Chapter 62 Feng Cang’s vinegar, everywhere (2)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

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Chapter 62 Feng Cang’s vinegar, everywhere (2)

Although during the day, as Li Qiu Shui was binding the hair for Murong Qi Qi, she used ‘husband’ to address Murong Tai, but Murong Qi Qi couldn't detect any trace of feelings in her voice. No wonder it was like that……

Straightening out the relationships till here, Murong Qi Qi felt some sympathy towards Li Qiu Shui. Although she was born in a noble family, in the end, she was a weak woman and couldn’t determine her own destiny. Then, could it be that she, Murong Qi Qi, was a revenge against Murong Tai, which is why she (LQS) had her with another?

Thinking till here, Murong Qi Qi suddenly felt that the original owner of this body is even more pitiful. The only reason Li Qiu Shui gave birth to her was for revenge……could there be such extreme feelings in human nature?

“Qi Qi doesn’t need to worry about your eldest sister. She's an adult and knows how to take care of herself. You are marrying far away to Bei Zhou. It’s remote and it's another country. The one mother is now most worried about is you!”

Li Qiu Shui held Murong Qi Qi’s hands, full of concerns.

“Is Feng Cang good to you? Becoming another’s wife will not be as good as at home. Although he doesn’t have parents and you don’t have parents-in-law, but he is from the imperial family. The imperial etiquette is very complicated and there are also many rules. The relationship in the imperial family is also very complex. You must deal with them carefully, ah!”

At this time, Li Qiu Shui was like an ordinary mother and was carefully telling the daughter who's about to be married how to be a good wife. The night is quiet; only Li Qiu Shui’s voice could be heard telling her over and over again to be careful.

“The most important thing is giving birth to his heir. We women need to rely on men our whole lives. At home, obey father; after marrying, obey husband and when the husband dies, obey son. Father can’t accompany you till you're old. If your husband has a new woman, then he is unreliable. The only one you can rely on is your son.”

“When you marry, you become wangfei[1. Wangfei: official wife of a wangye]. Giving birth to the shizi[2. Shizi: Son of a wangye by a wangfei. Usually the eldest son] to inherit the position of wangye[3. Wangye: prince of first rank] is the top priority. Then, even if Feng Cang has a new person in the future, your son is the shizi. No one will dare to be too irreverent towards you. And there also wouldn't be anyone who would dare to steal your position!”

Murong Qi Qi understood what Li Qiu Shui was saying. It’s all about the ways the women in this world used to survive. But she isn’t from this world, so naturally she will use other ways. However, she couldn’t reject Li Qiu Shui’s good intentions directly. She can only patiently listen to Li Qiu Shui.

By the time Li Qiu Shui’s ‘warnings’ ended, it was already midnight. Only when Murong Qi Qi yawned and almost fell asleep, did Li Qiu Shui stop.

“In short, the most important thing is to quickly give birth to a child, preferably a boy! Take advantage of the fact that you are young, and give birth to as many as you can!”

“Yes! Daughter will remember mother’s teaching.”

Murong Qi Qi nodded. She seemed really sleepy. Li Qiu Shui didn't think she had taught enough, but she couldn’t say anything more. She just repeated: “Need to give birth to a child.”

After saying that, Li Qiu Shui left.

After Li Qiu Shui left, the sleepiness in Murong Qi Qi disappeared. Her eyes turned astute and deep.

Li Qiu Shui visiting at night and talking so much, in the end, what does she mean? If Li Qiu Shui was really concerned about her, then why in the past sixteen years did she turn a blind eye towards this daughter? Now, she suddenly came and said so many seemingly concerned words, but the motivation couldn’t help but make people be on their guard.

“Miss, should it be investigated?”

Su Yue sensed the strangeness in Murong Qi Qi.

“Let Tie Xue investigate all the things that happened fifteen years ago at the battle at Yangdang Mountain. I also want all information from the moment of Li Qiu Shui's birth till now. The more comprehensive, the better.”

Murong Qi Qi doesn’t know if she's being too suspicious or not. Although whenever Li Qiu Shui mentioned Murong Tai and Murong Xue Lian, her voice had a coldness that people couldn’t ignore; although all those warnings she told were indeed something a mother would say, but she didn’t feel any ‘love’ of a mother towards a daughter from Li Qiu Shui.

If she really feels as guilty as she claimed, why wasn't there the slightest feeling of guilt in her eyes and words? The words she said also seemed like an dialogue she said many times before. It’s not said from her feelings. What hidden secrets are in here?

Recently, in Xi Qi’s country Xi Liang, the most talked topic was princess Zhao Yang Murong Qi Qi. As the day of her leaving drew closer, the topic became livelier.

Nan Lin wang personally coming to Xi Qi to get wangfei illustrated the importance Bei Zhou put on this marriage alliance. Plus, the recent rumors about how Feng Cang favours Murong Qi Qi, made the commoners have a lot more to gossip about.

However, the most widely gossiped was still whether or not Murong Qi Qi would survive the wedding night.

Everybody knew about the matter of Nan Lin wang’s eight previous wives dying on the wedding night. Many people sympathized with Murong Qi Qi from the bottom of their hearts. Marrying so far away, and also to the demon wang. The tragic fate of this girl seemed destined a long time ago.

No matter how brilliant her performance was at the palace feast, her fate was still tragic. Really a pity……

Finally, it’s the day to marry far away.

The sun is shining; the sky is cloudless.

Early in the morning, Li Qiu Shui already came to Cui Zhu yuan[4. Yuan: a part of a residence] and gave Murong Qi Qi a red wedding dress with thick gold threads, making a dazzling golden scenery.

“This is what your mother sewed these past few nights for you.”

Murong Tai stood at Li Qiu Shui’s side. Seeing Li Qiu Shui’s red eyes, he explained to Murong Qi Qi.

“Thanks mother!”

Li Qiu Shui let Su Mei take the wedding dress away.

“Qi Qi, when you marry, you must wear the wedding dress mother made for you! Take it as though mother is personally looking at daughter getting married!”

Li Qiu Shui grabbed Murong Qi Qi’s hands.

“Mother sewed ‘bless’ on the wedding dress. It’ll certainly make you full of blessing and let you be safe!”

Safely passing the wedding night? Murong Qi Qi was thinking in her heart. She continued to give thanks: “Mother, I know. I’ll certainly wear the wedding dress you made for me.”

With Murong Qi Qi’s promise, Li Qiu Shui felt a bit more reassured and watched Su Mei put the wedding dress in a box.

This time, since Murong Qi Qi was marrying far away, aside from the dowry from the imperial family, Murong household also prepared some dowry for Murong Qi Qi.

The reason why Murong Tai was so generous had some hint of wanting to compensate Murong Qi Qi and also some idea of wanting to get into Li Qiu Shui’s good shoes. After all, Li Qiu Shui still cared about the child. If there wasn’t the matter of Murong Qi Qi marrying far away, he didn’t know when he would have been able to see Li Qiu Shui again.

So this time, Murong Tai took out one hundred and twenty boxes of dowry which filled Cui Zhu yuan. This matter almost angered Liu Yan Zhi and her daughter to death. Especially Murong Qing Lian. The hatred she now has for Murong Qi Qi went deep into her bones.

Originally, Murong Xin Lian was ruined. Thus, no one would be fighting with her anymore in this house. Everything in this house would be hers, Murong Qing Lian’s. See what’s happening now. A hundred and twenty boxes, ah! All of these were her Murong Qing Lian’s dowry, ah!

Because of the matter of Murong Qi Qi’s dowry, Liu Yan Zhi fought once with Murong Tai. In the end, only after Murong Tai gave her one slap, did she quiet down.

And this one slap also made Liu Yan Zhi thoroughly understand that she's just a toy to Murong Tai. In his heart, there's only Li Qiu Shui.

“Qi Qi, these are daddy’s mind……”

Murong Tai took out a stack of money and gave them to Murong Qi Qi.

“Daddy’s ability has its limit and can’t help you much. This money is for you. Don’t be too much of a saver and let yourself suffer……”

“Thanks daddy!”

Not waiting for Murong Tai to finish talking, Murong Qi Qi smilingly took over the money. Before it was a hundred and twenty boxes, now it’s a thick stack of money, making the eyes of the silent Liu Yan Zhi and her daughter become redder.

“Daddy, you are biased!”

Murong Qing Lian immediately shouted.


Knowing that the other party got the so-called ‘jealous, envy, hate’ disease, Murong Qi Qi gave the money to Su Yue to let her put it away. She turned to look smilingly at Murong Qing Lian.

Bengong[5. Bengong: I, used by the females of the imperial family] is princess Zhao Yang, personally bestowed by his majesty, the future Nan Lin wangfei and also Murong household’s legitimate daughter. You are only a small illegitimate daughter, but you are yelling here at bengong. What is the hierarchy? What is seniority? Could it be that you don’t know? Or is it that concubine Liu really thinks that she's the female master of Murong household and can hide the sky with one hand? And you also see yourself as a legitimate daughter?”

  • Hide the sky with one hand: hide the truth from the masses

Every word from Murong Qi Qi stabbed and stroked Murong Tai’s heart.

Li Qiu Shui is still here, and Murong Qing Lian is treating Murong Qi Qi like this, could it be that it’s instigated by Liu Yan Zhi? Seeing something like this, what will Li Qiu Shui think? If she went into the temple again because of anger, then how much longer would he need to wait?

Immediately, Murong Tai trashed Murong Qing Lian till she saw stars in her eyes: “Darn thing! You dare to be disrespectful at princess! Still not going away?!”

“Daddy, you hit me?”

Murong Qing Lian looked at Murong Tai, full of disbelief.

Need to know that because Murong Qing Lian's physique was fit for martial arts and because she's the most outstanding in Murong household, Murong Tai held her in the palm of his hands. Not to mention a slap in the face, not even a strand of her hair has he touched.

But today, Murong Tai slapped her in front of so many people because of Murong Qi Qi, this rubbish! How can Murong Qing Lian, who likes to have face and act arrogant, accept?!

“I hate you all!”

Murong Qing Lian fiercely stomped away and left Cui Zhu yuan with red eyes.

“Qing er[6. Er: term of endearment]!”

Liu Yan Zhi looked at Murong Tai with resentment and then chased after Murong Qing Lian.

Murong Jun, who was standing at one side, didn’t say a word. He knew Murong Qi Qi’s method very well. He only hoped that his mother and sister could be a bit more on their guard and don’t provoke Murong Qi Qi.

The people from Bei Zhou put Murong Qi Qi’s dowry into the carriage.

“Princess, we need to leave!”

Feng Yu came to Murong Qi Qi’s side.

“I know!”

Murong Qi Qi nodded.

“Father, mother, I’m leaving!”

She didn’t bow, Murong Qi Qi only bent a bit. She is a princess now. Her status is now different. After saying goodbye to Murong Tai and Li Qiu Shui, Murong Qi Qi walked out of Cui Zhu yuan.

Outside of the prime minister's residence, there’s a sea of people. A lot of people came to watch. More people speculated that because she had to marry to demon wang, princess Zhao Yang would be crying really hard right now!

When Murong Qi Qi with a face like the sun came out of Cui Zhu yuan, the people’s eyes flashed. Her face didn’t have any traces of tears. Her eyes also didn’t show any signs that she had cried. And that smile was bright like spring flowers of April. It didn’t seem false. Generous and frank attitude, she's indeed a legitimate daughter of the prime minister's residence!

She turned around once more to look at the place this body had lived in for many years, and Murong Qi Qi took a deep breath. From now on, she will leave here to start a new journey……

“Let’s go!”

Murong Qi Qi, with the help of Su Yue, entered the carriage.


A grandiose crowd of servants headed towards the gate to meet with Feng Cang’s team. Beneath the tower, there were many onlookers. Longze Yu and Shangguan Fei Yan had both personally came to the gate to send Feng Cang off.

Longze Jing Tian stood next to Longze Yu. With pinched lips, he looked at Murong Qi Qi who was full of radiance. In his heart, he has an unspeakable taste. He had already send the messenger out. That person will surely collaborate with him. As long as he can block their marriage, he will still have a chance! This marriage may not be completed! And she may not belong to Feng Cang!

Since the palace banquet, Longze Jing Tian has been reflecting. Why should he be so foolish to hang onto Du Xian Er and because of this obsession, miss Murong Qi Qi?

Du Xian Er is indeed beautiful, but he doesn’t need a rose with thorns at his side. And Murong Qi Qi’s relaxed and limitless performance at the palace banquet, was more suitable to be his wangfei or even a country’s empress. He is, for sure, the future emperor of Xi Qi. And at his side, he needs a woman from noble birth who's smart and generous.

The carriage headed north.


When Xi Liang capital disappeared behind the carriage, a man on a horse hurried to catch up with them.


The man stopped before Murong Qi Qi’s carriage. Putting aside the curtain, Murong Qi Qi saw Ming Yue Cheng.

At this time, Ming Yue Cheng’s hair were loose on his forehead, blocking his eyebrows. He was still wearing those purple clothes, revealing a bronzed chest. He was gasping for air. The wine gourd at his waist was shaking badly. It seemed that he had really hurried to catch up.

“That day at the lake, thanking princess for pointing out. Today, princess is traveling to far away, I don’t have much to give. This wine gourd followed me for ten years. I gift this wine gourd to you as a memory!”

Ming Yue Cheng passed the wine gourd to Murong Qi Qi. His eyes fell on Murong Qi Qi’s face as if he wanted to imprint her into his life.

“I’ll leave the position of empress at Nan Feng for you. If he betrays you, let somebody send a message and I’ll come pick you up!”

Not waiting for Murong Qi Qi to answer, Ming Yue Cheng rode the horse and drifted away. As quickly as he came, he left.

“Miss, what did Nan Feng’s crown prince say?”

Su Mei frowned. Just now, the wind was blowing too hard and Ming Yue Cheng’s voice was too low, even they, who were next to Murong Qi Qi, didn’t hear what he said.

“He said to wish me good luck!”

Murong Qi Qi held the wine gourd and looked at the disappearing figure of Ming Yue Cheng. Left the position of empress for her? So does this mean that he's determined to go back and seize the throne? Then she can use this opportunity and earn a good bit of money in Nan Feng!

If a certain crown prince knew about Murong Qi Qi’s thoughts, he would certainly cry. He had worked a lot of courage to propose this way, ah!

It would take two months to reach Bei Zhou’s capital Yan Jing from Xi Qi’s capital Xi Liang. Taking into account the tournament of the four countries which happened every five years and would be held at the end of this year in Bei Zhou, Feng Cang must be present for it. So they hastened on the journey nonstop.

Longze Yu sent Shangguan Wu Ji to escort princess Zhao Yang. Because Murong Qi Qi and Feng Cang haven’t married yet, the two were not travelling in the same carriage. With the traditional social restraints, Feng Cang wanting to see Murong Qi Qi would be very difficult.

“Ji Xiang, send these grapes to little wangfei!”

Feng Cang tasted the grapes which had been given to him just now. The taste was sweet. Knowing that Murong Qi Qi loved to eat sweet fruits, he immediately let Ji Xiang send them over.


Ji Xiang took the plate and walked towards Murong Qi Qi’s carriage.

Ever since the matter of the dress for the palace banquet, Feng Cang had ignored Ji Xiang for quite a while. Wherever he went, he would only bring Ru Yi, making Ji Xiang feel sad for a long time.

As a personal bodyguard being sent to do insignificant things, Ji Xiang still couldn’t accept it. But she has always been loyal towards Feng Cang. Although there’s a small lump between them, but she never showed it. Everything that Feng Cang ordered, she would complete them in all seriousness without slacking.

Wangfei, these are the grapes wangye sent!”

She came to Murong Qi Qi’s carriage and handed the grapes over to Su Mei.

“It so happened that miss just said that in this season, she can eat grapes! Didn’t expect Ji Xiang sister would send them over. Thanks, ah!”

Su Mei enthusiastically took over the grapes and called Ji Xiang into the carriage.

“No, wangye's carriage still needs people. This slave will retire first!”

After Ji Xiang was gone, Su Mei looked at her back and said: “Miss, seeing Ji Xiang going by the book, don’t you think she's a lot like Tie Xue? If Tie Xue was here, I would think they were siblings! Ru Yi is so easy-going, why is Ji Xiang so serious? Weren’t they born at the same time?”

“I don’t know this. Go ask their parents. Perhaps one of their personalities resembles the mother and the other resembles the father.”

Murong Qi Qi lowered her head, painted and wrote on a paper. Only when Su Mei washed the grapes and put them near her mouth, did she open her mouth and swallowed it.

“Really sweet!”

“Miss, it must be the heart that is sweet!”

Su Mei smiled and joked.

“If guye[7. Guye: son in law/ also used by the mistress's family] has something good, he always sends it to miss first. It seems that he cares very much about miss!”


Murong Qi Qi smiled and handed the paper to Su Yue.

“Send it to Fang Kui. This time, the tournament between the four countries is held in Bei Zhou. We can use this opportunity to let Tong Bao Zhai and Jue Se Fang reach another level!”

After hearing that the moment Murong Qi Qi opened and closed her mouth was about money, Su Yue smiled: “Miss, before long we can ‘whitewash’, right?”


Murong Qi Qi nodded.

‘Whitewashing’ was something Murong Qi Qi invented after taking over Moyu.

Traditionally, Moyu had been classified as an evil cult by the upright clans and was despised by them. Murong Qi Qi lived at Moyu for five years and has many feelings towards Moyu. From the moment Murong Qi Qi took Moyu over from her godfather, Murong Qi Qi has been thinking about how to let Moyu appear openly in the sun. This is what she called ‘whitewashing’.

As a top assassin organization known in the world, the people from Moyu, aside from killing, didn’t know any other lines of business. From the day Murong Qi Qi became the head of Moyu, she had secretly vowed to give them a new life, a new beginning.

No one was born loving blood and love killing. A lot of people were forced to embark on this road. She had experienced the hardships and the thrills. The kind of despair in this dark life, she had deeply felt it. So she even more wants to bring a bright life to everyone.

That’s why Murong Qi Qi uses the identity of Guang Hua gongzi[8. Gongzi: young master/ also used to refer a famous man] to create many miracles from Tong Bai Zhai to Jue Se Fang.

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