Chapter 29: Begonia’s Spring Sleep

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 29:  Begonia’s Spring Sleep



In Cui Zhu yuan[1. Yuan: a part of a residence], Su Mei radiated with delight. Murong Qi Q had said when doing things, you need to use your brains, don’t always go fight and kill. So she also learned these.

“Very good!”

Murong Qi Qi threw a milk white jade dragon at Su Mei.

“Longze Jing Tian still owes me five hundred thousand silver taels. You go get it. Remember, I only want bank biljets!”

Su Mei touched the jade and looked at Murong Qi Qi. She had heard from her miss about the encounter with Longze Jing Tian in the forest. Going to collect a debt at this time is most appropriate.

“Miss, then I’ll go now!”

After receiving the command, Su Mei left the prime minsiter's mansion cheerfully.

As Su Mei appeared in front of Jing wangfu[2. Wangfu: the residence of the prince of first rank] , one of the four great families Bai household also received an unfamiliar guest.

“Tong Bao Zhai?”

  • Tong Bao Zhai is the place where they sell jewelry. It is the jewelry store of Guang Hua gongzi

Looking at the invitation in his hand, Bai Mu Fei was stunned for a moment. They didn’t have any business going on with Tong Bao Zhai. He didn’t know why the shopkeeper of Tong Bao Zhao had come to visit. But in this world, he’s afraid that there’s no one who would refuse Guang Hua gongzi’s[3. Gongzi: young master] Tong Bao Zhai.

“Please come in!”

The one who came in was a forty-something middle-aged man. His face was dark of color and he’s slim. When he saw Bai Mu Fei, he came forward and bowed: “Young master Bai!”

“Shopkeeper Fang!”

Bai Mu Fei politely bowed back. He immediately let someone pour tea. He didn’t dare to show the slightest neglect.

Fang Kui sat down. The attendant behind him put a sandalwood box on the table.

“Young master Bai, I will not talk in rounds. Today, I came to your residence because our family’s gongzi’s commanded me to give this box of jewelry to miss Bai.”

Bai Mu Fei was even more surprised by Fang Kui’s words. Which jewelry from Tong Bao Zhai was not hard to find and couldn’t even be bought with money? Now he’s giving a full box to Bai Yi Yue. What did Guang Hua gongzi mean by this? Could it be that he took a fancy to little sister?

The way Bai Mu Fei thought seemed to be within Fang Kui’s expectations. He stroked his beard while smiling.

“Young master Bai doesn’t need to think more of it. It’s just that my family’s gongzi owes miss Bai a favor. Now, he’s just repaying a debt.”

“Repaying a debt?”

Now Bai Mu Fei didn’t understand it even more. When did little sister help Guang Hua gongzi? Why didn’t he know about it? Even though he thought like this, he still let the servant go call Bai Yi Yue.

Today, Princess Ping Yang Longze Yu Er also happens to visit Bai household. Since she did not have to go chongxi for demon wang[4. Wang: the prince of first rank], Longze Yu Er’s mood was very good. As to why she came to Bai household, it’s because of Bai Mu Fei.

  • Ping Yang is her title as princess. Longze Yu Er is her given name

The family that Duanmu Qing had taken a fancy to as Longze Yu Er’s husband is the Bai family. The Bai family is really rich, they had plenty of money. If Longze Yu Er become Bai family’s first daughter-in-law, in the future if her (DQ) son got the throne and needs money, she don’t need to be afraid that the Bai family would be stingy!

“Actually, I think third miss Murong is very pitiful.”

After seeing Longze Yu Er’s happiness, Bai Yi Yue said her thoughts.

“After all, there are too many rumors about Feng Cang. A girl marrying to another country is not something that an ordinary woman would be able to bear.”

“Bai Yi Yue, what do you mean, ah?”

Seeing Bai Yi Yue take Murong Qi Qi’s side, Longze Yu Er is unhappy.

“If she doesn’t go, could it be that you want bengong[5. Bengong: this palace, I, used by the females of the imperial family]  to marry demon wang?Don’t you know the fate of those women who married demon wang? Do you want bengong to die tragically on the wedding night, ah?!”

Bai Yi Yue is already accustomed to Longze Yu Er’s craftiness, but she won’t bow down just because the other party is a princess.

“Princess, everyone is born from a mother and father. They didn’t pop out of a stone. Now that third miss is going to Bei Zhou in your place, you should be thankful instead. Yue er[6. Er: term of endearment] never had those thoughts that princess said and only described the facts.”


Longze Yu Er was so angry that she gritted her teeth in rage. She is a princess, why did Bai Yi Yue whisk her face everytime like this! Seeing Bai Yi Yue’s calm expression, Longze Yu Er felt her anger rise.

Humph! For now, bengong will let you be. After bengong marries into Bai family and becomes your sister-in-law, you’ll see!

Just then, the servant Bai Mu Fei had sent broke the heavy atmosphere. After hearing that Tong Bao Zhai had gifted Bai Yi Yue a box of jewelry, Longze Yu Er immediately put the unhappiness in the back of her mind. Instead, she acted like she is the one who had received the gift: “Where is it, escort bengong?!”

When she entered the main hall and saw the box next to Fang Kui, she immediately commanded him to open the box.

“I’m sorry, our gongzi said that this box of jewelry is for miss Bai. Only miss Bai can personally open it!”

Her face being torn in public, immediately made Longze Yu Er’s expression turn dark. Fang Kui’s eyes leaped over the princess in front of him and kindly looked at Bai Yi Yue, who had appeared last.

“Greeting to miss Bai! To express his gratitude to miss’s helping hand, our family’s gongzi specially designed this set of ‘Begonia’s spring sleep’ and asked this little one to give it to miss as miss’s sixteenth birthday gift.”

Fang Kui opened the box in front of Bai Yi Yue. Immediately, only the sound of breaths being drawn out could be heard. Stars appeared in the eyes of all the women present. Even Bai Mu Fei as a man had no choice but to admire the superb skills and sophisticated design.

“How beautiful!”

Longze Yu Er reached out and wanted to touch, but was stopped by Fang Kui.

“Princess, this set of jewelry is very precious!”

The hidden meaning was, you don’t break it.

This time, Longze Yu Er got angry: “What about bengong taking a look at it? What a bad toy!”

Fang Kui didn’t get angry because of Longze Yu Er’s inappropriate words. Instead, he put the box in Bai Yi Yue’s hands.

“Behind every jewelry, there’s miss’s maiden name engraved on them. Our family’s gongzi said Tong Bao Zhai won’t make a second set of this jewelry. Asking miss Bai to be rest assured. In this world, there won’t ever appear the same set of jewelry. If there is, it will surely be an imitation.”

Born in the richest family, Bai Yi Yue only lived in brocade garments and jade meals.

  • Brocade garments and jade meals: a life of luxury.

What kind of good things had she not seen? But she still was deeply attracted to this set of ‘Begonia’s spring sleep’ in front of her. Just with one glance, she knew that this was the highest quality of suet jade. Such a big expense, such fine jewelry, was it really for her? Bai Yi Yue couldn’t believe it.

“Is such a precious gift really for me? With all respect, Yue er doesn’t remember having ever seen Guang Hua gongzi. Let alone ever helping him. Could it be that Guang Hua gongzi remembered wrongly? If it’s like this, Yueer cannot accept this gift because it’s really too precious!”

Bai Yi Yue’s words were very sincere. Seeing her this way, Fang Kui was very pleased. The way miss sees people was really good. This miss Bai is indeed worthy to become friends with!

“Miss, be assured, our family’s gongzi didn’t remember wrongly. It’s just that miss has a good heart and inadvertently did something good and didn’t remember it. But to our family’s gongzi, meeting miss by chance and miss speaking out for justice is the most valuable! Please be assured!”

After seeing Bai Yi Yue inadvertently getting Tong Bao Zhai’s full set of jewelry, Longze Yu Er’s eyes almost fell out from envy. No! She is a princess, why does Bai Yi Yue have it and she doesn’t?

Thinking till here, Longze Yu Er stood in front of Fang Kui. She put one hand on her hip and pointed the other hand at him: “Hey, go back and say to your family’s whatever gongzi, bengong also wants a set of jewelry and it also needs to be unique! Let him make it quickly for bengong! By that time,bengong will reward him heavily!”

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