Chapter 28: Murong Xin Lian Showed Her Talent

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 28: Murong Xin Lian Showed Her Talent

Just now, when he had entered the palace, Murong Tai was worried that the emperor would punish him because of Murong Qi Qi’s matter. He didn’t think that Longze Yu would grant her the status of princess and let her marry Bei Zhou country’s Feng Cang.

Thinking about Feng Cang’s deceased father Feng Xie, Murong Tai’s heart tasted bad like it had spilled a bottle of bitter seasoning. From beginning to end, this man has occupied the heart of the woman he deeply loves. Even after his death, she preferred to stay at the temple praying. She refused to take one step outside the temple to take a look at Murong Tai and their two daughters.

In his heart, Murong Tai isn’t willing to let Murong Qi Qi marry Feng Cang. Although she is rubbish but after all, she is his own flesh and blood.

His wife Li Qui Shui, throughout her whole life, the only one she thinks of and misses is Feng Cang’s father, Feng Xie. Now, his daughter has to marry Feng Cang to chongxi. No matter how you see it, it’s the Feng family who’s receiving the advantage. This is something that Murong Tai’s pride and dignity as a man could not allow.

  • Chongxi: arrange a wedding for a very ill young man with the hope that the ’event of great joy’ will drive away his bad luck and hasten his recovery

But if Murong Qi Qi’s marriage to Feng Cang can return Li Qui Shui’s smile; if sacrificing Murong Qi Qi would make Li Qui Shui step out of the temple she has stayed at for the past fifteen years and come take a look at him, even if it’s only one glance, he will abandon Murong Qi Qi……

With that thought, just now in front of the emperor, Murong Tai accepted this matter.

“Could it be that prime minister did not understand bengong’s [1. Bengong: I, used by the females of the imperial family] words?”

Murong Qi Qi jerked back and looked coldly at Murong Tai. That glance is as cold as ice, making Murong Tai’s whole body suddenly feel chilly.

Bengong is princess Zhao Yang, the future Nan Lin wangfei [2. Wangfei: main wife of the prince of first rank] asking prime minister to please remember your status. The charge of offending your superior is not something prime minister can afford!”


The door slammed as if it’s showing its owner’s anger. Murong Tai looked at the door with a dark face, but because it’s he who pushed Murong Qi Qi into the pit of fire, he suppressed his anger.

“Daddy, don’t get angry. Maybe, little sister is too happy!”

Murong Xin Lian cleverly came to Murong Tai’s side and comforted him in a soft voice.

“That’s right. What Xin er [3. Er: term of endearment] said is right. She is happy, is happy!”

With Murong Xin Lian giving him a way out of an embarrassing moment, Murong Tai returned to normal quickly. But after seeing the traces of a whip on Murong Xin Lian’s face, Murong Tai frowned.

“Your face?”

“It’s third little sister who wanted to learn martial arts and let me teach her. It’s daughter who didn’t know how to teach, so, so……

Murong Xin Lian covered her face. She only said half, the other half she left it to Murong Tai’s imagination.

“Humph! She is just like that!”

After knowing that the scars on Murong Xin Lian’s face were made by Murong Qi Qi, the guilt that Murong Tai had felt for third daughter decreased.

Anyway, it’s not a bad thing to have a rubbish married off. Staying at home would take up place and also stir up trouble. Moreover, such a person like Feng Cang marrying a rubbish; in the future, Feng family’s bloodline will have half of his Murong family’s blood. This let Murong Tai feel a small amount of pleasure from revenge.

Feng Xie, you took away Shui er’s heart. Laofu will let this rubbish scourge the whole Feng clan!

Thinking till here, Murong Tai’s mood is excellent. And after seeing Murong Xin Lian look at Longze Jing Tian with a pair of eyes that were full of feelings, Murong Tai’s brain turned and got a good idea. Therefore, he didn’t care that Murong Xin Lian’s looks were currently damaged and took her to Longze Jing Tian.

Wangye, this is this prime minister's second daughter Murong Xin Lian. Xin Lian, quickly pay respect to wangye!”

“Your subject's daughter greets wangye!”

The handsome man in front of her is the one she’s fancied for a long time, Jing wang. Murong Xin Lian’s little heart suddenly began to thump hard. Her face is also burning really hot.

Definitely must leave a good impression on Longze Jing Tian. Definitely must use my beauty to keep him!

Murong Xin Lain paid her respect shyly but unexpectedly, the moment her knees bent, the clothes on her body tore open like snowflakes. Even her undergarments turned into patches of red petals flying away. When Murong Xin Lian got up, she was standing without anything on her body in front of Longze Jing Tian.


Murong Xin Lian turned red from shyness. Her hands immediately covered her chest. After that, she felt that it’s still not right. She immediately turned around and is now facing Longze Jing Tian with her back. But as soon as she turned around, standing in front of her was a eunuch. Murong Xin Lian wanted to die and fainted.

“Xin Lian, Xin Lian!”

Murong Tai suddenly shouted, but he didn’t have any intention to step forward and support her.

Seeing that the red-faced Murong Xin Lian was stiffly falling onto him, Longze Jing Tian felt that no matter if he caught her or not, it wouldn’t be right, so he can only take off his outer garments and quickly wrap it around Murong Xin Lian.

“Miss, are you alright?”

Don’t know if Murong Xin Lian really fainted or had pretended to faint. She let Longze Jing Tian shout and didn’t make a sound and continued to nestle in his embrace, making it so that he had no way out of this dilemma.


Su Mei and Su Yue exchanged a glance. The two dragged Fei Cui away.

Only after Murong Tai and the others had left did Murong Qi Qi come out of the room. To her surprise, Murong Jun hadn’t left and was still in Cui Zhu yuan [4. Yuang: a wing/ a part of a residence]. The words he said were even more surprising.

“Third little sister, are you really going to marry Nan Lin wang? His image isn’t very good.”

“Big brother, the decree has been sent, what can I do now?”

Murong Qi Qi smiled faintly. This brother’s performance today let her have some admiration.

“Today, thanks big brother for helping.”

“You and I are biological siblings, no need to be polite. Moreover, third little sister also helped me.”

Murong Jun’s words were right to the point, he didn’t say any more or less.

“For the offences of the past, asking third little sister to please forgive me. Although I’m playful and unruly, it’s not that I can’t distinguish between the good and the bad. What happened today is what I had to do. Third little sister doesn’t need to put it in your heart!”

The siblings made eye contact and understood each other’s meaning.

Murong Jun stayed for a moment longer and then left. When he reached the door, he suddenly turned: “Third little sister, in the future, if fourth little sister goes overboard and offends you, please spare her.”

So it turned out that Murong Jun knew that Su Mei did something to Murong Xin Lian’s clothes. Murong Qi Qi only chuckled: “Big brother, my motto has always been ‘if people don’t bother me, I don’t bother them’.

“I understand.”

Murong Jun sighed heavily. Murong Qi Qi said it so straightforwardly; he could only hope that his little sister would behave a little. This third little sister is not as weak as she seemed. He’s afraid that she is the best out of the whole Murong clan…….

In just one night, the wind changed. Murong Qi Qi transformed into an imperial princess & Nan Lin wangfei while Murong Xin Lian has become Jing wang’s cefei [5. Cefei: side concubine, second ranked wife of a prince of first rank].

“Miss, I didn’t expect that I ruined her clothes only to have her achieve her dream! But don’t worry, I’ve already let out rumors. Now the whole capital knows that Jing wang broke off the engagement for Murong Xin Lian. They have long had an affair. Murong Xin Lian stole her little sister’s fiancée. Now her reputation really stinks. Of course, Longze Jing Tian is also no better! Humph! Who let them bully miss?!”

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