continue to take it, you will become a useless person. You will become from a strong person to a weak person without the strength to even truss a chicken. At the end, you will die very miserably!”

Others didn’t understand Feng Qi Qi’s words. Only elder Teng Yuan, after he heard her say so, his face changed slightly.

How did Feng Qi Qi know that she was smoking the Immortal cream? He didn’t tell anyone about this. Could it be that Feng Qi Qi just smelled the smoke in his house and guessed what he was doing? It was just, Feng Qi Qi’s words were frightening words to scare people! What is dying very miserably? Was she threatening him?

Elder Teng Yuan’s expression already showed his inner thoughts. It seemed that this old man didn’t know about the harm of opium. Feng Qi Qi smiled helplessly, “If you don’t believe me, you can let a doctor check it. The scientific name of this drug is called opium. It is black and solid. It is usually packed in a cigarette bag and mixed with tobacco.”

“In the beginning, opium could relieve pain and the muscles to let people relax. However, after taking it for a while, it would let people immerse in the infinite fantasy and let people rely on it. Then, if you don’t take it for one day, your whole body would be uncomfortable and would become completely inseparable from it.”

“I don’t know for how long elder had taken it and also don’t know how dependent you are now of it. I only want to ask you to listen to my advice. Even if you don’t care about yourself, you should think about all the people of the Qiang tribe. If you let another also get addicted to this drug, then you would be harming others and harming yourself!”

Feng Qi Qi’s description was the same as what elder Teng Yuan had experienced. How did she know about the Immortal cream? Why would Feng Qi Qi call the Immortal cream opium? Elder Teng Yuan was very sceptical about what Feng Qi Qi had said. Now, he somewhat believed her because the state of the Immortal cream and what one would feel after taking the Immortal cream described by Feng Qi Qi was exactly the same as the experience of elder Teng Yuan.

Could it be that this Immortal cream is the ‘opium’ that Feng Qi Qi mentioned? If it was like that, then could the purpose for Duyi’s group to recommend the Immortal cream to him be to let him get addicted and then easily control him?

Elder Teng Yuan wasn’t a fool. He could judge the truth and the falseness of Feng Qi Qi’s words. Before, elder Teng Yuan was happy for having gotten the Immortal cream. Now, he panicked in his heart.

His current dependence of the Immortal had become from twice every two days to twice a day.

Until after Feng Qi Qi and Feng Cang left for a long time, elder Teng Yuan was still thinking about the Immortal cream. He took out the small box. After he opened it, he looked to the black Immortal cream under the sunlight. Elder Teng Yuan frowned. Who should he believe?

Ah Zha trained Feng Cang on the top of the mountain. Feng Qi Qi went to search for Gu De and Ming Yue Cheng and told them about the harm of the opium. After they heard that opium let a strong country perish, Ming Yue Cheng and Gu De were shocked.

“Is it really such a powerful drug?” Gu De had never heard about opium or had ever seen it. Now, Feng Qi Qi told it like this, he still had some doubts.

“Yes!” Naturally, Feng Qi Qi couldn’t tell them that this happened in the history of another world. She would be seen as a monster if she told them. In order to let Gu De and Ming Yue Cheng believe her and also to prevent the opium from spreading through this continent and harm the people, Feng Qi Qi put what had happened in the past on Penglai Island.

“When I was at Penglai Island, master Taixu told this story. He also taught me how to recognize the opium and also showed me the finished product.”

With the name of Penglai island, Gu De completely believed Feng Qi Qi. Now, Feng Qi Qi said that elder Teng Yuan was taking opium, this immediately caught Gu De’s attention. “Elder Teng Yuan is the elder of the tribe. How could he have opium?”

“This, I don’t know. When I looked at elder Teng Yuan’s appearance, it seemed that he had been addicted for some time. I think someone gave it to him. I don’t know what the purpose is for giving it to him. However, I can be sure that the opium is not a good thing! Not only can it ruin a person, it can destroy a tribe and a country!”

When he heard that opium could destroy a tribe, Gu De’s heart completely leaned on Feng Qi Qi’s side. As the chief of the Qiang tribe, Gu De’s mission was to carry the Qiang tribe to great heights. Now, there was such a thing that could destroy the Qiang tribe. For chief Gu De, this was something that he didn’t want to see happen.

“Qi Qi, if, I say if elder Teng Yuan really took the opium that you mentioned and also got addicted to it, then what should we do?”

Ming Yue Cheng frowned. He didn’t think that there would be such a drug in this world that could destroy a country. If opium was produced in large quantities by people with ulterior motives, then wouldn’t it be very bad? Ming Yue Cheng didn’t doubt Feng Qi Qi at all. He even thought that Feng Qi Qi said it too lightly. Perhaps, the facts would be crueller than what she said.

“Kick the drug habit by force! If he doesn’t want to die, he can only kick the drug habit by force.”

“Good! I will let people go investigate. If elder Teng Yuan truly got addicted, by then, I have to trouble wangfei[1. Wangfei: main consort of the prince of first rank] to help!” Gu De’s understanding of opium came from what Feng Qi Qi told him. Now, it was related to the well-being of the Qiang tribe, Gu De couldn’t not put this matter on his heart. Moreover, elder Teng Yuan was an elder of the Qiang tribe. No matter what, Gu De wouldn’t let elder Teng Yuan become addicted instead of helping him.

Gu De was just about to go see elder Teng Yuan, when Jin Mo rushed over. “Not good! Miss Gu is missing!”

The moment he heard that his beloved daughter was missing, Gu De lost his mind. He strode forward and grabbed Jin Mo’s collar. He glared fiercely at him. “What happened? What had happened? Where did my daughter go to?”

“I don’t know. I only saw such a note.”

Gu De let him go and took the note from Jin Mo. On the white paper, there was only one sentence. “Don’t cure the gu for Feng Xiao, otherwise your daughter will die without doubt.”

Gu Yun Wan was kidnapped. This was like a bolt out of the blue sky for Gu De. White Bird mountain was the territory of the Qiang tribe. On Qiang tribe’s territory someone kidnapped his, the chief’s daughter. How could Gu De not be shocked?

After reading the letters on the paper, Feng Qi Qi immediately determined the other party’s identity, “This is Longze Jing Tian’s handwriting!”

“How do you know?” Ming Yue Cheng asked. Ever since the defeat of Xi Qi, Longze Jing Tian had disappeared without trace. Ming Yue Cheng had sent people to find the whereabouts of Longze Jing Tian, but every time when he got some clues, Longze Jing Tian would escape.

“I know his handwriting. He once wrote the “Breaking off engagement letter” to me. I just didn’t expect that he hid in Nan Feng and hid in White Bird mountain!”

The meaning of the note was very obvious. If they want to let Gu Yun Wan live, they must give up on curing the gu for Feng Xiao. Only Longze Jing Tian had such great hatred with Feng Cang. Since Longze Jing Tian was here, would Taji Guli also be here?

In a hidden cave at White Bird mountain, Taji Guli looked full of anger at Duyi. “Didn’t we agree on kidnapping Feng Xiao? Why did you kidnap her? What use does it have to kidnap her?”

It turned out that today, Taji Guli sneaked into the village. She had found Feng Xiao who was sleeping in the cradle. She planned to take him away. At this time, Gu Yun Wan came over to look at the child and happened to come face to face with Taji Guli.

If it wasn’t because Duyi followed behind her and made Gu Yun Wan faint, they likely would have been caught today.

However, Taji Guli was dissatisfied that Duyi didn’t take Feng Xiao. Duyi didn’t want to touch an innocent child. The time was tight and someone came over. That was why Taji Guli gave up on kidnapping Feng Xiao.

“Guli, if you don’t want Feng Cang to hate you, then, don’t touch his child.” Duyi had always disapproved of Longze Jing Tian and Taji Guli’s idea. Feng Xiao was just a child who didn’t know anything. Even if there was a grudge, you can’t take it out on a child.

However, today, Longze Jing Tian stood on Taji Guli’s side. Taji Guli secretly went to Qiang tribe’s village. Fortunately, he and Duyi followed her. Originally, he wanted to take the child away, but was stopped by Duyi. If it wasn’t because Jin Mo came, he would’ve insisted on taking Feng Xiao instead of hastily leaving a note.

“No matter what method is used, isn’t it alright as long your purpose is achieved?! Now, Gu Yun Wan is in our hands. Gu De only has one beloved daughter. He certainly wouldn’t leave his daughter and not care about her.”

Duyi wanted to persuade his two partners, but after seeing their expressions, Duyi felt a bit disappointed. Although, he also disliked Feng Cang, at least he wanted to achieve some success that he could be proud of. This dream was destroyed in Feng Cang’s hands. However, he wouldn’t vent his anger on an innocent child because he hated Feng Cang. That was not a man’s behaviour!

“What should we do now? If Gu De searched the mountain, where should we hide? After all, here is their territory!” Taji Guli ignored Duyi. To her, Duyi was a fool. Even if you explain some things ten thousand times to him, he wouldn’t understand them. This was the so-called generation gap.

The question raised by Taji Guli was exactly what Longze Jing Tian was thinking about. Gu Yun Wan having been kidnapped, Gu De certainly wouldn’t leave the matter at that. No one was more familiar with White Bird mountain than the Qiang tribe. If they sealed and searched the mountain, the three of them certainly couldn’t be compared to the people of the Qiang tribe who was born and raised here. Maybe, it wouldn’t even take two days before they would be found!

“Since we started it, we must carry it through. Why don’t we kill her?! Otherwise, it would be very inconvenient to bring her into hiding.”

While Taji Guli was talking, Gu Yun Wan happened to wake up. When she opened her eyes and saw the environment in front of her eyes, she was a bit puzzled. When she saw that offbeat face of Taji Guli, Gu Yun Wan understood that she had been kidnapped.

“Who are you?” Gu Yun Wan didn’t show panic. Even after she heard that Taji Guli wanted to kill her, she didn’t show the slightest panic. The enemy was three people. She was obviously heavily outnumbered. At this time, being calm and rational was the best way.

“We? Hehe, you don’t need to know who we are. Because, it won’t be long before you become a corpse.” Taji Guli walked smilingly to Gu Yun Wan. The dagger in her hand gestured in front of Gu Yun Wan’s face.

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