Chapter 61 Feng Cang’s vinegar, everywhere (1)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

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Chapter 61 Feng Cang’s vinegar, everywhere (1)

Not like Murong Tai, also not like Li Qiu Shui! Then who does she resemble? What more secrets are hidden inside this body? Could it be that she inherited from the previous generation and looked like her grandparents or maternal grandparents? There are such cases, but her situation is very rare.

“Qi Qi, can mother bind your hair together?”

Li Qiu Shui doesn’t know Murong Qi Qi’s inner thoughts. She only gently asked.


Li Qiu Shui came to Murong Qi Qi’s back and carefully combed her hair. Two times, three times……Li Qiu Shui’s tears fell down and fell onto Murong Qi Qi’s black hair and disappeared in the waves of that black hair.

“Shui er[1. Er: term of endearment], Qi Qi has grown up. We need to be happy! We need to be happy!”

Seeing his wife’s excitement, Murong Tai quickly and softly comforted at her side.

“I know. I didn’t expect that time would go by so fast. It’s been sixteen years…...”

After Murong Qi Qi’s hair was bound together, Li Qiu Shui took out a jade hairpin and put it in Murong Qi Qi’s hair.

“The ceremony has concluded……”

Hearing the ceremonial official’s voice, Murong Qi Qi stood up. Applause rang to celebrate her becoming an adult. Binding the hair let her become an ‘adult’ in this world.

At night, inside her room, Murong Qi Qi counted the gifts she received this time. She didn’t expect that in this 'becoming an adult' ceremony, she would receive five hairpins.

The green jade hairpin was from Li Yun Qing. The blue fluorite hairpin was from Shangguan Wu Ji. Long Jing Tian gave a red coral hairpin. The hairpin Ming Yue Cheng sent was made from amethyst. The hairpins sent by those four, although they're not from Tong Bao Zhai, but they were still valuable.

Only Feng Cang sent an ordinary silver hairpin.

“Miss, wangye[2. Wangye: prince of the first rank] is usually so generous. Why did wangye gift such an ordinary gift on miss’s ceremony of becoming an adult?”

Su Mei took the silver hairpin, looked at it left and right, but didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. She only knew that this hairpin was somewhat old because the silver color was not as bright anymore and looked somewhat dull.

“This hairpin should have special significance! If I'm not mistaken, this hairpin must belong to his mother princess Ming Yue.”

“Qing Qing knows me well!”

Murong Qi Qi’s voice just fell, when the door was pushed open by someone. Feng Cang appeared at the door.

Wangye, how come you are here?”

Murong Qi Qi was very surprised. It’s a dark and stormy night. Feng Cang appearing at Cui Zhu yuan, he surely didn’t come in from the main entrance. Could it be……

“Qing Qing, you guessed it. Benwang[3. Benwang: I, used by a wangye] came in by jumping over the wall.”

Feng Cang openly entered Murong Qi Qi’s lady chamber. He carefully looked around once.

“Qing Qing’s lady chamber doesn’t have any of those vulgar powder fragrances. This is great. This is great!”

Feng Cang hadn't suddenly appeared at night to chit-chat. Murong Qi Qi calculatedly allowed Su Mei to go make tea and let Su Yue go get dessert. She went to sit opposite Feng Cang.

Wangye, you didn’t answer my question yet? Why did you come here so late?”

“I missed you…...,” Feng Cang said slowly, making Su Mei almost spill the tea she was pouring.

“Hehe……,” Murong Qi Qi embarrassingly laughed twice. Weren’t ancient people supposed to be reserved? Why was this Nan Lin wang an exception? They weren't even married yet, but he had already raided her lady chamber. If people knew about this, their spit, full of etiquettes, would be enough to drown people. Looks like he doesn’t care a bit.

Seeing Murong Qi Qi’s expression, Feng Cang’s eyes turned a deeper color. The words coming out of his mouth had a slight grievance: “It seems that Qing Qing didn’t even miss me a bit! Fancy that I think about you day and night and have countless of sleepless nights…….”

“Hai, hai!”

Su Mei and Su Yue completely collapsed. The two small faces became so red. How come the future guye[4. Guye: son in law/ also used my the servants of the mistress's family] talks so bold? They heard that the folk of Bei Zhou were simple. Could it be that all the people over there confess like this? Then wouldn’t people die from shyness?

“You guys go out first!”

Murong Qi Qi waved her hand. Su Mei and Su Yue received the order and immediately left like the wind, as if there’s some plague in the room.

“Qing Qing’s heart still has me, so you deliberately sent them away.”

Feng Cang came smilingly to Murong Qi Qi and pulled out the white jade hairpin from her hair.

“Today was Qing Qing’s 'becoming an adult' ceremony. I only wanted to come and bind Qing Qing’s hair.”

Not waiting for Murong Qi Qi to reject, inside Feng Cang’s hand, there’s a comb. He gently combed Murong Qi Qi’s hair. His skill was adept. It doesn’t seem like it’s the first time he did this. Could it be that he was like this to another person?

“When I was young, I often saw father comb mother’s hair. Then I was puzzled. Mother has so many maids, why should father do it?”

“I searched for an opportunity and asked the question in my heart. I still remember that after mother heard it, her face became red and shut father and I outside the door. Father lifted me up and told me: “When you grow up and have someone you love; you will be able to experience the fun in it.””

Feng Cang spoke slowly, Murong Qi Qi listened quietly. For a time, the room was quiet and it was unusually harmonious. Murong Qi Qi’s hair is thick. It’s like silk and satin. It lay quietly in Feng Cang’s hands and enjoyed his gentleness.

Wangye must surely have someone you love very much. That’s why you are so skilful.”

Murong Qi Qi lowered her head. Her hands were hidden in her sleeves.

Could it be that he said those words to make her feel guilty? He had someone he loves and wanted to comb hair for his loved one, that’s why he told her in such a subtle way that she should not interfere with them?

Wangye, rest assured! Although I’m a woman, I know that after marriage, I must obey the husband. Even though I will occupy the position of wangfei[5. Wangfei: main wife of a wangye], it’s just for the alliance of the two countries. When people gradually forget about this, I’ll give the position of wangfei to the woman wangye loves and support you!”


Listening till here, the comb in Feng Cang’s hand folded in half because of his strength.

What did she say? Want to support him and his sweetheart? She thinks that he is disloyal and that another woman lives in his heart? Support? Those words came out like a breeze, so carefree. What is this little woman's mind thinking? Or is it that she has a sweetheart and is very anxious to leave him?

“Does Qing Qing really think like that?”

Feng Cang lowered his head, tilted Murong Qi Qi’s chin and gazed into her eyes. Those beautiful eyes were placid without jealousy, without anger and also without any love.

She really didn’t have any slightest feeling for him, ah! Feng Cang’s eyes became injured. His heart ached. It turned out that unrequited love is such a feeling. It’s like watching safflower on a tree. Wanted to pick it, but no matter what, he can’t reach it.

Prior to knowing her, he didn’t know what love is. After knowing her, he knows what love is, but he also tasted the bitterness of love.

“If me quitting helps the lovers become husband and wife, then of course I’ll be supportive!”

Feng Cang’s body is filled with a touch of sadness, making Murong Qi Qi somewhat puzzled.

It seems that he must love that woman very much, that’s why his eyes are filled with such sadness. So it turned out that people who were in such high positions also have their distress and difficulties. It’s just that she doesn’t know who this woman is. Why couldn’t they be together? It seems that she really has become a big light bulb.

      • Light bulb: third person in a relationship

The two thoughts, one left, one right. It’s like a painting, wanting to go left, wanting to go right.


Feng Cang let her chin go. He turned and saw the four hairpins on the table. Immediately, jealousy spread.

No wonder she wants to support him! In fact, it’s letting him support her! Doesn't she know the meaning behind receiving a hairpin on a 'becoming an adult' ceremony? Not only did she accept a hairpin from a man, but accepted four at the same time! It seems that his little wangfei is very popular! Could it be that among them is her sweetheart? Then what should he do?

Wangye, wangye……

Seeing Feng Cang stare at those hairpins on the table, Murong Qi Qi is somewhat puzzled. Did these hairpins provoke him? Why are his eyes like that?

Murong Qi Qi quickly put them away in her jewellery box. Her move made Feng Cang suspect even more.

“Qing Qing, is the hairpin I sent not good enough? Why do you still accept from other people?”

Feng Cang immediately put on a pitiful expression. He leaned towards Murong Qi Qi. His eyes kept staring at the jewellery box Murong Qi Qi was guarding.

Before going to Bei Zhou, the two weren't allowed to meet. That’s why Feng Cang tolerated until now and only today did he secretly come over. He didn’t expect that his little wangfei received so many hairpins.

Four! Isn't that the same as saying that he has four rivals? Who is the one? He must let Nalan Xin find out!

Those people actually dare to put ideas on his little wangfei, did they eat the guts of a leopard? This wangfei is someone he set his eyes on. She is his! He must slap those flies and mosquitoes to death!

“The hairpin wangye sent is very good, otherwise I wouldn’t have accepted it. As for these, they are gifts from friends. Naturally, I can’t reject them.”

Feng Cang’s expression made Murong Qi Qi puzzled. He is not poor, ah. Why does he covet her hairpins so much? These hairpins can’t be sold for much gold. Why is the way he looks at them the same as how hungry people looked at bread?

“Qing Qing, gift these hairpins to me, alright? I’ll exchange them with Tong Bao Zhao’s hairpins. No matter what you take fancy on, I’ll buy it for you!”

Tong Bao Zhao’s jewellery is indeed a tempting condition. If Murong Qi Qi was a normal girl, she will definitely be swayed. But she's the boss behind the scenes of Tong Bao Zhai. Those jewelleries are personally designed by her. So the temptation Feng Cang threw out, absolutely didn’t have any affect.

Wangye, how can gifts from friends be exchanged? Then wouldn’t that be the same as betraying a friend’s heart?!”

Feng Cang almost ‘fainted’. His wangfei is really ‘stubborn’. Why couldn’t she be a bit greedier, have lesser thoughts and be less sensitive like other women?

But then again, if Murong Qi Qi was also as infatuated, as without brains and short-sighted, he wouldn’t have set his eyes on her.

It’s just that now the most critical question is how to cheat those four hairpins that had become thorns in his eyes from his little wangfei! When he gets them, he must smash those hairpins into powders, let people pack them and send them back to their owners. Humph! How can they covet his, Feng Cang’s wangfei?!

Just as Feng Cang was racking his brains about how to cheat those hairpins from Murong Qi Qi, from outside came Su Mei’s voice: “Mistress!”

“Where is miss?”

“Miss is in the room. Please let this slave go announce!”

It turned out that Li Qiu Shui had come over. For Murong Qi Qi’s reputation, Feng Cang couldn’t stay any longer. Before leaving, Feng Cang glared fiercely at the jewellery box in Murong Qi Qi’s hands. Then he jumped out of the window.

This man is really strange……Seeing that figure in white disappear, Murong Qi Qi is even more puzzled. Could it be that beside hand fetish, he also has a fetish for things? He likes to collect hairpins?

“Miss, mistress has come!”

Su Mei opened the curtain and didn’t see Feng Cang. Her heart was now more at ease.

Although this person was not her mother, but she had given birth to this body. Murong Qi Qi’s etiquettes were still in place: “Mother, sit down!”

“Take a break, let mother look at you!”

Li Qiu Shui pulled Murong Qi Qi’s hands and let Murong Qi Qi sit beside her. She looked at her affectionately.

Being stared at by a woman, Murong Qi Qi is somewhat uncomfortable. Don’t know if it’s her feelings who has a problem, but she felt that the Li Qiu Shui’s eyes has some complicated feelings. It’s like she's looking at her, but also like she's looking at another person through her.

“Qi Qi, in front of mother, do you still need to disguise? Quickly take off the Water Moon Mirror. Let mother take a look at your face!”

Water Moon Mirror! Li Qiu Shui actually knew that she's wearing the Water Moon Mirror? Then this means that what she guessed was right. She might not be Murong Tai’s biological daughter after all. Li Qiu Shui definitely knows the truth!

With these questions, Murong Qi Qi slowly removed the clear like water mask, exposing her original appearance.

“Alike, really alike…….,” Seeing Murong Qi Qi’s appearance, Li Qiu Shui couldn’t help but utter three words. The way she's looking at her became more excited.

“Mother, who do I look like?”

Murong Qi Qi pretended to be naïve and curiously asked Li Qiu Shui.

“Like……,” sensing her own discomposure, Li Qiu Shui quickly coughed once. “I mean; you look like……your father!”

“Mother, who is the father you're talking about?”

Murong Qi Qi didn’t let it go and continued to ask.

“Is my father not Murong Tai?”


After hearing Murong Qi Qi mention Murong Tai, Li Qiu Shui humphed. The contempt in her eyes was apparent. It seemed that Murong Qi Qi saying that would make her self-worth become lesser.

It seemed that she really isn’t Murong Tai’s daughter. It’s just that who's the ‘father’ that Li Qiu Shui mentioned. Could it be that Li Qiu Shui betrayed Murong Tai in the past? She's the daughter Li Qiu Shui had with another man?

“Mother, who is my biological father?”

Murong Qi Qi quietly looked at Li Qiu Shui, this woman who is like a mystery.

She is Li clan’s eldest miss. She is of noble descent. That year, Li Qiu Shui went against her parents’ wishes and married the poor scholar Murong Tai. It was infamous and once caused a sensation. With her help, not only did Murong Tai became the zhuangyuan, but his career also went very smoothly……

      • Zhuangyuan: the top ranked scholar at a literary exam

It’s just that, sixteen years ago, after giving birth to Murong Qi Qi, she suddenly went into the temple and never came out again. No one knew why she entered the temple at a time when Murong Tai was famous throughout the world.

Many people thought that it’s because Murong Tai took a concubine and betrayed their original oath of being one life, one pair of people. So Li Qiu Shui was hurt and broke the love……

There were also people who said that she got advice from a priest that she must enter the temple for Murong Tai’s road to be smooth. For the man she loves, in the end, Li Qiu Shui entered the temple. And therefore, Murong Tai also really climbed up high……

Others say that Li Qiu Shui is a proud and arrogant person. After she gave birth to Murong Qi Qi, she hurt her body and wouldn’t be able to give birth anymore. She couldn’t accept this fact and couldn’t accept the fact that a son of a concubine would inherit Murong household, that’s why she broke her love and feelings……

In short, Murong Qi Qi heard all kinds of rumors, but no one knew which was true or which was false aside from this person in front of her.

Murong Qi Qi's straightforwardness made Li Qiu Shui panic: “I can’t say. Qi Qi, don’t force me!”

Facing Murong Qi Qi’s clean and thorough eyes, Li Qiu Shui’s eyes dodged.

“You only need to know that Murong Tai is not your biological father!”

Li Qiu Shui’s expression made Murong Qi Qi very sceptical. Why did she see hate from Li Qiu Shui’s eyes?

Although it was fleeting, but she was still sensitive enough to capture that kind of intense hate. Who does she hate? Does she hate Murong Tai? That’s why she betrayed him? Since she hates Murong Tai, then why did she marry him in spite of her family's wishes? What kind of secret is exactly hidden here?

“Qi Qi, mother was not good before. I ignored you and let you suffer many grievances. It’s mother who is sorry!”

Li Qiu Shui held Murong Qi Qi’s hand, full of love. In her eyes, there’s tears. An expression full of regret and also the heartache towards this daughter.

“Mother is sorry towards you!”

Li Qiu Shui being like this suddenly made Murong Qi Qi startled. Could it be that she really had her difficulties?

Since that’s the case, she won’t ask anymore. After all, who doesn’t have an unspeakable secret? Besides, having an affair behind her husband is not a glorious thing for Li Qiu Shui. If she and that person truly love each other, then what wrong did she have?! This page should be turned over…….

Towards women, especially women in tears, Murong Qi Qi has no way out. Although this person is not her birth mother, but in the end, she gave life to this body. Although she can’t show filial piety like a daughter towards a mother, but softly appeasing, Murong Qi Qi can still do that.

“The one mother should be sorry to is not only me. Could it be that mother forgot big sister who is inside the palace? A few days ago, big sister had a miscarriage. Her mood is very bad. If mother goes and visits her, maybe she will feel much better.”


By comparison, after mentioning Murong Xue Lian, Li Qiu Shui’s voice turned a lot more indifferent. There’s no sense of intimacy. It’s a lot more alienated. So much that her voice even revealed a feeling of shame.

In the end, how complicated is this family, ah?!

Only now did Murong Qi Qi became aware of this problem. She suddenly remembered the information Su Yue brought back in respect to Murong Xue Lian’s birth. She was born after Li Qiu Shui and Murong Tai had been married for eight months. Murong household told outsiders that mistress had a premature birth……

Now seeing Li Qiu Shui full of resentment, could it be that Murong Xue Lian wasn’t premature, but she was actually born after the full term? Could it be that Li Qiu Shu had gotten pregnant before marriage? If it’s like that, then Li Qiu Shui got married because of an unplanned pregnancy. Then could it be that Murong Tai had forced himself on Li Qiu Shui? She, because of her pregnancy, was forced to marry Murong Tai?

No wonder, no wonder when Li Qiu Shui mentioned Murong Tai and Murong Xue Lian, in her eyes, there’s no love.

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