Chapter 202 (Part 1) Love is in sky of affection (1)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

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Chapter 202 (Part 1) Love is in sky of affection (1)

Gu Yun Wan wasn’t a little girl and wasn’t scared by Taji Guli’s actions. She had experienced too many storms. In just a moment, she determined her current situation. She only knew Longze Jing Tian amongst the three. When Nan Feng attacked Xi Qi, she had seen Longze Jing Tian from afar.

Now, Longze Jing Tian appeared at White Bird mountain. This made Gu Yun Wan feel very surprised. When she looked at Taji Guli, Gu Yun Wan had once seen her on the wanted poster in Bei Zhou. She didn’t expect that they ganged up together. Really birds of a feather flock together!

“You want to kill me?” Gu Yun Wan sneered.

“Here is White Bird mountain and the territory of the Qiang tribe. If you kill me, you also won’t have a good outcome! My father won’t let you off! Perhaps now, my father already knows that I had been kidnapped and the whole village had been moved to search for me. It won’t take long before they find me and also find you!”

What Gu Yun Wan said was exactly what Longze Jing Tian was worried about.

He didn’t want to die. Gu Yun Wan was right. Even if they kill her, they wouldn’t have any good outcome. Instead, they would anger Gu De and bring a bigger trouble to them. However, Gu Yun Wan is a living person. It’s very difficult to hide her. What should they do?

“On the way here, I saw a deep hole left by hunters at the side of the mountain. Let’s threw her there and cover her with leaves. Then, threw some bodies of dead animals with her to use the smell as cover. No one will find her.”

The one who spoke was Duyi. He once used this trick to deal with aa disciple who was in conflict with him. It worked well. When that person was discovered, he had already died for a long time from lack of water. No one had ever found out that this was done by him.

Duyi’s idea made Gu Yun Wan startled. This man was really vicious. He was actually able to come up with such an idea. Not only would the smell of rotting flesh eliminate the idea of people to inspect but it would also attract beasts. He did this just to get more time for them and let her die in the hole.

“This idea is not bad! Let’s do it like that!” Longze Jing Tian quickly understood the meaning of Duyi’s words. He let Taji Guli block Gu Yun Wan’s mouth. Gu Yun Wan wanted to struggle, but her limbs were bound. She simply couldn’t go against Taji Guli’s brute force.

Gu Yun Wan whose mouth was blocked by a cloth didn’t brutally fight back but instead she huddled quietly. She held her hands behind her body. In her heart, she was silently reading a gu spell. A small worm came out from her fingertip. When it fell on the ground, it merged with the grass. If you don’t look carefully, you won’t see it.

“Let’s go!” Duyi went forward, put Gu Yun Wan on his back and carried her out of the cave. The three soon found the deep hole left by the hunters. Duyi hit Gu Yun Wan’s acupuncture point. Then, he took something to put in her mouth and threw her on the ground. Taji Guli cut a lot of green branches and threw them inside the hole.

The layers of leaves obscured Gu Yun Wan. Duyi threw a few dead rabbits inside. The rotting smell was released in a short time. After doing these, Duyi inspected for the last time before he clapped the dust from his hands and left with Longze Jing Tian and Taji Guli.

Bastard! Gu Yun Wan smelled the rotting smell and wanted to vomit. She now had some regrets for not learning the study of the gu from Gu De when she was young. Otherwise, it would’ve been a piece of cake to deal with these three people; if it was like that, how would she be in such a sorry state now?

Gu De originally put two gu on Gu Yun Wan to let her protect herself in the palace of Nan Feng. It was just, after Ming Yue Cheng ascended the throne, Gu Yun Wan felt that there was no need and returned the gu to Gu De.

The gu she released just now was a gu Gu Yun Wan raised from a young age. Unfortunately, usually she was too lazy to train it. That gu was just a small larva, didn’t have much power and also couldn’t protect her.

Now, the only thing that Gu Yun Wan hoped was that her gu could fly back to the village and bring people to save her.

However, Gu Yun Wan was also not sure whether this thing will succeed. After all, here was too far from the village. Her gu was too small. It was difficult to say if it had the ability to fly back. Besides, there were many birds in the woods. They were the natural enemies of worms. Although, birds were also very afraid of the gu but her gu was too small and didn’t have much destructive power. Then, she would be really without aid.

Gu Yun Wan lay alone in the stinky cave. She wasn’t able to move. The dead rabbits next to her gave off a bloody smell. She knew that before long, this bloody smell would become a rotting smell and would attract a variety of snakes and worms. If by that time she still can’t leave here, she would really be buried here.

At the village, that Gu Yun Wan was missing spread throughout the village in a short time. Everyone gathered at the square in the village.

At this time, the sky gradually darkened. Men, women, children and elders were all holding torches and prepared to search for Gu Yun Wan. The daughter of the chief was missing. Moreover, she had been kidnapped in their village. To the people of the Qiang tribe, this was absolutely intolerable.

“Chief, don’t worry! We will definitely find great miss!”

In the end, the elders stayed at home to look after the children. The middle-aged group grouped in ten people, held a torch and went up the mountain to search for Gu Yun Wan. Feng Qi Qi needed to take care of Feng Xiao, so she also stayed. Feng Cang joined the team of looking for Gu Yun Wan.

“Great miss! Where are you?! Great miss!”

A string of long torches with the shouts of people echoed in the forest.

Gu Yun Wan who was thrown into the deep hole heard her name half-consciously. She wanted to answer but was unable to make a sound. She wanted to sit up, but her acupuncture point had been blocked. At this time, Gu Yun Wan couldn’t do anything. She could only worry helplessly.

“Great miss! Great miss!”

Everyone searched carefully on the mountain. They didn’t let go of any place, including the holes dug for hunting. Hearing that the sounds were getting closer and closer, Gu Yun Wan was very excited. She wished she could shout, “I’m here.” However, she couldn’t move at all.

The torches gathered around the deep hole where Gu Yun Wan was located. Some people looked inside. Several people came together. The people looked for a while and only saw some leaves and shadows and also smelled the rotten smell. “There’s no one!” Someone shook his head.

After hearing this Gu Yun Wan got anxious. I’m here! I’m right here! Gu Yun Wan was very anxious but she could only feel the disappearance of the light of the fire. The surrounding had become quiet again.

Bastards! Now, Gu Yun Wan hated Longze Jing Tian’s group very much. These three people actually hid in White Bird mountain. They are certainly doing disadvantageous things to Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi. Now, she was trapped here and there was no way notify them. She hoped that her small gu could go back!

One night had soon passed. The people of Qiang tribe who had searched for a whole night didn’t find Gu Yun Wan. After the sky became bright, everyone returned to the square of the village. When Gu De heard this news, he almost fell. Fortunately, Ming Yue Cheng supported his back.

Just the thought that his only daughter had been kidnapped and her whereabouts were unknown, Gu De felt anxious. His eyes were bloodshot. He had never been so panicked before. Even when Gu Yun Wan married into the palace as hostage, he wasn’t this worried.

“Uncle Gu De, go rest a bit. We will go search once more. Now, it’s during the day. It would be easier to search. I believe that it won’t take us long before we will find little Wan.” Seeing the tiredness in Gu De’s eyes, Ming Yue Cheng supported Gu De while comforting him.

Gu De rejected Ming Yue Cheng’s good intentions. “No! Little Wan hadn’t been found. I can’t sleep. I’m worried that something will happen to her. I want to go with you!”

Gu De’s eyes made it impossible for Ming Yue Cheng to refuse him. Gu Yun Wan had lost her mother from ever since she was young. Gu De was a father and a mother and raised Gu Yun Wan. He held her in his hands, fearing that he’ll break her. He cherished her in his mouth, fearing that he’ll melt her. How could Gu De not be worried now that Gu Yun Wan had been kidnapped?

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