Chapter 55 They want to kill to silence

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 55 They want to kill to silence

“I heard that the empress dowager has always been kindhearted. Jing wang[1. Wang/ wangye: prince of the first rank] was raised at the empress dowager’s side since he was young. He is naturally influenced her, so his character is also extraordinary. Since miss Duanmu is interested in Jing wang, you should understand what the other likes. This is also for yourself…….”

Has to say, Bai Yi Yue’s words played a very important role. Just a moment and Duanmu Yi Yi already made decision.

When they got out, everyone was waiting for them to announce the result. Duanmu Qing was staring straight at Duanmu Yi Yi. She knew this niece very well. She also knew that Duanmu Yi Yi hates Murong Qi Qi. As long as Duanmu Yi Yi deny, there will be room to maneuver.

“How was it?”

Longze Yu looked anxiously at the two. Never before has he felt that time flies so slowly.

“Answering his majesty, princess Zhao Yang is pure and noble.”

For Longze Jing Tian, for her own future, Duanmu Yi Yi calmly told the truth. Bai Yi Yue who was next to Duanmu Yi Yi nodded: “Princess Zhao Yang is indeed a good woman who knows how to love herself. Asking his majesty to give justice to princess Zhao Yang!”

“Yi Yi!”

Duanmu Qing was very surprised. Inside the surprise there’s also a trace of anger. Didn’t Duanmu Yi Yi hate Murong Qi Qi? Why is she helping her now? Now what will happen to Longze Yu Er? If Murong Qi Qi really wants to pursue the matter, then how should she protect her daughter?

Facing Duanmu Qing’s eyes full of accusations, Duanmu Yi Yi lowered her head. Inside her eyes echoed the words Bai Yi Yue just said. Aunt, I’m sorry! I can’t let Jing wang hate me!

Having these two’s words, Longze Yu suddenly felt relieved. Fortunately, this Murong Qi Qi is innocent, otherwise if Feng Cang hold them accountable for casually stuffing a dirty woman at him, then it’ll be big trouble.

But, he just let out a breath of relief, Longze Yu began to have a headache again. Since Murong Qi Qi is innocent, then isn’t it that Longze Yu Er slandered her?

According to the agreement, Murong Qi Qi will get Longze Yu Er’s life! Although the child didn’t live to his expectations, but she is still his biological child. If she is killed under his own eyes, when this get out, what will the citizens think? How will the world laugh at him?

Seemingly to be aware of her situation now, Longze Yu Er changed her arrogance. Her whole body began to tremble.

“Princess Ping Yang, are you going to do it yourself or should I give you a ride?”

Pretending to not see that Longze Yu Er is backing off step by step, Murong Qi Qi pulled out the dagger.

“Although bengong[2 Bengong: I, used by the females of the imperial family] has never killed anyone before and also didn’t kill chicken, duck or anything, but just now when wangye cut off princess Xin’s hands, bengong watched carefully and learned a lot. Although I can’t do it as neat as wangye, but you can be at ease, bengong will try to make you not feel pain. Really!”

Murong Qi Qi was smiling. Her voice was so gentle. If it wasn’t that very word was threatening, then others would’ve just thought that she was chatting.

“No, no……”

The more Murong Qi Qi was being so harmless, the more people will feel their blood run cold. Longze Yu Er shook her head and stepped back. She didn’t want to be like Ming Yue Xin. She didn’t want to end like her. She is a princess! How dare Murong Qi Qi to be so rude to her?

Not waiting for Longze Yu Er to finish talking, Murong Qi Qi’s expression changed: “No? How can we do that?! Do you think bengong is easily bullied? The dignified Nan Lin wangfei[3. Wangfei: main wife of a wangye] was actually forced to prove her innocence in Xi Qi country’s feast. If this gets out, how do you want bengong to be able to continue to live?”

Talking till the end, Murong Qi Qi’s eyes were moist again. Not waiting for people to understand, sparkling tears like flood poured out and raged down.

“Qing Qing……”

Feng Cang didn’t know what to do facing Murong Qi Qi’s tears. While carefully wiping her tears, his hostility skyrocketed: “Qing Qing, the humiliation you suffered today, benwang[4. Benwang: I, used by a wangye] will definitely get it back for you on the battlefield!”

Seeing that Feng Cang is making this matter bigger and even mentioned battlefield, Longze Yu can no longer sit still and rushed to Longze Yu Er. Pa, pa. he mercilessly slapped her twice.

“Darn thing! How did I give birth to a thing like you!”

“Emperor father......”

Longze Yu Er only saw stars in her eyes after the two slaps from Longze Yu. Although she is a daughter, but since little, she was doted by Longze Yu. Emperor father has never touched even a small finger of her. Today he slapped her in front of so many people.

“Shut up!”

Fearing that Longze Yu Er will say more ‘darn words’, Longze Yu scolded her to let her shut up. Knowing that Longze Yu was really angry, Longze Yu Er bitterly endured the tears. She stood there with a red face without daring to move.

After teaching his daughter a lesson, Longze Yu turned and smiled at Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi: “Nan Lin wang, all is a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding……”


After Murong Qi Qi hears that, she cried even louder.

“It must be because I’m not a real princess and doesn’t have a noble identity, that’s why they are humiliating me like this. Wangye, it’s said to hit the people but not hit the face. Everyone knows I’m Nan Lin wangfei. They are like this. They obviously look down on you and looks down on Bei Zhou country!”

Such a big hat being put on Longze Yu’s head, making him uncomfortable, but he doesn’t dare to take it off. In Longze Yu’s heart, he really hates Murong Qi Qi. If he had known that she will be so difficult to deal with, he should have just find an easy woman to be the princess. Then he wouldn’t have all these troubles.

“I being falsely accused is a small thing, but wangye is a real man, the Nan Lin wang who shook the four countries. How can wangye bear such humiliation?! Even if they don’t give face to the monk, they should give face to the Buddha. How are they bullying me? They are completely bullying wangye, ah!”

If one, crying, two, make a scene, three, hang herself are a woman’s most powerful tricks, then Murong Qi Qi played the first one. Even Longze Yu felt like he doesn’t have the tears to cry anymore. A big hat came down on Longze Yu’s head and tightly fastened onto his head, making him feel that his head is becoming bigger and bigger. His heart is also more and more disturbed.

  • Cry, 2. Make a scene, 3 hang herself: make a terrible scene, throw a tantrum

Seeing Murong Qi Qi’s small nose becoming red from crying, Feng Cang couldn’t hold it in anymore. He took Murong Qi Qi into his embrace, turned and wanted to leave.

“Qing Qing, let’s leave! Benwang will immediately write a letter to emperor uncle. His nephew’s wife has suffered. Let’s see if he does or doesn’t help!”

This time, Longze Yu wanted to die.

Who doesn’t know that Bei Zhou’s emperor Wanyan Lie is the most protective and that the one he loves the most is his treasured nephew? That’s why when Feng Cang was ten years old, he bestowed him the title of wang. When he was fifteen years he let him have military power. Now there’s even the thought of giving him the throne.

If the matter of today get informed to Wanyan Lie with vinegar and oil, he will surely give Feng Cang the permission to use the troops in Xi Qi country. In history there are no small amount of cases where war began just because of a trivial matter!

  • Adding vinegar and oil: exaggerating.

Wangye, stay behind!”

Longze Yu quickly stopped Feng Cang.

Seeing Longze Yu in front of her, Murong Qi Qi ‘shivered’ and hid into Feng Cang’s embrace.

Wangye, do they want to kill to silence,” Murong Qi Qi asked sheepishly


Longze Yu almost vomited blood.

What kill to silence? What does she mean? He just didn’t want the matter to become more serious and only wanted to explain! How come when it reached Murong Qi Qi, it became kill to silence? Even if you give him ten galls, he will not dare to do something to Feng Cang in front of so many people!

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