Chapter 56 The culprit behind the scenes

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 56 The culprit behind the scenes

Longze Yu wanted to scold Murong Qi Qi, but she was being protected by Feng Cang like that, so he can only resist his temper and smiled: “Wangye[1. Wangye/wang: prince of the first rank], stay. No matter how we say it, this matter is Yu Er’s fault. Zhen[2. Zhen: I, used by an emperor] will apologize to wangfei[3. Wangfei: main wife of a wangye] for Yu Er.”

In just a few minutes, Murong Qi Qi’s status has upgraded from princess to wangfei. These words seemed to go along with Feng Cang’s mind. Feng Cang stopped. It’s just that he still guarded Murong Qi Qi.

Wangfei, zhen doesn’t have many children. Although Yu Er was being too much, but after all she is zhen’s biological daughter. Zhen was lax in discipline. Zhen is also wrong. It’s just can you understand a father’s heart. Can you not not let zhen be the white haired person to send a black haired person away?”

  • White hared person to send a black haired person away: to see one’s child die before oneself

Longze Yu’s words were very emotional. It didn’t rule out any possibility to get sympathy. To this point, he is still protecting Longze Yu Er. This point compared to Murong Tai who was silent from the beginning and let Murong Qi Qi fend for herself is much stronger.

“What emperor said makes sense…….”

Murong Qi Qi seemed to be somewhat moved, but Feng Cang remained silent. He has already handed this matter for his little wangfei to deal with. It’s just a cheap life. If Murong Qi Qi wants to let Longze Yu Er off, then he won’t stop. If Murong Qi Qi wants Longze Yu Er’s life, then he will certainly help her get it.

“Yes, ah……”

Seeing that Murong Qi Qi so soon swayed and no longer pursued the matter, Longze Yu exhaled. It seemed that she is just a little liar girl. Just with some eloquent words and she relented.

Seeing Longze Yu’s thoughts, Murong Qi Qi slowly wiped her tears.

“I heard there’s an idiom ‘a financial loss may prevent disaster’. If emperor is willing to give up a little something in exchange for princess’s life, then bengong[4. Bengong: I, used by the females of the imperial family] can reconsider this matter!”

Hearing that Murong Qi Qi proposed an exchange, Longze Yu nodded: “Good! No problem! If wangfei let bygones be bygones, whatever you want, zhen will give you!”

The moment Longze Yu’s golden words fell, Murong Qi Qi laughed. Seeing that girl’s smile in front of him, Longze Yu suddenly has a feeling of falling into a trap. Can it be that Murong Qi Qi went around such a circle and was waiting here for him?

Not waiting for Longze Yu to understand, Murong Qi Qi said: “I heard my father say, inside Xi Qi’s palace there is a century old Tai Sui. It’s just happens that our wangye still miss a Tai Sui for his medicine. Why don’t we use this as exchange……?

  • I have no idea what a  Tai Sui is. It’s probably a kind of (herbal) plant which is good for the body

Murong Qi Qi hasn’t finished speaking yet, Longze Yu already felt so much pain, he almost bled.

This century old Tai Sui is something his emperor father looted from Great Qin palace when he established Xi Qi. It’s priceless. It’s a good thing. It’s able to make you feel healthy and let you live longer. It’s a treasure he left to save his life, ah!

  • Great Qin is the dynasty before the world was split into four. 

Hearing Murong Qi Qi say that it’s Murong Tai who told her, Longze Yu glared once fiercely at Murong Tai. This bastard! He actually told Murong Qi Qi this! Now Murong Qi Qi is taking this as exchange, what should he do?

Murong Tai had no choice but to suffer in silence. He had unspeakable bitter suffering. He doesn’t remember when he has told Murong Qi Qi this. Could it be when he was drunk? This girl is usually very stupid. Why at this moment is she so clever?

Longze Yu was silent, making Murong Qi Qi smile. She gentle ‘cheche’ two times and looked with somewhat sympathy at Longze Yu Er.

“It seems that emperor doesn’t really love you. Then bengong can only tackle this difficult job and take your life!”

“Don’t! Don’t!”

Longze Yu Er knelt in front of Longze Yu.

“Emperor father, usually doesn’t you love Yu Er the most? Can it be that you want to see Yu Er die in front of you? Emperor father, how can you watch and do nothing? Then, what will the world say about you?!”

Longze Yu Er’s last words, hit Longze Yu’s heart.

Usually he paid most attention to things like virtues and moralities. If today he let Murong Qi Qi behead Longze Yu Er, then the one whose reputation will be damaged is him, this country’s ruler.  If the citizens know that he is so ruthless and without a heart, watching and doing nothing, then the people’s heart will be unstable. By that time, he will lose even more!

Gritting his teeth, Longze Yu nodded and accepted Murong Qi Qi’s requirements.

“Since it’s for making medicine for wangye, then this is a must! Let’s take it as a dowry zhen gave princess Zhao Yang!”


When the servants brought the century old Tai Sui, Murong Qi Qi accepted it. She smiled and bowed at Longze Yu.

Seeing his treasure in the arms of Murong Qi Qi, Longze Yu really wanted to rush forward and grab it back.

The immortality that many ancient emperors seek is this Tai Sui. Not to mention that the one in Murong Qi Qi’s hands is a century old Tai Sui, ah! Cut of one, one will grow. Eating one today, tomorrow one will grow. Such a treasure went to Murong Qi Qi with just one sentence. Now Longze Yu’s heart is really bleeding and his body is in pain.

After her life was saved, Longze Yu Er let a breath out of relief. She finally survived! She survived without any damage! Although emperor father lost a century old Tai Sui, but she is a princess. Can it be that a princess’s life is less worthy than that Tai Sui?”


Longze Yu Er’s heart didn’t felt comfortable yet, when Murong Qi Qi slowly walked in front of her.

“What do you want?”

Seeing Murong Qi Qi’s smile, Longze Yu Er took two steps back. Her eyes were alert.

“The Tai Sui was given to you. We don’t own each other anything. Murong Qi Qi don’t go overboard, ah!”

“Princess, do you want to know who deceive you?”

Murong Qi Qi’s voice was very low. Only the two of them could hear. “Deceive me?”

Longze Yu Er froze for a moment and didn’t understand the meaning of Murong Qi Qi’s words.

‘Pa, pa……’

Murong Qi Qi clapped. Someone who looked like a maid came forward and knelt in front of Longze Yu Er.

“Who are you?”

Longze Yu Er was sure she has never seen this maid before. What does this maid have to do with what Murong Qi Qi said?

“This slave is Fei Cui.”

“Fei Cui!”

The one who shouted wasn’t Longze Yu Er but Murong Xin Lian.

What happened? Was Fei Cui not beaten to death by her? Why is she here? Why does she have anything to do with Murong Qi Qi? Murong Xin Lian’s right eye suddenly twitched badly. Left eye twitching means wealth, right eye twitching means disaster. Can it be that some bad things will happen again?

“Second miss, are you surprised that this slave didn’t die?”

Fei Cui slowly stood up. She glared fiercely at Murong Xin Lian.

“You let me steal the glowing pear and put it in third miss’s room to frame her. I did it! You let me release rumors to sully third miss. I did it! You let me pour drug into third miss drink to ruin her reputation. I did it! You wanted to take the opportunity to kill third miss and let me watch out, I also did it……I was so loyal to you, why do you want to murder me!”

Fei Cui’s words made everyone whisper. So everything was done by this Jing wang’s cefei[5. Cefei/ce wangfei: second ranked wife of a wangye], ah! So she was behind all of that!

“Really you did all of that?”

Longze Jing Tian gritted his teeth while looking at the woman next to him. All those rumors were made by her. All of the things to make him misunderstand has been done her. This woman is so vicious! And he is so foolish to believe those rumors. That’s why he and that girl missed out each other!

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