Chapter 64 Wangfei eloped with a man (2)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

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Chapter 64 Wangfei eloped with a man (2)

Under the moonlight, Feng Cang’s face was pale and looked haggard. Not waiting for the ‘wangye’ to come out completely from Murong Qi Qi’s mouth, Feng Cang flew forward and took Murong Qi Qi into his embrace. His chin was on her black hair. He closed his eyes and sniffed the fragrance of her hair.

Wangye[1. Wangye/wang: prince of the first rank]......"

“Hush Qing Qing, let me hold you for a moment.”

Feng Cang’s strength was great as though he wanted to rub Murong Qi Qi into his bones. Only when the woman in his embrace was having difficulties breathing, did Feng Cang loosen his hands.

“Sorry, I hurt you!”

Feng Cang lifted the hair on Murong Qi Qi’s forehead and looked at her bright eyes. After a long time, he continued speaking: “Qing Qing, why……didn’t you go away with him?”

He knew? He knew everything! Murong Qi Qi frowned. The sensitive Feng Cang was immediately aware of Murong Qi Qi’s thoughts.

“Is Qing Qing worried that I will make things difficult for general Shangguan?”

Wangye, Shangguan Wu Ji didn’t do it on purpose.”

In this regard, Murong Qi Qi could only explain it like this.

“Is the one in Qing Qing’s heart him?” Feng Cang continued to ask.


Murong Qi Qi was startled. He actually suspected that she and Shangguan Wu Ji were having an affair? How can this be?! She sees Shangguan Wu Ji as only a good friend. What is this wangye’s mind thinking? Can it be that between a man and a woman can only be love and not friendship?

Murong Qi Qi’s expression told Feng Cang her answer.

“Hu……,” Feng Cang finally let out a sigh of relief. In her heart, there’s no Shangguan Wu Ji. He still has a chance. His chase hasn’t been in vain!

Thinking till here, Feng Cang once again took Murong Qi Qi into his embrace. His ten fingers were intertwined with Murong Qi Qi’s ten fingers.

“Qing Qing, no matter what you did today and for whom you stayed; since you stayed, I’ll take it as you are determined to be my, Feng Cang, woman! And I also will not let go of your hand. I won’t give you the opportunity to regret!”

Towards Feng Cang’s ‘declaration of possession’, Murong Qi Qi was stupefied: “Wangye, don’t you already have a person in your heart……?”

Hearing Murong Qi Qi’s words, Feng Cang finally understood what she meant about ‘support’ that night. So it turned out that she misunderstood him and thought he already had a person in his heart! This little woman, ah! Why is she so cute? Can it be that she doesn’t know that in his heart only lives her?

Murong Qi Qi’s eye were somewhat dazed and clueless. In Feng Cang’s eyes, they seemed very cute.

His little wangfei[2. Wangfei: main wife/consort of the prince of first rank] is actually so muddle-headed and doesn’t understand the love between a man and a woman. Even more, she hasn’t been touched or fell in love with someone. That’s why she is so confused like a small deer. Silly and naïve. This demeanour is completely different from her cunning and calculating self. He really picked up a living treasure!

If it’s like this, presumably Murong Qi Qi wouldn’t know about the matter of the hairpins on a 'turning adult' ceremony! No wonder she accepted five hairpins at once, causing his jealousy to fly all over the sky and she didn’t care. And also made him eat vinegar for a few days……

So the truth is like this, ah! This little wangfei, ah! At the palace feast, she was so smart while making others miserable, so why is she like a baby in the matters of love? Really like unripe apples. It’s the same as the scent from her body!

However, this is also fine. Since she is a rough jade that hasn’t been carved, then he will be the craftsmen to carve the jade. Let her mind and body be branded with his name, so that she completely belongs to him!

Feng Cang’s expression changed many times, making Murong Qi Qi wonder even more. Don’t know what this wangye is thinking. So she simply lowered her head and became a small rabbit.

Seeing that Murong Qi Qi returned to her usual self, Feng Cang couldn’t help himself from reaching out and squeezing her small nose.

Wangfei, let’s go back!”


Although Feng Cang didn’t use much strength, but Murong Qi Qi didn’t like the feeling of being pulled by the nose. She felt the same as a small dog. No matter how, it doesn't feel right.


Seeing the unhappy expression of Murong Qi Qi, Feng Cang laughed. She is real one time, fake another time. Real, real, fake fake. Fake fake, real, real as if her face has a thousand expressions. Seems like he really needs to spend a good deal of effort to learn more about Murong Qi Qi.

The two returned to the camp. The traces of blood have already been cleaned as if the attack didn’t happen, as if the five hundred men never came. Everything was clean. Even the air felt fresh without any smells of blood.

This time, aside from the driver who had died, some were only slightly injured and the others didn't even suffer a bit.

Wangye, eight were caught alive.”

Ji Xiang let people bring the eight tied people in black in front of Feng Cang.


The moment Feng Cang’s words left, a light from a sword appeared. Eight heads fell on the ground, leaving a pool of blood on the ground.

Feng Cang didn’t question and directly let people kill them. Such directness and efficiency made even Murong Qi Qi nod in approval.

They were attacked at the border, so these people were certainly not sent by Xi Qi. No matter how stupid Longze Yu is, he wouldn’t let something happen to Feng Cang in his territory. He is more than willing to let Feng Cang leave Xi Qi safely. The only possibility was Bei Zhou. There are people who dislike Feng Cang in that country. That’s why they chose to make a move at the Stone Gate to frame Xi Qi.

It’s just that who in Bei Zhou has so much hatred towards Feng Cang, even wanting to kill him? It seems that Feng Cang’s popularity is also general, ah. Then does this mean that more fun things will happen when she goes there?

“Qing Qing, in view of this time’s accident, we shouldn’t be so far away from each other. You come closer to me. Then I can protect you better, ah! Lest you be separated again like today and I need to go search…….”

Not waiting for Murong Qi Qi to oppose, Feng Cang directly let people move her tent next to his. Looking at Murong Qi Qi’s tent, Feng Cang nodded with satisfaction: “From tomorrow on, Qing Qing and I will be in the same carriage! Then I can protect your safety!”

Wangye, this, this is not appropriate…...”

Murong Qi Qi was somewhat helpless.

Every day, facing with that devilish beautiful face of Feng Cang? How strong of a mind will be enough, ah?! Besides, is this wangye’s aim really to protect her? This felt really fishy!

Guessing that Murong Qi Qi would refuse, Feng Cang looked around and with a puzzled expression, he asked: “Uh, where did general Shangguan go? Why didn’t I see him the whole night?”

You have guts! The other party used Shangguan Wu Ji, used today’s ‘outrageous’ matter to threaten her, so Murong Qi Qi can only thoroughly go with him. This is entirely blackmailing and intimidating, ah! He actually used Shangguan Wu Ji’s matter to grasp her. He is really too black bellied!

Seeing Murong Qi Qi’s displeasure, Feng Cang laughed. Inside the flirtatious Feng Cang’s eyes appeared laughter.

“Qing Qing, did you see general Shangguan? Is he not responsible for your safety? Can it be that he is still asleep? How can this happen?! All these movements didn’t even wake him. It seems that general Shangguan’s vigilance is too low, ah! In the future, how about I protect you?”


This ‘alright’ coming from Murong Qi Qi seemed like it came through gritted teeth. Feng Cang even seemed to have heard the sound of her teeth grinding. The smile in his eyes became thicker.

“Qing Qing, can it be that you are not willing? Then benwang[3. Benwang: I, used by the prince of first rank] can only go look for general Shangguan……”

“I’m willing!”

Murong Qi Qi immediately nodded and revealed a bright smile.

“In the future, I’ll trouble wangye! It’s late now. I’m going to rest. See you tomorrow!”

After talking, Murong Qi Qi rushed into her own tent. Seeing Murong Qi Qi’s figure disappear, Feng Cang's smile faded and he went back to his tent.

“Ke, ke!”

Just as he went inside, two mouthfuls of black blood were coughed out, which blackened his white clothes on his chest.


Jin Mo, who had been waiting for him here, immediately went forward to help Feng Cang. With Ru Yi, he helped Feng Cang to the bed.

“I’m fine. Speak a bit more quietly. Don’t let her hear.”

Although the edges of his mouth still had black blood, but Feng Cang’s eyes and smile were laughing. He finally let her stay. No matter if she's happy or not, he believed that his sincerity can even affect metal and stone. He will surely be able to move her heart.

Wangye, is it worth the trouble……?”

Jin Mo sighed. This night, he almost worried to death. He was afraid that when Feng Cang saw Murong Qi Qi’s ‘love’, he would be in shock, which would stimulate the gu poison in his body.

  • Gu: is a venom based poison which involves sealing several venomous creatures inside a container where they devour one another and allegedly concentrate their toxins into a single survivor.  In ancient china, people from the south (nan) used gu to do all sort of things. Because gu is so small, it can enter someone's body without being noticed. That's why they are very dangerous and people used to avoid people from the south.

Fortunately, he came back safely, although he brought back Murong Qi Qi. This made Jin Mo feel somewhat unhappy. But to Jin Mo, Feng Cang returning safely was the best thing.

Letting the others retreat, Jin Mo began to practice acupuncture on Feng Cang. Feng Cang’s treatment being interrupted had harmed his body greatly. Tonight would be a sleepless night again. Those attackers came well prepared. They actually chose the night of the full moon; when Feng Cang will fall ill to attack. Really damn them!

“Jin Mo, you don’t understand.”

Feng Cang closed his eyes and remembered every smile and frown from Murong Qi Qi. And then after remembering her angry and unwilling expression, his mood became better. He didn’t mind that earlier on, his heart was in his throat and how worried he was about Murong Qi Qi walking away……

“Jin Mo, you're such a cold-blooded person, seemingly heartless, but in fact, you are exceedingly empathic. If you really met your true love, you wouldn't hesitate even more than I do.

“I don’t believe in those nothingness!”

Jin Mo didn’t believe in Feng Cang’s words. His whole life, he only pursued excellence of medicine. Love? It’s only a thing to pass boring times. And he didn’t even have time to rest.

Jin Mo’s biggest wish is to cure Feng Cang. It’s not just only for friendship but it’s more about enhancing himself. Cracking medical problems is what Jin Mo's most interested in. As for women, they are troublesome species. He wished he can avoid all and stay at a distance, how would he put feelings into them…….

“Do you dare to gamble with me?”

Feng Cang opened his eyes and smilingly looked at Jin Mo’s cold eyes. At this time, his (FC) eyes doesn’t have the previous haze anymore. His eyes were translucent, showing that the owner of this body was in a very good mood.

“I bet if you met a woman you love; you will not hesitate to let the moth fly into the flame!”

  • The moth flies into the flame: fatal attraction

Under the candle light, the ‘realness’ in Feng Cang’s eyes surprised Jin Mo. Them his hands began to be busy again. He would not be like Feng Cang. Because of Murong Qi Qi, Feng Cang chased after her, regardless of his illness. He would never give up his life because of a woman.

Wangye, you want to bet? Alright. But if you lose, you have to cooperate with my treatment. You can’t be like today. In my hands, there’s no person who had died. Don’t tarnish my reputation!”


Seeing Jin Mo being so foolish, Feng Cang just smiled and accepted the deal. Then he closed his eyes again and accepted the treatment.

The whole night, Jin Mo didn’t rest. He had been treating Feng Cang with acupuncture. Only when the horizon turned white did Jin Mo put away his needles and wiped the sweat on his face away with a white handkerchief.

Wangye, next time, you can’t be headstrong like this again. Otherwise, even if my master is here, he wouldn’t be able to cure you.”

Jin Mo helped Feng Cang up and repeatedly warned him.

“I know!”

Feng Cang’s face color returned to normal. Receiving treatment the whole night made his face somewhat pale, but his spirit was a lot better.

“Jin Mo, you and I are the same age, why are you nagging like an old aunt?”

“Is it not because wangye doesn’t listen to advice and does whatever you like?!”

Jin Mo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at Feng Cang’s joking tone.

“As long as wangye cooperates and treats yourself well, I’ll certainly find a way!”

“Rest assured, Jin Mo……”

Feng Cang pointed at his heart.

“Now I have someone I worry about in here. I’ll certainly take care of my body. I want to grow old with her and also have many children and grandchildren. So in the future, I’ll be troubling you.”

The ‘eloping at night’ matter wasn’t pursued like Feng Cang said and Murong Qi Qi became completely imprisoned in his circle. The two were in the same carriage on the same road during the day and at night, their tents were only a few steps away of each other. In short, wherever Feng Cang is, there Murong Qi Qi will be also. The range of Murong Qi Qi’s activities didn’t exceed the sight of Feng Cang.

A few times, Shangguan Wu Ji wanted to talk to Murong Qi Qi, but was blocked with a phrase from Ji Xiang, ‘wangye will protect wangfei’. Plus the fact that Feng Cang had been attacked inside Xi Qi, after Longze Yu found out, he sent a decree to scold Shangguan Wu Ji very hard. These past few days, Shangguan Wu Ji’s spirit was very low and his expression looked bad.

Wangfei, the things you wanted have been prepared.”

In order to avoid being face to face with Feng Cang; the boring thing of small eyes staring at big eyes, Murong Qi Qi let people make a set of chess. Have to say, the people under Feng Cang are very effective. She was just painting a xiang chess set out of boredom, the next day Feng Cang let people sent one over.

They are obviously on a journey with no craftsmen or anything, but the xiang chess set Ru Yi brought was so exquisite. Half of the chess pieces were made from red sandalwood. So yellow, they became translucent. So purple, they emitted redness.

This era only has Gobang (Gomuku/Five in a row) and xiang chess. Towards this xiang chess designed by Murong Qi Qi, Feng Cang was very interested.

wuziqi gobang

xiangqi xiang chess

Feng Cang is Bei Zhou’s war god. He used military forces like a god. So Murong Qi Qi is also interested in battling with this general from ancient times to see who is better. So she patiently told Feng Cang how to play. She just told once and demonstrated twice, and Feng Cang already understood the cleverness of this xiang chess.

“Clever! How did Qing Qing come up with the idea of such wonderful chess?”

Now, Feng Cang even more felt the mystery behind this girl. Is she really that rubbish third miss from the rumors? Why is it from the palace feast to this xiang chess set, she continued to bring him surprises?

“I learned by accident. Wangye, why don’t we play?”

Murong Qi Qi has long been overjoyed. The other party is a war god. Don’t know how his ability of ‘talking military on paper’ is!

Seeing those bright eyes of the woman in front of him, Feng Cang smiled: “If Qing Qing is happy, why not?! I’m willing!”

Inside the carriage, two people played chess. Although Feng Cang is a novice, but he has actual combat experience. And xiang chess is the same as military confrontation, so only after three, four times, Feng Cang became skilled at it, making Murong Qi Qi couldn’t help but admire Feng Cang’s wisdom.

During the process, Feng Cang also couldn’t help but admire the inventor of the xiang chess even more. Magnificent army with thousands of men and horses are all on this board. This is a concentrated mini battlefield, ah! It looked like just a game of chess, but isn’t it also military forces facing each other?!


Murong Qi Qi put down the ‘horse’.

Wangye, your turn!”

Benwang lost…….,” Feng Cang sighed.

Wangye, you just got to know xiang chess and you already can play so well. A few more days and you’ll be better than me.”

Murong Qi Qi knew that even though she won, she won because of the experience of playing xiang chess for so many years.

“Since Qing Qing said so, let’s play one more game!”

Ten days passed quickly. These ten days, inside Feng Cang’s carriage, ‘kill’, ‘fight’, ‘exchange’ and ‘checkmate’ were constantly heard. Murong Qi Qi’s voice is delicate, Feng Cang’s voice is high, making the eagle troop raise their eyebrows. They were wondering what wangye and wangfei were doing inside.

However, it seemed that wangye and wangfei have a good relationship. This made everyone happy aside from Jin Mo. He had been brooding about the matter of Feng Cang going to chase after Murong Qi Qi with no regard to his treatment. Whenever he saw Murong Qi Qi, he would have a gloomy expression.

Fortunately, Murong Qi Qi ‘turned a blind eye’ to this, because now she found new fun. It’s playing chess with Feng Cang. This person is a genius! Using the art of war on xiang chess. In just a few days, he was evenly matched with Murong Qi Qi.

Murong Qi Qi learned to play xiang chess for many years. Besides, she also received guidance from a famous teacher. Now, just in a few days, Feng Cang already has her achievements of ten years. It made Murong Qi Qi gradually begin to admire Feng Cang from the bottom of her heart.

Murong Qi Qi starts to admire Feng Cang and Feng Cang can’t love this little wangfei enough. He even thought that if Murong Qi Qi was a man, she would certainly not lose to him and would certainly be a war god.

Fortunately, Murong Qi Qi is a woman and is now his wangfei. If she was a man who was loyal to Xi Qi, then when they met on the battlefield, she would be competing against him. It would be difficult to know who would have won and who would have lost.

“Aiya, why hasn’t Cang gege[4. Gege: big brother] come yet!”

Wanyan Bao Zhu tiptoed to the entrance of wangfu[5. Wangfu: residence of the prince of first rank] and peered at the distance.

“Ning er[6. Er: term of endearment] sent some people to go take a look!”

“Princess, wangye has already entered the city. He will be here soon!”

The palace maid Ning er next to Wanyan Bao Zhu told the news to Wanyan Bao Zhu smilingly.

“Be a bit more patient and wait a bit! You will see wangye soon!”

“Ning er, did you find out clearly? That Murong Qi Qi is really ugly?”

The moment Wanyan Bao Zhu heard that Feng Cang was arriving soon, she immediately straightened out her dress. She didn’t forget to ask about Murong Qi Qi.

“Princess, it’s true! Murong Qi Qi really is a rubbish and ugly woman!”

Yong er at one side, helped Wanyan Bao Zhu with her braids.

“Princess, rest assured! You are our Bei Zhou’s number one beauty. How would you be defeated by a rubbish?!”


Wanyan Bao Zhu nodded. Cang gege is her groom. She will definitely not hand him over! Regardless if the other party is Xi Qi’s princess or any other person, whoever dares to block her on the road of becoming Nan Lin wangfei, she will not let them off lightly!

When Wanyan Bao Zhu nearly lost her patience from waiting, Feng Cang’s carriage slowly appeared on the street.

“Cang gege!”

Wanyan Bao Zhu’s heart jumped from joy. She wanted to rush over there, but was stopped by Ning er: “Princess, be composed! Be modest! You always wanted to learn and become like Mu family’s miss. She will not raise her skirt and run to a man like that!”

“Yes, yes. I’ll be composed. I’ll be modest!”

Hearing Ning er, Wanyan Bao Zhu immediately stopped and stood at the entrance. Men like gentle and virtuous women. She must change her burning temper and become a little woman! She doesn’t want to lose to Mu Yu Die!

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